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Coca-Cola's 'America the Beautiful' Super Bowl Commercial 2014 (Video)

Coca-Cola's 'America the Beautiful' Super Bowl Commercial 2014 (Video)

The latest commercial from Coca-Cola, which features the song “America the Beautiful” sung in a variety of languages, aired during the 2014 Super Bowl.

The television spot starred a variety of different people of different nationalities as “America the Beautiful” played in different languages.

“The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here. Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful,” the video is captioned.

Missed out on watching the Super Bowl? Just Jared has you covered, commercial wise! Watch them all right here!

Watch the commercial below!

Coca-Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’ Super Bowl Commercial 2014

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  • Ava

    I’ m not even American and that’s a offensive ad, because America has allowed some many people from different cultures to come to the country their has to be a common bong that makes them American … and that language would be it … America isn’t the UN .. Would Coke do a ad honouring any other country by highlighting other languages as some how equal to the one spoke in the country they are supposedly honouring..

  • Mel

    ok first of all ^^ what?

    And I also find this add offensive because it is complete propaganda.

  • Sal

    America is great because it is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures.
    America is a wonderful hodgepodge of cultures from around the world. We celebrate St Patricks day and Cinco de Mayo. We party in the streets for Chinese New Year and Bastille day. People are free to hold sacred the sabbath, be it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Or no sabbath at all.
    People come to this country to live in freedom and democracy. Our soldiers have given their lives to keep other countries free. And many of those soldiers are first generation Americans, who want to do their part to protect the adopted country that they love.
    Americans may not all speak English. But neither did most of our ancestors who emigrated to this great country. Immigrants helped to build this country. We are proud Irish/Russian/German/Japanese/Korean/Italian/etc-Americans. No other country in the world is as culturally diverse as America. Why not embrace that fact?

  • Shamu

    No it’s not.

  • Maria Von Trapp

    Our whole country is made from people who came from someplace else. They didn’t all come here speaking English. Anyone who is offended by this commercial needs their head examined. I thought it was fine. My grandparents came here from Europe after World War 2, and they couldn’t speak English. My mother learned to talk English at school. She said there were lots of other kids at her school who had to learn to speak it too. Even today, there are different languages spoken in my own house and none of us saw anything wrong with that commercial. All the commercial was saying is: Americans come from all over the place, but the one thing they all shared in the commercial was Coca Cola. Get over it.

  • http://jennysitadesign Jennifer

    @Ava: I completely agree with you. I came from South America and the only thing that made me feel like I finally became part of the US was learning english! LANGUAGE is the only thing that unites all our different cultures and makes us all part of the “american” culture. Singing in different languages is almost a subliminal message trying to separate us as a country, that message is saying we are all our own culture instead of ONE. I could’ve thought of so many ways of making this commercial better.

  • Dave

    I hate this commercial. Per the immigration law you should learn to speak and fluently understand AMERICAN English before you are allowed to live here. Also I despise that this ad is being done by a company that Bows to the whims of a mad man president in Russia, whos Nazi like regime is persecuting people based on their sexual orientation. For Coca-cola to sponsor the Olympics that are being held in such a Stalin like dictator ship and turn a blind eye and then play this crap commercial is not only dishonorable, but is laughable. It just shows the Corporate greediness will not stop at any point to gain more money and will do what every they need to to suck the world dry. F coca-cola, and their greedy money hungry corporation.

  • Andrea



  • Andrea

    I thought it was a beautiful commercial. It celebrates what makes America the rich and majestic land that it is… the diversity of cultures that has come together to create OUR COUNTRY.

    This country is not made up of 40-something white men… it is in point of fact comprised of multitudes of rich and colorful cultures which I personally find to be a blessing.

    Bigots may now begin slamming :)

  • John

    You’re not even American and you’re offended? How does that work? This commercial is not offensive unless you’re racist or something. The “common BOND” is that they are singing a song that describes America’s beauty. You don’t have to be born in America to love it. You’re ancestors don’t have to be born in America for you to be American.

    And last time I checked, there is no “American” language. The English language comes from England. So for people to say, “This is Amurica, we speak English here.” is pretty dumb. I find it funny. Anyway, this was a great commercial. I give it 6 out of 5 stars lol. :)

    #MURICA!!! :D

  • John

    @Dave: How exactly does one speak “American” English? Lulz…

  • http://@oshma MaryO

    @John: Somebody is still mad at the English for that bit of trouble back in 1776, so “English English” is off the table, I guess.

  • Phil

    Listen, the United States officially has NO official language.
    Yes, the majority of people speak English. That doesn’t make it an
    OFFICIAL language. Look it up. The US was built on people of varied
    Nationalities and cultures who happen to speak different
    Languages. Live with it ya racist boneheads.

  • Carla Hurst-Chandler


    The was a beautiful commercial exemplifying the very thing AMERICA used to stand for…A Melting Pot…Diversity. Oh…and America the Beautiful is NOT the National Anthem, m’kay?

  • Carla Hurst-Chandler

    Completely agree…

  • LMAO

    offensive? LMFAO!!! get over yourselves IT IS NOT OFFENSIVE! it is not people talking differnt languages is pffensive now? GO KILL YOURSELVES!

  • LMAO

    @Jennifer: no! you are wrong honey!

  • Faye

    Before America was America, there were varied languages here, varied cultures here. Native Americans didn’t all speak, live or dress the same way. The Vikings found there way to this continent before Columbus found it. The commercial isn’t offensive at all to me, and I’m a proud American. My dad was in the military and I grew up around soldiers. That commercial may be in multiple languages, but why does America have to be about language? Our country is one where people want to immigrate to join it, and our country welcomes them in and gives them opportunities they might not have had before. We’re a melting pot of language and culture, if our founding fathers didn’t have a problem with that, then why should we? They never said that everyone had to speak the same language when they fought for the creation of our country. There were people from other countries who spoke other languages, and there were Native Americans as well who didn’t speak English, who fought to create this country of ours. Why should it matter if a song sung to commemorate our country is sung in different languages? The only thing that should matter is that our country is a melting pot where we enjoy freedom, including the freedom to speak whatever language we are able to speak.

  • Andrea

    There is nothing wrong with this commercial. America is a melting pot. And for those who say language is what makes you American please rethink your statement. Just because you learn Spanish and French doesn’t make you a Colombian(Or any other Spanish) or a French. Yes, if you come here we would like for you to learn English but that doesn’t mean people need to get rid or their first language, there for this commercial is fitting for everyone who has ever moved to America.

  • Sally Edelstein

    In the great cultural cauldron of 20th century America there was one basic ingredient to being an American Caucasian. Well apparently that old fashioned recipe for prejudice is still being used by some when it comes to the racist reaction to the celebration of diversity America, celebrated in recent rendition of America the Beautiful sung in the recent Coca Cola ads.
    Xenophobia was and is as American as Coke and Apple Pie. Only the nationalities change with time. Once upon a time, Irish or Italian was too exotic to be considered an all American beauty. Take a look at some vintage ideas of American beauty

  • Tom T

    I wouldn’t mind it if it was sung in English, but singing in all those different languages make it sound like they don’t want to become Americans, that they want to stay separate.

  • holly

    @Dave: Our government has no problem letting all the hispanics over here, on our tax dollars, and they DON’T have to speak our language! Is that a problem for you too?

  • devin

    Besides if you go to most 1st world countries they also speak english cause they know your ignorant ass wont learn their language

  • Mike Bushman

    Coca Cola could easily have sent a powerful message of unity by having all of the singers come together at the end of the commercial and sing the last few phrases together in English. Such a commercial would have sent a powerful message that America celebrates diversity, honors multilingual citizens and welcomes immigrants from all over the world to join in becoming part of a nation that shares important common bonds.

    I suspect that most but not all of today’s trauma could have been avoided had the producers not worried about offending people who believe it’s good to create new communities segregated by race, religion and language. Suggesting that people who move to the United States should learn English over time is racist to some academic elites and particularly to self-interested politicians who see personal gain in dividing America along language lines. It’s possible that the ad’s producers worried that having everyone sing in English at the end would have been taken as a slap against those in the United States illegally, because legal immigrants are required to learn English as a condition of citizenship. Whatever the reason, Coca Cola missed an opportunity to create a point of unity. If their intent was to generate controversy, they have succeeded.

    My first two novels — Melting Point 2040 and Secession 2041 — tell stories of what awaits if we allow ourselves to be re-segregated by race, religion, class or language. We should welcome voices in every language to America. But we should also want to welcome immigrants into a nation where we can speak together and develop a united direction.

  • Calculated Move

    This was a well calculated move on the part of Coca-Cola. I would guess that they ran this ad for interest groups and received similar reactions to those being expressed nationwide. This is a succesful ad for that very reason…it is getting mass publicity and recognition in a wave of expensive and flashy Super Bowl commercials. They knew that their product would still be served at every McDonalds and Burger King come Monday morning and as much as people are protesting the ad, I don’t see anyone suggesting a boycott…do you? All this typing is getting me thirsty, I think I’ll have a Coca-Cola.

  • Dan

    How could people be offended by this? Just because knowing how to communicate in English is something necessary to function in the USA doesn’t mean that people need to forget their other languages.

    The song is honoring the United States, the other languages are intended to show how it is a diverse landscape of cultures, all able to be free to express it. Singing this song in other languages is even more beautiful, because it represents other cultures, different in many ways, being proud of the country they are living in.

    America shouldn’t be known for suppressing different cultures, but encouraging them to cooperate. The fact that “Americans” are hating on the video because it is diverse is ironic and sad.

  • younglove


    Thank you for understanding that fact, that we are a MELTING POT. I see nothing wrong with this ad. Thank you for not being ignorant to something a little different.

  • whathappened2america

    That made my stomach turn. Quit trying to change this country you all so desperately cant stop coming into!

  • MikeGoLite

    I have nothing wrong with the idea of this commercial. America is awesome. and we don’t realize that we are a symbol to the rest of the world. We live the American Dream and we don’t appreciate it. We are so spoiled and we don’t know it. But you know who does know it? Do you know who appreciates this country more than anybody? The people portrayed in this commercial who made it here to America. The immigrants from other parts of the world who worked their tails off to come to this country and live the ‘American Dream.’ (I’m not referring to illegal aliens. That’s a different conversation) I spent a few years in the Philippines, living and working among the people, learning the language and the culture.. and it would blow your mind to know how much they idolize us. They would jump at the opportunity to come here and enjoy the freedoms that we do. And the Filipinos that I know here in America are some of the hardest working people I know. I would assume it is the same for immigrants from all over. God bless America. Everybody in America.

    I do have a complaint about the commercial though. As I said, I speak Tagalog. at 0:15, they sing it in Tagalog. “Above the fruited plains,” was translated as, “sa ibabaw ng mga prutas…” Which is a terrible translation. it means, literally, “on top of fruits.”

    If you are going to translate America the Beautiful, make sure to translate it right. That’s what makes this commercial a joke.
    Can anyone tell me if the translations are equally bad for some of the other languages?

  • MikeGoLite

    One last thing.. We could learn alot from other cultures. Americans seriously are the most stuck up, easily offended, unloving, egotistical people in the world. We could learn so much about simply being a good person from our Latin American and Asian neighbors.

  • Leigh Anne

    Unless you speak Navajo or some other Native American Language, you have NO cause to gripe about all the languages because if your native tongue is English, chances are you are an import too…..from England or some other European country…..get over it hypocrite.

  • Toronto Painting Company

    Great commercial. I’m form Canada and love the diversity! Would love to see more of this.

  • Mel

    @Andrea: Ok you go look up Propaganda in a dictionary. I’m not offended by it because I find it racist or I am racist, I don’t and I am not. That’s just it. This commercial suggests that america is this completely open minded country that embraces it dense multiculturalism including for example middle eastern of any religion and let’s say russians? But that’s an absolute lie! and my point is completely made by the wave of racist twitter and other social media site’s comments and backlash that unleashed it’s self after this commercial was aired.

  • OK

    @Dave: well then I guess YOU can’t leave the USA or go to any other country were they don’t speak English because the authorities will have to kick you out or not let you in because you can’t speak their language…that is how you sound…..idiot

  • OK

    The fact that its a wait……COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!! offends anyone or causes people to start talking about in how or why not its offensive is a complete JOKE. you watch it great, you didn’t like. good, move on with your lives because all this is doing is nothing but making Coca Cola rich. Having said all that I just read on the news how prostitution is now legal in Canada…..gonna go give my pointless opinion on that now.

  • john

    Haha its funny how people say that people should learn American English when America is a whole continent. There is south America, Central America and North America. Thats the kind of stuff schools show kids in elementary. The commercial was meaning that the US is a place full of diffrent diversitys and ethnicitys. Everybody in the US is not full blooded American. Everybody in the US is a decendent of another ethnicity, which could be Greek, Italian, German, french, native, or from another place. It just shows how people overreact to something so simple that has a whole diffrent meaning.

  • Ava

    @john …. You’re a idiot, I don’t have to be black to be offended by a racist remark , and the ad is “America the beautiful” , a religious song so I guess if you don’t believe in God according to Coca-cola you’re not American, and everyone comes to America and just like my grandmother’s brother who moved there from France 80 years ago , they learn the language and customs, he assimilated , they didn’t pretend they still lived in France even though they retained their French customers and language..which only helped his children to become successful in America. … And funny enough all their French cousins studied English to be more successful in France and Europe, irony .. Singing the song in other languages would have been fine if the last part. ” sea to shinning sea”, had everyone singing in English.. Coke’s ad was supposed to unite not divide , right?. As a French citizen a would be offended if they used a French patriotic song and sang it in Spanish, Moroccan and French was just one of many, don’t move to France if you don’t want to learn our language or live our customs , culture.

  • nina

    Kudos to coca cola! If i sang it in hawaiian am i wrong to do so? We’ve gt more important things to worry about than how a song was sung, jeez!

  • Pissed off

    I’m not a racist or anything, but lets say that i decide to move to Japan, I’M GOING TO LEARN JAPANESE!!! Lets say i decide to move down to Mexico (which will never happen) I’M GOING TO LEARN SPANISH!!! If you move to a different country you “NEED” to speak the language. My girlfriend unfortunately worked for McDonalds…(mmm McDona lds, i hate it BUT i do eat it on occasion) i stood behind a hispanic man who spoke only spanish he tried placing an order but my girlfriend speaks only english, he got mad at her and cussed her out because she doesn’t speak Spanish, i on the other hand do, i told him “how long have you been in this country” he said “years”. I restrained myself from ripping his jaw off for the crap he said to my girlfriend, i said with a cynical smile “get the f out of here and quit bein a f’n wetb### learn english and maybe tell the 20 illegals in your home to learn it also and if you don’t like that then move back to sh## Mexico”. This did in fact hurt to say but it felt damn good. Back to my point now, we speak English in this country, what language do you hear when you turn the tv on… “English” right? What language is in the English dictionary certainly not Spanish (obviously)…lol. And for all you immigrants stop waving your countries flag around, instead wave the American flag around, because that is where you live now, never forget where your from but DON’Trepresent it in someone elses house especially if you left your country behind for ours….. Ya this may just be a rant, and i might’ve skipped allot of the story and may not have actually made the point i was tryin to get to but im tired and have to go work for someone tomorrow who can hardly speak English, but you know what, hes been been here for a little over a year but the thing is is that he’s making the attempt to act like hes from here and that’s what i like to see because thats what i would do. And for those of you who didn’t like what i had to say, then go back to your own country or go f yourself, this is America Jack I would proudly bleed on the flag to keep those stripes burnin red. AMERICA F YA SO LICK MY BU## AND SUCK ON MY BAL##!!! TEAM AMERICA WHOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo I’m out of breath now ok im done

  • Pissed off

    Very nice what you said Ava. They assimilated just like what everyone should do when they sneak into a country on a floating door. Its funny how some still represent their country, yet its almost like they forgot that they risked their lives to leave it behind. Ok its official im going to bed, no more rants

  • Angie

    América is a continent, not a country. DAMN IGNORANCE!

  • Danny

    I have no idea where you pull that law out at all. I am an immigrant myself. If your law is actually goes into play, why do we have so many ESL teachers in US? Teaching the Red Neck how to speak properly? And trust me, more than half of American will fail the naturalization test even when they speak perfect American English. Learn some of America history, you might learn why America is a little bit more diverse than other countries.

  • Melting pot

    America has been considered a “melting pot” because so many people from different ethnicities and cultures migrated here; however, the term “melting pot” came about because these immigrants merged into the culture and they learned English. My great grandparents immigrated from Eastern Europe, and they both learned English as a result. I don’t think there is anything wrong with celebrating your heritage and your families culture. That is important because it is what makes people diverse. The issue here is taking a song that ranks right below the National Anthem and playing it in all of these languages. This commercial was meant to be controversial, and it is obvious the company wanted to get a reaction of some sort which they definitely achieved. Diversity is great, but there is nothing wrong with celebrating what makes us American. Our English language is a major factor that united and continues to unite all of us from varying races, cultures, and what have you. I feel the commercial was in poor taste. I have no problem with immigration as long as it is done legally, and as long as immigrants assimilate with their language. Should they stop speaking their home language? No, but it was their choice to immigrate to this country, therefore they should assimilate with their language. Again, restating what I already said. This commercial was done in poor taste. The song choice and delivery were deliberately made to get a rise out of people. End of rant.

  • Steve Heath

    As an old American veteran I am honored and pleased to hear the multitude of different languages singing praise to our country. I only wish I too could speak and sing in all those languages. I would say thank you to all who sang in their own language.

    For all of you who are so angry you have my sympathy…there is something sick in your soul. I hope you get over it.

  • Kevin

    @Mike Bushman: This is the best comment I have seen. It highlights that, yes, America is a melting pot, but also that melting into that pot is learning the language that is required to gain citizenship. Had they all come together at the end and sung in English, then that would have solidified what it means to be a melting pot. Instead, they caused controversy.

  • FrenchGuy

    To American people,

    as you know, the USA are not 2000 years old (even if hundreds told the world ‘waaaah I can’t believe America is 2000 years old” for NYE)

    America was CREATED by people from all over europe and English is the UK’s language at the beginning so don’t make it yours.

    Furthermore, when I see all of your tweets, it seems like you’re not even making the difference between your and you’re ” your in america, speak english ” etc etc. If that’s your language, try to use it right.

    You’re the world’s laughing stock. read this, might help you all

    PS: World is not America
    PS2: PS doesn’t mean PlayStation

  • Camille

    The coca cola commercial during the superbowl was beautiful, and perfectly showed what it really means to be an American. It’s outrageous that people are being “offended” by something like this that’s really not offensive at all. This video perfectly explains why they’re wrong and how the commercial was in fact, a really great commercial.

  • http://@Kat_22M Karla Monagas

    @Tom T:

    I’m sorry to say this but that’s absolutely wrong!

    They’re singing a song praising the country for it’s beauty for it’s greatness, but never forgetting where they came from, where their parent, grandparents and ancestors came from.

    The mere fact that you speak English makes you a foreigner, for English was brought from England, therefore it’s name. The Native Americans speak different dialects that were traded for English hundreds of years ago.

    The United States of America has no official language what-so-ever and not letting go of your roots while appreciating the opportunity to have a bright future seems to me like a thing to be applauded not to be outraged about.

    Despite the fact that it was the Super Bowl, that they’re playing American Football and that Coca-Cola has their main base in the USA, the company has always been about diversity, inclusion and fraternity, so kudos to them and may they continue to do what they feel is right not what others think is proper.

  • Sophia

    So funny how people in the USA actually believe America is limited to them. America is a whole continent not a single country. I cant believe how people are so self centric, in America english is not the only language spoken. So why are you getting so offended? the song lyrics did not say oh USA… at least thats not what I heard. I am American and I speak spanish as my first language

  • Hillary

    I am surprised that the commercial’s captioning misspelled ‘plains’! The captioning spelled it ‘planes’. It’s disgraceful to misspell the American the Beautiful song.