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Jared Padalecki Under Fire for Philip Seymour Hoffman Comments

Jared Padalecki Under Fire for Philip Seymour Hoffman Comments
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  • sarah

    Padalecki really has a valid point ! If someone choose to do drugs and throw both his life and his family’s away , Yes It’s just stupid !
    Jared just said what majority was thinking about and that’s very brave of him !

  • Arwz

    While its a sad thing for the family to go through Jared was right, the only thing wrong with his comments is possibly the timing

  • LaCroix

    Jared, should be quiet & not draw attention to this negative feedback of a death. A death no matter who it is, should be respected. THe delivery & timing is wrong.. nothing else matters at this point.

  • Jennay

    I usually love Jared but that tweet was beyond disrespectful. He clearly doesn’t know anything about addiction and what he said was plain insensitive.

  • Sim

    ^ also who is he to decide what is tragic & isn’t? Everyone who truly loved his see this as tragic. I mean Padelecki’s comments aren’t sympathetic to the families & loved ones involved.

  • essie

    First off, I think PSH himself was ashamed to have a drug addiction as it was hardly in the spotlight. I didn’t even know he had one until recently. He was sober for 23 years so it’s not like he was doing drugs all the time and actively trying to get better. Something happened and he relapsed. And then here’s some guy from some TV show who makes a insensitive remark about it which will probably fuel other drug addicts further into embarrassment and not seek help.

  • leah

    I do believe that people doing drugs are very stupid . Why did they start this sh¨t anyway ?
    HOWEVER AS I previously said in another post . I still think that Jared should stop tweeting constantly in general espacially when someon’s death ( another famous actor is involved ) , I love him and respect him . But sometimes there is no need to say this kind of things

  • leah

    But he has a point , heroine ? is like a wish death !

  • drats

    He’s right. Hoffman WAS stupid. He was dumb, dumb, dumb to be playing with heroin. And he left three little kids without a father. Thoughtless, selfish and just plain dumb of him.

  • dani

    Why is stupid to say the truth? Jared have a point.How can you be sooooo stupid to take drugs,when you know that will kill you?

  • Maggi

    No, he’s not right. None of you know what led PSH to use drugs. He was a great person and a brilliant actor. This is a sad moment not only to his family, friends and fans, but also to the film industry. Jared will never be close to what PSH was.

  • Ellice


  • Chris

    While he may be right that drug use is stupid and senseless his phrasing was horrible. Also his refusal to acknowledge that while senseless, it is still TRAGIC that people can be slaves to their addiction and awful consequences occur, was just down right insensitive and cruel. People aren’t perfect and who knows what pain, or horrible incident led to their drug use. Maybe it was just a bad decision. But then now having a disease and being unable to shake it is a tragedy, dying from that IS a tragedy. Its awful and its painful for everyone involved. Jared is clearly ignorant of this fact.
    I hope PSH is resting in peace because only he knows what he suffered in this life being unable to conquer that addiction, and I hope Jared never experiences a tragedy of losing someone to addiction. I also hope that people learn from this, famous or not.

  • Nat

    Yes Jareds comment may have been in bad taste and timing but hes saying what all of us were thinking. As a father and husband himself he knows what PSH has left behined. He had an addiction, so what? Dont you think that his young children would have given him some incentive to get off and stay off the shit? Obviously not because he ditched plans with his kids to get on Herion. It is sad for the industry and for his family and friends but his act was incredibly selfish.
    People need to get off Jarpads back and realise that he is speaking the gods honest truth that mosy people are too afraid to say. Much worse has been said about other in their deaths and no one flipped their shit as much as this.

  • kami

    he is right. it’s not a tragedy. it’s from a person being stupid and not seeking help for his addiction.

  • sky

    I don’t see the sense in vilifying the guy for speaking the truth. If you die fr drug overdose or you kill yourself, I consider it senseless and stupid and I don’t care how great you are at your job. why wasn’t something about life worth living for. I don’t know who he is but amen for being real.

  • essie

    Why do people smoke when it’s well known that stuff will kill you. Why does anyone do ‘stupid’ things. We may not know why they do it, but everyone knows what it’s like to struggle, to go through hardship, to be pressured, to find any way they can to deal and cope. So who are we to judge. But maybe in Jared’s world everything is perfect which is why all he can do is play some pretty boy on some pretty boy show.

  • @ some people

    Can some really not see that once you’re an addict or once you’re hit by depression, it’s very real to THEM that life isn’t worth living? Talk about ignorance. Instead of judging based on your life experience, imagine the pain that someone must feel to get to the point of not caring if they live or die, of not seeing a way out. Maybe they’re wrong, maybe they cause pain, maybe they could have found help. But it’s sad that they didn’t see a way out, it’s sad that they were their own worst enemy. Why judge a person that is obviously in a hell all their own? Be grateful you don’t live that way and hope that people still living that do find the help they need on time.
    I think the point is that Jared was judging instead of saying DRUGS are horrible, people get help. Who has the right to measure a tragedy? Be it by one’s own hand or a random accident. People are hurt in it’s wake. Life and people are fragile, no need to throw mud on people already in pain. Have some empathy and compassion.

  • http://cypher_67 Ine

    okay, his timing could have been better, but he has a point.
    Drugs ruin lives. PSH was an amazing actor and I loved his work, but drugs… not smart. he leaves behind a family. So I can see where Jared’s coming from.

  • Sheyenne

    I don’t agree with what he said but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I know alot of people do agree with him but they were smart enough to not tweet it. A man did past away and even if he thought it was stupid of him to use drugs he should have at least showed his respect to Hoffman and his family and friends.

  • yo

    Jared is right. It was not an accident! Drug use is intentional. I’m sure he was smart enough to know that by using drugs sooner or later there’s a great chance he will wind up dead.
    So yes, it was stupid.

  • Mary

    I’m guessing that his family has many emotions right now, and that anger is among them. While addiction is powerful, and horrible, this is a man with resources, and options. Anyone who has been left behind by an addict or a suicide is left to wonder why they did not count enough. YOu can feel deep empathy and sympathy for someone, and anger at their choices at the same time.

  • butch

    drug use is intentional but that doesnt mean that it was not an accident, maybe he thought he could handle the amount he did and was wrong… that my friend is indeed an accident, yes a stupid accident but an accident none the less.

  • Carrie Mitchell

    Everyone has a choice make. Before u take that first drink, that first shot in the arm, or that first snort… there’s that moment where u have a choice to say no. I agree with Jared, was a stupid choice that he made especially with all the resources that were available to him. Now because of his choice, his remaining family are the ones who suffer. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Its a sad thing that has happened but it was a stupid choice that was made on his part. People need to quit being so blind. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Good and bad. I get where you’re coming from Jared, and what you meant, and it sure wasn’t disrespect.

  • Robb7

    Now is not the time to be high-minded in making your point about drugs, etc. Now is the time to respect his family — and let him rest in peace. Keep the dumb remarks for Web sites like TMZ — the vultures of humanity.

  • Stolie

    I think most of you missed the point completely. It is extremely in poor taste to call someone’s death stupid senseless or non- tragic. Whatever lifestyle Hoffman chose it really isn’t anyone’s place to criticize him for it. Hoffman paid for the consequence on his actions with his life. It’s final.. no coming back from it.. if that isn’t tragic I dunno what else is.
    Padelecki is a complete jerk.

  • pip

    @Robb7: Why did PSH not respect his children and family, all this BS, why? because he is an Actor, he is the same as any other drug user, but with money.
    Respect is earned all these actors speaking out, why not call a spade a spade because they maybe be using drugs also.

  • Smile

    There will always be a tension between SUPPORTING drug dependents who have a real addiction problem and need help and EMPOWERING them. At some stage you draw the line and say, hey, you’re the one in charge of beating this thing.
    Jared’s right but it is very sad but Hoffman had millions. Most drug dependents don’t have a dime for rehabilitation.

  • AzGirl


    Most people will experiment with drugs and/or alcohol in their lifetime. No one uses thinking they will become addicted. Unfortunately, addiction is a complex DISEASE. Yeah, it’s stupid to ever use drugs in the first place, but there are millions of people who dabble in alcohol and/or drugs and never have a problem. Then there are those people like PSH who are genetically/biochemically predisposed to being addicts.

    Instead of disrespecting this lovely man’s memory, I suggest people go educate themselves about addiction. HBOGO has an excellent documentary series about it.

    I lost my 20-year-old brother from a drug overdose almost twenty years ago. Addiction is a merciless bitch that decimates families. I wish only love, peace, and healing for Mr. Hoffman’s loved ones. May he rest in peace.

  • Kimberly

    While I find it sad that a family lost someone to drug use, I cannot use the word “tragedy” to describe it. I have seen tragedy and this is not it. Choosing to do drugs, knowing it will likely kill you and doing nothing about it – especially when you have children – is selfish. I am sad that we keep having to see this same kind of death over and over. I am sad we keep losing talented people to a preventable death. I am sad that it seems no matter how many talented entertainers we lose to drugs and alcohol abuse, they don’t seem to heed the warning. That is what is sad and I’m definitely not sympathetic.

  • B


    Yea of any excuse to not seek help and you think what JP said will impact a decision like that? An addict seeks help when/if willing or court mandated. Really doesn’t matter what anyone says if drugs rule your life. We have seen plenty examples. Drugs are stupid.

  • B


    I have no respect for drug addicts.

  • Candi

    I agree with Jared. Unfortunately we lost a great actor, but people who take these chances wit the their lives, without a second though about hoe their actions could effect others, it I’d stupid.

  • http://facebook jessica

    @Jennay: I totally disagree I know all about addiction I have several friend pass because of it and several that are still on them and I disagree choosing drugs is a weak cop out and very selfish.


    Jared Padalecki has been acting like a bully on twitter lately. Not really sure where he gets off judging other people for their misfortune. I’ve lost all faith in this guy.

    Whatever people’s feelings are about a drug addict who dies of an overdose, we have to remember that he was a human being and that he had a family. The loss is bad enough without having to read negative comments about their loved one.

  • Aisha

    It’s funny how people don’t find that this man’s death was a tragedy. So maybe it wasn’t for him personally because he was using drugs and overdosed, but what about his family. Doesn’t anyone think that it’s a tragedy for them to lose someone they loved? I’d say it’s a tragedy and a damn shame.

    Maybe Jared should concentrate more on his receding hairline and not so much on bullying and bashing his fellow celebrities.

  • Cathy Pruitt

    It was a useless death and stupid. People who make it to the top should cherish it, not take if for granted

  • Elizabeth V

    I think people are taking his comment out of context. I do not think he meant it in a sense that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is stupid. More in the context that he didn’t have to die that way. It was stupid, preventable, unfortunate. In the same sense that getting hit by a speeding car because you were running down the middle of a freeway is stupid. You’d be quick to call that person an idiot for doing it.
    His death was stupid and sad and unfortunate. It’s very sad that he was unable to get the type of help he needed before it was too late. He was an amazing actor.

  • SCordelf1927

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  • swank

    I agree with Jared. Yes Hoffman was a good actor but that doesn’t mean everything should be praised. He OD and in my opinion was selfish. He had kids to think about, who by the way waited for him and he was a no show. There’s help for people that struggle with drugs, but I guess you can’t help someone that doesn’t want the help – so blame Jared for speaking the truth!

  • Shonnie

    I agree 100% with Jared’s tweets!
    PSH chose to stick that needle in his arm. He chose to play Russian Roulette with his life, with absolutely no thought for the consequences.
    Now his beautiful son & daughters have to come to terms with what their father has done. His partner has to pick up the pieces that PSH has left behind.

    Dying by ramming illegal drugs into your body isn’t a tragedy! It’s a bloody disgrace!

    Hats off to you, Jared, for having the balls to say what 1,000′s were thinking but were too scared to put out there.


    Jared is an insensitive A-HOLE

  • kelly

    Whilst he does have a right to say what he thinks and he makes some valid points, his actions show a lack of compassion. If you want to make a statement about drugs and addiction there are plenty of opportunities for a minor celebrity like him. Picking on one individual at a time when his family and friends are devastated by grief is not the way to do it.

  • Jedaqia

    Agree with Jared. It was stupid. If more people had said so, maybe more people would not choose drug. Nobody want want to be called dumb after they died.

  • Kate

    Well, you can say it was stupid………foolish………etc. My question is WHY did Mr. Hoffman in spite of his family and great talent didn’t think life was worth living? Addictions come about when life is so painful, that you use quick but destructive ways to take away the pain. It makes me wonder what his background was? What was his family life was like growing up? Not all people from dysfunctional families get hooked on drugs,but so many reveal troubled and traumatic backgrounds. I hope facts about Mr Hoffman’s real life come to the surface not to exploit him,but as a way to help others and so professionals can know how to heal people of trauma. We need to know!

  • deanna

    Jared is just speaking the truth and he’s entitled to that, I think the people trying to place fire on Jared regardless of a death or not need to not be closed minded about the fact that the epidemic of young actors dying from drug overdoses has been viral, he’s not deliberately being disrespectful so try being proactive and worry about yourself and not make politically correct bs statements when you don’t know the facts.

  • tufaan

    if someone show his point about drugs and we all know jared is 100% ryt so we should respect his point of view … its kind of leason to others who use this bad thing that world not with them … so i’m 100% respect mr jared padalecki’s point that he is so brave.. but the death is sad .

  • tufaan

    jared padalecki u r such a inspration for all that u said what u feel …. bkz honesty is best

  • Bridgette

    Please people, Jared is right – to get addicted to drugs, you have to make a conscious decision to take them first. Sure, PSH could have been depressed – we don’t know what he was going through at the time he overdosed, and it is sad. But ultimately, he got himself addicted and he knew it could kill him, he even admitted it in an interview. There are greater tragedies than the overdose of a rich, drug addicted actor that could easily have afforded rehab. Everyone is only making a fuss because he’s famous.

  • allison

    When he dies someone will tweet it’s stupid that people are overacting because some tv actor died. He did not cure cancer or fight in a war. He looked cute and pretended to fight supernatural things. Everyone is going to die someday Jard padalecki death is no tragedy. Then let’s see how you all react. How will his love ones react.