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Miranda Kerr Bares Midriff to Wrap Up January!

Miranda Kerr Bares Midriff to Wrap Up January!

Miranda Kerr flashes her midriff while out and about on Friday (January 31) in New York City.

“Follow me on @StyletagApp and see what I am obsessing over right now!” the 30-year-old Australian supermodel tweeted earlier in the day.

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The day before, Miranda was all smiles after wrapping up a photo shoot, while her ex-husband Orlando Bloom attended 2014 Art Los Angeles Contemporary Opening.

“I always look up to Megan Gale and Miranda, and now Jessica [Gomes], so it’s great to walk alongside them,” supermodel Montana Cox recently shared to the MailOnline during the David Jones Fashion Show.

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miranda kerr bares midriff to wrap up january 01
miranda kerr bares midriff to wrap up january 02
miranda kerr bares midriff to wrap up january 03
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  • Tasch

    She looks amazing.

  • Journalistic

    She looks weird here.

  • irk

    Wow who poses and smiles for paps like that?!? Kim Kardashian anyone..

  • Tonna

    Where is she going??

  • what

    “Follow me on @StyletagApp and see what I am obsessing over right now!”
    Or you can read JJ. I am always posing for the paps. It’s all about style, makeup and paps.

  • StagedLife

    Did they take a break from JJ and are now back to their most important job now? O_O They were walking down the streets for a month without beeing featured here and now xD… embarrassing .

  • Contrived

    Contrived!! Vanity personified. She better be jubilating Clear took her in. They’re the only good-ish contract she has. It’s so entertaining to watch the downfall of this (supposedly) high and mighty. The downside of overexposure is fashion dumps you in the trash. Notice how she is somewhat low key now lol. Someone might be trying to get back in the game but that’s probably too late. I mean sweet heart might have had a better chance if she wasn’t already 30. Models who work abundantly well into their 30s in fashion are the legends and Miranda isn’t one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • amber


  • hilar


    Its funny when her stans compare her to modeling legends. Ha! She got her first Vogue cover in 2010, when they were already established fashion icons by then, semi retired. Then again I dont expect little girls to have much knowledge. Besides the most legendary and successful Aussie Supe is Elle MacPherson, not this chipmunk.

  • Elena

    Today On Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Back to NYC and back to all of her paparazzi friends who give her nice, juicy cuts of the money from the pics they sell. If you can’t be a real model, you might as well pose for the paparazzi and be a celebutard instead!

  • Anna Sophia

    Does anyone else notice that she disappears for a while and when she reappears it’s obvious she’s had work done? She was off radar for bit since the Golden Globes and now…Holy Botox, Batman! (Also, collagen.) Hope it was all organic!

  • @Elena…”haters”

    It’s hilarious the way you “haters” keep trying to convince yourself & everybody else that Miranda is not a successful Supermodel.

    It REEKS of DESPERATION as all the evidence proves otherwise & yet you “haters” think if you repeat something over & over again it will somehow make it true… about delusional.

    At the moment Miranda is the 2nd highest paid model in the world & has been in the top ten for the last five years. That IS successful by any standards but keep posting your childish comments because NOTHING will change the FACTS……Jealous much???….lololololol.

  • @7

    You really don’t have a clue about Miranda at all as you’re so filled with hate & spite toward her that you miss the point entirely about her & her career!

    Miranda has said many times in interviews that modeling doesn’t last forever & that you have to take advantage of it while you can which is exactly what she has done.

    What I find funny is that you “haters” seem to think all her decisions about her career are a mistake & not planned in advance.
    Like her decision not to renew her VS contract & remain an Angel was about not being tied down to their contract which allowed her to concentrate more on expanding her company by promoting it herself as well as freeing her do other campaigns..
    After 7 years as a VS model & having Flynn she no longer wanted to travel on location for VS photo-shoots & it also limited her ability to expand Kora so her decision is understandable.

    Doutzen & Ale are still VS Angels but they’re no longer in the top 10 of highest earning models, proving you have to do other campaigns as well.
    Miranda is looking at the bigger picture by giving up her VS contract she initially loses her salary but in the long run it’s more beneficial to establish her company now while still having a high profile.
    Most ex VS Angels you never hear of again only very few like Tyra & Heidi go on to have careers after they finish modeling.
    Gisel is still modeling part time but she makes the majority of her money from being a part owner of the Brazilian footwear company Grenedene who make sandals & flip flops & her own make up line Jaja.

    I personally think Miranda knew her & Orlando were splitting up when it came time to renew her contracts with VS & DJs in June. So she knew she’d be a single mum & made the decision to leave VS in order to work more from NY in the future. I think it’s the reason they didn’t make the announcement until months after they had actually split so she could get everything in place career wise by doing all the travel to Asia promoting Kora etc.

    Miranda gets the best of both worlds by setting herself up perfectly for the future. Modeling part time doing campaigns like “Clear” & others keeps her profile high which in turn helps the sales of her company Kora Organics as she’s her own best advertisement. All this enables her to take care of Flynn & live & enjoy her life.

  • Bbug

    Sorry but VS wasn’t stopping Miranda from doing anything. Not in the last two years of het contract. She basically became their fillet angel, they didn’t care much for her at end. So she had lots of free time even when she was with them. You make it sound taxing as if she was one of their golden girls like Adriana and Candice, she was never busy wirhVS at the end (maybe one location shoot for them, two studio shoot, and one commercial. Also the show) how was that difficult? VS actually isn’t even missing. And lol at the atrocity that was the lazy Forbes list, Miranda will make more than Doutzen only when he’ll freezes over.

  • Marta

    I thought it was freezing in NY.

  • Padoc


    You look so stupid writing a text like this xD xD OMG. Not better than “Elena”

  • PuppyLove


    Yeah, she’s planned it all, including the part where KORA goes belly-up within the next five years. More like three.

  • yas

    Forbes list is not accurate. Gisele has been denying it for years. She always says she would love to know where they get their info because its not coming from her accountant. Miranda is not very rich with all her lost contracts. Doutzen has a ton of contracts, im positive shes richer, despite what forbes says. Also adriana has been modeling since 90s, of course shes richer then miranda!

  • mossboss

    Her face looks like an egg.

  • Wow!

    @@7: You are b@tsh*t crazy! Not only that but you need a life. If you have the time to write a novel like that, you should be looking for a better hobby. Or getting some fresh air.

  • Kath

    Geez…..all you w@nkers who dont like Miranda must have been bored for a few weeks without her on JJ? And still talking sh*t l see. Honestly give up with the famewhore sh*t…it doesnt wash anymore and neither does the VS crap either…..its just more of the same old repetitive recycled sh*t from you w@nkers! BORING!! Who cares if shes not a top model…she has all your attention & thats what matters. Even if you dont like her your all making her somewhat relevant. So can you think of something new to say…..even the stupid c*nt ELENA has bored me to the core with the same old dribble. If you dont like her fine but if you want to be critical at least have something half arsed intelligent or interesting to say. Anyway anyone wanting to try Kora…I say do it. Start off with her enriched body lotion. This stuff is beautiful & has practically gotten rid of my keloid scarring on a tattoo I have & I had tried everything to reduce it. My aunt uses it for her face & has reduced her wrinkles. This stuff is beautiful to use & smells wonderful. Iam trying her bodywash next. I hope her Kora company does well & expands.

  • Samantha

    @Kath: Elena bores you so much but yet you feel compelled to react to her comments. Telling. Also, There are plenty of other (better) quality organic body care products on the market that are much cheaper than Kora and come from companies that stand by their beliefs, as opposed to Kora who is helmed by a woman who then goes on to endorse a terrible product like Clear. Also, I am wondering if you think that you will personally impress Miranda with your comment. Do you harbor the belief that if she sees what a great fan you are that your supportive comments will somehow spawn the relationship with her that you fantasize about at night?

  • Kath

    SAMANTHA……Iam interested in reading everyones comments but with Elena its the same old crap…..I will react if I feel theres a need. You can say Im crazy or think she owns me blah blah blah…..whatever thats up to you. Yes there probably are other organic products that are better & some not. Just because its organic means sh*t. It just so happens that her body lotion & rosehip oil (my friend loves the oil) has shown good results. You know Ive tried EVERY organic baby wash product avaliable in Australia on my daughter & EVERY product gave her a bad reaction on her skin. Non organic dries out her skin. I now use a French brand called La Roche-Posay. Its a similar product to Avene. It also has the special water from Avene in France. I also use this & is the best body wash I have ever tried. There is a body wash & cream. They retail here at $33 each. And then before bed I also use Kora. For my hair Redken products work the best for me. But Iam interested in trying her Kora body wash so I will get a test sample. Anyway Im simply giving my opinion on Kora & no unlike you…. Im not that bloody stupid that I believe Miranda reads these threads…..uummm…she doesnt. I like Miranda…is she perfect…NO…does she do stupid sh*t….YES….Does she have great street style….to me YES…. Does she have a good body cream In Kora…YES…..and if you cant handle that Ive given her cream a good rap then harden up.

  • ?????

    @Samantha let me guess? Have you tried both Kora and Clear products? I didn’t think so.