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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bradley Cooper Let Lenny Kravitz Into Their Bromance!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bradley Cooper Let Lenny Kravitz Into Their Bromance!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper snap a photo with Lenny Kravitz while hanging out together on Saturday (February 1) in New York City.

“At Joe’s Pizza #NYC with Leo and Coop,” the 49-year-old rocker wrote on his Instagram account. Looks like the guys let Lenny into their bromance!

All of the guys are presumably in town to attend the 2014 Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, which will be played right outside of the city tomorrow night in East Rutherford, N.J.

Leo is back in the states after doing some promo work for his movie The Wolf of Wall Street in Japan.

Bigger photo inside…

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leonardo dicaprio bradley cooper let lenny kravitz into their bromance

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  • Leokas

    WHAT ABOUT ME!?!? Leo, how could you do this to me!!?!? I came all the way to Japan to take pics of you, and all these yrs I played third wheel to ur underage gas, and all these yrs I was by ur side and this is how you repay me!!??! I;m crying, I want to kill myself!

  • love

    Adriana and Gisele exes unite haha.

  • sugarbaby

    Omg Leo is that selfie, no wonder he got an iPhone. Seeing how he was posing in Japan, he’s got a lot of learning to do. That one eye that is closed LMFAO! Leo, work on ur selfie game buddy, I’m sure ur girltoy Toni can help you, all she takes is selfies, and hers aren’t even good!!! Not liking this bromance, Leokas forever!



  • SashaT

    I bet the clubbing will be in force tonight!



  • Ally

    Lenny, Brad & Leo. = damn it’s HAWT!!!

  • Well

    Is Lenny a model collector like Leo?

  • also…

    @Leokas: I thought you patched things up in Japan… You have to fight for your man! I prefer you, Lukas over Bradley!

  • also…

    By the way I think it’s more like the upcoming fashion week that attracted him than the Super Bowl ( parties ). JMO

  • Living in a box

    Leo trying to be cute Asian girl. LOL!!!

  • Leokas

    @FINALLY: NEVER!@also‚Ķ: I will fight to the death! Me against BCoop, right here right now! C’mon BCoop, let’s duel! the winner keeps Leo forever ( obviously me)


    What about Jonah? You have some tough competition!

  • also…

    @Leokas: go for it! Take down BCoop! Leo is yours forever! Tonis,Bradleys and Jonahs are coming and going but Lukas + Leomis forever!!!! Smack him if that’s what it takes!!!!

  • Kendra

    This photo was taken in August.

  • relax

    it’s an old pic guys bcoop is in Paris
    bcoop at Joe’s in August with the same clothes and hair

  • sugar ray

    Bradley is hotter!!

  • Leokas

    @FINALLY: After the Oscars are over and Leo wins, buh bye to Jonah! He’s going to be crying and wonder why Leo dumped him, poor boy will never understand, However with bradley, I need to take him out! Bradley is someone Leo can hang and have fun with for a short period of time, however with me, its a long-term thing, and we all know that Leo has always had commitment issues and is scared of love!!!! However, Leo will come around, trust me, he will realize that true love always conquers at the end !! Me and him are end game. Leokas forever! <3

  • beth

    Apparently this is an old photo from August

  • Fan

    Leo was definitely at Joe’s Pizza in NY today.

  • beth

    @Fan: proof?

  • beth

    @beth: Nevermind, you’re right. Just went on joes pizza twitter

  • fatface


  • fartgurls

    As if it was in August, who cares? lol my bro looks way better than him

  • Lukie

    @Leokas: Lukassssss please stay with Leo. Jonah and Bradley only make him douchier and more insufferable. At least with Lukas they’re busy cuddling under a blanket <3

  • oh hollyweird

    If these 3 weren’t famous they’d be considered overgrown douches lolololllll

  • face

    this is the face Leo will make when he wins his oscar

  • ponpon

    @sugarbaby: He’s smizing ;)

  • ####


    You’ve put in the years Lukas. Bcoop is just a pretty boy passing through!! We know how Leo gets bored quickly and always returns to you! :-)

  • hehe

    @FINALLY: Every time there’s a new thread about Leo it really is a relief but at the same time the news about him only gets worse and worse haha it’s a vicious cycle

  • WOW

    Leo your hottie!

  • jop

    ohhhhh myyyy GOD…has anyone been on tonis insta the last like 10 minutes?? I am nearly 100% sure she posted a pic of Leo and then delted it like a minute later…PLEASE SAY SOMEONE ELSE SA wIT!!!

  • Daria

    @beth: No it’s still from August.. The pizza place is just reposting Kravitz’s picture.

  • WTF?


  • hehe

    @####: Bcoop a pretty boy?? ahahahaha he’s as plain as bread and thats how Leo likes them ;) I agree…. Leo will get bored of Coopie eventually, Lukas is forever ~

  • hehe

    @jop: WAAAATTT

  • ponpon


    I read your comment on the old thread. Yeah, I actually do get annoyed when people post a bunch of young Leo gifs and pics in a post, especially my last one since he was talking about his childhood. I should spam with Departed gifs tho LOL

    As to that a$$hat who keeps accusing me of trolling all over the board, shut the f**k up you ingrate. I don’t even hate Bradley enough to go spamming in his articles. And yes, I DID graduate from high school you nitwit. I’ve got 2 degrees :D

  • lukas

    @hehe: lukas doesn’t say anything. he just stands there with a dumb look on his face.

  • johanna

    Lucas and Leo forever friends?

  • lukas

    leo got breast implants on his face.

  • Ah

    Leo is SO F# hot
    overload of hot men!!!

  • @ponpon

    You should totally spam the Leo posts with Gatsby/Departed/Wolf gifs from now on. Or pics circa 2006/2007. I love your posts on ONTD but I get tired of seeing only young Leo posted especially with such a nice interview being posted or a post that has absolutely nothing to do with 90s Leo.

  • 90S LEO

    i’m a virgin but I want to have sex!

  • jop

    I KNOWWW!! I’m on my laptop and don’t know how to screen shot on it I’m so mad!! If i’m right it it was a pic of Leo of what looked lik him lying in a bed/couch doing like a funny pose, eyebrow up tounge kind of sticking out and was dressed in a wife beater and basketball shorts…I’m still in shock!!!

  • hehe

    @lukas: Leo loves getting dumb looks it makes him feel smarter thats why he surrounds himself with young boys and girls its like schooltime ;)

  • 90S LEO

    I’m a now a sex addict because i’m afraid.

  • hehe


  • 90S LEO

    @hehe: yeah! leo has low self esteem thanks to irmelin and george

  • WTF?

    OMFG. ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS? Lord I wish you had screen shotted that!

  • yay

    Thank God Lukas is not in the picture, he is so damn UGLY imo.
    This photo is perfection. Leo is the best, hot! Bradley is so cute and hot! And Lenny is awesome!