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Miranda Kerr: New Face of Unilever's Clear Hair Products!

Miranda Kerr: New Face of Unilever's Clear Hair Products!

Miranda Kerr chats on the phone while stepping out of her chauffeured car on Thursday (January 30) in New York City.

The day before, the 30-year-old Australian supermodel posted a selfie on Instagram and wrote, “Love from set today ’.”

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A couple weeks ago, Miranda showed some leg while attending the InStyle and Warner Bros Post-Party following the 2014 Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.

It was recently announced that Miranda has signed on as the new spokeswoman for Unilever’s Clear Scalp & Hair.

“Ms. Kerr was chosen in part for her appeal to both genders,” Unilever VP David Rubin said in a statement. “One of the things she’s admired for is her resilient hair.”

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr chatting on the phone…

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miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 01
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 02
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 03
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 04
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 05
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 06
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 07
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 08
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 09
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 10
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 11
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 12
miranda kerr new face of unilever clear hair products 13

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • yawn

    Fat head.

  • Lol

    Well at least that’s something. Her career has been taking a swift nosedive.

  • Jill Lu

    This is definitely an upgrade from the painfully cheap brands she’s been working with. I guess the money is good but a model of her calibre needs to be selective and balance the money jobs with the prestigious ones. That’s what so many supermodels do.. Unless the prestigious ones don’t want her, which at this point is not that hard to believe because it is evident that she does want to work.

  • WashedUp

    Meanwhile Rosie is covering Harper Bazaar!

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Hypocrisy, my friends, is a woman who claims to stand for organic, healthy living hawking a line of products laced with carcinogenic chemicals! “Buy my super expensive organic face cream and then slather your hair with cancer in the form of cheap-a$$ shampoo!!”

  • @5

    LOL I haven’t checked this site for months and here you are. I hope you get paid for being always watching your computer in case a new post about this woman shows up here.

  • @6

    Oh, she was on the last thread, too. Just using another name.
    Funny how she claims that Miranda doesn’t own her, when she posts on old threads just to get a fix.
    Poor, fat, lonely hater. I know, those insults are a but cliche, but they fit this particular troll so very well. LOL
    Miranda is getting national coverage after the troll claimed that she wasn’t known at all in the US. And it’s really ticking her off.
    Gotta love it!

  • @4

    Funny. But when Miranda was on the cover of Harper’s, you haters claimed that it meant nothing because it wasn’t Vogue.
    Hypocrisy. Can’t go a day without it, can you.

  • @7

    You are always on every Miranda Kerr thread using different names and ranting about knitted footwear. That makes you a fat, lonely loser with a full drawer of socks as well. Pathetic! Sad! Also, #5 has a point about the chemical thing and you are just ignoring it.

  • The fans…

    …on here are just as crazy as the haters. Sad that you don’t see that.

  • @9

    Still claiming that Miranda has only one fan?
    Are you haters really that stupid?
    No, wait. That was a rhetorical question.

  • Bide

    Lols what national coverage are you talking about? Sweetie you must live outside the u.s because no one is talking about her getting Clear. Are you somehow unfamiliar with models doing these kind of work? Doutzen Kroes and Emily D are on our TV screens everyday! Sorry but there is no national coverage on this. Far from it!!!

  • @12

    Actually, I have seen Miranda’s commercial several times. And in some pretty pricey time slots. Including American Idol and during the Golden Globes.
    Guess that it must be you who doesn’t live in the US, eh?
    Or are you just one of those types of haters who ignore facts if they are inconvenient?

  • Bide

    You are still missing/ignoring the point! That she is in a tv commercial by no means equals to nations coverage. Exaggeration seems to be your forte. I watched the GG but I did not catch the Clear commercial. I did however catch the L’Oreal commercial featuring go-to models like Coco and Kroes. You don’t hear people professing they got national coverage. Or saying that means people know them.Sorry if this simple logic is so hard for you to stand.

  • irk

    Whats funny is mirandas fans always make her work to be something bigger then it is, rofl. Like someone said a (true) supermodel balances commercial money jobs with prestigious high fashion jobs. When the model is ONLY doing the commercial jobs its because the high fashion offers are not coming her way…high fashion is harder to be accepted in than mass market. Miranda had only ONE good year in high fashion, that was 2010 when the “victorias secret goes high fashion” thing happened. No major Vogues,photographers,fashion ads since then…just random country vogue and bazaar by no name photographers, and cant remember the last prestigious campaign she got. Prada is the only A list campaign shes ever had.

  • ha

    Sooooo, having a national commercial does NOT equal national coverage?
    Wow. Do you understand how desperate and idiotic you sound?
    Too funny !!!

  • @15

    I guess that you missed all of her HF runway work over the last few seasons. Chanel, Dior, etc.
    I guess that you are one of those haters they mentioned before. If facts get in your way, you just ignore them.

  • @15

    Oh please It’s huge that Miranda is now the “face” of Clear in the US as it’s a BILLION dollar industry. She will appear in all the TV & print ads & they’re also the main sponsor of ‘The Voice” giving her even more exposure.

    Unilever has said they chose her because she appeals to both men & women, is beautiful, successful & known for her gorgeous hair.
    The fact you “haters” really think they just gave her the campaign for no reason is embarrassing….
    Of course such a huge company would have done a lot of extensive market research as it’s worth so much money to them.

    The fact you “haters” are trying to make out this is no big deal is laughable & just makes you appear desperate…

    Gisel is the “face” of Pantene which you have no problem with but now that Miranda is the face for Clear you suddenly decide it’s irrelevant…Hypocrites much???

    Forbes Magazines has said that high end brands have cut back on what they pay models for runway & campaigns. They now prefer to use famous celebrities to front their campaigns like Keira Knightly for Chanel etc. Fashion magazines are also putting more celebs on the covers as well.

    Forbes also said for a model to make it these days they have to be famous enough to have their own product line & front other campaigns.
    That’s why Miranda was smart to use her fame as VS model over 7 years to expand her skincare line Kora at just the right time & to also be the face of other products.

    Miranda is being very smart by balancing her modeling with magazine covers like Vogues, Jalouse, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, W & the video for the iconic i-D wink magazine, on the runway opening for Stella McCartney, walking for Chanel etc & being the face of campaigns like Swarovski last year.
    On top of all that she’s also running her own company & expanding it to other countries.

    She’s setting herself up for the future as she has said many times, modeling doesn’t last forever so you have to make the most of it while you can & take advantage of opportunities.

    That’s why you “haters” dislike her so much because she’s not only a Supermodel but also a successful business woman as well as being beautiful & popular!!!…….lol.

  • what

    @@15: “The fact you “haters” are trying to make out this is no big deal is laughable…” # 15 didn’t say it. She (or he) said: “fans always make her work to be something bigger then it is” and this person is right. THIS contract is good, but her fans always make her work to be something bigger than it is.
    Your comment is embarrassing.

  • @15

    Clear has only just started their campaign with Miranda. They’ve said she will be in all their tv & print ads especially The Voice of which they are the main sponsor!

    Funny how you conviently IGNORE the fact Miranda IS doing high fashion by opening for Stella McCartney, walking for Chanel etc & doing fashion magazine covers like Vogue, Jalouse etc & being chosen to be in the video celebrating the iconic wink for i-D magazine modeling Stella Tennants Chanel bikini….She’s also doing commercial work by doing campaigns for Swarovski & Clear AND she has her OWN successful skincare line Kora……BTW you had better tell all the fashion editors & famous designers that Terry Richardson is a no name photographer as they ALL use him, the same with the photographer who shot her for i-D magazine…….lol.

    Miranda IS doing BOTH HF & Commercial work & that’s what makes YOU a hypocrite & full of double standards as YOU can’t except the truth out of spite, petty jealousy & sour grapes!

  • @19

    You have it the other way round. As “haters” like yourself ALWAYS degrade her modeling success & NEVER give her any credit regardless of her achievements….That’s what makes you “haters” hypocrites & therefore have zero credibility.

    You “haters” change the rules when it comes to her compared to other models. One set of rules for her that you change whenever she achieves success of any sort. A perfect example is the whole Vogue magazine hyprocy. First she’s not considered successful unless she has a Vogue cover when she did that it was then changed to more than “one” then changed again as to what country now of course it changed AGAIN to only if it’s US Vogue……..such hypocrites!

    We could be just as petty & childish as you “haters” by saying Doutzen didn’t make the Forbes top ten highest paid models last year despite being a VS angel & being a L’orel model but then we understand that she is still a successful model & some years are better than others & we’re not hypocrites like you “haters”…..