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Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes 'Wolf of Wall Street' at 'Variety' Screening!

Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes 'Wolf of Wall Street' at 'Variety' Screening!

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up while speaking during the Variety screening of his latest film The Wolf Of Wall Street held at Chelsea Bow Tie Cinemas on Tuesday (February 4) in New York City.

Over the weekend, the 39-year-old actor goofed off with some pals while watching the 2014 Super Bowl, which was won by the Seattle Seahawks after they defeated the Denver Broncos.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

It was recently announced that Leo will be reuniting with his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill for a cinematic adaptation based off of the 1997 Vanity Fair article “The Ballad Of Richard Jewell.”

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio promoting The Wolf of Wall Street

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 01
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 02
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 03
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 04
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 05
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 06
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 07
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 08
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 09
leonardo dicaprio promotes wolf of wall street at variety screening 10

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  • BZ girl
  • contact info?

    @BZ girl:

    LOL I have to see this movie.. I haven’t seen it yet.
    Hey my first job was at McDonald’s, that was funny! LOL

  • Zzzzzz

    @contact info?: Hey! Glad you’re back! Re the crazies: I have never seen it like this before – EVER! I have no idea where they or should I say he/she came from. I think it’s probably one person too.
    re Leo’s looks: He does look good, but in some of the close ups, he is looking a little ragged and tired. But, I think he must have stock in Visine and I’m sure he gets facials all the time!!
    re WOWS: OMG! You haven’t seen it yet? It’s good, TBH, I like it better the second time around. He really does have great comedic timing!
    re McDonald’s: LOL! That was my first job too. All my buds worked there. We were called the Egg McMuffin gang!
    re Nina: She’s very cute and has a banging body. She is a SI bikini model. I know she is going to be in this year’s SI Swimsuit edition. I think i was turned off by her constant play for publicity. I really can’t see Leo having anything more than a very casual fling with her. If she actually dated Leo, I really believe she would be posting all the details on her instagram.
    re denial: Usually it takes a day or two for his PR team to deny a story. I think they wait to see how big the story gets. Remember the Kat T story was out for a couple of days before they issued a statement. (A really lame statement that was contradicted by the photos of them together!)

  • 555
  • contact info?


    I’ll probably go watch it this weekend…I was going to try and go on Superbowl sunday, but I ended up falling asleep on my couch. People keep saying it’s one of his best performances, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.. :)
    And thank God the loony toons is/are gone for now…must be past their bed time–FINALLY lol.
    Have a good night ZZZZ, as always nice talking to you. So glad to see there are still nice people on these threads..ttul xx


    Hello, I think that might be Cologne! I have family there, never been there myself, but I’ve seen many pictures and it’s definitely a very beautiful city!

  • Zzzzzz

    @contact info?: He is really good in it. Definitely needs to do more edgy roles like this.
    re toons: LOL! Hopefully, they/she are/is getting bored and will disappear!
    Great talking to you! Good night! ;)

  • Throw Back Wednesday


    So Mark Hunt bumped into Leonardo DiCaprio and posted this pic to his facebook with the following title. ‘This goi is a sik goi never lmao so hard wolf of wall street’

  • Tweet

    j❁rdan celeste. ‏@frecklefacedfox 8h

    Leonardo Dicaprio came to speak at NYU today. This is the first time in my whole life what I have EVER had school spirit.

  • Mélanie

    Best actor and most talented person on this planet y’all ! TWOWS is a freaking masterpiece !!!!!

  • Mélanie

    Best actor and most talented person on this planet y’all !!!! TWOWS is a masterpiece ! btw to the jealous ass people who can’t not prevent commenting on his personal life : y’all better watch yours !!! go do your own business ! Is he hurting you by dating models ? Hahaha y’all are jealous ! by the way , must say that he looks so great on those pics !

  • @555

    Munich for sure. So she’s still in Germany.

  • @57

    @Throw Back Wednesday:
    Throw back Thursday. Way back Wednesday.
    Haha sorry.

  • Samantha

    All these rumors about Nina. She is gross. Like a lot of people, I would take Toni over her any day. And I do not like Toni at all. Nina is a butterfaced famewh0re. A new low, even for Leo.

  • prettyqueen

    I’m jealous of Toni. She’s always posting pics of her trips. One day she’s at the beach and the following day she’s somewhere where it’s snowing. B+tch…

  • prettyking

    I’m jealous of Leo. He’s always with a new model. One day he’s with Toni and the following day he’s with Nina . Lucky Bast@rd…

  • Lilly

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    Sorry it’s late, hoped you liked it 😊😊😊😃😊😊

  • JMO

    If they really broke up, Toni hides the heartbreak better than Erin.

    No Necklace off or sad puppy face this time. lol

  • AnneMarie
    The thing is that this particular early Sunday morning at 5 a.m., some paps were there to catch the two. What about the other occasions when Leo exited nightclubs where paps were not there. How many times Leo has been spotted nightclubing in NY…
    We do have to be quite naive to think that nothing is going on between these two, especially when a girl follows a guy at 5 a.m….:)

  • Ok

    @Throw Back Wednesday: Who’s the girl? Can’t quite make it out…

  • Ok
  • JMO

    @AnneMarie: If the same thing with the Miranda Kerr rumors. Always seen together, flirting, nothing happens? Right! lol

  • AnneMarie

    Did you ever see Miranda Kerr leaving a nightclub with Leo at 5 a.m. and hiding in the backseat of his car?

  • ####

    @Throw Back Wednesday:

    These photos are back from when he was filming gatsby in Australia. You can see erin in the pic.

  • ####


    It’s erin. These pics are from when he was in Australia filming gatsby.

  • Well

    Why do I have the feeling the one of Leo’s people will come with a denial about him and Nina reported by Gossip Cop. You know, a sort of excuse like “they are only friends”.
    Way and see!

  • LMAO

    @Well: How many cheating scandals is going to deny Gossip Cop and how much can bear Toni? Probably many!

  • @Throw Back Wednesday

    You can spot Erin also here

  • brief

    there is something really strange in the way a 40 year old man would go after these young girls. the weird part is those gilrs are so plane looking but they have status and are famehungry. why is leo attracted to people who will use him for their own profit? that’s what i’m wondering; it’s like he loves self destruction.

  • ####

    Leonardo Fan (@LeoDiCaprio_Fan)
    2/5/14, 3:24 AM
    [Photo] Little preview of Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of @Variety !

  • brief

    he does have a problem with it; t’s as if he felt like such a loser in his teenage years that now he thinks he can get all the girls he coudln’t get back then. but they don’t like him for him, that’s the tricK. he’s pretty messed up. i think he needs to cool down and figure himself out or else he’s gonna go down the wrong path.

  • Sarah

    @brief: yeah, i see your point. the thing is. if leo finds a woman that he loves a lot one day and is in a relationship with her, will he be faithful? because imagine he finds her and starts fooling around with other people? it will break the great relationship he has.

  • Missy

    Leo looks cute here. Like his hair <3

  • Sarah

    @Missy: it’s so sad to see that he’ll be this single guy with pr relationships and girl after girl his whole life. like he’s wasting his life…

  • @81

    The moment he really comes to love a woman and care for her deeply, he won’t be like he has been for all these years. The real question is WILL he ever be capable of loving like that.

  • Webmaster

    I think all of us tend to forget that even Hollywood stars eventually age and get older. It’s hard to imagine it myself considering it seemed not too long ago that Decaprio was a young “fresh faced” budding Hollywood star in Titanic. He’s definitely looking a lot older in those pics but I’m sure promoting movies and flying around the world and talking constantly to the paparazzi can take it’s toll…. physically and mentally.

  • .

    sadly I do not believe he can be capable of loving an actual woman for quite some time or ever.
    but no one knows what the future holds.

  • Sarah

    @@81: love is something natural. if he is not able to love, is it because he doesn’t love himself? because he won’t give something perosnal to another human being? because he gets tired easily. why does he need to throw things and get something new? why isn’t he satisfied? why does he see people like toys that he can buy than throw away?

  • .

    i think its because he is afraid to fall in love with a real woman and not be the control freak in the relationship. he’s too tense and insecure to handle a real woman and the idea of falling in love with them. he doesnt look like he could handle commitment or something serious. hence all these beneficial relationships with models who clearly mean nothing to him and are just in it for the fun until he gets bored.

  • Sarah

    well, what I can say is that when two people are in love they are both in control and not in control. anyway usually i deal with things that come my way on the moment. but maybe there is a person that he will meet this year or next year or the year after that and it will be the same for both of them, who knows. couldn’t handle commitment? why not? not able to be faithful, why? but if he acts like that it means that he hasn’t met that person yet because when you do, you think and act differently…

  • .

    i just dont think he has met THE woman of his life yet. some argue it was gisele and thats probably the closest he’s come to loving one of his model gfs but id argue she still was not his true love in his life. sadly with his reputation and super star status and who he chooses to spend his time with, make it seem pretty impossible he could ever meet a decent woman who loves him for him, not the movie star. if he does indeed find a woman like that, then he has to be willing to go for it and open his heart to her, if hes capable of doing that.

  • .

    it does seem like he likes self destruction, based on the some of the actions he makes in his personal life. also telling that all his movie characters usually face self destruction at some point.

  • Sarah

    I can understand that to a certain level. i used to hang out with such shady people before. too many friends. but it was companions. the more party friends you have the more vulnerable you are.i couldn’t see myself. i didn’t know who i was anymore because the more i hung out with them, the more i was running away from myself. they projected this false image of me and i felt like sh!t. so i was in a hole. and everything I wanted seemed to be so far away because the people who surrounded me were trying to drown me. and i couldn’ trust anybody anymore so I was scared. so i can understand him to a certain point. but i had to let go and force myself to see straight again and stop seeing people who were surrounding me like vultures.

  • .

    I hope leo does the same as you, but its hes too comfortable around these shady people hes always with. and like hes too comfortable treating his gfs crappy or cheating on them. he never looks happy in this lifestyle of his, but since hes turning 40 this year i think itll be just be harder for him to say ‘screw it, i want to change, i dont want to keep living my life like this.’ im afraid for him sometimes, like something awful will happen to him if he keeps living like this..

  • brief

    @Sarah: me too! my childhood friends and i have nothing in common anymore. but i’m stuck.

  • .

    someone made a good point that these people are like family to him since he was an only child and his step brother is no longer around in his life for quite some time.

  • brief

    @.: wow, he has to be careful. i hope nothing bad happens. what bad thing do you think will happen to him?

  • sarah

    @.: oh no, what awful thing?

  • .

    i’m not really sure but its just this bad feeling i get, he hangs out with SUCH shady people who have been in and out of jail and are probably worse than him when it comes to their lifestyle. leo is atleast an actor, these guys legit only have the clubs as their jobs and we all hear of horrible storie about the kind of things that go down in their clubs. i feel like leo is on the merge of turmoil like another poster said the other day. its scary because i would hope nothing bad happens to him.

  • sarah

    @.: oh nooo!!!! the dude has to be careful.

  • Black sharpie

    @@Throw Back Wednesday:
    Kind of cute!? He watches her to see where she is going.