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Miranda Kerr Revealed as H&M's Newest Face!

Miranda Kerr Revealed as H&M's Newest Face!

Miranda Kerr has just been announced as the new face of H&M’s Spring Summer 2014 campaign!

“Exciting news! Supermodel @MirandaKerr will be the face of our #HMSpringFashion campaign!” the H&M Twitter account revealed, along with a pic of the 30-year-old model. “This is our new #HMSpringFashion model. Guess who!” the brand teased a few hours before.

“Hi H&M followers, I’m Miranda Kerr and I’m the new face of H&M spring campaign. Stayed tuned for more,” Miranda said in an Instagram video on the brand’s page. Check out the video below!

Be sure to stayed tuned for official campaign pics, which are expected in March.

Miranda Kerr Announced as H&Ms New Face

Bigger picture inside…

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miranda kerr hm newest face 01

Credit: H&M
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  • amber

    Trying to make it look like a big deal…many bigger models than her have been working for H&M so far…including Daria, who replaced her as Mango spokeperson….

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With the Kerrdashians: We are gonna pretend this is really exciting and important. Cue fans creaming their jeans in five, four, three…

  • adrianafan

    How does her big head fit into the camera lens is my question?

  • lol

    @amber: bigger models and you mention daria? about christy turlington,doutzen kroes,gisele…daria is not known to anyone outside of fashion. Miranda is much bigger than her. Of course not her modeling career, but she is more famous, and im not even a fan of the chipmunk head.

  • amber


    Daria Werbowy got ferragamo, balenciaga, celine and von fustenberg campaigns…I think it’s safe to say they’re bigger gigs than H&M….and she shot for H&M too, so…

  • Sarah

    Overrated chipmunk

  • Anna

    i love miranda, she’s always elegant and classy, never seen her with casual outfit like other celebs

  • ToxicServant

    Ok she looks 12!!! horrible

  • someone

    I don’t see why ppl have to be so mean to models! Miranda is beautiful.

  • Amy

    Come on 12? Well, maybe 15 :) But I bet she’ll look about 18 when she’s a 40 year old…I want her genes please!

  • Surfer

    @Anna: so posing in her underwear all the time and posting pics on instGram is elegant and classy? I’d hate to ask what your definition of trashy is lol

  • Living in a box

    Why is she been fired from Victoria’s Secret? does anyone knows?

  • Ha

    she was fired because of her bitchy attitude, the other models couldnt stand her…

  • Living in a box

    @Ha: seems legit to me. Wait, did David Beckham also a face for H&M? what if these part of her plan to get closer to David and then steal David from Victoria.

  • Ellice

    @lol: fashion is ALL that matters to Daria so its all good :)

  • Amy


    I agree. I love her personal style. :)

  • daria

    Daria is ugly, looks like a smelly anorexic homeless. Who cares about daria.

  • cheap

    H&M has models for their online catalogs (alessandra does that) and then they have the big campaign models. My guess is shes just another catalog filler model. She has that cheap beauty only good for catalog.

  • Ndey

    H@M is good I guess. Almost every model has done it but it’s more of a side job for models. Like a complementary campaign. This would have been much better if she had a much bigger campaigns like balenciaga or Gucci

  • @”haters”

    It’s hilarious how you “haters” just can’t except that Miranda is a hugely successful Supermodel.

    You try & come with all these childish excuses to deny it yet all the evidence shows that Miranda IS one of the highest paid models in the world whether you “haters” like it or not…lol.

    Companies keep hiring her for a reason to be the ‘face’ of their products.

    The CEO of the luxury shopping site ‘Shopstyle” said that “she’s sexy yet relatable, has effortless style & is in the 1% of Supermodels in the world”
    The President of “Clear” said “she appeals to both men & women, is beautiful with gorgeous shiny hair & has amazing style”
    Now H&M have hired her to be their new “face” for the Spring/Summer season.

    All these CEOs tell you the reason why they want Miranda to be the ‘face’ of their brand but you “haters” just IGNORE them. So the more you keep posting spiteful & nasty comments about her just proves over & over again that you’re not only lying but that you REEK of petty jealousy & sour grapes.

    Miranda is not only a successful Supermodel & Business woman but also a celebrity & brand in her own right now……deal with it!

  • Well

    I guess she has to do as many commercial work as she can to get somewhat close to the VS contract cash she used to have.

  • Haha

    Shopstyle is a luxury shopping site?????? Hahahla! Did u hit your head on a brick?

  • Simply Stylist

    What a great choice! Miranda Kerr is so gorg and has incredible style.

  • Just me

    cheap clothes,

  • Justraging


    Sometimes I think you ARE Miranda O_O I swear man you sound crazy writing these things (THIS MUCH) about her…

  • Anna

    @Surfer: she is a model not a politician , her nude pics are extremely aesthetic, it would be miserable if such perfect body was covered

  • @19

    Forbes magazine has said that high end designers no longer pay models large amounts for campaigns or Runway anymore. Designers prefer to use famous celebrities now, like Chanel does with Keira Knightly etc.
    It’s the same with fashion magazines now mostly use celebrities for their covers.

    Forbes said to be a successful model these days you need to be famous enough to have your own product line or campaigns. They said VS is still the highest paying job in modeling but only if your an Angel & work nearly full time for them. Alessandra & Doutzen are still Angels but don’t work full time & so are on a lower salary that’s why they were not listed in the top ten of highest paid models last year.

    The reason Miranda decided not to renew her contract with them was so she could use her fame & high profile from being a VS model for 7 years to promote her own skincare company. Once she was no longer tied to their contract she could then concentrate on expanding Kora & that’s exactly what she’s done. It was perfect timing on her part to leave at the right time as she didn’t want to travel for photoshoots after having Flynn & have opportunities to do other campaigns.

    Miranda often said she was always jet lagged from the constant traveling she did for VS, sometimes in 2 countries a week for photoshoots. But was very grateful to them as it set her up for the future. That’s why I think it’s easier if you don’t have children like Candice & Karlie or only do VS & not much other work.

    Miranda now has the best of both worlds & works what’s best for her.
    She runs her own company Kora, is the “face” of several campaigns that pay very well, does most of her photoshoots in NY while at the same time allowing her to spend more time with Flynn!

  • @25

    Do you really STILL think Miranda has only “one” fan???

    I guess the nearly 5 million followers she has on social media are all the same “one” fan…..right???

    The same as the “one” fan that buys her Kora products….lol

  • Wow

    Miranda looks stunning in the video. She’s lucky as she’ll always look years younger than her age with those gorgeous dimples & flawless skin.

  • Gorgeous.

    She’s so beautiful.

  • Main

    Ummm designers still use more models than celebs. That is a fact. And isn’t, according to her fans, Miranda is an A list celeb? In that case, why aren’t designers dragging her to front their campaigns since according to you they like using “celebs”? Designers pays big bucks to models that are worth it. Like Joan Smalls. Sorry if Miranda isn’t special enough for designers to dip in down their pockets for her. Also, the only places celebs dominate magazine covers are UK and mostly US but that’s steadily changing as we have seen, Daria, Kate Upton and Joan recently on major US covers. So where are the Miranda covers? Especially since she’s a ‘celebrity’. I’d like to know where forbes said you need to be famous in order to make it as a successful model because Joan Small is still relatively unknown. So wasKarlie before she became an angel. Actually half the models in the last forbes list are not famous. So your point is really void. Trying to make clever excuses as to why Miranda is not getting the fashion jobs is pathetic. But what’s even more pathetic is the blatant excuse that VS was taking too much of her time when in truth she worked for like 3 times for then in a year. Miranda admitting VS sent you packing is nothing to be embarrassed by. They gave u 7 magical years.

  • Lmao

    She looks lithe an aging 15 year old. Maybe why designers don’t give her jobs is because she literally has one facial expression and always gives her left side to the camera.
    Sad that her fans her boasting over an H&M campaign. Sad. This is what has become of her career.

  • Lmao



    No.1; Any time an international super model and a major fashion brand team up to promote the Book of Mormon’s gold plates, it’s a pretty big deal.

  • adrianafan

    H&M is a good gig, but when its the ONLY good gig a model gets, its nothing. They need to have at least a few more A list fashion campaigns to balance it out. Miranda is only a commercial model, not a “supermodel”. Linda Evangelista is a supermodel. Compare her career to mirandas and its hilarious! (On mirandas part).

  • Kath

    Here go the w@nkers again…….saying Miranda is washed up but she is still getting gigs & when she does they try & backpedal with the crap of its not high profile enough etc….etc….yeah….yeah…same ole crap from haters….#27 says it best….say no more.

  • alexis

    She is so Beautiful, Her new boyfriend must be so happy. They know how to keep the Romance alive with romantic gifts from —> Couplely dot com <—-

  • no

    @cheap: “H&M has models for their online catalogs (alessandra does that)” Alessandra is a cheap catalog model. This is a big campaign. She’s is not another catalog filler model.
    @Well: To get somewhat close to the VS contract cash she used to have? Not too much. Just 1 million. I don’t know why she was one of the highest paid models…

  • Lmao

    As if Miranda hadn’t done online catalog for H&M time and time again. All you’re actually doing is accentuating what we are stressing on.

  • Nancy

    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the most OVEREXPOSED, besides Heidi Klum, model EVER. And you’re not all that.

  • Ltk1

    @haters – well said! totally agree. She has 3.2 million followers on instagram and great new contracts so she is obviously in demand – no matter what the haters say.

  • lol

    @Ltk1: if u look at other models careers, you may want to refrain from using the word “in demand” when describing Miranda.

  • @”haters”

    Oh please Miranda IS one of the highest paid models in the WORLD as well as running her OWN company Kora AND is the “face” of several high paying & high profile campaigns.

    Nothing you “haters” say will change those FACTS. Trying to deny she’s a famous & successful Supermodel with childish excuses just makes you appear extremely petty, jealous & full of sour grapes.

    There is a reason WHY Miranda keeps getting all these campaigns because she’s MORE than just a beautiful, tall & slim model.

    She has that something extra that all the CEOs of these companies keep saying about her. “she’s sexy yet relatable, has effortless style, appeals to both men & women” etc…Miranda is not only a Supermodel but also a celebrity & brand in her own right now which gives her the whole package & that’s what these companies find so appealing about her.

    You “haters” make the mistake of thinking that other people hate her like you do when in fact your a small minority jealous of her because your either an obsessed Orlando Bloom “fan” or an extreme “fan” of another model.

    Whereas most people just think she’s gorgeous with amazing style, always seeing her with a smile on her face & they love seeing pics of her with her sweet smiley son Flynn. They also are interested in her health, beauty & exercise routines as she has flawless skin & a killer body.

    Like normal rational people they’re NOT jealous of her previous relationship with Orlando & couldn’t care less if she gets more work than other particular models. Only irrational women are full of hatred for a person they don’t know & never met & stalk her all over the internet.

    But keep posting your nasty comments as ALL it does is just give her more hits on her articles……lol.