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Kristen Stewart Meets Up with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris

Kristen Stewart Meets Up with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris

Kristen Stewart makes a quick exit out of her SUV as she arrives for a meeting on Tuesday (February 4) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress reportedly met up with famed Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld at his office that day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

The day before, Kristen arrived at Chanel to take part in a photo shoot. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

In case you didn’t know, Kristen is the face of the Chanel brand. We’re sure there’s lots in store between Kristen and Chanel coming up for us fans!

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kristen stewart continues paris trip with another chanel stop 01
kristen stewart continues paris trip with another chanel stop 02
kristen stewart continues paris trip with another chanel stop 03
kristen stewart continues paris trip with another chanel stop 04
kristen stewart continues paris trip with another chanel stop 05

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  • Anne


  • Living in a box

    Photo shoot for Chanel? will she give more face expression this time. Sorry couldn’t help it.

  • Sim

    @Living in a box: If you do not proc comment? idiots rob fans, especially that some of the actresses face on a campaign that they also see always the same. Such jennifer lawrence or rob pattinson, so idiot depends KRISTEN is a wonderful

  • L

    Haha the papaz are always there before she arrives. She’s looking really desperate doing this second fashion endorsement. She’s right there with Kim kardashian.

  • Living in a box

    @Sim: what make you think that I a Rob Pattinson fans? because I make a joke about her face expression? yes, Kristen Stewart is one of the most wonderful person. she is the reason why someone else marriage is over. Here an advice, not everyone will like her and you have to accept that.

  • nena

    I can’t wait to see this Chanel sweatshirt on Alicia Cargile! You know it’s coming!

  • Sim

    @Living in a box: They are mostly rob fans so stupid and idiots or people who do not understand is the only man who makes mistakes, plus if you read seriously spravy knew you would be that their marriage had problems before cheating, I’m not saying it’s right but half the people cheating and do not know what happened, maybe you do not like to go away to ignore how much the actresses do not like me but do not criticize

  • Sim

    @nena: Why would not you, my friend borrows clothes have to laugh, then a few million people is a lesbian just because it borrows clothes

  • peach

    @nena: unfortunately for you, that ain’t going to happen.

  • $$$$

    Officially joining the Hollywood Illuminati has it’s benefits.

  • Living in a box

    @Sim: you said that Rob fans are stupid and idiots, but what make Kristen stewart fans are better than rob fans? cheating, it take two hands to clap. sure rupert sander have a marriage problem before the cheating thing but isn’t kristen at that time with rob pattinson? kristen and rob were living together right?

  • why the long face?

    big forehead
    Leno chin

  • Hadley

    She looks lovely and comfy.

    Btw I never understand relevance nor why people still bring up Pattinson. Last time I checked they have been broken up for a while and he had some fragrance yet no one really comments on. What does one person have to do with the other at this point really.

    Not to mention always bringing up her past cheating as if she killed a child. If only ppl had the same amount of disgust and malice for woody allen and roman polanski who molested a child….oh wait they are still lauded highly in HW because they are men.

    Fact is Stewart made a mistake, she owned up to it. End of story. Move on because obviously she has. And if you hold Liberty Ross or Pattinson in a higher regard or rather find them more interesting why not go look at their articles?

    most people who do not like a certain matter usually avoid the matter entirely . Those who always look at articles and make sure to comment aggressively in the comment section of that celebrity they supposedly do not like more often than not are more fascinated with that celebrity than they give the celeb credit for. Just saying.

  • TheoJForever

    She looks cute.

    There’s a article of Kristen Stewart so of course the Rpattz fans come out. Typical. lol

  • Sim

    @Living in a box: jaj Come kissed man, aye millions more people are doing it too, it’s 2 years old, it is time to move on, everyone makes mistakes, and Would you still commemorate those mistakes?

  • liz

    that’s a lot of Stu posts in just one week

  • Mary

    The handbag looks so funny with her outfit. I had to tee hee that she’s carrying it. I do wish she would grow into a nicer casual wardrobe.

  • rhys

    πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ and here it goes again. bet you next week is RP turn!

  • Kim

    @L: Paps are always outside of the Chanel boutique and Karl’s office because celebrities come and go throughout the week. We’ve gotten pics of Rihanna before she arrives too. In this case, they probably waited outside of Kristen’s hotel (since they know where she’s staying) and follow every time she leaves to her next location. Stop being so rude.

  • leah

    come on she is holding The boy as if it was a cheap paper bag ! And the chanel logo + the sweatshirt with chanel on it ? Come on ! I thought that she was real , the only reason why I liked her was because she claimed that she was not part of all that fuss . Is it me or there is a gigantic blue elephant in the room ?

  • Cate

    LMAO! All the Chanel product placement for the benefit of the paparazzi. A Chanel backpack, handbag, sweater and sneakers. She looks like those tacky new money people who dress head to toe in branded designer gear so people know they are rich.

    Such a mess compared to the naturalness and synchronicity of Keira Knightley for Chanel. Kristen Stewart is a dreadful choice but fortunately it is only for one minor collection.

  • Lauren

    “One minor collection,” in which you probably couldn’t afford Cate.

  • Sarah

    I used to love her, but now sheΒ΄s just…MEH. CanΒ΄t act for sure, but very beautiful

  • Olv

    most people that get pap in Paris called the paparazzi. I bet this she calls them all the time.

  • jbrad


  • Helen

    She looks amazing and just living her life, all the hateful comments here are by people who obviously can’t stay away from her articles, some I notice are always here, I guess closet hateful fans will only make her more popular, keep it up haters lol!

  • Sunny

    Can I just say people even Rob fans slagged off Kristen for doing a perfume ad then Rob does one and no one calls him . I have never heard anything of Robs Dior ad or seen it on TV did it do Dior any good I don’t kn. looking forward to Kristen’s picks for this new adventure with Chanel it’s Chanel darling.PS Kristen did not break up Rupert’s marriage Rupert did he was married he owed his wife Kristen owed her nothing as she was not married to her

  • Solaris

    I like Kristen, but she disappointed me twice. The first time when she left Angarano for Rob. Angarano was a good guy but not enough famous and rich apparently. The second time when she cheated with Rupert. Rob did not get her the attention she wanted, I understand, but it was simple to solve the problem, she could just let him go. And why to ruin a married man? I found Kristen wonderful in Speak and other indie movies, she was full of joy, interesting. Now I see an aggressive girl, alone, unhappy. She definitely needs to stop doing only acting. She left the school, so maybe going to school and learning interesting stuff, can give you much more than doing advertisement for Chanel. She is very beautiful but it seems that she underestimate her beauty and needs to do a lot of beaty advertisements to prove to herself that she is beautiful. I wish I could help her…

  • blame them not

    @Hadley: why should i look into articles of liberty and rob? Will i find there pics of their cheating? Boring if none. I would rather ogle at her pics making out with a pervert pig.

  • Could not let this pass

    @Sunny: She owed nothing to the ex wife? Ho ho. Dont try to defend her sinful act with this sort of reasoning. This is the kind of insane logic that invites the continued bashing of Kristen for it is totally unacceptable. All that are affected by a sin are offended by the sinner unless you regard making out with a married man is a rightful act. Well, why not let me get into your spin. With the way kristen is behaving lately, she might end up with Liberty. See how mean one could be if one is continuously fed by irrational defense of kristen. Your kind are the ones who breed her haters. Just continue appreciating her assest e.g. looks and acting, and ignore the bashing.

  • about time to accept

    @blame them not: thumbs up! liberty and roberts misbehavior—rumours until proven true. Kristen—- guilty beyond reasonable doubt. 50 pics against a thousand words. No contest

  • Sim

    @about time to accept:Rob fans, go away, no one cares and kristen did a mistake like millions of other people, it is time to move on, try to live your life apologize, and she was sorry not to like other people, not everyone is able to apologize and moreover is strange that liberty was immediately in a while someone else hahaha idiots and Hater

  • Kristen, its ok!

    @Living in a box: if a man is having marital problems, its alright to hook up with him. Moral of this story. No wonder we are having more perverts.

  • About time to accept

    @Sim: hitting a raw nerve here which we haters love to do. Liberty immediately moved on because she couldnt bear the smell of a skunk left in RS pants. How smart of her to dump him for a man who may be as filthy as RS but rich enough to take his woman/women to a decent place for a date. You better tell kristen that she deserves better than the roadside and the minicooper from any man who lusts for her. She allowed RS to treat her as garbage. Ok im moving on.

  • Sim

    @About time to accept: It’s seriously ridiculous how some people know what happened and why? seriously you were there, then rob idiot because i was with kristen? Kristen made ​​a mistake like everyone else, go ahead and Happy’s Wretched of the people of reminiscent of the old errors, and they look at each other the way they are they waste

  • http://Twitter Allysa

    Kristen and Karl make a great couple. He’s just about the right age for her.

  • robertomm

    @Living in a box: You are so f jealous

  • robertomm

    She is so beatifull ,few women will be impartial on their comments.Don t be jealous is bad for your health.