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Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up to Receive Cinema Vanguard Award

Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up to Receive Cinema Vanguard Award

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dreamy as always while attending an event to receive the Cinema Vanguard Award at the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Thursday (February 6) at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor received the award alongside Martin Scorsese for collaborating on five films throughout their career.

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Leo‘s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill was also on hand to celebrate his pals. It was announced this week that the actors will be reuniting for another film. Make sure to check out the details!

FYI: The festival is Sponsored by Heineken.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio receiving the Cinema Vanguard Award…

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leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 01
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 02
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 03
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 04
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 05
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 06
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 07
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 08
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 09
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 10
leonardo dicaprio suits up to receive cinema vanguard award 11

Credit: Mark Davis; Photos: Getty
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  • Zzzzzz

    @Tweet: Hi – was about to go when I saw your comment. I think Leo is so use to hiding his face, that it’s almost second nature for him. I think I read somewhere that he doesn’t like people making money off his image or something like that. Re Bradley comment – I agree completely! I think also, the difference is Leo was a teen heartthrob, Bradley wasn’t. I think it definitely messed up Leo’s outlook on life.

  • ####


    LOL….that was about me personally. I was supposed to have a birthday dinner last night with my family but everyone is sick! First my actual birthday gets trumped by the Super Bowl and then the day we have reservations for dinner, everyone’s sick!!! :-(

  • Zzzzzz

    @Minnie: Hi – real quick – I’m late! #### was supposed to have a birthday dinner last night, but her whole family/house have the flu so they didn’t go! :( Nothing to be worried about!
    Later! ;)


    the thread is quiet now and the nasty comments against Leo have stopped.
    Im guessing , the troll must be sleeping now .
    *Good nightmares*

  • Tweet

    Thing is, he will never publicly own it. After Titanic he tried so hard to be taken seriously and to be known for his acting, rather than his personal life. If he started flaunting his modelizer rep it would make more people ask him about who hes dating and what not. He wants his personal life out of the public eye.

  • Minnie

    i thought there was a pandemic! :)

  • Tweet

    But at the end of the day, theyre still going to make money off his face regardless so its like whats the point of making yourself look like a fool and go through all this trouble to hide? Definitely agree about Bradley, he truly never became really famous until he was an adult. Leo reached fame at a much earlier age and still seems to struggle with that every day. He should stop living in the past.

  • ####

    @Black sharpie:

    Her posting has been very strange since she’s been in Germany. She does not seem happy at all in any of the pics she’s posted. Just my opinion…..

  • Minnie

    What a relief!!!!

  • Minnie

    What a relief!!!!

  • @159

    But they already ask him now! Its pretty much a punchline on national television.
    He’s been playing the hiding game for 20 odd years now and IMO its pointless now, just own it.

  • @Lilly

    Wheres she gone? Come back. You spread loads of positivity here!!!

  • Tweet

    I don’t disagree but I doubt he ever will.

  • Wow

    Vitalii Sediuk.
    Omg, i like this prankster hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL
  • lolz

    @Wow; Oh what i wouldn’t give!! That hilarious prankster came so close to Leo’s precious “gem” haha
    im so jealous!!!!

  • HMMM

    Toni is posting alot on instagram again, but now she is liking pics too, which I haven’t seen her doing at all since the nina pics came out. Maybe she was scared to go on social media to see everybody talking about nina, etc?

  • ???

    Toni is in Europe and Leo is going to be in London on Sunday so they will probably meet there.

  • LOL

    Leo isn’t going to be in London on Sunday. The BAFTA’S aren’t until 2/16.

  • R

    @???: yeah, thy’ll probably do a little pr for the public. like this it’s “good” for both of their personas…

  • Zzzzzz

    @LOL: Hi! Thanks for posting the picture! Leo looks like he thinks it’s a joke. He’s laughing! He probably knows the guy did it to Bradley.
    @R: Hi! I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s usually what happens after the ‘he’s seen with another girl’ stories come out.

  • Leo with Mickey Rooney
  • good

    i’m so happy HAHA12 isnt here anymore.
    Her essays were always so boring.

  • Leokas

    @LOL: Thats what i do to Leo all day everyday! he does the same to me ;) I love Leo’s crotch, I bow down to it all the time! He is my king!

  • who’s that girl??
  • bart

    @who’s that girl??: leo is still as ugly, this was before his nose job by the way……


    leo uses women and treats them like dirt.
    He is a sexist. I wonder how his mother raised him to be so gross towards woman.
    leonardo throws out these terrible values in today’s society.
    He is just some random man from los angeles who got his lucky shot and took what he wanted to take out of the celebrity lifestyle.
    He’s selling a brand and it’s pathetic.

  • @troll

    so, you are awake now??

  • right on

    misogynistic leo


    Why does leo think he has power, i’m curious….

  • right on

    leo likes PR and promotion because he never truly graduated from high school so that’s his type of degree.

  • bart

    leo has been in orgies in real life! ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • @186

    how do you know that? stop trying to vilify leo FFS.

  • blues

    They all match perfectly together with that background

  • ….

    I wonder if Leo set up that “sighting” of his dad and niece the other day, in order to silence the reports of his step-brothers troubles?

  • 666

    @@186: eyes wide shut

  • bart

    leo loves orgies. he’s so lost and grossed out of himself. but he can’t stop. and his money makes him think he has friends.

  • @190

    i would like to see him have an orgy !!!

  • bart

    i jus don’t understand why he feels the need to impress the losers around him? maybe cause he feels like one too?

  • bart

    @@190: if he feel like his “friends” are like family then he must have really horrible real family members to think horrible people are like family…..

  • bart

    leo is a “try hard”

  • Amy


    What is he trying to do? Give Leo a bj? Strange “comedian”

  • nnnnn

    halle berry and leo? anal sex? cocaine? wtf?

  • mmiu

    that comedian are the one who is strange making sick assumptions all the time about other people you don’t even know..

  • @197

    i’ve read about it too. Tell me it’s not true, although were talking about two major hoes here.

  • gggggg

    leo is gay y’all

  • nnnnnn

    @@197: no woman really wants leo, he mistreated his body and other people’s bodies? leo likes to wear a mask and a costume to Fuccckkkk some people….

  • §§§§§§§§

    leo has had his fair share of men as well

  • rich$$$$$

    if you people only knew what leo’s life is really like….

  • @201

    yiou are right .Leo mistreats his body non stop.If people around him LOVED him they would have told him to take it easy with all these whores he f*cks at clubs(co…ine, alcohol and what not)