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Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial 2014 ft. Biracial Family (Video)

Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial 2014 ft. Biracial Family (Video)

One of the more heartwarming commercials that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 2) came from Cheerios!

The commercial featured a biracial family and refreshingly didn’t make any mention of the fact the parents were of different races.

In the ad spot, the father tells the little girl named Gracie that she is going to be getting a little sibling very soon. She says its okay, as long as she gets a puppy. A little smart one right there!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the Cheerios Super Bowl commercial?

Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial

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Behind the Scenes Video
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  • Ella

    Loved it! What a cute commercial.

    My poor Broncos.

  • tee

    oh yeah, it sure was refreshing that they didn’t put arrows next to their heads indicating he was black and she was white. Unlike the heading of this article.

    I can’t believe this post was even created with that angle.

  • Ouch!

    How is the fact that it’s a biracial family relevant exactly?! Is that still a taboo?! And I thought it was 2014…
    By the way, these commercials are always awful, i don’t get those people who say “oh, I watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials”; what’s there to see? They’re always terrible and cheesy! Usually the best commercials are from European countries!

  • Sheyenne

    Gracie is a little cutie.

  • Mary

    It was really cute. It floors me that anyone could find anything the least bit controversial about these commercials.

  • @ tee

    The post was in response to the “controversy” that the commercial has supposedly created. Have you not heard about all of the backlash Cheerios is getting?

  • Meredith

    I’m guessing that the headline indicated that it was the Cheerios commercial with a biracial family because the first Cheerios commercial with the biracial family pissed off a lot of racists. It was a pretty big story a few months ago.

  • jo

    Cute little black girl…can’t see why anyone would have an issue with this.

  • Fandang

    I was wondering if it’s even relevant. I am British and also mixed-race and I am used to seeing mixed-race families shown on our commercials so I don’t get the big deal of what the writer of the story is getting at. Why should they bring it up in the advert? They are there to sell a product not tell the world they are a mixed-race family as they already know they are. I find it a little offensive by what the writer wrote.

  • @ Fangdang

    Because there have been a lot of people who thought that the commercial featuring this family was controversial and should not be aired on television. The writer is not making up the controversy — this so called controversy has been happening for a few weeks. A bunch of idiots complained to General Mills.

  • @ Fangdang Tee and Ouch!

    @Fandang: I am bi-racial as well and have friends who are bi-racial. Not only do I love that Cheerios made this commercial, but I feel that I need to defend this post in regards to it bringing attention to the bi-racial family aspect of it. Normally I would agree that there’s no need to point it out (I also feel the same way when media indicates which children a celebrity has adopted and which is biological. It shouldn’t matter as long as its their child, no matter how it came to be.) Anyway, back to the commercial, in this case I feel that it was nessecary to bring up considering the terrible backlash Cheerios got for their first bi-racial family commercial last year. As another comment pointed out, it IS 2014 and it’s more than common for people to have bi-racial families and it shouldn’t be something that should “offend” people. I find it more offensive that people think its up to them what type of families are allowed in commercials. If you don’t like it, too bad, this is reality.

  • Jaminxica

    It will never happen but…how about it was a great commercial end of story. There will never be a day where race won’t come up or be a factor. Cute kid and I’m glad she’s getting a puppy! :)

  • Living in a box

    Love the commercial, well done Cheerios!!!

  • NYC

    The commercial was great.
    Bruno Mars was great.
    Poor Broncos.

  • Christelyn

    I LOVED this commercial. Loved it so much me and my family did our own version of this, just, uh…switched this other way around. ;-)

  • fardous

    smart girl

  • Ej


    It was mentioned because the first commercial featuring this family was met with all kinds of racist venom.

    No, it shouldn’t matter but thanks to the tea party, there are a whole lot of racists out there who have found a new voice and a new pride in their hatred and ignorance.

  • Joe

    @Ouch!: then go live in euro asshole.

  • Marisa

    Put Gracie in a cereal bowl and give me a spoon. I can eat this little girl up, she’s so precious.

  • Chandira

    It was absolutely disgusting!

    I don’t know what is worse the actual racist commercial or all the self loathing guilty white a$$hats that feel compelled to defend it.

    I was hoping that Kellogg’s would have made a commercial in the 2nd half where Tony the Tiger mauled the entire family.

  • Terri

    From the comments above, I doubt that Cheerios will be remembered – but “biracial will. How quickly people can get off topic!! Get a grip and focus – the Cheerios commercial was cute and the little girl cuter!! EOS

  • nelson rodriguez

    It was the worst and most nasty commercial i have ever seen,it was so nasty that i forbided my family from ever purchasing any products from this company ever again,it was a good commercial until the white trash, why couldnt they keep it simple, excuse me i have to go vomit

  • nelson rodriguez

    @Ella: jagIt was the worst and most nasty commercial i have ever seen,it was so nasty that i forbided my family from ever purchasing any products from this company ever again,it was a good commercial until the white trash, why couldnt they keep it simple, excuse me i have to go vomit

  • nelson rodriguez

    Some people may think that this was a good thing but i believe it just made things worst,do they think that because a white woman is getting banged by a black man people are going to buy more cherios? I dont think so l only know one thing,WHITE TRASH.

  • nelson rodriguez

    Some people may think that this was a good thing but i believe it just made things worst,do they think that because a white woman is getting banged by a black man people are going to buy more cherios? I dont think so l only know one thing,WHITE puppy. Get her a zebra

  • Arianna

    @nelson rodriguez: You are horribly uneducated and it’s made apparent in, not only your spelling and grammar, but your narrow-minded viewpoint of the world. It’s people like you that hold the human race back form progressing and evolving into a group of beings that are EQUAL and KIND. Thank God for people like the others that have commented on this post in a positive, forward-thinking manner. Maybe there is some hope after all.

  • steve

    Worst commercial of all. Do not understand why they did this again, Hope sales fall lowest of all products advertised, I will not buy them again.

  • Bliever46

    Actually – the bi-racial thing didn’t bother me half as much as the fact that once again – parents are letting the CHILD run the show – maybe I’m old school but um …. NO – this is NOT let’s make a deal. You are getting to be the older sister to a baby brother …. Period. Like it or lump it. I’m seeing it more and more in today’s screwed up world… The kids run the show and the parents walk on egg shells- wtf?!? For God’s sake parents…. Take back the roles you were meant to play and keep your child (ren) in their respectful place … They truly don’t know how to be in that much control yet ….. Seriously.

  • Anton Poutilina

    @nelson rodriguez: @nelson rodriguez:
    You seriously need to evolve and get an education. You are a dunce !

  • Anton Poutilina

    @steve: You will be doing the world a service by not purchasing, no sensible organization needs your trash dollar. Your comment is so stupid and there is no rhyme or reason except that you most likely are White trash-uneducated. I am surprised you could navigate to this site to write a comment, it depicts your lack of education.

  • Aaron Lloyds

    This commercial is about the pride the worthless no-good black race feels when it sews its nasty crop of virulent thistles into the white man’s wheat. We all know that… : )

  • Aranka Paul

    United States should never ever preach the “human rights” concept to any other country in the world. What a bunch of nasty racists still live in this country. Who cares about the commercial, it is just a commercial. When I first saw it it didn’t even register that man and woman are of different races, Why is this such an issue, The rest of the world is moving forward and is embracing differences between people, only this country obsesses about black/white issues, Kardashians, reality shows, weitht gain/weight loss, superficial beauty, religion, etc, etc ……………………………chill out and get life.

  • Yve

    I’m so tired of bi-racial children with one black parent being classified as black.
    It is totally unfair to deny her mother’s ancestry. She is just as white as she is black.

  • Bill

    It seems that people like this example meddles and feels they rule the world. (check this sound track out): add https before // to the beginning

  • Bill

    Corrected sound track (got to listen to the response to the ad):

  • Valerie

    @nelson rodriguez @steve and @aaron Lloyd and the other mean nasty commenters.. I am simply appalled in your comments and hatred. It is time to pull your heads out of the box and move forward. I am a white woman, divorced from a white man, and I am dating a black man. I have 3 daughters, one is a lesbian, one is engaged to a white man and the other is 8, in third grade and has a crush on a black boy.. We are an American family. Blended and full of diversity. Grow up and realize that times are changing and it’s very apparent that many of the population agrees that love has no color, gender or price. Love is love.. Give it a little and maybe you will get some happiness in return and stop all the hate!! God created all of us, love and praise God, appreciate all of His people.

  • Melissa

    Awesome commercial!!!!!! I love Cheerios for creating a commercial like this one, it shows love comes in all different colors and styles .

  • anonymous

    The while point of them making this commercial was to show that they weren’t afraid to make a statement. There was a commercial released last year featuring the same family. It got much backlash but Cheerios never took it off of YouTube. Obviously they don’t care to feed the ignorance of some people and they definitely won’t do it now. It’s 2014, not 1964. People need to realize that times are changing and they have been since the abolishment of slavery.

  • diana miller

    I thought this ad adorable! I actually didnt notice the bi-racial thing until I saw all the uproar on the news. And o.s.-I personally think that mixed kids are the cutest!

  • onlytheusa

    @nelson rodriguez: what about the biracial swift pickker upper commercial. I guess thats cool since its a White man with one arm & Black women. Excuse me Massa while I pee in your Cheerios.