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Doritos ‘Cowboy Kid’ Super Bowl Commercial 2014 (Video)

Doritos ‘Cowboy Kid’ Super Bowl Commercial 2014 (Video)

One of the fan-made Doritos commercials that was chosen to air during the 2014 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 2) is this super cute “Cowboy Kid” clip.

In the video, a mom asks her kids for her help with bringing the groceries into the house. When they won’t help, the mom says “Guess you don’t want Doritos!”

Well, that sure changes their minds! Both kids rush to the car to get the chips, but one boy rides his dog and lassos the chips away from his brother. So funny!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the new Doritos commercial?

Doritos – Cowboy Kid Super Bowl Commercial
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  • Nancy

    Was kind of stupid. Didn’t make me laugh at all.

  • Cathie Cage

    I think this ad is awful!!! Now how many kids are going to try and ride their dog. Not only is a dog going to get injured, a child will get bitten. People really need to think before making commercials that will affect the well being of a child and animals.

  • Deb Brown

    Not only does it give kids bad ideas about riding on dogs, it also makes light of a deadly issue …. pet suffocation. Dogs DIE from putting their snout/head in chip and cereal bags and people don’t even realize it can happen. They need to stop showing this sort of thing on commercials. When it happens to YOUR pet, you won’t think it is cute any longer.

    Check out this website for more information:

  • MKalin

    As a Mastiff owner I am appalled at this advertisement. We educate Mastiff owners on the dangers of allowing anyone to “ride”/sit on their Mastiff (any dog for that matter). IT IS NEVER OKAY TO SIT ON A DOG! It is not only harmful to the animal it could be harmful to the child. The dog could bite them.

    Doritos please remove this add!

  • Kristin

    It’s a commercial… Not a real life ad people. Stop being ridiculous. I have mastiffs as well and you would have to be a real idiot to get on a dog knowing it can harm you and the dog as well. I think it was great. Good job to the team who produced it!

  • PrettyDew

    Still waiting for those loving kids to help their mother bring in the grocery or I’m being impatient, they’ll get right to that, as soon as they ride the dog dead…..

    Thanks Doritos for pointing out that only your product can get our lazy, disrespectful, dog-killing kids to put their cellphone down, way to go guys!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Are you commenters kidding me?

    “Giving kids bad ideas about riding their dog” “the dog could be hurt or the child bitten” “Dog can sufficate with snout in the bag”

    What about the fact that the first kid lips off to his Mother?!
    How about that for a bad idea for kids to emulate? Did you animal lovers totally miss that part? Or that she even had to ask for help when she pulled up and they were sitting on their butts!

    Is it any wonder our society is in the shape it is in?

    At least he does get lassoed and hog tied in the end

  • Terri

    It made me laugh! I own a loving Pit & a cranky MinPin. I train my dogs, and I train all children who come around how to treat a dog. Time to stop taking everything so seriously and use this as a training opportunity – if only for the difference between fantasy and reality.

  • patti

    Personally, I think objections to this commercial is an example of what comes to mind often in the dog world; “When your a hammer everything looks like a nail.” While of course children should not ride on the backs of dogs, so many things happen in commercials that kids should never do the list is endless – this is only one example and I think it’s overreaching to object to the commercial based on what children should and should not do. People even objected to the puppy in the Budweiser commercial – how terrible that the puppy was not secured in a proper fence! It’s unclear what the conditions are in that puppy “rescue” place! Lighten up! It’s only a commercial. It’s up to parents to teach their children not to do any of the crazy irresponsible things they see on TV. But- when your a hammer everything looks like a nail.

  • Heather


    Thank you! That was my first thought. If I would’ve talked to my parents that way I would’ve been in a world of trouble. So disrespectful! This is what’s wrong with kids today ,

  • holy literalist

    O my god. I can’t actually believe I just read that entire thread. I feel dumber. I guess this explains why all the commercials this year were sappy and humorless. Our culture has become so anxiety ridden we cannot handle fiction or creativity. Good job on getting your message out there guys, thanks for ruining an American pastime.

  • http://None Walt Parsons

    I hope too many children permanently damage a dog’s back by trying to duplicate this trick. It may have been made with trick photography but kids won’t realize that.
    There were many letters sent prior to the SuperBowl pointing out the danger of this advertisement but you still chose to run it.


  • LA Mom

    Riding a dog kind of cute … Mouthing off to your mom when she asks for help not so much. Thumbs down to Doritos for aligning its brand with this casual acceptance of bratty behavior

  • Pat Shane

    I’m not without a sense of humor, but I didn’t find this ad humorous for all the reasons stated by the various posters above. I didn’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling for any of those kids, nor did I relate to the Mom who allowed them to be such little brats.

  • Jinx Arthur

    I cannot believe this horrid commercial won 2nd place. Its shameful to say the least. As a Mastiff owner, I am appalled that people would find this ‘funny’……….how many children are going to cause spinal injuries to giant breed dogs now?? Are you people nuts.

  • Jinx Arthur

    @MKalin: I cannot believe this commercial won 2nd place. I too am a Mastiff owner, also an Irish Wolfhound owner. I’m appalled that anyone would let children think its okay to ride a dog. Disgusting.

  • Brett

    This commercial was stupid and terrible.

  • Big Bark

    Many large dog owners are upset by this commercial. While we love seeing large dogs featured – many have a hard time accepting the media portraying the dangerous act of allowing a child to ride a large dog as ok and fun. See what we mean here:

  • Charlie brown

    @MKalin: As a Doritos owner I’m appalled at this advertisement..we here in Doritos land teach our children to never lasso a fresh bag of Doritos ,,they are so fragile,, haha ,, this world is full of nut jobs that have no common sense or sense of humor, but they are entitled to an opinion,, I loved the ad,, me and my little girls thought it was funny and we have two dogs and a couple bags of Doritos our self.. Thanks for entertaining us and making a tasty “maybe not the healthiest” snack!!!

  • Mitt

    Obviously, the people who didn’t like the commercial are not country people and have never been around country kids. I laughed out loud when I saw it. The only problem I had with it was that the Mom didn’t put those grocery bags down and whip two kids butts & explain to them, if you want to eat, you WILL help! But LOVED the commercial!!!!

  • motherof7

    I don’t care for your totally instills our children to do hurtful things to when mom asks for help..Jr says “can you”that’s total crap to teach kids..get your act together dors cuz your com SUCKS

  • cammy

    I saw this today and laughed right out loud !

  • V.

    One of the very worst. Shame on Doritos for allowing this and for paying the ad agency that came up with this lame idea and shame on the networks for airing it. Bad, bad, bad!

  • N8Ball666


    I think you and I are the only ones that got it. Fu@kin sad.

  • Susan

    Wasn’t funny. A real mom would not reward her child for being rude and not helping.

  • John

    Even 20 years ago the child would help his mom. But now, he smugly tells his mom, when asked to help, “I don’t know, can you”. I would have been spitting teeth. Perfect example of what guilt ridden godless parents who revolve their kids. They will hate them for it. And mark my words. The kids generation will be able to have their parents put to sleep. They will.