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Bradley Cooper: 'American Hustle' Paris Premiere with David O. Russell!

Bradley Cooper: 'American Hustle' Paris Premiere with David O. Russell!

Bradley Cooper hits the red carpet at the premiere of his film American Hustle held at Cinema UGC Normandie on Monday (February 3) in Paris, France.

The 39-year-old actor was joined at the premiere by director David O. Russell and his co-star Said Taghmaoui, who plays Irv’s Sheik Plant in the film.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

Over the weekend, Bradley was in New York City where he was seen hanging out with his good friend Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as rocker Lenny Kravitz. We love seeing Bradley and Leo together!

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Vivienne Westwood coat and a Todd Snyder suit.

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Credit: Kristy Sparow; Photos: Getty
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  • Miranda

    Bradley is looking fine as usual.

  • Hello

    Nice pics :-)
    Too bad he did not go to Le Grand Journal. But he was at another show call “19-45″ so maybe there will be a video soon on internet….
    A short video from today where he talks (in French) about Rocket Rackoon.

  • Norah

    Is Bradley Cooper wearing one of Hugh Hefners robes?

  • Elisa

    Love this man. here is video of 19-45, he spoke in French with cute accent.

  • Amy


    I actually really like this coat. It’s stylish without being over the top.

  • Hello

    @Elisa : Thanks for the video :-)
    Always a pleasure to watch his French interviews.


    David O. Russell looks exactly like my Being There forerunner, Peter Sellers, in the above pix.
    Hopefully, we can get Woody Allen to direct the remake/sequel.
    Of course it goes without saying. The money would definitely have to be more than right if I get to cast his little virgin girl in the picture.

  • Lucy

    @GEORGE LOPEZ: You are right, O. Russell does look a lot like Peter Sellers, but who is this little virgin girl you’re speaking of?

  • Lucy Real One

    Bradley spent part of Sunday with his love Italian American who speaks French woman. He walked the red carpet with DOR. His PR fail Suki was in a hotel room and was flirting with DOR and Bradley at the after party. She looks ugly in the pics as usual. Her clothes look okay. Her horrible nose and horrible hair look awful. Tweet pic at Metropolitan_FR.


    No.8; I’m joking about Woody Allen’s cute little adopted virgin daughter… Who already is pretty sexy looking for her age..

  • Hello

    The other thread has become a little bit to weird…

    In this video (in French), the interviewer asked BC who will be his date at the Oscars and he said he will see how much tickets he will have. She added “everybody is expecting that you will be accompanied by a pretty girl” and he said “I don’t know yet”….

    My guess, it will be SW. If it was his mother, he would have said….

  • Honey

    @Lucy Real One: again with this fake story of the Italian-American girlfriend???First of all, how is it possible that an Italian-American speaks French and not Italian, secondly we have no proof of this hidden relationship..I’m almost sure that his relationship with Suki is real at this point. I have an other question: how can Bradley be Italian as he often says in his interviews if he speaks French??It’s pretty hilarious..If he eats pizza&pasta, this doesn’t make him a real Italian and infact we can see it during these days he’s spending in France. When we hear him talking at least some decent words in Italian and speak about the Italian culture, then we’ll say that he’s a real coherent man..but I doubt it if I have to be true.


    @Lucy the real one: Ignore @Honey who is also @Hello. Thank you for the news Bradley is still with his love the Italian American woman. She must be so wise speaking English, Italian, French and maybe others? Ignore the evil troll asking you if Bradley is Italian. You are talking about his Italian American gf. Not about him. Bradley is half Irish American and half Italian American.

  • DJ

    @Hello: I have a feeling he will bring Suki also. He went to the Oscars last year. He should know how many tickets he can get. I could be wrong, but I thought people were only allowed to have one person sit with them and then other people can sit elsewhere.

  • Huh

    Photos of Bradley in Moscow (today) are on Twitter and Instagram if anyone is interested. It looks like he may have done a radio interview as well (photo on FB w/a dj) but I don’t understand Russian.

  • DJ
  • Dolly

    Reposting from other thread since I didn’t know people had moved over here:
    I like Brad’s Moscow coat better than his Paris coat. Even E! agreed with me on the Paris coat!

  • Dolly

    I think Suki may go to the Oscars too. Looking forward to full-blown JJ meltdown.

  • Hello

    @DJ : I don’t know how many people they can bring with them at the ceremony…But I have the feeling that SW will be sit next to him…
    @Huh : Yes, I have seen these pictures. BC really looks good :-)
    In fact, in looks way more happy promoting AH around the world than Hangover 3 last year. He looks less demotivate this year….

  • Dolly

    I think he truly hated Hangover 3 and thought the movie was beneath him.

  • Huh

    I will fight to the death for my love of the plum Paris coat! It does make him look like a fancy bellman. It needed to be fitted better I think.
    @Hello I agree he looks happier. But to be fair, all the actors looked miserable during the H3 Euro tour.
    Does anyone know the deal with Christian being MIA throughout the promotion? I know he’s been filming in Spain (???); but Paris is only 2hrs away and it was just for what amounted to a day & a half of promoting.

  • DJ

    @Dolly: I like the Moscow coat better too.

  • Dolly

    I think Christian just hates the press and doing publicity. Maybe he couldn’t flex his schedule. Also, he is such a Method actor, that I think he doesn’t come out of character at all when he is working, so he may have stayed behind because of that.

  • Hello

    @DJ : Interesting. The price for the tickets seems very expensive.
    @Dolly : H3 was not the better one but in the same time it’s the sequel that makes him where he is now as an actor. All of the actors appeared fed up during this promotional tour…

  • DJ

    @Hello: I didn’t get the impression at all that the actors were unhappy during the promotional tour for H3. Those press tours are probably just grueling and boring. It can’t be easy to sit and answer the same questions over and over.

  • Hello

    Christian Bale was in Paris the week before BC.
    Don’t know if he as done some promotion for the movie.
    He was also scheduled to appear at Le Grand Journal before it was cancelled.

  • Huh

    Lots of mini clips from today’s press conference on Instagram. If it shows up on You Tube in its entirety, could someone post it please? Thanks.

  • Dolly

    I honestly got the feeling that BCoops was over The Hangover at that point. He had moved on as an actor and was doing other projects with more depth. I loved the first Hangover movie, but the sequels were just re-hashings to make money (and everyone knew it). I don’t think his heart was in it at that point and he just wanted to go home.

  • Hello

    @DJ : Oh, I have no doubt that these press tours are grueling. And some of the questions they have to answer are sometimes pretty stupid. It’s just the fact that BC seems more relaxed and happy promoting AH, with the same crazy schedule, than last year when he was looking very bored during the H3.

  • Dolly

    @Hello: I think he just cares more about the movie (American Hustle). It is hard to promote (read SELL) something that you don’t like that much and convince other people that it is worth their money.

  • Oscars

    Suki will be at the Oscars with Bradley. The Italian woman is Bradley’s friend, not his gf. They will announce they are getting engaged that evening at the Vanity Fair Oscars. JJ posters will have to accept their love. I posted here:

  • Dolly

    @Oscars: Somehow I doubt that there will be an engagement announcement at a post-Oscars party since the emphasis is on…you know…the Oscars.

  • Huh
  • Huh

    JJ should come with a “Don’t Feed the Troll” sign…

  • Hello

    @Dolly : That’s probably why the only times he looked happy during the H3 tour was when he was saying that the third one is really…the last one :-)

  • Dolly
  • Hello

    There are a lot of new pics of him in suit (Instagram) with the fans probably at the premiere…
    He seems to be alone. Don’t know if D. O.Russell made the trip…

  • Dolly

    BCoops is blowing up the Instagram at the Russia premiere. He looks really good and relaxed. Nice suit.

    @Huh: Is it my imagination or is Brad wearing the same shirt as the boot guy at the press conference earlier today?

  • Huh

    Was the premiere held in a mall?! LOL

    @Hello Looks like David O skipped Russia and maybe went ahead to Berlin.
    @Dolly LOL That checkered shirt is the new Cassius Clay t-shirt. Pretty sure he wore it during press in Paris.

    Heads up – posted about this in the old thread – Harper’s Bazaar RU is hosting the after party and have been promoting Coop’s presence. His other half will be there. We know what happens when photos of them surface. You’ve been warned.

  • DJ

    @Huh: It’s confirmed that Suki’s going to be there?

  • Dolly

    @Huh: yeah, I think it is a mall. Or a gigantic multiplex.

    No doubt Suki will be there. She is obviously going to be at everything from now thru March.

  • Dolly

    @DJ: Nothing is confirmed, but does it really need to be? This is Suki Waterhouse we are talking about. That chick is going to show up at everything.

  • Kelly

    @Dolly: Well she is girlfriend and she’s traveling with him and went to the last two premiere parties. I think that’s reason enough for her to be there if he’s there.

  • Huh

    BCoop is so dedicated to his AS training, he brought his personal trainer on the Euro press tour.
    Maybe it’s just me, when in Europe, the last thing I want to do is exercise. Lol

  • DJ

    @Dolly: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, especially when it comes to the Oscars. After the SAG awards, I guess anything can happen. I still don’t remember him ever taking a girlfriend as his date to an award show, just the after party. He must really be crazy about Suki.

  • Dolly

    @DJ: I still say there is a lot of calculated buildup going on here.

    As far as other girlfriends, the long term ones were Renee and Zoe who went to things and walked the red carpet in their own right. And he was (technically) single at last year’s Oscars.

  • Dolly

    @Huh: Seriously. That is dedication man.

  • Lucy R

    @Dolly I could not have put it better myself! Zoe and Renee walked the red carpet cause they had invites in their own right. Not a plus one with their boyfriend!!!

  • DJ

    @Dolly: But, buildup to what? Her walking the red carpet with him? I thought he wouldn’t want the red carpet with a woman unless it was his wife.

  • Kelly

    @Lucy R: When did they ever walk the red carpet separately when they were at the same awards show? Renee and Zoe never attended the same awards show as him when they were dating as far as my recollection goes. He went to awards shows with Suki and his wife but never on the red carpet.

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