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Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up to Receive Cinema Vanguard Award

Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up to Receive Cinema Vanguard Award

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dreamy as always while attending an event to receive the Cinema Vanguard Award at the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Thursday (February 6) at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor received the award alongside Martin Scorsese for collaborating on five films throughout their career.

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Leo‘s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill was also on hand to celebrate his pals. It was announced this week that the actors will be reuniting for another film. Make sure to check out the details!

FYI: The festival is Sponsored by Heineken.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio receiving the Cinema Vanguard Award…

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Credit: Mark Davis; Photos: Getty
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  1. 401
    incredible Says:

    @charlotte: Thx. People who are connected to any form of art are vulnerable and fragile, that’s for sure.
    What was Leo’s mood?

  2. 402
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @incredible: I don’t know about being uncomfortable, but she put them on the spot. How else could they answer, but yes. I know she was trying to raise awareness for her cause, but I think that she was out of line to do it at the Q & A. As to whether they will actually go, is another thing. They might already be booked for something else. I don’t think they gave a firm
    @charlotte: Hi! Last night was great! Were you sitting in the main section? Interesting that you saw Leo as fragile. I didn’t get that impression. I saw him a month ago and he was way more tense and nervous. Last night he appeared so much more relaxed and his answers seemed more sincere, not rehearsed, like last time. Were you able to get any videos or pictures?

  3. 403
    charlotte Says:

    @Zzzzzz: @incredible: hello you two. well; it’s my impression and I might be wrong. but it was nice to see him with my own eyes and not through media, camera etc…..and i did fell this vulnerability. i thought that made him more human; as his mood, I don’t know because i think celebrities have to do these things and they are under the spotlight so they have to behave obviously. i felt a sadness somewhere, he was cool and all, but underneath i really felt a fragile, fragile person. he has really sensitive eyes. it’s as if he was really sensitive to everything that’s going on inside him and around him. i might be wrong. he might be tired or sensitive. but it’s true that artists tend to feel things intensly. they are always different in person; but i might be wrong because don’t know him personaly.

  4. 404
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @charlotte: Thanks for your honesty! :) I was sitting far away so maybe I didn’t sense it. I guess compared to the other time, it was like night and day. It was that different. To me, he was far more uneasy last month, but loosened up once the audience started asking questions. I think he really enjoys having Jonah with him. They make a great team.

  5. 405
    incredible Says:

    The fight started when ‘contact info?’ assumed that Leo was into that ballerina, like he liked her so much that he lost his concentration for a moment. And ‘life’ thought it wasn’t like that at all. Then she thoght ‘c info?’ was a poster with other names. You know people can always be wrong. That doesn’t make then necessarily crazy. I’m just saying. So, the question is: did Leo like that ballerina or was he forced to accept her invitation in order not to look like a jerk, without liking her. Some said that she invited both Leo and Jonah and that she was out of context. Some said she deffinitely dressed to impress. If she was well dressed and caught his attention, that doesn’t mean he was necessarily into her. But it’s also true that if she was out of context and Leo was polite bc didn’t want to say no to her, that doesn’t mean he didn’t like her. OMG I wrote so much words and I even wasn’t there. LOL. My point is: all people who were there can say this – Leo liked her or not, but was just polite.

  6. 406
    elise Says:

    @incredible: maybe he was just polite. but i don’t know there is a difference between dress to impress and real attraction. if i were him i would like to talk about my movie, not having a girl trying to dress like a …. and asking me to tag along in her “charity”…looks weird. anyway, charlotte, what else can you say about leo?

  7. 407
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @incredible: Hard to say! It was probably a little bit of both. I’m sure this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that someone puts him on the spot and invites him to attend a function. He is an A-list celebrity, I’m sure he gets it all the time and he is very polite to everyone.
    I’m off until tonight! Hope to talk to you later! ;)

  8. 408
    charlotte Says:

    @Zzzzzz: later!! :)

  9. 409
    Louise Says:


    WHAT DON´T YOU GET??? My name is Louise and I´m not “contact info?”, we are not the same person. So BACK OFF, and respect people.

    Everyone can have their opinions, stop harrassing me and others, and stop lying about me making things up.

    @contact info?: Sorry you got dragged into this mess. “Life” is after me. So, please don´t leave the thread.

  10. 410
    Louise Says:


    # 404

    Zzzzzz: I´m not a whack job, and I never said I was Leo´s SM. I think if you read my comments you will see the what I mean
    Just needed to clarify.Thanks

  11. 411
    incredible Says:

    @charlotte: Thx so much. Wow I learned so many things about Leo that I didn’t know but wanted to learn. One thing I was sure though – that he was handsome in person just like in movies. I guess you had a nice time at the Q & A.

  12. 412
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Louise: Hi! Sorry about that – you were not the one (s) I was referring too. :/. From reading your comments, you are definitely not that! I wad referring to the one she was describing who is claiming to be his SM. Again, sorry for the misunderstanding. :)

  13. 413
    incredible Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Thx so much. So he is polite. I like him even more than before.

  14. 414
    incredible Says:

    @elise: Thx. ‘there is a difference between dress to impress and real attraction.’ LOL. So true.

  15. 415
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    Just substitute Leo’s name with Britney’s name.


  16. 416
    contact info? Says:


    I was in the 3rd row closest to the screen :) so I was right by where his dad was!! And I agree with you about Jonah, he seems like such a sweet guy. I hope he makes him part of his permanent group of friends. I get a good vibe from him. I also sense more sincerity from him than I do from a lot of those other people we see him hanging out with. I don’t know, I just get bad vibes from some of those people. I could be way off though, you can never know until you meet someone in person what they’re really like. So I hate to really judge people like that, but I’m just going by what I see from the outside..

  17. 417
    contact info? Says:


    oh and just read what you said about the girl from last night, and you are absolutely right. She did put them on the spot. At first it seemed like she was trying to sell something, but it was definitely not the time or place…it was definitely weird. But what I mostly took notice of was Leo’s reaction to her because it was cracking me up. I didn’t realize it was going to set off WW III up in here LMAO… people are nuts dude, like seriously, that supposed “psychic” came at me out of nowhere… what a wacko!! I still can’t find the supposed Louise and Lost messages she was referring to.

    Thanks for posting and coming to my defense as well. I would still love to read what you had to say about the “soul mate situation” since it caused such a stir here today lol. And I want to find out who Lost is as well. Now I’m curious to read what you both had to say that would set this woman off like that.

  18. 418
    contact info? Says:

    @Leo’s Fan Girl:
    OMG, LMAO!! yes, that video is so perfect girl!!. change Britney’s name to Leo!! LOL I love it!!:P

  19. 419
    contact info? Says:

    @Leo’s Fan Girl:
    omg, I forgot about that video, that guy is so hilarious. He’s so passionate about Britney!! LOL

  20. 420
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @contact info?: Hey! Glad to see you are still posting! I thought that person might of scared you off – scary. The one thing I noticed about the girl was that it looked like someone went up to her to get her business card for Leo, but she appeared to want to give it to Leo herself. So, she definitely wanted to met and talk to him, not that I blame her! But again, I think it wasn’t the most appropriate time to do it!
    After he answered my question, I actually went down and was standing right behind you! I was against the wall, and there was one person between me and his dad! How funny is that.

  21. 421
    Louise Says:


    Hi Zzzzzz, thank you!. I´m sorry too for the misunderstanding.

    @Contact info?: Hi, you´re welcome. It was unfair of this person to dragg you into something you weren´t a part of. I only wrote on the J edgar trailer thread. Have a nice day!

  22. 422
    petro Says:

    forgot to mention that my other favorite scene from the movie is when he’s on the plane all hopped up on drugs and he starts humping on the flight attendants and licking their faces. And than he wakes up tied up to the seat and Jonah had to calm him down and rub his face LOL that was really funny!

    but check

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