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Kevin & Danielle Jonas Welcome New Baby Girl Alena Rose - See First Pic Here!

Kevin & Danielle Jonas Welcome New Baby Girl Alena Rose - See First Pic Here!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas are the proud new parents to an adorable new baby girl Alena Rose Jonas – and have already shared her first picture!

“On this day, a little star was born. Meet Alena Rose Jonas. #BabyJonas,” the Dreft Twitter account posted along with the first photo. In case you didn’t know, Dreft is a laundry detergent brand that sponsored some of the tweets to go along with the new baby’s birth.

How adorable is this new baby girl? We can’t wait to find out what uncles Joe and Nick have to say about their new niece!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the name Alena Rose Jonas?

Bigger pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
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  • Sarah


  • james

    Cant understand why these people would rather post pic of a new born…then spend it with his family…..poor baby cant imagine all these sick pedophiles looking at it

  • Curiosity

    She looks like Kevin’s younger brother , the good looking one, just wondering, if she is Kevins? Where is Kevin in the photo?

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    They had a Surrogate Mother! They could at least be Honest about it.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Fakers! How long was she supposed to be pregnant?

  • Well…

    Awww,congrats on your adopted daughter and fake birth,fake couple!When these idiots realize the kid won’t save their fake show,and nor will look like them,they will abandon her with the babysitters or will give her back to the real mother.Congrats,frauds!I feel for this baby…she’ll never know she’s ADOPTED,since they had to BUY her to cover the fake pregnancy and the fake birth farces.Nice try,Kevin and Danielle,but that child isn’t yours,she won’t even look like you.I hope the real mother,after reading the news about the fake birth,gets her daughter back if she’s allowed to.Poor kid.She’s cute,but because she isn’t their biological daughter.

  • Well…again.

    @Oh Yeah!!!: She had a “pregnancy” of 48 weeks?The first fake due date was January,but the baby’s mother would only give birth in February,so they changed the fake due date.They didn’t use a surrogate,they bought this girl.They aren’t her parents.They are not only fakers,they are FRAUDS!

  • Alexandra

    Sponsored by a detergent company??? How desperate are these people? Don’t they have enough money from Kevin’s days as a Jonas brother?

  • meiii

    awwww congrats to them… sure she will be a cutie!!!! lots of haters on here…sad…

  • Geez

    Fake pregnancy, fake everything…this family is PATHETIC.

  • Geez

    @meiii: Your ignorance is sad…they’re not haters when they’re telling the truth about her fake pregnancy and all of their lies. You know nothing.

  • Kylie

    Sponsored by a detergent called Dreft?Are they broke?It would explain why they bought that ugly house without gardens,walls and privacy outside…wtf?

  • sarah

    @james: It shows how classy they are to post a picture. Think of how many celeb’s sell the pic’s to the highest bidder. Obviously, they love and care more about there baby then selling pic’s. Congrats to them. She is so sweet and beautiful.

  • Wait?

    There’s something strange is this pic.Who gives birth with makeup,wearing earrings and with a nice hair?Looks like she spent hours in front of a mirror to look perfect for this farse,went to the bed and took the photo,wtf?And there is no happiness in her face,she looks annoyed,as if she was obligated to take that photo.She can’t be the girl’s mother,there is no smile,not even a sign of love for that child in her face.She didn’t carry that child,nor is her mother,that’s sad.All that farse for ratings,pathetic.And still dragged an innocent girl into her fake life.Sad…

  • james

    @sarah: classy?? dont let me laugh…she was due after newsyears….its been exactly a month now and she just happend to give birth……she was never pregnant.

  • Alina

    @sarah: They are not classy,they are fake.They posted the photo for publicity…why do you think they bought the baby?For love?No,for publicity and ratings for their floppy fake reality show.They don’t care or love that baby,don’t be fooled by these idiots.

  • Anabelle

    Wow she sure got a lot of makeup on to give birth & a laundry detergent company?! LOL

  • Wait?

    @Anabelle: You forgot the hair done for a fancy party,the earrings and the “oh,why do i have to hold this kid?”
    She couldn’t even pretend to like the baby,she’s a bad

  • Geez

    @Wait?: You’re right, it’s all staged….she didn’t give birth, they paid a woman ALOT of money (I heard 7 figures). It’s really pathetic of them.

  • courtney

    @Sarah celebs selling pictures of their children to magazines has been going on for nearly 75 years get over it. as for Dreft detergent it’s a detergent specifically made for babies and probably sponsored the last season of their reality show. as for not having gardens that doesn’t mean they are poor not all celebrity homes are landscaped when the Celebrity family moves in when Newman & Woodward bought their property in Westport Connecticut in 1961 it wasn’t landscaped though there were some old growth apple trees on the expansive property which are there to this day and everything else that grows there they planted over the years. each woman carries pregnancy differently and Danielle remained active during hers so she wasn’t going to gain a lot of weight as say some one who was on bed rest due to complications

  • Well…

    @courtney: She wasn’t pregnant.They adopted the baby and faked that “birth” scene…the lack of emotions in her face shows how she feels about the baby.The poor girl is only a puppet to attract attention,fame and money to them.They will abandon her when she stops being their ticket to the media.They still need her to get attention,but i don’t know what they are going to say when the baby starts to look like her biological parents,and not like

  • talia

    Congrats to the new parents and to the person who obviously is commenting under different names,she didn’t fake her pregnancy but it just goes to show the kind of person you are.

  • Candida

    For everyone that thinks that danielle faked her pregnancy you guys are all idiots if you only knew how badly she wanted to be a mother you would all shut up and another thing is that this adorable and precious baby girl is not even a day old so let her grow up and you will see that she looks like her parents who are unbelievable people :-)–

  • ….

    It’s pathetic what people will believe. I highly doubt that they would fake a pregnancy just to get higher ratings. And there is a thing called “natural beauty”. If I wore earrings all the time, I wouldn’t take them out just to push a baby through my vagina. Some girls want to look pretty when taking pictures, I’m sure she’s one of them. And also, every woman is different with pregnancy, I know someone who stayed small everywhere else and just got bigger in the belly. I’m sure this isn’t fake. Stop believing what you read on the internet.

  • Wurry

    C’mon, everybody knows that they bought this child. The adoption that they had set up fell through in mid-December, so they had to scramble to find another.
    Congrats….hope the dear child isn’t just a silly marketing tool.

  • steph

    Seriously ppl danielle did not fake this pregnacy.

  • Maggie

    @Well…: @Well…:


  • http://none karen purchase

    you people need to shut up dani did not fake pregnancy… that a adorable baby that bought to the world to see.. she cute…….

  • Joe

    She looks like mao tse tung, but she’ll grow out of it.

  • http://NickJWifey Chelsea Jonas

    @Geez: technically you know nothing, you don’t see video on their Instagram like their was one where we could hear her heart beat, and another one was Danielle showing her belly showing the baby kicked inside her, so for the people saying negative things about this needs to stop it’s inappropriate especially when Kevin and Dani wanted a child way before married to Jonas and you guys also have to understand that whatever they post on the show is called acting when your doing a reality show so they can keep he show running and their not doing this for money or because their parents tells them too their doing this because they always wanted kids of their own and if you notice recent interviews they talk about how they always wanted a child of their own and that they want a girl, so people saying this pregnancy is a fake back off because I’m getting real piss about it

  • RJ

    @Well…: you are a little stupid.

  • Kenielle Love

    @talia: hahahaha. I imagine one person commenting in this post as different people. hahahahahha!!! :))) and to all the haters out there, just shut up. it doesn’t help anyone. If you are so sure with your story, go ahead and give some hard evidences. If you don’t have any, for the sake of humanity, just shut up.

  • jonasfan42

    @Well…: she announced last july she was expecting. Theres proof of her baby bumps and everything. They dont lie they are the best Christian people around. If your not a fan then stop wasting your time commenting on stuff and go about your buisness

  • dj j

    @….: the hospital makes you remove your earrings. who gets a sponsor for a baby? And why post the “heartbeats” and mri’s to PROVE they are pregnant? And who has a pregnancy last that long? They announced the pregnancy and the due date as early Jan. This is a month late!