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'Hunger Games' Stars React to Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

'Hunger Games' Stars React to Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s shocking death comes right in the middle of filming for his upcoming movies The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2.

The 46-year-old actor played the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, the new Head Gamemaker in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire who [SPOILER ALERT] is really working as the leader of the rebellion against the Capitol. His character’s role grows in the next two films while leading the rebellion. We will have to wait and see how the studio proceeds with the movie.

“PSH – I am genuinely shocked, saddened and speechless. A truly wonderful man, with a magical touch. My hero. Thoughts are with his family,” Sam Claflin, who plays Finnick Odair, tweeted.

Click inside to read more reactions from Hunger Games cast members…


Bruno Gunn (Brutus in Catching Fire): “fuck. RIP – Award-winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan Apartment”

Stephanie Leigh Schlund (Cashmere in Catching Fire): “So sad, what a wonderful, real, talented and sweet person we lost today. My thoughts and prayers go out to Philip’s loved ones.”

Patina Miller (Commander Paylor in Mockingjay): “Wow….I can’t believe the news about Phillip Seymour Hoffman…RIP…so sad…my thoughts and prayers are with his family….”

Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove in The Hunger Games): “Such a brilliant actor and man gone way too soon. Rest in Peace Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh in The Hunger Games): “WHAT?!!! RT @THR Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead”

Jack Quaid (Marvel in The Hunger Games): “RIP PSH”

Elena Sanchez (Cecelia in Catching Fire): “Shocked by the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing… RIP. So sad. Please keep his family in your thoughts.”

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  • viper

    Sure you’re all so ‘shocked’ and I CURSE YOU ALL. Damn you all and your ‘shock’ you all KNEW he was on drugs and you all did NOTHING to help him. Just like every other actor that has died from drugs.


    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We have lost one of the greatest of his generation and you all are going ot be riding this band wagon of ‘ grief’ then honoring him when he’s a corpse – instead of honoring him when he was ALIVE!!!


  • Shut up

    @viper: And what did YOU do???

  • samm

    Right, because all drug addicts are super open about their addiction. he tried to quit multiple times so he was obvi quite embarrassed. moron

  • jukr

    @viper: @viper:

    It was up to him to lay off the hard dope IF the 100% confirmed cause of death is overdose.

    I wish he was hooked on chronic instead. He’d still be alive in his room.

  • Sky

    I am sorry but this is senseless and completely selfish of the drug users. Life and parenthood was not enough of a reason to stay off the sauce….good riddens. I have sympathy for their families and not them.

  • Kevin

    These people such as Philip Seymour Offman are suppose to have people who watch over them such managers/agents and others its there jobs to make sure there clients health is good you can bet there knew he wasn’t ok but i’m sure we get the standard we knew anything was wrong or we’re tired to help him. Same old crap if managers/agents need to held legally responsible when there client dies from drugs, etc.

  • blackswan

    I do not feel an ounce of pity for people who have it all and who continually take drugs knowing the risks. I may feel bad for the family but not this fool who had it all.

  • Nina

    I love PSH in Truman Capote, wonderful actor but first taking drugs is extremely risky even when it sound so fun and second, sorry to sound so harsh but what going to happen to the Hunger Games? Another actor playing his role might be weird, right?

  • Nurse Moore, MI.

    @Kevin: Im sorry to say but sometimes it the managers snd agents that get them turned on to the drug scene if not using themselves. The DEVIL is definitely present in Hollywood and been there for centuries. My prays go out to the ones and friends. .such a talent gone and just think I have watched this movie 5 times in the last 2 days and get this devastating news. We all need to reach out and try to make a difference while we can..just remember today is not promised. With COMPASSION & LOVE Nurse Moore, MI.

  • souljacker

    Viper you need to chill out. He was just a guy who played other guys on television, not a scientist working on a cure for cancer or a firefighter rushing into a burning building or even that kid who died saving his grandfather. It’s terrible that he suffered and is now gone, but you have a really skewed interpretation of the word ‘great’. Those, are great people. This was just another idiot actor with too much money putting it all up his nose.

  • shutup

    @Sky: good riddens? learn to spell and don’t be disrespectful

  • shutup

    @Nina: they won’t. they only had seven days left of filming for part 2 of mockingjay. They can do creative editing at this point.

  • August

    This is highly insensitive.

  • Derp


    Some of them never even worked with him (Clove was in the first movie, he wasn’t.) Those who did work with him probably weren’t close to him. In fact, I don’t think most of those people shared any screen time. If his own friends and family couldn’t keep him away from drugs, what could some random cast mate do?

    The only people responsible are him and anyone who supplied him. We already have too many drug users in prison instead of receiving help. Now some of you want to press charges against anyone who works with or for someone who ODs?

    All that will do is force people to cut ties to cover their own bottoms. A lot of actors already lose work due to at risk behavior. That may compel some of them to get their acts together, but, again, they are responsible for their own actions and decisions.

    Playing the blame game won’t bring them back and it won’t prevent anyone else from OD’ing.

  • Louise

    I am a sensitive person, but when drug addicts od and die, I have no sympathy for them; for their families, but not for the addict. Anyone with a brain should know when they start drugs it is only going to escalate. Losers are drug users.

  • please.

    you are disgusting. shame on you. many people did try to help, and it’snot that easy- obviously you have never tried to help someone really struggling with addiction. shame on you. filth. you never tried to help, so you must be cursing yourself. psycho.
    grow up.

  • please.

    you obviously don’t have addiction in your family? very insensitive.

  • rip

    Look ppl don’t be saying anything what if that ever happens to. You I ammunition only a teen but I understand but it iS not his fault what if he was forced or if he did it for a good reason so shut you u dumb ppl that are saying stuff that is mean and I am sort for saying that RIP. And I am so sorry for your loss

  • Amber

    Here is something I don’t get. When Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room from drug overdose, people freaked out & were extremepy devastated for days. Fans, friends & family crushed. Think of how Lea Michelle felt when she recieved the news. Lea & Cory were supposed to get married two weeks prior to his death. She had to wear a black dress instead of a white. Anyways back to this, so because Phillip died from overdose it’s okay to call him a horrible person? More than half the world smoke pot/weed. So it’s nothing new.

  • Meredith

    You people are crazy! Hasn’t your mamma told you, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Someone is dead, and people are arguing over who’s fault it is and weather or not drug users are losers. Wow, you must have never know anyone with an addiction or lost anyone you have truly cared about. Because if you had you would not be talking like that. RIP PSH, thoughts and prayers with his loved ones !

  • marc

    whats up with all these actors dieing of heorin odd? What a loss, i really liked this guy for the work he did.

  • Kat

    I didn’t really know of this actor until I watched Hunger Games “Catching Fire.” I can’t imagine the pressure these actors & actresses face on a daily basis. Nobody has the right to judge him, he is a human being just like the rest of us. He isn’t here to defend himself so think twice before you say another bad thing about this man that you didn’t really even know. Yes he had a problem, if you look at your life close enough there is something that you also use as a vice. So keep your nasty comments to yourself. Remember you are not perfect either & you never will be. My condolences to his family.

  • anaconda

    @viper: yes i agree, it is your fault too because you didn’t do anything, or else he would have still be here today!

  • destiny’s truth

    Some people become addicted to drugs unknowingly. For example, many people have gotten injured, took too many killers to dull the pain, and got addicted before they even realized it. Once a person becomes a drug addicted, unless God performs a miracle in your life (which can definitely happen), you can’t jusy quit cold turkey, because now there is a chemical reaction occurring within your body to the fact some people have actually DIED from drug withdrawal, because the body can act violently without the drug if you try to quit cold turkey. You will need SERIOUS medical help and it will take A LOT of out side help and several attempts to be clean and STAY clean. If you don’t know what it feels like to be an addict or have ever dealt with one before, please shut up, because most drug addicts WANT to get clean and are very much ashamed of getting help because fools like YOU are judging them for no reason (you don’t even know them). We all have our flaws. Some of these people could have been really nice, sweet, caring people but just struggle with addiction to drugs. What makes the glutton, back stabber, and the pretentious a**holes out there any better? Because they’re not drug addicts, they’re ok? If you’ve never seen the pain or depression that other people suffer you have no place to judge.

  • Annabelle

    I, too, would like to hear what @viper did to help him. Please be an example for us all.

    My condolences to family and friends.

  • Dare to Be Honest

    @samm: FU #’ 2 & 3! FU FU ….way too many signs of a problem. Way too many people close to him that COULD of done something. What a “F”Ing irresponsible father. Has anyone heard of the flipping Good Samaritan Law. Woody Allen needs to be nailed to the incinerator as does Roman Polansky. Tom Cruise and John Travolta need to be exposed. And yet they are all only idolized.

  • aleena

    become addicted to drugs unknowingly. For example, many people have gotten injured, took too many killers to dull the pain

  • aleena

    become addicted to drugs unknowingly. For example, many people have gotten injured, took too many killers to dull the pain

  • aleena
  • Seymour

    @viper: Viper, you’re a piece of shit.

  • Lola Sorento

    this is so sad..RIP Hoffman! I found info about his brother Gordy here
    and I didnt know he had two sisters, he was so talented! condolences!

  • Daniel J

    There are a lot of folks who are quite insensitive to those who suffer from addiction. Once you’ve been through it, you understand. Read a farewell to Philip and leave some thoughts in the comments. It’s appreciated.

  • Mickey

    I wonder how the movies will be affected. did he complete all his scenes? Will he be replaced somehow? Really sad when addiction ends a promising actor who’s had a great career. Scratch that, it’s sad either way for this human being to have died in such a way.

  • No regretz

    @blackswan: I agree I’m sorry but I don’t feel any kind of remorse for him – I do in fact feel bad for his kids and family – sorry but he was a junkie looser – you got it all but that’s not enough u need to shoot dope !!! Really now GTFOH !!

  • daniel prigge

    it is his own fault he passed away! its crazy that when these famous people still get praised and called American heroes. but some soldiers out there give or almost give there life for this country and get nothing. you can google my name Daniel Prigge. I was very close to death and was told just bc I almost died doesn’t mean I deserve anything. that was from Washington. im not taking anything from his death its a tragic thing but it could have been prevented.

  • Hotrod

    I’ve lost loved ones from this terrible drug. I’ve seen the devistation first hand and it’s nothing pretty to watch people you care about destroy there lives and others around them. I hope for all you inconsiderate assholes have to never experience or go through the pain and devistation that this drug does to your family and friends. Just because someone uses doesn’t make then a bad person. Sometimes people feel like there is no other out in life. U have no idea what psh was going through or how his addiction came about. So please out of respect keep his name out of your mouth. Rip psh with love and sincerity peace be with you on your long journey

  • Claudia

    Viper, don’t you believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? I do! When I became pregnant at age 17, I had no one to blame but myself. I have never touched drugs because I knew I had an addictive personality. Those who use drugs are WEAK. I hate to see this talented man die, but there is no one to blame but HIMSELF! @viper:

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