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Vanessa Hudgens: Win a Signed 'Gimme Shelter' Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens: Win a Signed 'Gimme Shelter' Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens checks out her cell phone while leaving Bed Bath & Beyond on Wednesday (February 5) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress glammed up the evening before for the Shot Through The Heart Valentines Day Bash with Nikki Reed and Kate Mara.

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You can now enter for a chance to win a signed Gimme Shelter poster from Vanessa herself!

“Using the hashtag #GimmeShelterReview, share your thoughts on the film on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for the chance to win!” the movie’s Facebook page wrote. Be sure to enter before the contest ends on Friday!

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vanessa hudgens win a signed gimme shelter poster 01
vanessa hudgens win a signed gimme shelter poster 02
vanessa hudgens win a signed gimme shelter poster 03
vanessa hudgens win a signed gimme shelter poster 04
vanessa hudgens win a signed gimme shelter poster 05

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  • gross

    disgusting hag. act your own age whorenessa pudgyns

  • jaimie

    Annoying!!! She needs an education.

  • Lol

    She needs to get a new hat and get a job

  • Isaac Newton

    I’d rather win a pair of her used panties.

  • Selma

    purrfect, i need a new kitty litter liner for puss’ box.

  • Amy

    That hat looks like one of the types you’d find on a lego toy!

  • Chris

    Is she kidding?

  • Io

    A big poster of an overweight abused looking girl on my wall wow that is just what i wanted lol

  • Well

    Her hands look like crows feet. She needs to change her manicurist

  • Crazy

    How lame! She wants to generate positive reviews for her small movie. The best positive review wins. It wins a poster. This lady is very irking. Cheater.

  • Like, the real Vanessa

    @Isaac Newton: Umm, like thanks. But, like, I go to the gym every day and I do a lot of downward facing dog while sweating a lot and stuff, so my used panties might be a lil rank. But, ummm, haven’t you been, like, dead, like a reeeally long time? I mean, you must be like decayed and gross and totally stinky by now so idk what will be smellier, you or my panties ((shrugs))

  • Hudgensfan

    @Like, the real Vanessa:” Vanessa, critics reviews for gimme shelter suck. Please tweet that if a person leaves a good review anywhere in social media, we’ll… oh hell, we’ll just give em a bloody movie poster. Its sorta like paying for good movie reviews’
    “OMG! Best idea everrr!!!!”

  • kelly martineau

    Is that movie not in theathers anymore? If so it wasn’t out very long. V doesn’t know how to make good movies. Not a good actress. No thanks for the poster. Look like she got ran over by something. Her manager is not doing a good job finding her a job. Or she’s not rying very hard. Big lips should knock her up and get married.
    Cut your nail or do something to them they are gorss!!!!!!!

  • kelly martineau

    Haven’t seen her with her mom or sister for a while. Is she to good to be with them.She can’t stop shopping its in her blood.

  • In Sooth

    Well in truth she has done a very good job of being a good citizen given her early success with HSM stuff. most her age are always in trouble and doing stupid things which Vanessa has never done. She seems happy enough and well so i think you are all just jealous with the mean comments. In Sooth !

  • tina

    Wow, nutcase has finally slipped off into the abyss. Sorry kelly it’s still in theatres. Where does it say good review? Keep posting under as many names as you want. More

  • tina

    More post, more threads.

  • Anya

    OH my god Efron fans are back at lame! Movie maybe got bad reviews, expected when Hollywood tried to get the film not to come out due to it’s topic, and tried to pay big numbers for that… Then again she got rave reviews so who cares on the movie review as long as she does good. On the other hand that awkward moment got bad reviews, and Efron got terrible reviews so that’s even worse. But then again you all know that, hence why you attack Vanessa

  • Anya

    @kelly martineau: sweetie, she was with her mom like 2 weeks ago, and with Stella too, then again we don’t really get pics often of them, but they were at her premiere, at Queen Latifah show, which of course Efron also cancelled, was he that afraid? Lame

  • Emilia

    And here is the proof that V fans were the first ones to bring up something regarding Efron lol.

  • Hudgensfan

    Takes picture with lowly regarded actress nicki reed
    “I am so relevant! Like wow, i just amaze myself!!!”

  • of course

    @Emilia: what else is new? vanessas fans favorite topic is zac. they are obsessed with him.

  • Nightwish

    Ok, who’s the moron who changes names but posts the same generic comment “i love her relationship with [insert name here]!”? that is one of the most irritating nonsense, but some hudgens follower keeps posting it lol

  • tina

    Wow she goes out with friends and we get this? Get over it, she is twenty-five she is allowed to go out. Seems tome they had fun. More fun than sitting on a computer putting someone down.

  • Haters Suck!

    Holy hell has the maturity level of the haters, mainly nightwish under different names, fallen off the deep end. Not that they were ever mature in the first place but still this is an all time low.

  • tina

    @Nightwish: Please as if we don’t know its you with all the stupid names, grow up.

  • Hudgensfan

    Tweets “omg i would do anything for an oscar! omg i would do anything for a golden globe!”
    Forgets her latest movie is cringeworthy and a silly effort meant for 5 minutes on tv

  • Like, the real Vanessa

    @Anya: Hell-lloooo this is MY thread, why are my fans talking about my ex, AGAIN? Like, we broke up, like an ETERNITY ago ppl, get OVERRR it already! Even tho, like, I do kinda miss his bangs, and like, that bang side sweep he always did with his hand ((getting teary eyed, fanning face)) OMG I’m getting emotional, time to smoke ((inhaaaaale))
    I think you guys should like, learn to chill and smoke your feelings away while meditating, like, it really clears the mind, body, and spirit and takes away the bad feelings, cuz the brain gets all goopy and foggy and funny and then life is fun and happy. You guys should totally try it ((giggles))

  • tina

    @Hudgensfan: Thanks for your comment we just got another post. Keep up the good work. FYI if your in something to be second best I pity you.

  • tina

    @Like, the real Vanessa: You would know all about that, right NW?

  • zacfan

    lol i’m amused by the haters’ dedication. keep posting!

  • Isaac Newton

    Overweight? Are you kidding? She has a perfect body.

  • Isaac Newton

    @Like, the real Vanessa: I bet they smell delicious after a sweaty workout.

  • Like, the real Vanessa

    @Isaac Newton: OMG, thanks sooooo much, I’m like, totally flattered! Umm, btw, like, who are you again, I know your like, dead and did some stuff a long time ago that was prolly kinda important but I don’t really like history, it’s super boring, so maybe we can get together and, like, hang out and talk and get to know each other over some drinks ((giggles)) I’m sure you know, like every detail of my life already cuz I LUV keeping the publixxx updated 24/7 with my tweets ##. but if you wanna talk showbiz, I think maybe you should get into acting, maybe try, like,, being an extra in The Walking Dead. I mean you’re totally already dead, decayed, and gross, so they wouldn’t even have to do makeup on you. Total win win, ((giggles)) TTFN & TTYL LUV xoxoxxoxoxo

  • Winnie

    Vanessa Hudgens gave an incredible performance in “Gimme Shelter.” More people need to check out this film!

  • retire

    Most directors when have worked with have great track records n then they cast her n she ruins their run. A directors career is fragile they dont want to go bust on her account.