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Woody Allen Responds to Dylan Farrow's Sexual Abuse Claims

Woody Allen Responds to Dylan Farrow's Sexual Abuse Claims

Woody Allen has responded to the allegations from his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow that he sexually abused her when she was just 7-years-old.

Mr. Allen has read the article and found it untrue and disgraceful. He will be responding very soon,” the filmmaker’s rep told Mother Jones in a statement. “At the time, a thorough investigation was conducted by court appointed independent experts. The experts concluded there was no credible evidence of molestation; that Dylan Farrow had an inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality; and that Dylan Farrow had likely been coached by her mother Mia Farrow. No charges were ever filed.”

The new statement comes just after his Blue Jasmine stars Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin, who were both called out in Dylan‘s open letter, responded to the allegations as well.

Pictured inside: Woody taking his mind off the scandal by enjoying the New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat basketball game with his daughters Manzie Tio and Bechet on Saturday (February 1) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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  • Xoxo

    Lol at he will be responding very soon and the title saying he has responded…like wtf

  • nope

    Lol and here comes the downfall of woody allen

  • I

    He married his former step daughter. He is clearly messed up in the head. He likes very young girls. Sick.

  • essie

    lol yeah first he needs to gather his PR team to write one for him.

  • Drats

    Woody Allen is the disgusting person. He has hired flunkies and sycophants to post disgusting and ugly attacks against Dylan and Mia Farrow on the New York Times page.

    Meanwhile, if Connecticut had a better statute of limitations law, they could still nail Allen:

    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The Connecticut prosecutor who investigated Woody Allen on child molestation claims more than 20 years ago but didn’t file charges says it’s too late for the film director to be prosecuted.
    Former Litchfield County state attorney Frank Maco said in a phone interview Sunday with The Associated Press that the statute of limitations on adopted daughter Dylan Farrow’s accusations ran out at least 15 years ago.
    Maco had said in 1993 that he lacked evidence to prosecute Allen but suspected the abuse did occur. He retired in 2003.Dr

  • Drats

    How DARE Allen make such disgusting comments ? May he rot over and over and over again in hell.

    He also slept with Mariel Hemingway when she was 17 and he was in his 40s.

  • BAP

    Did anyone see the movie Manhattan starting ALLEN, MARIEL HEMMINGWAY AND KEATON it says a lot, especially if he wrote the screen play.

  • romantica

    Before commenting you better check the facts about this story, in particular about Mia Farrow, Allen’s ex-”wife”

  • go go

    He gets the young ones, like mariel h. to do him to get in his movies, prob scar jo. too. cate blanchette older and already established. creep

  • Well…

    @nope: What downfall?He can’t be fired since he’s not an actor,and lots of artists will still want to work with him,gives them publicity.I can’t say if he’s lying,or if she’s lying,nor if those “memories” are false or real.But the fact is that Dylan can write what she wants,but can’t prove the alleged abuse happened,nor has evidences.Sorry to say,but his reputation won’t get worse than it already seems to be.A lot of people hate or like him,while you’re offending him,he’s rich and getting richer everyday.Nothing will change…i heard about the accusations years ago,never watched his movies(i prefer other types of movies) and i’m not even his fan.If this story is true or not,we’ll never know.He was never charged,sent to jail or considered guilty.Officially,this story is over,real or not,and each story has two sides…you read her side,now it’s his turn to tell his,you l like or not.
    And Sun wasn’t his step-daughter,Mia and Woody never got married…nor lived together.

  • Gerd

    Dylan sounds irrational….an apology from Cate and Emma Stone…Puhlease. Being adopted into a family of 15 children….with one very busy mother to look after them all…..can’t possibly have been easy. Her adoptive dad fell (inappropriately yes) in love with her sister, and so he led a happy and and successfully life ever since….could that be Dylans real torment.

  • babs

    right about now- i give a ‘hoot’ about woody allen and his ‘denial’ like i do the whole gov christy ‘denial’/ really?? / neither is a man with gut ethics/ sleazeballs is a better descript

  • No Thanks

    Ya, I will choose not to read his response. Don’t even want to hear his lies.

  • Domino

    @I: She was not his daughter. Do your research. He never adopted her or even lived with her.

  • nope

    @Well…: He can’t be fired but producers can sure as hell stop funding his films. And no, we don’t know what happened but can you prove didn’t assault her? what evidence do you have that he didn’t?


    No.7; Mega Dittos. Plus, Manzie Tio’s sexy smallish mouth looks so nice and tight too, can’t wait to meet her in person.


    No.9; You took the words right out of my mouth.
    There is something very kinky about the word ‘creepy’, from a 1980s point of view.

  • Anon

    this story seems to create more and more questions, for example, if the molestation/rape occurred when Allen and Farrow were on the outs because of his relationship with Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi, then why did Allen wait until then to molest/rape Dylan? Prior to that Dylan alleged that Allen touched her inappropriately before, but Allen waits until he hooks up with Soon-Yi to molest his adopted daughter Dylan? Did no one see him go with Dylan into the attic? At this point wouldn’t his visits with the children (including Dylan) have been suspect and monitored, if nothing else, because of his relationship with Soon-Yi?
    these questions aren’t to deny or accuse, just to understand how it could happen at that time of the Allen-Farrow relationship.

  • romantica

    Why do people comment without checking the facts first …..

  • Drats

    @Domino: Um. I have seen your comments on other threads, pal. She was the SISTER of his BIOLOGICAL SON WITH FARROW. What part of that don’t get you get, pal? Are you a member of NAMBLA?


    PS Woody; You let me cast your virgin daughter in my next off-shore 0014 STEELE indie film onboard Adriana Lima’s yacht tied up in Miami, I take care of your problems with the media.

  • Drats

    @romantica: Oh, there you go. This was written by a sycophantic “friend ” of Allen’s who is very worried that these new developments will deter people from seeing his documentary on Allen. We also know that he hired people to post a link to this stupid and fallacious story on the New York Times comments section. No one is buying this story.

    You are also ignoring the fact that the PROSECUTOR on the case, Frank Maco told the ASSOCIATED PRESS TODAY that he believed the allegations against Allen. He is in law enforcement; the person who wrote the false and self serving piece for the Daily Beast is not. Everyone is on to your shilling this dumb piece by this point. I would advise that you stop posting the same link as you have really, really alienated everyone, pal.

  • groundcontrol

    And Dylan’s letter was placed by a family friend on his internet blog. So what’s your point? Obviously friends of each side will weigh in on this. Maco doesn’t know what happened. If he truly believed he had a case against Allen he would have brought it. He didn’t. Enough said about his “belief.”

  • groundcontrol

    . . . no, we don’t know what happened but can you prove didn’t assault her? what evidence do you have that he didn’t?
    WTF? What kind of crazy, upside down talk is that? We don’t work that way in this country. You have to prove he did it. And these cases are fairly easy to make in front of a jury. Juries tend to have a knee jerk response to this kind of allegation – just like posters do. They want to believe the accuser and they usually do. It’s very scary at how easy it is to convince a jury of sexual abuse charges.

  • romantica


    You must be on Mia Farrow’s payroll or somehow personally involved … no normal person would comment so often and with so much anger

  • arwa

    Will it’s written by someone whom describe his relationship with Allen “friendly”. Secondly, even with list of facts about the relationship between Allen and Soon Yi the writer brought up. The idea of whoever he was; sexually involved with a girl he watched growing up, right front of your eyes “for twelve years”. Is very disturbing and for the least I can’t call it normal.

  • Ted

    @romantica: Perhaps Drats doesn’t like paedophiles and perhaps you like defending paedophiles.

  • jen

    Hey allen…let’s talk disgraceful…perv!

  • Ted

    Shame Cate Blanchett. shame!

  • Amelie

    I know that the law says that someone is innocent until proven guilty but from what I’ve read it seems that something probably did go on. She gives very specific accounts of what went on which one would imagine would be difficult to fabricate. & it’s laughable that woody’s only line of defence is that Mia told her to say it. I just hope that soon-yi watches him their daughters.

  • groundcontrol


    Because they don’t want to be confused by the facts. Most people are woefully ignorant of these types of cases and especially this one.

  • curious

    The timing is particularly suspicious … the ongoing hate campaign by Farrow steps up as Allen’s Blue Jasmine wins awards. It is becoming increasingly obvious Farrow Is a vengeful, manipulative, psychotic who needs help.

  • M

    Pretty sure when you raise an adopted female in your house she would be your daughter; ergo, he married his adopted daughter.
    Also, it takes great courage to tell the truth especially regarding parents since we as a society put parents on pedolstols. A lot of good will come from this, she’ll give strength to many people to call out their abusers.
    Btw, I was reading a book about eating disorders and child molestation when I saw Dylan’s letter & man it sounds just like ALL %100 of anorexics & molestation case studies.

  • arwa

    @curious: this is nonsense match point, vicky christina barcelona and midnight in paris all were pretty successful during the awards season. Why didn’t she tried to sabotage his chances back then?!!

  • Lena

    The experts found no credible evidence? Woody “read the article and FOUND” it untrue? Well, I’m glad with the right amount of investigation into his OWN past, Woody was able to “find” the article to be “untrue.”. Interesting cold choice of words there Mr. Allen. Especially assuring everyone that “experts” (except Dylan as an expert of her own reality and past of course) found no credible evidence.

    Alex Baldwin did a better job of denying it for Allen with his Neanderthal cuss words symbols on Twitter. If it were me, and I was innocent, I would NOT be so distant, objective, stoic and cold. Very curious approach to me.

  • wow
  • sneg101

    the only ones who actually know the “FACTS” are those who were directly involved!! only perverts are trying to defend mr. allen. but i BELIEVE dylan!

    look at how many of the men in this business go after girls/women young enough to be their children/grandchildren. i was disgusted to learn that even the late “great” paul walker at 33 started dating his girlfriend when she was only 16-years old!! so please…woody allen will continue success because he’s one of them and they look out for their own!

  • lol at you

    you say only those who are involved know the facts then you go on to say anyone who thinks different then you is a pervert?

    just because someone doesn’t take everything that is said without full evidence as law doesnt make them a pervert or a victim blamer.

  • Jade

    If Mia farrow was so disgusted with woody and soon yi’s relationship, then why did she continue working on the film they were making together when she found out? I’ve always felt that she’s has had an agenda with these accusations.

  • m. cooper

    an interesting post from another site. if you don’t know who dory is look it up. she was the woman who mia stole her husband and i have no doubt mia knew everything about this woman especially since she wrote a song about mia so surely mia knew what was on it. This was before dylan was born.I don’t know if its true (below) but it is interesting.

    ” I believe in the truth and in Woody Allen. After reading this article, I wanted to know more about Dory Previn. I read that in 1970 she recorded an album that included the song “Beware of Young Girls’, a thinly disguised attack on Mia Farrow, who had an affair with Dory’s husband. More disturbing is another song on the album, “With My Daddy in the Attic”, a song about Stockholm Syndrom and incest. I read the lyrics. I have a feeling Mia read the lyrics too and provided a terrible “story” to Dylan. The song includes a reference to a young girl’s father playing the clarinet. Strange and quite a coincidence in relation to what Dylan alleges happened to her.

  • Zz

    @Jade: so you’re saying Allen’s relationship with his daughter is ok? Let’s forget about Mia for a second. Fact is he married his daughter!

  • wrong

    soon yi is not and was not ever his daughter.
    neither was he her step father or even lived in the same house.

  • Yikes

    Allen raised Soon-Yi with Farrow and then proceeds to take pornographic photos of her that were later discovered by Farrow.

    I’m not saying he’s definitely guilty of abusing Dylan as a result of his taking advantage of his own stepdaughter.

    But it counts for something, right? Creep! I hope this gets to court and they can work out the evidential requirements.

  • wrong

    nope, wrong again.
    he didn’t raise her or even live with her during those years. he was not a father figure to her.
    not saying its normal for 30plus years but he was not her father in anyway. Neither of them viewed it that way nor did Mia.
    Mia also had a relationship with a 30plus year older man. hmm.

    and no this is over 20 years old so the statue of limitations is long over. Dylan doesn’t want to go to court. She just doesn’t want him to win an oscar. (and mia too)
    Mia decided not to press charges years ago and she also refused to take a lie detector test but woody took one and passed. All noteworthy information.

  • Anon

    step-daughter – No
    adopted daughter – No
    ex-girlfriends daughter – Yes

  • sneg101

    @lol at you: idiot…you obviously didn’t get my point! i emphasized “believe” because that’s all we outsiders can do. the perverts i am referring to are those who are trying to defend him by saying dylan and soon-yi were not his daughters as if to say it would be okay for him to abuse her and go on to marry the older sister.

    woody allen is a pervert which is evident with his relationship/marriage with soon-yi. i don’t how old you are but i was about 19 the year this whole thing first came out. it was big news. people were disgusted that a man nearly 60 would get involved with the teenage daughter of his girlfriend and mother of his son. i am disgusted to read some of these comments!

  • sneg101

    Woody Allen is a sick man. Words from his own son Ronan Farrow: ‘He’s my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression.’

    AND in 2012 tweeted to his dad

    ‘Happy father’s day – or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law’s day.’

    Read more:

  • sammi

    He’s a sicko!

  • Yikes

    @Anon: Um, however you define it, the fact remains he was living with Farrow AND Soon-Yi as a husband-stepfather figure when he when did his repulsive old-man-seduces-younger-girl thing.

    - Soon-Yi was adopted by Andre Previn and Farrow in 1978, age 8.
    - Mia Farrow began dating Allen in 1980.
    - Allen starts dating Soon-Yi in 1992. Marries her in 1997.

    Speculate that he only stayed with her so long and didn’t hop on to the next adopted daughter because of his old age.

  • Jade

    @Zz: I’m saying Mia obviously was ok with their relationship because she didn’t stop making the film with him, if she was so out raged and hurt she would have quit, but she didn’t.