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Amber Heard & Future Stepdaughter Lily-Rose Depp Laugh & Bond While Shopping (PHOTOS)

Amber Heard & Future Stepdaughter Lily-Rose Depp Laugh & Bond While Shopping (PHOTOS)

Amber Heard lets out a laugh and looks to be having a blast as she steps out for a shopping trip with fiance Johnny Depp‘s daughter Lily-Rose on Sunday (February 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress and Lily-Rose, 14, shared some smiles at the checkout counter at the boutique that they visited. Looks like these two are good pals!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amber Heard

In case you missed the news, it was recently announced that Johnny and Amber are engaged. Congrats again to the happy couple!

Along with Lily-Rose, Johnny also has a son named Jack, 11.

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  • Joanna

    Vanessa must be delighted.. Not only her man is gone but also her daughter has a new bff..

  • Fake

    STAGED MYCH? Cant stand Amber and her need for fame.

  • MG

    She’ll probably always be more like a bff than a mother figure anyway because Amber is only 13 years older than her lol.

  • NoHatin

    Going to a store is staged?! Maybe they actually like each other? People shop you know! And they don’t even look like they notice the paps.”Need for fame” how? she never talks about her superstar boyfriend @ all! Is she on a reality show or posting selfies every 5 seconds? I think not!

  • mim

    johnny depp is lucky. he can happily divorce and his daughter is BFF with his young lady love. what a beautiful life he has.

  • NoHatin

    Vanessa has a boyfriend! Maybe she and Johnny and Amber actually get along? Hard to believe that people can break up, move on, and get along w/no scandals involved huh? If they didn’t get along Lily wouldn’t be anywhere near Amber especially hearing/reading all these nonsense comments about her fathers relationship.

  • gordon

    They look more like sisters.

  • JM

    Lily looks just like her mother. Amber is quite attractive, she could do better than Depp. He’s a great actor, but I don’t get the why ladies are crazy about him. His teeth are seriously brown from all the years of smoking. Blech.

  • wewe

    Looking at this i really think Vanessa and Jhonny were in crisis way before he started to date Amber. Lily is grown enough to understand the situation and do you think she would have give amber a chance knowing she was the cause of her father and mother’s separation? I don’t think so. I believe the love was faded away by time and that those kids now are happy their parents are happy again with someone else.

  • Looselipz


    He was never married to Vanessa.

  • http://facebook Louise Haensch

    I´m Johnny Depp girlfriend
    just ask me some question about that

  • Jeanie

    @NoHatin: #6

    Vanessa has a boyfriend! Maybe she and Johnny and Amber actually get along? Hard to believe that people can break up, move on, and get along w/no scandals involved huh? If they didn’t get along Lily wouldn’t be anywhere near Amber especially hearing/reading all these nonsense comments about her fathers relationship.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this very mature and intelligent comment. It is refreshing to read an intellect comment such as yours.

  • Wow!

    Disgusting Headline future stepmother/stepdaughter Lily-Rose only has one mother & that’s Vanessa never forget that justjared haha wow it looks like Ambers heard’s film is about to be released soon see the way she looking straight @ the paps giving them a smile like she used to do when she was with her Ex girlfriend so it looks like she’s lying when she said that she hates paps & suppose to hates them lol I hope Lilly got what ever she wanted by this shopping trip by spending her ‘mothers’ money lol

  • crazymom

    I only see Amber laughing for the photo op.

  • kel

    More like sisters or friends.

  • Dave

    Geez, Amber is posing for pics. It’s easy to notice that. She called the paparazzi again. Amber is using the girl. This is disgusting. Amber is disgusting.
    My sense of repudiation for Amber is growing.
    The two darkened up the same way their eyebrows.
    The girl is 14.
    Amber is sick and her look is ugly now.

  • crazymom

    Lily looks nervous

  • Living in a box

    Remember Johnny Depp’s quotes about love, “If you love two people at the same time choose the second one”. I guess that’s how he explained to his children about love.

  • Susan

    Amber is such a natural beauty. I could forever look at her face. She looks amazing.

  • Wow!

    Well it looks like he’s trusting Amber to take Lily out shopping because she’s with an adult when Lily does go out with friends etc she’s with her own bodyguard I think Vanessa is in brazil filming so it looks like Johnny has the children until Vanessa comes back.I mean I don’t like Amber with all the games that shes played in the 2 years & lying through her teeth & drooping hints off etc but JD is totally blinded by love & in love with her etc & wants to marry her & have kids.but everyone knows & special Amber that johnny adores his children their his soft spot & so Amber knows his soft spot & that is children.remember in an interview it’s nothing more beautiful to see a mother with their children so it looks like Amber in this case is taking that role.but if they get married good luck JD & the children.

  • Carla

    @JM: Lol. She can’t do better than Johnny Depp and he is the one who can actually do better.

  • Jane

    I’m just going to state what I believe what happened, after following Johnny Depp’s lovelife for a number of years and coming up with my own conclusions.

    I believe Vanessa has been dating Benjamin Biolay, sexy French singer songwriter, for quite some time. Johnny and Vanessa were practically separated these last 6 years, and they both started seeing other people. I believe Johnny and Vanessa made a pact that they would announce their split only when they both had found somebody else, and Johnny found that somebody else in Amber Heard, he fell for her during the shoot of Rhum Diary, and that was in 2009. So technically, Johnny and Amber have been together for 5 years now. Vanessa for a while was dating a French-Algerian businessman, but then Benjamin Biolay and her started to make music together and they fell inlove. That’s when Vanessa and Johnny decided to say they were officially over, but they had been over for years.

    And people seem to forget that Vanessa is no angel. Johnny was still with his live-in girlfriend of 4 years Kate Moss when he had an affair with Vanessa while shooting a film with Polanski in Paris, and I believe that Vanessa is the one who told the French press to follow her so they could take pictures of them together, so that Kate would leave for good. And funny how not long after Vanessa suddenly got pregnant, after seeing Johnny for only 2 months (during his shoot). I remember the Daily Mai interviewed Vanessa not long after she had Lily Rose and they asked her about Kate Moss, how she was Johnny’s girlfriend when he slept with her, and she didn’t want to talk about it, all she would say is ‘Johnny is now mine for sure’.

    Kate had to go be checked into the Priory Clinic in London when she found out Johnny’s fling on the side got pregnant…because Johnny decided he wanted that baby more than he wanted a relationship, thus he stuck by Vanessa and made it a go with her…but the end is in the beginning, and that relationship was never meant to be, no matter how much Vanessa clung to him for dear life, until she realised he just wasn’t that into her.

    I believe Johnny and Amber have had a much better start to their relationship, they know eachother well, after 5 years, and have done things slowly. And she didn’t get pregnant during the shoot of The Rhum Diary! She could have, like Vanessa did back then, but she didn’t, because she’s got more class and isn’t as clingy or manipulative. Vanessa is now with Benjamin, and he’s a has a high enough profile (in France) to keep her happy. And I also believe Lily Rose knows the TRUTH and that is why she is happy that her daddy has found happiness again, because for some years before he met Amber, he was truly miserable and so was Vanessa. Now they are happy and the kids are happy.

  • Carla

    @Joanna: Vanessa is not a victim you moron. She’s dating another man and is seeing the kids every now and then when she’s not busy working. I’m pretty sure that she is glad that her kids and Amber got along very well.

  • Carla

    @Looselipz: Yes that’s right. Vanessa didn’t want to get married.

  • Carla

    @Dave: She’s not even looking at the cameras.

  • Carla

    @Living in a box: He started dating Amber after he was officially over with Vanessa.

  • Haters

    @Carla: Yes she is looking @ the camera in one pic Lol

  • Dave

    @Carla: She doesn’t need to look at the camera, she just needs to know that the paparazzi are there. Take a look and see how her smile is fake.
    Amber Heard is disgusting.
    I will never watch any movie with her.

  • Dave

    @Haters: Exactly

  • Wow!

    @Jane: @Jane: I totally believe you thank you thank you thank you for stating this so now we all know what really happened Omg so everything what JD said about Vanessa & the kids specially the kids was untrue I can’t believe it they met Vanessa trapped him with Lily Rose & for the last 5 years he’s been with Amber since the rum diary wow I hope you’ve got more inside information about all of this thank you thank you.

  • Brian

    Of course Amber is smiling to the camera. And Amber didn’t try to protect the girl.

  • Brian

    wow! Amber has a huge chin!!! She bites!

  • Sasha
  • Sasha

    It would be great if it was just a stepmother doing shopping with her ​​future stepdaughter, but what we see is a girl who is open hearted to her stepmother while Amber is only interested in self promotion.

  • Yousef

    @Jane: Thank you for talking with common sense.

  • Subtlymuchfamewhore.

    @Sasha: Thank you @ least someone isn’t blind lol she had to pick a place that’ll have paps on hers ass if she hated the paps so much as she states she could of taken Lily Rose anywhere else but looks like this was what she wants the world to know that she’s with JD & that their engaged & now she’s playing the loving stepmother.she’s not very subtly when it comes to relationship or keeping it a secret or hiding lol is she like when she showed the paps her ring & then suddenly starting hiding the ring I love her games LOL

  • Blahhhhh

    @Jane: This totally sh#t & you know it & for one how do you know are you friends with van or JD I hope Lily & jack don’t come on here & read what you posted how dare you say such nonsense you like the rest of us don’t have a clue & yes people will probably agree with specially your bestfriend YOUSEF who hasn’t got a life who goes on every gossip site & is on the johnny Depp zone.I for one doesn’t believe what you wrote call me blind blah blah blah blah & have all the haters bash @ me I don’t care @ talk common sense lol more metal sense LOL I hope you & Yousef & JDfan will probably have all your Little opinions but that because use haven’t got a life lol

  • Yousef

    @Blahhhhh: Look who is talking about “life”! Why don’t you get a life instead of hating on people who have done nothing bad to you? You are beyond pathetic!

  • Katerina

    @Jane: This article is not talking about Vanessa.
    This article tells hat Lily does shopping with Amber. Great.!
    This is normal, at least Amber can serve as a shopping assistant of Lily, but I hope that Amber has not given fashion advice to Lily because Amber is a fiasco in this sector.
    But what really bothers everyone that still has affection and concern for Johnny and his family is that Amber just wants to have her name in newspapers and gossip magazines. She doesn’t care for the kids. She isn’t protective with them.
    Amber, go to try to be something in your life besides being the girlfriend of Johnny.
    But give up on being an actress because you are horrible acting

  • Anne

    now I’m afraid to go shopping in WeHo

  • JDF

    @Katerina: What bothers everyone? Speak for your self only.

    Amber cares so much about the kids and they LOVE her and she is very protective with them as you can see.

  • Katerina

    @JDF: Sorry man, I’d forgotten you and the one other girl who comes here too. I forgot that you two chose to not see the truth.
    Sorry man

  • Rita
  • Meh

    @Sasha: And that’s when she got serious if you care to check the pictures in “order” in other sites (as the blogs dedicated to Lily-Rose), when it seems as she catch the papz. Even she goes out of the shop like looking to the sides as if worried if the papz are too close to them.
    By the way, this is one of Lily’s favorite shops. She has been papped there often before, so it’s not like Amber chose where to take her

  • Rita


  • Sasha

    @Meh: The fact that Lily often does shopping and she is photographed in malls doesn’t eliminate the fact that Amber was looking at the cameras. Amber was posing for the camera, this means that Amber knew they were being photographed and she did nothing to protect Lily.

  • Rita

    @Anne: Me too! Eww!

  • Lala

    Do the haters understand that these pictures were taken in the night, and it seems as from very far. It seems that pictures are from one source, that means ONE paparazzi and more than likely- as often happens in Los Angeles- one paparazzis inside a car? That she’s looking in the same direction than pictures doesn’t mean she even realized that a paparazzi was there (and you can see in the pictures with Lily-Rose looking to that side, she doesn’t seems aware of papz either. That means they didn’t were noticeable).

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The fact that has the haters boiling it’s that Lily-Rose has a good relationship with Amber, and with or without paparazzis that’s a FACT. so don’t try to avoid the attention to a new excuse to try to criticize her. Lily likes her. Jack likes her. Johnny’s mother likes her. And even Johnny’s older sister (Christi) looked like best friend with Amber on their dinner a couple of weeks ago (according to eyewitnesses)

  • BernyJDFan

    I so seriously wish that Johnny and Amber marry and be together for years and years and years, now. Or at least, until the children are all grown up and independant. They seems getting closer and closer to Amber. The magazines said a couple of weeks ago, that they love her. Just imagine if they break up anytime soon? it would be crushing for them, almost like a second “divorce” (if we can call Johnny and Vanessa break up as “divorce”). The children always get crushed when they have a good relationship with their step-mother (or father in other cases) and there are a split, because it doesn’t matter how much they love to each other, you always know that at some point she’ll disappear of their lives.
    Best wishes for them.

  • Sasha

    @Lala: You don’t know what kind of relationship exists between Amber and Lily, Lily probably likes her because she is a good girl, but Amber likes Lily? Of course not . If Amber loved her, she would not do it
    Christi hates Amber, let me tell you that.
    Lily learned to ignore the paparazzi and doesn’t want to see where they are, but Amber knows where the camera is.
    There’re several pictures of her looking directly at the camera mainly because she called the photographer.
    Ask agencies and you will have this response