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George Zimmerman & DMX: Opponents in Boxing Match!

George Zimmerman & DMX: Opponents in Boxing Match!

George Zimmerman and DMX are scheduled to battle each other in an upcoming boxing match, according to TMZ.

The 46-year-old rapper was selected out of 15,000 applicants after the 30-year-old neighborhood watch coordinator issued an open challenge.

“I am going to beat the living f–k out him…I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f–k him right up,” DMX recently shared about the upcoming match, which is still awaiting a date, time, and location.

In case you forgot, George was found not guilty for the death of Trayvon Martin.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of George Zimmerman and DMX fighting in the boxing ring?

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  • Notyourfriend

    X is gonna give it to him…

  • M

    So Zimmerman is capable of handling himself against a 46 year old rapper in a boxing match yet he couldn’t handle himself against a teenage boy without the use of a gun? wow

  • Josephine

    Why would Zimmerman think this was a good idea? Is he subconsciously looking for a punishment?

  • Guest

    This is stupid

  • Looselipz

    Oh so now this murderer is a celebrity. It’s a sick society …rip Treyvon.

  • unkbown

    Omg a black kid died.. Get over it already. If the kid was white it would never have been in the news ever. You hear us whites crying. He died. George got off nothing we can do. Unless u want to waste ur life worrying about someone else’s life. If thats the case then u need to get a life.

  • tee

    DMX is going to murder him. Literally. And this will be how society receives redemption for the not guilty ruling.

    DMX is a mess, but if he at least bites his ear off, he’ll be a hero.

  • Pilar

    I find it funny. Both are sorry.

  • sdf

    @unkbown: you whites cry every year during black history month…”why don’t we have a white history month?” No one wants to celebrate you mass murderers. My tribe and I can’t wait for your downfall! Native americans, latinos and blacks will get together. F you all!

  • tee

    @unkbown: You need to get an education. Your ignorance is showing.

  • ABCD

    @sdf: I like you …. :)

  • PDX1488

    “I am going to beat the living f–k out him…I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f–k him right up,” – DMX

    Keep it classy coons.

  • Living in a box

    I don’t support violence but I willing to pay to see this!!!

  • http://Twitter Tom Stillwell

    Still crying about that “THUG”, drug addict, racist who should have stayed in that night instead of casing the apt. Complex. The evidence was clear. move on! Its to bad Zimmerman is an idiot.

  • menhateus

    More men behaving like morons and furthering the decline of society.

  • Roni


    Thank you!!! he gets away with MURDER and now he’s a blasted celebrity. This frigging society we live in is depraved.

  • Jean


    F*CK YOU!

  • Guest


    Look in the mirror WHITE TRASH!

  • Guest

    @Tom Stillwell:

    You are talking about your own family, you WHITE TRAILER TRASH.

  • Lin

    He gets away with murdering an unarmed kid, now he is a celebrity.


  • anony

    In boxing, they have to sign a waiver to fight since it could end in death. And btw, Georze Zimmerman isn’t white. He’s hispanic. He’s going to get the crap beaten out of him too.

  • Jon

    @tee: agreed….because a black guy died now this black rapper wants to beat the dfgfh out of him. Typical typical… Black people are just as racist. F y’all…..again

  • guest

    To all of you racists, I want to offer you one big grand gesture…
    F*CK YOU in you white trash *sses!

  • http://facebook Remsis

    i will watch

  • Michelle

    George Zimmerman needs to DIE…. Point Blank Period
    Anyone who glorifies their killing by saying their a celebrity now should die.

    Hopefully DMX is not too high to f**ck him up. We need u sober for this one D..lmao. So sad..

  • Tiana

    I can’t wait that’s all I have to say about that and on the other hand what really pisses me off about TM and GZ case is that if TM got the best GZ his ass would have been put into jail that what pisses me off the most it’s sad either way though.

  • What

    Why do you give a murderer so much shine. Why does he get a show? This is really too much. Americans do everything for the quotes. This is sick.

  • wereqryan

    @Looselipz: LOL! You’re right. XD

  • Dasha

    What a f*ed up world we live in. A murderer becoming a celebrity, only in the United States of Crap.

  • allison

    DMX is a drug addict. I call foul on the group that pick him to fight. Why didn’t they go with The Game.

  • http://iam_chaps Chaps

    Last I heard, DMX was running down passage ways butt naked. Now he wants to enter a ring!?! I’d rather have sticky fingers whipp this little yellow bone murder.

  • noplace

    If only the AA community would take a stance on all the black on black killing and innocent bystandards getting shot up would I start caring. It’s only ok when it’s the same race but one fool goes gun happy and it’s a race thing? Look at all the drive by shootings by thugs kiiling unarmed children, nothing is said.

  • Arrow 12

    Everyone BLAME the Judicial System. He went through a trial like everyone in America does when a crime is committed. Our judges and District Attorneys are voted in by WE the people. If you don’t like the outcome VOTE……

  • OH Shush, DMX!

    You men need to be ashamed of yourselves, talking about fighting and what not at your ages. Ugh! DMX needs to get off drugs and start worrying about someone other than himself — like all his kids! Take care of your kids. That’s how you can be a Big Man! Sick and tired of these jerky men in the world!

  • Isabel

    How disgusting.

  • MIami

    It is all about the MONEY!!!

  • Gordon, G

    i don’tunderstand the point of such a fiasco but as a society we should never take the law into our own hands or in our own hearts….in other be careful (1) how we judge and (2) and what you wish for. The same measure you use to judge, the same measure shall you be kudged by !!!