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Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up to Receive Cinema Vanguard Award

Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up to Receive Cinema Vanguard Award

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dreamy as always while attending an event to receive the Cinema Vanguard Award at the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Thursday (February 6) at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor received the award alongside Martin Scorsese for collaborating on five films throughout their career.

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Leo‘s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill was also on hand to celebrate his pals. It was announced this week that the actors will be reuniting for another film. Make sure to check out the details!

FYI: The festival is Sponsored by Heineken.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio receiving the Cinema Vanguard Award…

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leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 01
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 02
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 03
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 04
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 05
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 06
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 07
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 08
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 09
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 10
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 11

Credit: Mark Davis; Photos: Getty
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    @####: She’s not the first Leo girlfriend to get her own thread here, and Bar still gets them even though it seems like she hasn’t worked since she and Leo split!! She can’t control what some blogger puts on his site.
    And people talk about her enough on Leo’s threads, so she might as well have her own.

  • Leo on Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    He said: “I didn’t know him on a personal level, but his work was just astounding. We’ve lost one of the greats, we really have.”

  • Leo on Kate Winslet

    DiCaprio said that he ‘never let go’ of his Kate Winlet’s relationship after filming ended and still regards her as one of the most real women in Hollywood.

    Asked to comment on the pair’s friendship by The Daily Mail the Wolf of Wall Street star said “”I feel the same about her. It’s been fantastic, honestly, having someone who is my age, and such a real woman.”

    He added: “Her husband’s awesome, the kids are great, but I don’t get to see her as much as I wish.”

    So close are the two that DiCaprio has even allowed Winslet and her family to stay in his house in LA while he is away.

  • No

    @west: No, because he’s not the woman!

  • Ha

    Didn’t he already get karma when two of his exes(Gisele, Blake) dated other men after they broke it off with him and ended up marrying them while he continues to go on womanizing sprees?

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    @Leo on Kate Winslet: C’mon Leo! EVERYONE CAN STAY IN YOUR HOUSE!

  • Ha

    @Leo on Kate Winslet:
    I wish Leo would try to find someone his own age and who is such a ‘real woman’.

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    @Leo on Phillip Seymour Hoffman: I wonder if Leo will pay his respects at Hoffman’s funeral or go clubbing tonight….

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    @hahahahaha: leo cheats? why?

  • Ha

    @The Academy:
    He didn’t know PSH personally so I doubt he would pay respects to him. Only close friends do that or people who knew him…troll.

  • west

    @Ha: so he’s looking for women who are 40? or women in their early 30s?

  • The Academy

    @LMAO: LOL hopefully the stains and used c.ondoms were cleaned up before Kate got there

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    I’m leaving. Too many trolls and haters have taken over and all the good posters left :(

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  • creme

    why would someone want to marry a guy who cheats and takes drugs?

  • creme

    why does he feel the need to cheat?

  • number

    i thought leo was a great guy.

  • Leo’s house

    is never locked hahhah… I wonder if threre’s a schedule for the guests

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    @Leo’s house: why does he cheat? what does he get out of it?

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    @Ha: Yeah it’s too much!! It’s only fun here when we can all get together and bash Toni and make fun of her looks! But when people start doing it to Leo and calling him out, it’s too much to take! I’m so above it!!

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    @number: Leo likes new things and gets bored easily. He also has a sex addiction. I think he gets more pleasure out of cheating than he does out of his empty relationships with children.

  • Leo’s house

    Does Leo have any other female friends his own age??…..

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    I never bashed Toni so screw off. I never had a problem with her the way other posters did. And I guess bashing Leo’s looks, insulting his mother, wishing he was dead, and making fun of him for apparently being addicted to drinking and drugs on a daily basis is FUNNY? Cool, sign me out of this filth. I don’t think any real fans should bother coming here anymore. Its obvious this is just a site for haters to spend their time spamming these threads with the nastiest comments about a man they will never know nor meet.

  • Quote

    “I don’t get to see Toni as much as I wish”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio

  • becca

    @Ha: yeah we don’t know him, people should back off! but i sure hope he is well surrounded. :)

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    I’d advise you to keep away from these threads. Its only full of trolls/haters now. All the good posters left.

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    leo is unsatisfied allll the time!

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    @Ha: that’s sad. I love his work so I don’t care about the mean things that are said. if he does have an addiction he has to take care of it, and people shouldn’t laugh about it;

  • mmmm

    “I feel the same about her. It’s been fantastic, honestly, having someone who is my age, and such a real woman.”
    Well I guess he’s not hanging with REAL WOMEN, he just hangs with the kids instead…

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    There used to be a lot of great posters like Leonie, LOL42, Zzzzzz, HAHA12, etc but they all either left or stopped posting here as much.

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    Typo! We *may not

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    Hello. I just don’t know how much longer are they going to be keeping it up? I was not a regular but used to comment from time to time and while there were arguments and trolls, it was NEVER this bad. I miss all the conversations people like you and HAHA12 had about Leo’s work or career. Or all the interesting conversations people like also… and LOL42 would have on anything Leo related. I just wish these trolls would go away already, some of the comments here whether they are jokes or not being made about him and Irmelin are so out of line. AND FWIW I never was a Toni basher. This place used to be so much fun to come to but now it’s just not the same.

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    Guest news: @LeoDiCaprio will be attending the #EEBAFTAs on Sunday 16 Feb!

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    I would be good if we asked from JustJared to require a username and password, y’all.

    The trolls would only be part of the past:))

  • Lainey
    I don’t think Lainey approves of Coopers’ modelising but she respects that he acknowledges it, owns it, and treats his girlfriend in a more mature manner. Y”know like she is a fellow human being, rather than insisting she hides her face the way Leo demands of his girls

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    I LOVE this Suki -Brad couple!!!!!

  • Black sharpie
    She’s been posting a lot recently?! Is this for another night at the FF?
    She also posted a pic of Berlin

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    Leo has always been about hiding his face and making a fool of himself and his girlfriend. I wish he’d relax and not have to hide his damn face everytime he’s seen with a GF, but he has too many eccentricities and always looks tense. Bradley on the other hand always looks relaxed and at peace.

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    Not to mention I’ve always gotten a confident vibe from Bradley.

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    @Ha: It does amaze me how the crazy hold conversation with themselves for hours at a time! You can usually hold a conversation later in the day. I actually have to leave for work. Hope to talk to you later! ;)

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    Do you guys think Leo will dump Toni right before Valentine’s Day? lol

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    Hi! Sorry for butting in but i just wanted to ask you something about the conversation you had with ####.
    She said something about quarantine and flu?
    What were you talking about ? I have no idea and i would like to know.
    If you don’t mind please answer. Thanks.

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    @Black sharpie: who cares about Toni?
    Obsessed much??…

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    That’s the problem.
    Leo hiding in dumpsters and covering his face does not make ONE difference. Everyone knows his type and some jab at him for it what’s the point of hiding? Leo people know its you dumbass. There are so many pics of Leo with his girls where they are hiding their faces or running and you know its because its what Leo wants. By now he should give it up and just own it