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Katie Holmes Goes Back in Time for 'Alterna' Haircare!

Katie Holmes Goes Back in Time for 'Alterna' Haircare!

Katie Holmes keeps it fierce with animal print while carrying a cute little backpack on Friday (January 31) in New York City.

A few weeks ago, the 35-year-old actress camouflaged herself with a bag while braving the rain in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Check out a new video of Katie promoting Alterna Haircare and talking about different hairstyles that she has rocked over the years.

Katie can be seen on the big screen in the highly anticipated film The Giver, which hits theaters on Friday, August 15!

Katie Holmes – Alterna Haircare Video

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katie holmes goes back in time for alterna haircare 01
katie holmes goes back in time for alterna haircare 02
katie holmes goes back in time for alterna haircare 03
katie holmes goes back in time for alterna haircare 04
katie holmes goes back in time for alterna haircare 05

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  • K-FLOP – NYFW?

    Anything on KLOP’s professional schedule before Aug. 15th? Say, NYFW F/W 2014, Feb 6-13?

  • mikhal

    @1 don’t hold your breath. It looks like another full year of Katie walking in and out of buildings.
    She is at least dressing a bit better. Progress.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Such jealous people !!

  • Nathan

    Katie looks great!! and her legs look so sexy in them pants.

  • @whoever

    1) someone mentioned on twitter rumors of a relationship with a body guard. Is it this one? I don’t recall her using a bodyguard when it was just her alone and not suri.
    2) that bag is hideous – no matter how much it cost.
    3) she is carrying Suri’s things but no Suri. Did Suri use the other entrance? no way of knowing but I find it interesting she isn’t taking her to school anymore. Why? Is she trying to change the image of her as the woman that walks around with Suri all the time?
    To me that feeds the idea that she was doing it before to get press but now its not in her best interest any longer.
    lol at the idea that anyone who doesn’t like her is jealous.Do we have to write a disclaimer that we are not cult members or tom lovers?

  • Dare to be honest


  • Jeni

    She disappeared for a couple of weeks and no Suri for awhile. That is proof that she can avoid the paps if she wants to. Clearly she wants to be seen.

  • Ali

    I am so glad to see that she is protecting herself and her daughter better from the media. Meryl Streep must have talked some sense to her about how to do it. Bravo – Katie. This is progress.

  • K-FLOP – H & Y Blowout Sale
  • K-FLOP – Days & Nights

    Again, K-FLOP – The Weakest Link again?

    Christian Camargo’s “Days & Nights” (The Seagull remake) starring K-Flop – Hollywood Reporter Review (

    “Camargo attracted an exceptional cast, which is something of a mystery in light of the script’s flimsiness. These marquee names — including theater favorites Cherry Jones and Mark Rylance, along with movie personalities Katie Holmes, William Hurt and Jean Reno — may draw a small audience at art houses, but it’s hard to imagine the movie traveling very far beyond 50th Street and Broadway.”

    Everyone gets praise except K-Flop, who does “reasonably well” – “Janney probably comes off best as the self-centered diva, and Whishaw brings convincing anger as well as vulnerability to the role of the troubled young artist. Holmes does reasonably well in the modern-day version of Chekhov’s Masha, who always wears black, and Hurt is affecting as the dying lord of the manor. But the great Jones has almost nothing to do, and Mark Rylance, who is so renowned for his stage work, seems at sea in another underwritten part.”

    Overall – “The film fails to do justice to Chekhov’s larger themes. The play incorporates several stories of unrequited love. But most of these romantic subplots are lost in the current version, robbing the story of much of its poignancy.”

    Chances of seeing it in a theatre – slim

    I guess this explains the ***crickets*** between now and Aug. 15, and mostly likely the rest of the year.

    Mania Days?
    Miss Meadows?

    ***Return to the Buckeye State for the Win***

  • @ali

    she has known HOW to protect Suri from day one. She just never chose to do so as we see from all the well documented photo ops we have over the years to prove it (with Tom and after Tom). I doubt Ms Streep had anything to do with it. I tend to think right now it’s just not in Katie’s best interest to be seen as just “Suri’s mom” so walking her to school and errands is taking a back seat. So I don’t buy that she was just ‘hounded by the paps’ when she was always with Suri before but rather used her and the situation of being “look at me I’m Tom’s ex, I escaped” to get pictures.Now people are over it and it doesn’t make her look good- so no Suri for the past few weeks. (didn’t someone say even on the Wendy Williams show they were commenting on that? Surely her pr people are taking notes).

  • KHo the train wreck

    KHo really has a way to assemble all the expensive items into Salvation Army fashion.
    It’s in the court doc at Tommy Girl’s hearing that KHo calls the paps, perhaps even carpool with them back to Toledo, OH.
    It’s embarrassing to see her carry Suri’s book bag and comfortable and what not while her meal ticket saw through her PR attempt and simply abandon the pimp mama.

  • annie

    let’s add another so called embarrassing fact to her long list ”she’s carrying her daughters book bag and comfortable( whatever that is)”‘.
    yes carrying your childs things are very embarrassing.
    no offence, but you sound embarrassing, with a silly comment like that.

  • KHo the train wreck

    Yes it is embarrassing.
    KHo the pimp mama, carries her meal ticket’s whatnots for the paps while the kid ran underground to avoid the exposure.
    How pathetic is this? KHo is left to use her daughter’s knapsack and comfortable only as her props.

  • @18

    while I agree with you that K is a train wreck (and said so a few threads ago)- I tend to think it might be Katie that doesn’t want to be seen with Suri this time (not the other way around) in an attempt to change her image. We will see if this pattern persist.

  • anne

    @KHo the train wreck:

    Why so much hate for a person you do not know? This is ridiculous. It seems that Katie did you lose something. Get a life and leave the front of the computer behind Holmes.
    Kisses Annie.

  • anne


    I hope that the bodyguard is a hot male. Katie needs to go back to active, she’s a beautiful woman to go so long without …… After all, from what I read, Chris Klein was the last. Lol.

  • rubyz

    Think maybe Holmes’ PR people have figured out that too many are picking up on the arranged photo shoots and the kid-pimping. Time to change it up. Holmes obviously knows how to fly under the radar when she wants to … haven’t seen her for two weeks. But her PR is in a difficult position: there’s NOTHING in this woman’s body of work to remind us that she even exists if not for paparazzi shots.

  • annie

    there is a possibility, she’s working on something, and can’t take suri to school, or pick her up for a while.
    taking your kid to school, is hardly” kid pimping”
    there are so many others that do that, especially of themselves, and some with their kids, they are all over the place, just can’t be bothered naming them, you all know who they are, and so do a lot of other people.

    the above video for alterna is stunning!
    katie is ideal for bobbi brown and alterna!

  • Meg

    @annie: #17. You are seriously one insecure, messed wackadoodle!

  • Meg

    Correction: Messed UP wackadoodle

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Wasn’t Phillip Seymor Hoffman one of Cruise’s tools. So many users!!!

  • Free at last!

    As if you know her personally!
    C’mon face it, you are the one who has problem with women loving women. Stop trying to call other people haters. It’s not my problem that You cannot read.
    I know KHo for the public persona. It’s in the court doc that confirms not just mine, but lots of people’s ideas that she calls the paps to subject Suri, the meal ticket to the suffering of the exposure.
    The irony here that KHo used to have Suri as her accessory, now she’s left to have Suri’s props as her accessory.
    That’s OK, if you cannot process the irony.

  • Maxim

    tres jolie’, beaute’, j’adore.

  • Dare to be honest

    @Free at last!: You are truly waisting your time with Ann and Annie. They are hopelessly devoted and can not look at anything objectively re: Tom and/ or Katie. However, they DO spice up this posting site. Anne says she is from another continent and does not speak English (occasionally, she shows some insight and reasoning skills). Maybe practicing her English???? Annie is in need of counseling; nothing more, nothing less.

  • ANNE

    @Sincerely Concerned:

    I do not understand what you’re implying. They worked together in MI3 and Magnolia, I think. TC is a great actor does not need to use one, you can be sure, please.

  • Dare to be honest

    Tom professes to BE THERE if some one is in need for help. FLAT TIRE.. He’s there! His declaration on one of his narcissistic COS video tyrades. People know when a “colleague” is in need of help. If he was ½ the man he professes to be he would of been relentless getting him help. Heard nothing! No doubt people will read this and think. He can’t help someone who doesn’t seek help? Whatever happened to, “it takes a village?” No doubt Katie’s response was, “not the least bit surprised”. No doubt she knows a lot and it ONLY massages HER ego. Surprised she hasn’t rubbed elbows with Woody Allen. Travolta, the predator! She truly is a pariah. Who the F*** was the guy who called 911 for Hoffman? If the Good Samaritan Law was truly followed, ½ this s*** wouldn’t happen. In Ron Howard’s glamorized version of, A Beautiful Mind, these appetites (addictions) can be addressed. Shoot up with a B Complex juice cocktail for god’s sake or put a knitting needle in your hand and knitt a scarf instead. But you don’t take a professed addict and leave him with nothing to replace it with. Maybe it’s because I’ve attended too many seminars at the Institute for Brain Potential. Just don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Ignorance CAN be consumed be stupidity! …Hence Annie.

  • Dare to be honest

    Ignorance CAN be consumed by stupidity! …Hence Annie.

  • passerby

    # 29- 31- 32
    One gets the impression, that perhaps you have attended one too many seminars for brain potential. Unfortunately it seems that all the money you have spent on therapy, enough for you to buy a second house, I believe is how you phrased it, hasn’t done you any good whatsoever. Dear lady/or gent
    get some help ASAP!

  • anne

    @Free at last!: @passerby:

    This site is boring. I’ll wait for the new GF of TC to re-post. I’ll talk about other artists. Kisses for everyone.

    Annie was a pleasure to chat with you. Good luck and let’s hope for Katie to be happy at work and in love. Kisses.

  • http://s annie

    anne, you know what, maybe that ‘s the best thing for me as well.
    i don’t think boring is quite the right word tho.
    it was a pleasure to chat to you too, keep up you english lessons, hugs.

  • anne

    Annie, I love that his former post. You said it all here.

    “You know TC has some good traits, as long as you don’t live with him, because then he wants to change you.
    But to work with him, or hang out with him, on an impersonal way I think he’d be great.
    But in a close personal way, my god nobody could ever love him enough, he’d want more, and if you stopped idolising him, he would look elsewhere to be totally idolised by somebody, or if the real Tom started to emerge, and the reality set in, he’d find it easier to move on than stand back and fix, and be flexible, his way or nothing!
    Hopefully next time he’ll stand back , be honest with himself and look at what he’s doing, or how he’s going about it, because this time he’s lost more, than other times, much more!”

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @passerby: You hurt my little feelings. OCD is already being addressed. And you? Get some help ASAP you say ….. already did. Sorry your life sucks so much you feel a need to attack an unknown poster. Ironic: my next seminar is, Reasoning with the Unreasonable. I’ll keep you in mind.

  • Meg

    @passerby: #33: You remind me of one of those bullies who couldn’t perform so over compensate elsewhere. This website for example;) Hope you got what you needed. Point is, so many narcissistic people out there, no one stops to see or know what truly is valuable.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @annie: #17 -Read #14: this a very clear example to you, Anne, Passerby. Quit enabling these spoiled brats. On one end you’ve got a little weasel being glorified whose married to the girl he molested (Do they all congregate at the Knicks game or what?), on another end you’ve got talent but another druggie and here you’ve got this walking pole up her ass who really needs some coaching lessons to “show” all those naysayers she can do it. Really “Dare” to say that until that pole gets pulled out, you won’t see her blooming. #17 – hits it every time. Would love to know her insight. ….My OCD coming out:-0…..

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @passerby: Did you not hear me? I very politely requested, Just don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  • Dee

    Little girl lost: she brings to mind the episode of The Brady Bunch movie where Marcia is in her back yard looking full of herself and then she walks out into the real world. Well ,, hopefully she develops her trade.

  • Dee

    @Dare To Be Honest: a very wise lady once told me that sometimes being a b**** is all someone has to hold on to. She was one of my sad cases. That is what I think of when I read Annie, Passerby,etc posts and see Katie.

  • poor suri

    definitely having a bad day. wonder what happened.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    Last post: Not liking the mile high skirt. Just saying that if and when Katie starts having trouble with Suri’s permiscuous tendencies, I can just see her blaming Tom/Paps/ blah blah blah. Was just in Barcelona, known for current in fashion. Everyday, little girls came out at around 4 and walked/played with parents/elders with skirts/school uniforms NO higher than an inch. Seeing the Sagrada Familia said it all!

  • To # 44

    Wow. You’re soooo judgemental. Don’t know where you’re from, but Suri looks adorable and her skirt isn’t inappropriate at all. She looks like every other girls coming out of class.

    Why don’t you stop insulting a little girl, you bully. And stop judging other people. How about we put your life up here for discussion. I’m sure your kids are perfect, never cry and wear the perfect clothing. Its disgusting to pick on a child.

    Also, you cant spell to save your pathetic little life.

    Katie Holmes is a sh&t actor, but to pick on the kid makes you a sh*ttty person.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @To # 44: There is nothing wrong with my spelling. One incomplete or run on sentence: “dress/skirts are 1″ above the knees at most”. And saying that a skirt is too high is not judge mental, it is helpful, constructive criticism. It is a fact that dress effects behavior. For example, pants 1-2″ below one’s butt crack often is indicative of bad/inappropriate/illegal behavior.

  • To # 46

    Damn, you’re a moron. You spelled promiscuous incorrectly, you imbecile. Also, I said spelling, not grammar. Did you go to school at all? In addition, judgemental is one word, not two. And you are very much a judgemental nutcase who needs to keep her unintelligent, pointless, rude comments about a little girls to herself. I’d love to see your proof that a skirt that YOU consider short will effect Suri’s future behavior. Your mother must have dropped you on your head considering your level of stupidity and ignorance.

    Stop picking on a child. You know absolutely nothing about her nor are you qualified to judge anyone else considering your level of intelligence. Shut up and get educated you ignorant dolt.

  • To#47

    @To # 46:
    Although I agree she should not pick on a child, judgmental is the preferred spelling. No “e” between the g and m — if you are going to be the JJ grammar & spelling police.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @To # 46: Always got an A for content. Don’t hang around to correct the automatic spell check. Got a Master’s somehow though. ….I know, ended with a preposition, into which my OCD will resolve;)

  • Dare to be Honest

    Where is my post picking on a child? Is Suri reading JJ? Does Katie bare no responsibility in how Suri dresses? This country is way too messed up. The persecuted become the persecutors and everyone becomes a victim. Except for a few like K-flop and me? ..or is it I?

  • Dare to be Honest

    I purposely throw out some posts just to see how many fish will bite. Shame on all of you who can’t deal with constructive criticism (presuming you’re over the age of 21). To resort to attacking my spelling and gammer is sad but predictable. Yes I am a provoker and that is how I navigate sometimes. It’s my thermometer and does me quite well.

  • Meg

    #47 – I don’t think you realize how much of a compliment you paid DTBH. I have read her posts long enough to know she is only amused by your rxn. I would suggest you look up the def. of judge and judgment. I wouldn’t mind having her in my corner in a foreign neighborhood.

  • It’s Judgemental with an E

    The preferred spelling of judgemental may be without the E where you’re from, but not where I’m from darling.

    Forgive my judgement of Dare to be an Idiot, but she posts so often that her ridiculous commentary could get to a saint. I don’t believe for a single second that she has anything more than a middle school education. There are far too many spelling errors, grammar issues, and completely irrational comments. I also don’t buy that she enjoys this. She desperately desires attention and enjoys passing judgement on EVERYONE, not just KH and the innocent child that bird brain and the weirdo she was married to created. I’ve seen her attack so many people that it amazes me. She things she’s better than those she rudely judges, including a little girl. If she believes little Suri’s skirt is too short, it is. If she believes Holmes is incapable, she is…..and God help you if you disagree.

    I’m just giving Dare to be a Biotch a little taste of her own medicine. Judge not,, lest ye be judged – not that she’s intelligent enough to understand my point.

    When Dare to never shut up and her alter ego Sincerely idiotic stop being so judgemental (with an E), I’ll cease giving it right back to her. Until then, I’m going to call her out whenever I feel so inclined.

  • Dare To be Honest

    @It’s Judgemental with an E: @It’s Judgemental with an E: man o e Mano anytime. I will sleep just fine at night. Heard it all. May he who cast the 1st stone. Reap not what you sow! Whose raising that child anyway? For fear of being too judgmental, people turn the the the other cheek.. Eye for an eye. I am so way past looking for acceptance. Nice try.