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Philip Seymour Hoffman Had 50 Bags of Heroin in Apartment

Philip Seymour Hoffman Had 50 Bags of Heroin in Apartment

Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away over the weekend due to an apparent drug overdose and now cops say that they found 50 bags of heroin in his New York City apartment, according to TMZ.

The 46-year-old actor was reportedly found dead in his apartment with a syringe in his arm and some heroin bags nearby. Initially reports said that there were 10 bags of heroin, but now it has been discovered that there were five times that. A good amount of the bags were still full along with several unused needles.

Police are currently trying to question the manager of a grocery store where Philip was spotted withdrawing a large amount of cash from an ATM, according to Fox 411.

Adding to the story is the fact that there have been 46 deaths in the Tri-State Area in the past month from a deadly strain of heroin that has been going around.

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  • Rebecca

    Its really hard to feel sorry for someone who was sober and clean for over 20 years and then decides to go off the wagon and shoot up. Its his own fault.

  • GFW

    If you care to read further, at other sources, you’ll see he was just estranged from his longtime partner, the father of his children, and found a place alone in NYC.
    There is more to it than meets the eye and nothing is ever simply black and white. Being blaming and callous might make you feel better, but people are suffering because of his death. It’s a sad affair.

  • Josephine

    I think details like this should remain private – obviously for his family’s sake but also for ours – fan’s sake. Fans should remember him as a wonderful actor who, up to the time when he relapsed, was by all accounts a wonderful human being and not as a guy who endangered his three young children by having 50 bags of heroin in his house and who left them without a father. Drug addiction is a disease, a very strong and deadly one and unfortunately, addicts are willing to do basically anything just to stop the pain of the withdrawal.

  • Irene

    No sadness for him, only for his family. Only disgust for all drug addicts. They know when they take the first plunge that they are going to be addicted and are totally self centered. No, drug addiction is not a disease……the users know the addiction will be there from the start. Selfish losers..

  • N

    Christ, leave this poor man alone! He effed up, he paid for it with his life. What more do you want? Let him rest in peace, ffs! Think about his poor children.

  • roslyn

    addiction is an awful disease because you are never completely cured. I had a very dear friend die from heroin. people who have no sympathy just don’t understand how devastating this illness can be. rip psh

  • Josephine


    I judge every adult with some knowledge and life experience who starts doing drugs but same as Cory Monteith, PSH started doing drugs when he was just a kid and that’s an entirely different mindset. He wasn’t a responsible adult but a stupid kid with undeveloped brain who wanted to have fun. I know tons of them who start doing drugs because either want to seem cool to impress their peers or think that youth is the time to experiment with everything that’s possible and none of them even for a second thinks about the long-term consequences or realize “the addiction will be there from the start”. There’s always infamous: “it’s just recreational, I can stop whenever I want” excuse. Teenagers and young adults are like that – they think they know and can do everything and are unbreakable.Unfortunately you can regret and forget about other stupid things you do in your teenage years but an addiction stays with you forever. PSH didn’t do drugs for 23 years but it doesn’t mean he was healthy. He was still an addict who at this time couldn’t handle temptation. It’s very easy to say from a healthy person’s POV that he could just not take those drugs but I was around wonderful people who hit the rock bottom due to drugs and I know how much of a life-long struggle it is. Please, show some compassion.

  • Kate

    Yeah, it was his own doing, but I still feel just as bad for him as his family. Such a talented person who didn’t know his own worth.That’s always a tragedy.

  • JustSayin

    @roslyn: completely agree! Addiction is a real shame. And if people think he doesn’t deserve any sympathy or that he chose this after going to rehab repeatedly including this past year, then they have a lot of homework to do about addiction. So sad for his family. RIP PSH

  • Marty

    How sad. People can say ‘it’s his own fault, blah blah’ and yes, it is his own fault, he injected himself. But at the same time addiction is a disease…and it’s a hard one to combat. I’ve dealt with addiction my whole life and know the struggles. It takes a strong person to overcome addiction, and he obviously wasn’t strong enough. RIP PSH. What a great actor. Love to his family, friends and fans.

  • Mkhay

    A death is a death, why do you guys have to demean its worth. It’s an incredibly sad situation leave it at that.

  • IrishNihilist

    That’s what, $500 and maybe a weeks worth?

  • mm

    I can understand where you are coming from when you say this info should be kept private, however I disagree to certain extend. This is the consequence, which drugs can do, and people need to know about it. If this is one reason for one person to resist the drugs, then it has to be said loud. Otherwise some people would still believe, nothing happens to them because look celebrities take drugs and nothing happens. There has been a few of them now to pay for this addiction with live and many of them coming out, speaking about getting help. Only exposing the outcomes the drug use has on a person’s life can prevent ( or warn) others to use drugs. As for the family, to show respect would be probably good to not to molest them (for example via social media ) but pay respect and keep your opinion about their dad/partner to yourself, they dont bear responsibility for their father/partner action, so instead show them respect, support and give them their privacy. As for the addiction, we all have ups and downs in life, yet not all of us turn to drugs to deal with the downs,there are other ways how to deal with the negative parts of life, not just the drugs, so maybe we should look out for each other more, care more about people around us and give them support and help when they need it so they dont have to resort to this “solution” which is only going to make their life worse ( if not take it ).
    I have really liked this actor, and it’s sad story, as I thought he is one of the few with strong persona, and didn’t know about his addiction. I hope however, that his death would now really be the final warning for other celebrities and other people to get a grip on life, abandon drugs ( they are role models to other younger people like it or not ) and as a respect to themselves, their family and friends. Seek help if you dont know further, find another meaning and sense to your life, and stop destructing yourself. It’s shame, that he had to die for such “stupid” reason.

  • Roberta

    @Josephine: I agree with you, but I also agree with Irene. I’ve had my mind set on how bad drugs were from a my early teen years, I have never taken drugs myself, but people in my family have and I did learn from their mistakes. But honestly, we have had exemples from so many people that have taken drugs, heroin, and died from it. The likes of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim morrison all died of an overdose at the same age of 27 in the 70′s, and so many others. We saw it happen, or learned about it, now it is up to us to make the decision if we want to do drugs of not.

  • Warren

    Maybe he would still be alive if the police would have investigated those other 46 deaths. If he got some of the tainted heroin maybe now something will be done?

  • Abel from Registernuke

    It is a very sad occasion when there is a death of a loved one. Unfortunately death is a reality and at a young age many children struggle in coping with a death of a loved one. Hopefully his 3 children can endure and receive the appropriate comfort that they need.

  • LaCroix

    I can’t judge Hoffman on his actions, because lets be honest he took his own life by not getting a hold of himself & his addictions. But I can’t feel sorry for the life he took, just that his children now will have to live with that stigma, their actor father died of an overdose. Terrible for the family.

  • shamrock

    First and foremost, my heart aches for his children and family members that have and will be affected by his presence in life. This is truly devastating and tragic news for Hollywood and the public. DRUGS are evil and the devil’s meds. Never sample or dabble as it is giving in to the sinister actions that turn into madness and destruction. Life should be enjoyed without drugs, and it is a short instance where they alter your feelings, pain, etc… Never the answers to anything, only the path to a dark world.

    Rest in PEACE-Mr. PSH~ May you find a light that is rewarding and forever gratifying.

  • Nona

    So sad he could not get a grip on his addiction. He was clean for 23 years.
    There should be more effective programs available for people like him. Very sad, esp because he was so immensely talented.

  • Sharyn

    Entirely coherent and responsible comments on this thread. Very cool.

    Rest in peace Philip.

  • rita

    death is only sad when it’s unexpected or from natural causes. I can’t feel any sympathy for him and I really dislike how the media makes heroes of these people who die from drugs, alcohol or speeding in their cars. sorry, but if you choose to live that way then I am happy to see you die because – morons – they deserve what they get.

  • Bella

    @ Rita

    Do you realize that 70% of adult Americans are obese because they are addicted to food! America has 20 times more deaths related to illegal drugs compared to Holland. How about introducing more effective programs to prevent these tragedies. Don’t blame it on the people who already struggled with addiction all their lives. Blame it on ineffective law enforcement and prevention programs.

  • Ann

    @Josephine: Cancer is a disease, addiction starts with a choice. Sticking a needle in your arm is a choice. People go into rehab for 28 days with a chance to be clean of addiction. There is no 28 day treatment to be clean of cancer. I’m sick of those saying addiction is a disease as a way to absolve one self of accountability.

  • Johne391

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