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Amanda Knox on Murder Charge: I'll Never Willingly Go Back to Italy, It's Not Fair

Amanda Knox on Murder Charge: I'll Never Willingly Go Back to Italy, It's Not Fair

Amanda Knox sits down for an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America on Friday (January 31) in New York City.

The 26-year-old was just convicted to 28 years in Italian prison for the murder of her former roommate Meredith Kercher back in 2007 in a new retrial. Amanda had already served four years, but the decision was overturned in 2011.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Amanda said on the show. “I did not expect this to happen. I really expected so much more from the Italian justice system. They found me innocent once before.”

“I will never go willingly back to the place where … I’m going to fight this to the very end. It’s not right, and it’s not fair,” Amanda added.

In order for Amanda to be jailed for the crime, she would have to be extradited to Italy. Legal experts say that it is not likely this will happen, however, because United States law states that a citizen cannot be tried twice on the same charge.

Watch her entire interview below.

Amanda Knox GMA Interview

10+ pictures inside of Amanda Knox pleading her innocence on GMA

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  • Elise

    RIP MEREDITH KERCHER. My heart and prayers are with them, and only them.

  • Thomas W

    According to everything I have seen, I believe she is innocent. I believe the Italian court is a bit corrupt and very biased. How bad would it look if they couldn’t convict anyone for Kercher’s murder? Amanda is an easy target as well. I know that Amanda has lied in the past but when you have 5 Italian officials interrogating you for 23 straight hours, you do some crazy things.
    But that is just my opinion. I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t in court myself and didn’t see or hear everything. My opinion is solely based on what I have read and seen in the media.

  • ivvie

    Waiting on that petition to get her sent to Italy probably will never happen because Beiber situation is more important than a girl who murdered her friend.

  • miapocca

    RIP Meredith

    “NOT FAIR” that your roommate counitnues to liea about events before and during the investigation!!

  • offtheproperty

    She is obviously innocent of this crime, even under the archaic Italian system.
    What a disgrace Italy is.

  • offtheproperty

    The African did it and the white American is paying the price.

  • go go

    The guy who IMO who actually stabbed her is imprisoned but I sm convinced they (her and bf) were def involved in some way

  • Mike

    Finally some justice for Meredith and her family. Knox is guilty and should spend her remaining days in jail she is evil.

  • offtheproperty

    @go go: Yeah, they were involved in the fact that they ever even associated or were in the same house with the evil African animal.

  • offtheproperty

    @Mike: You people are astonishingly stupid and it’s no surprise to see you giving your country away to Africans like obama.
    A vote for an African is a vote for unconditional surrender.

  • Ford

    @offtheproperty: Actually ‘The African’ is in prison, so he is also paying the price.

  • pup

    @Mike: I agree with you. It astonishes me that so many people think she’s actually innocent. Probably because she’s american & pretty.

  • miapocca

    @offtheproperty: Nice to know that the majority of AMERICANS disagree with you in that Obama won both the popular vote and the electoral college. People like you are a digrace to the country where many have worked thier behinds off to ensure some peace and equity. You are an abomination!

  • LMAO

    @Thomas W: REA FCKING MAD?? SHE IS NOT!! SHE KILLED HER!!! lame americans defend a LAw but only it’d for themselves LMAO stupid americans

  • Living in a box

    International law is really complicated stuff.

  • Beth

    G O T O H E LL

  • Drats

    What’s not fair is that you killed Meredith Kircher, Ms. Knox.

    PS: You have crazy eyes.

  • Drats

    @Thomas W: absolute stuff and nonsense. She was doing an internet research on how to clean up blood: she bought bleach: she falsely accused an innocent man of the murder: she lied to the police and changed her story so many times it would make your head spin: when the police arrived she and her little boyfriend started to make out passionately as they stood near the body.

  • Drats

    @offtheproperty: stuff and nonsense. Go read up on how many times she changed her story to the police. And now she has written a nook to profit off the murdere. Disgusting.

  • Drats

    @go go: the courts and jury also stated that the blCk man did not act alone.

  • miapocca

    @pup: She got a PR farm to advice on how to behave. The pink top and the pathetic crying is supposed to pluck at the heartstrings. Unfortunately many mothers watching day time tv have their heart sting pulled and they sympathize.
    No matter how well she is advised as a psycopath she is unable to behave without having glimpsed the behaviour from other people around her. Therefore she wears pink, with the surburban blue eyed american girl look and cries, because she knows it invokes empathy. But she is still is unable to prevent the “NOT BEING FAIR” from coming out which tells us how self centered she can be even when another family has lost thier child, similar to her parents inability to empathize with Merediths family. But then we have a whole generation of kids being raised to to be narcissitic and unapologetic about it. Maybe its time to send here to Someone willing to ask the hard questions and not the morning show route.

    So even if the Italian court system is so bad, are you fold trying to say that its worse than the miscarriage of justice carried out in the US . Also does a system being bad prevent you from asking simple questions like the teh “NEED” for miss suburban america here to lie about events when it would have helped to solve the MURDER of someone she has been sharing a house with for a few months.

    Something very fishy!

    America signed an extradition treaty with the United States. Unless the president wants to get involved in this mess, the extradition process will commence, plus the EU does not murder murderers , so she will have a relatively comfortable stay for 28 year and 6 months.

  • WhatATool

    Another white Murderer goes free, she lied over and over again and has profited from killing her roommate, no justice for the victim

  • Dee

    @miapocca: Self centered because she thinks is no fair to be convicted for 28 years for a crime she did`t commit, seriously?! Yes, a girl died and that is terrible and i really feel for her family, but the italian system has no idea what really happend, and so yes the veredict is unfair to amada, raffaelle and also the Kercher family. And the fact that she wears pink doesn`t mean she is a psyco and i, and probably you, would cry too if we were in her situation.

  • Lulu

    I`ve read everything on the case and, unless the court has new evidence, is really scary thay someone can be convicted with what they have.

  • Jennifer

    I’m no one to judge, but this interview seemed very forced and staged. My gut feeling is that she is guilty of something, based on her body language alone. Even if I knew nothing about this case, I would think this girl is simply “acting” innocent. The quivering in her voice and looking down as if she were crying, seemed soap opera-ish. Not a single tear was shed. The placement of her hands and expressionless face are “dead giveaways” so to speak.

  • teri


    The lack of evidence I’ve seen proves to me that she was innocent. Not because she’s pretty and American.

  • Not Guilty

    She’s not guilty. The Italian justice system is a joke.

  • Jane

    Hope this psychopath burns in hell. One day justice will be made and Amanda will pay for what she did to Meredith

  • Aisaiko5

    How they let her out in the first place is still amazing to me. And her playing the victim is just disgusting.

  • Vale

    I’m italian and even if I can say myself that the italian system could sometimes be wrong (not in this case, in my opinion), I can’t accept that someone could say that italian system is a joke or archaic! At least we don’t send innocent people to die, like your system does.

  • Ray

    @Jennifer: I agree!!!!

  • http://simoneycoco Simone

    Ow ok so She is not guilty and maybe the poor Meredith it is right? Don’t forget that she put the finger against a man that was innocent (Patrick Lumumba) . If she was innocent she wouldn’t escape to USA , i mean she is innocent so why didn’t she go to the process? Because she has something to hide people wake up! Look at her she is fake !

  • miapocca

    @Jennifer: She can always appeal , if she goes back to stand her ground . no???

  • offtheproperty

    @Drats: The police the world over like to say “you changed your story” when in reality you were addressing a different aspect of it or more likely simply not completely sure about the answer to the question.
    The dirty congenital criminal African did it — that’s obvious.
    It really doesn’t pay to put yourself in that kind of company.

  • Ryan

    OMG If she’s guilty, she’s a great actress :/

  • Demmi

    I almost believing in her o.O

  • offtheproperty

    Amanda was enveloped in the dark penumbra an evil African congenital criminal just as America is the victim of another evil African — obama.
    She was young, innocent and immersed in the surreal decadence of an old and depraved European society when she found herself in fateful company of the Devil himself in the person of that dirty African piece of sh*t. But what is the United States of America’s excuse for being in the company of a man — our president! — who is taking us down just as surely?

  • Bling

    @Thomas W: Sorry, but you’ve bought the PR line. Read the original (translated) court docs and you’ll find out it wasn’t 14 hours, but just 2 or 3 hours with no more than 3 cops in the room and a translator. Why no lawyer? She wasn’t even a suspect at that stage. The police told her they didn’t need her there, only her bf. She went anyway. When he told them he wouldn’t provide her with an alibi, she went head and accused her boss. No duress.

  • Iamblack

    @offtheproperty: You’re a racist and talk off topic all the time.

  • f***racists

    @offtheproperty: have you thought about school again? Or a therapy? Seems like you really need it you retarded little racist. If you would hating on other poeple you might have some friends some day.

  • Christopher Smith

    It does seem she got a raw deal.

  • nemo

    why is she being treated like a celebrity? oh, yeah, she has a PR team…

  • margarita

    there is NOTHING more infuriating than you IDIOTIC americans who have ZERO education over there and your RIDICULOUS justice system which frees white cops who murdered in cold blood, white mothers who murdered their own kids and throws to jail black women who fire warning shots.
    There is nothing more infuriating than uneducated hillbillies who believe CNN and FOX news and their pastors’ preachings without one ounce of doubt. This woman is a MURDERER and she got away with it.
    RIP to that poor girl who was unlucky enough to find herself in this disgusting person’s path.

  • Martney

    in this case the only mistake was to let her and Raffaele free in the first place. They’re both guilty and they deserve to pay for what they did. If she was innocent she would be in Italy right now, but she’s not ’cause apparently she’s got something to hide.

  • Matteo


    R.I.P Meredith Kercher

  • Willow

    Is she going to win the Oscar prize for this interview???

  • MYska Liska

    Archaic italian system? Hhahahahah!!!!! In Italy established law, how we know it today…

  • Tom

    @offtheproperty: @offtheproperty: Pretty bold statement to make when you know the “white American” girl is completely guilty and she’s trying to pawn it off to the “African”

  • Heather

    She is a MURDERER!

    Rest in peace Meridith. Because your killers will never rest on this earth.

  • jill

    She is a CONVICTED MURDERER! That is fact.