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Miranda Kerr Illuminates New York City with Her Beauty!

Miranda Kerr Illuminates New York City with Her Beauty!

Miranda Kerr lights up the town with her beauty while stepping out of a chauffeured car on Tuesday (February 4) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 30-year-old Australian supermodel showed her stripes after news that she was the new face of H&M was announced.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Download the #NewU2Song ‘Invisible’ for FREE now and $1 goes to support @RED’s fight against AIDS,” Miranda recently tweeted about the U2 song. Miranda joins Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen to show support for the fight against AIDS.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr stepping out for a night in the city…

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miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 01
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 02
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 03
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 04
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 05
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 06
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 07
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 08
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 09
miranda kerr illuminates new york city with her beauty 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Milla

    And her people paid you how much to write such a ridiculous, ass-kissing piece? There’s not even a story in there.

  • Wow

    She looks gorgeous!
    So happy that she got H&M. She’s perfect as a global model for them.

  • Corene Godoy

    Miranda Looks beautiful and Gorgeous in the new looks.

  • Sarah

    hope she pays you well jared!

  • Nessa

    The same make-up and hair style every time i see her(( she is so boring person

  • LOL

    Just the Title… “Miranda Kerr Illuminates New York City with Her Beauty!” lol

  • Elisabeth

    Madame Kerr

  • Ha

    Miranda doesn’t pay JJ. You idiot haters are paying him.
    Every time that you click on a Miranda thread to post your moronic ramblings, you pay him in advertising dollars. Are you so dense that you don’t understand how websites support themselves with sponsors? Why do you think those ads on the screen are there? Doh!
    Due to her obsession, ‘Elena’ alone has probably bought him a new car.
    Gotta love it!
    Miranda looks gorgeous , btw.

  • Kath

    Miranda looks great…..polished & always well groomed….however I feel she looks so much better with less makeup & more natural colour lips. I dont like the orange red colour she always wears. If shes going to wear red then do a dark red. Perfect figure for the dress though.

  • Lol

    Haha Jared’s Kerr headlines are more and more pathetic. You must’ve cashed the new year check from her PR team huh Jared? It’s so obvious!

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With Te Kerrdashians: Her new campaigns are paying well enough to be able to afford all of the publicity she’s buying. Of course, it helps when you get a cut from your paparazzi buddies. Also, JJ is a bit mistaken, it is not her so called “beauty” lighting up the streets, it is the reflection of the paparazzi flash on her uber-greasy fivehead.

  • sweet asho

    she’s reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Beautiful girl not like the other VS’s models , they look awkward but she really lovely & cute & look like in her early 20 not 30

  • Sayer

    Just what this woman wants–to be mentioned in the same sentence as Gisele.

  • Anna


  • lol

    Miranda is so boring. Shes just like the joke of a model that was Heidi Klum. Aka more pap pics/attending events than actual modeling work. Meh.blah.boring.overrated.

  • Lovely Lady

    I usually hate red lips on most everyone — even Angelina Jolie. Angelina’s lips are too full and not the right shape to wear that deep color. Also many women do not have the right skin color etc to wear red lipstick. However, Miranda looks okay with it, as does Gwen Stefani. They both have that somewhat porcelain color skin. I would like to see Miranda in pinks. I think pink is her lip color and what looks best especially with her pretty eyes and hair. No matter what though, Kerr always looks like she cares about herself and is presenting her best when she is photographed. I love that about her.

  • @trollena

    You just proved #8′s point.
    Always here giving JJ hits on Miranda’s threads. Cha-Ching!

  • @16

    Yeah I think Miranda looks the most beautiful when wearing a combination of pinks with her makeup.
    A creamy blush pink on her cheeks & a softer rosey pink on her lips combined with light browns & taupe on her lids looks stunning with her colour hair & makes her blue eyes really stand out.

    I prefer her in a true red lipstick like in these pics rather than one with an orange undertone but I like it more for red carpet events but not everyday.
    But I have to say her makeup does look beautiful here so perhaps a pink lipstick would have looked washed out against the stark white of the dress.

    IMO dewy soft pink makeup with highlights suits her so well as it gives her a luminous glow that goes beautifully with her dimples giving her that unique sweet/Angelique yet sexy at the same look.

  • @13

    Miranda has said many times that she admires & respects Gisel. That when she first started modeling for VS she couldn’t believe she was on the same runway with her as Gisel was like a goddess.

    So I don’t know why you feel the need to say anything negative about her as Miranda herself thinks Gisel is amazing!

  • Lolita

    herr head is huge

  • Think about it…


    Wrong. JJ cannot just post pictures of everyone. It would harm the personal rights of this person If they did so without an agreement.

    In some countries they aren’t even allowed to TAKE pictures and we have pictures of celebs in those countries ;-) It’s pure logic man.

  • Pffft!

    @Lovely Lady: Kerr always looks like she is trying too hard and being overly made up the way she is (constantly) lends credence to the idea that she calls the paparazzi. She knows when and where the photogs will be so she makes sure she is camera ready.

  • Kath

    Pffft….Ever since Miranda became a model she has always looked well dressed whether its a business look or casual. Shes her own brand & has to look good when shes out. The thing I like about Miranda the most is she has a great sense of style in what she chooses to wear. But I do think of late she is overdoing the makeup side a little (eyeshadow & red lips)…..though I do understand that the makeup is to go with the oufits & finish the look. I just like her more natural….it suits her better. I thought her makeup & hair looked all wrong for the Golden Globes. She doesnt suit that dark eyeshadow on the upper lids blended up & outwards….it made her look like she was squinting. In fact I didnt like anything but the shoes. Anyway point is….there is nothing wrong at all with being so called overly made up. More women in general should take a bit more pride in what they wear before they leave the house. And I know you like to think shes a fame wh*re but she wasnt seen for nearly three weeks in Jan after the GG….so no it doesnt lend credence to the idea she calls the papps

  • @21

    No, you have it wrong.
    Photographers can take pics of anyone if they are in a public area. They are prohibited from taking pictures through open windows, but that’s about it. These photographers can then sell the pics to anyone willing to fork over the money. That’s why paps are so aggressive. The right pic can earn them a lot of money. Why do you think that paps stalk celebs like Brangelina or Leo? Money, that’s why. You have no personal rights to privacy if you are in a public area. Simple as that.
    I’m afraid that logic is beyond you.

  • Poison Ivy

    @Lolita: Take a good look at the outfit. Shes wearing a white dress with black panelling on the side to made her waist look smaller. The print shoes blend in with the sidewalk and the jacket is cutting her shoulders out. Maybe thats why her head looks bigger here! Idiot.

  • HA!

    @@16: We all know that “dewy” means she has a greasy complexion. She does. It’s disgusting. It’s like an oil slick all up on her fat face.

  • @26

    Oh dear someone’s got a VERY bad case of petty jealousy & sour grapes!

    Miranda’s flawless skin & dimples are her trademark and what makes her look years younger than her age & gives her the unique ability of looking both sweet, classy & sexy all at the same time. She also has thick shiny hair & a super toned body to complete her looks.

    If you’d bothered to listen to the CEOs of Clear, Shopstyle etc you would know they talk about her appealing to a broad range of people because of her looks, her innate sense of style, warm personality & being one of the worlds top Supermodels.

    But of course as a “hater” you chose to ignore the people who hire Miranda to represent their brands & instead insult her out of spite & bitterness with your childish posts.

    Your immature rants won’t change the facts but instead just gives Miranda more hits…

  • Think about it…


    If YOU took a picture of ME waiting for the bus and then publish it on the internet without making me unrecognizable I could sue you.

  • HA!

    @@26: You’re dumb.

  • HA!

    @@26: And your socks are all saying the same thing.

  • adrianafan

    Wow all you delusional miranda stans trying to say she hasn’t changed! HA! EVEN her own family is saying she changed dramatically! Shes completely abandoned them. She is disgusting and vile.
    MIRANDA Kerr’s family have made an emotional public plea for the Aussie supermodel to come home, revealing they have not seen their famous daughter or her son Flynn “in over a year.”

    In a small screen “love letter” from Miranda Kerr’s mother Therese, father John, brother Matthew and nanna Ann, the Gunnedah-raised clan have used an episode of ABC1′s docudrama series, Family Confidential, to expose cracks in their relationship with the former David Jones catwalk star.

    Therese Kerr, who was sacked by her daughter in her role as the managing director of Miranda’s Kora skincare range last year, claims “Miranda’s life is so different now (and) she’s surrounded by yes people all the time. It’s so important for me to be real, to be true, to be who she needs me to be.”

  • @28

    Uhmm, no you couldn’t.
    In that situation, you could only sue if they libeled, or slandered you. Saying, for instance, that you were selling drugs at the bus stop, our looking for your next ‘John’. The photo itself is perfectly legal, as is publishing it. It would only be illegal if they used the pic to support a lie that they are telling.
    You really should know more about the legal system if you want to avoid looking like an idiot.

  • ……


    Maybe were YOU live x’D I live in a civilized country.