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Bradley Cooper & Toni Garrn: 'American Hustle' Berlin After Party!

Bradley Cooper & Toni Garrn: 'American Hustle' Berlin After Party!

Bradley Cooper keeps it casual cool while attending an after party for his latest film American Hustle at an exclusive hotspot on Friday (February 7) in Berlin, Germany.

The 39-year-old actor was joined by his director David O. Russell, who posed with Tilda Swinton.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend Toni Garrn was also spotted baring her midriff at the party.

Earlier in the day, Bradley and David were all dressed up while attending the photo call for American Hustle with Christian Bale.

American Hustle is set to hit theaters in Germany on Thursday (Feb 13)!

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  • LOL

    Toni is cute but her black outfit is horrific!

  • Missy

    Don’t like her dress but she looks fresh and pretty <3

  • Nessa

    What. The. F. Is she wearing???

  • Saff

    I don’t think she is very attractive. Reminds me of a giraffe with a very plain face.

  • nirvana

    grunge style !

  • Ouch

    Tilda has always a strange but great look

  • Jilian

    Tilda looks great! She has her very own unique style and she always rocks it. I think no one else could pull off her outfits! haha And I think I actually like her better as a blonde (I also heard that’s her natural hair color) than with the red hair. She definitely has a certain aura – just by looking at her and her intelligent eyes I would love to have a long evening of conversations with her. Toni Garrn here is a very, very beautiful woman (in a horrible outfit lol), but standing next to Tilda she seems rather banally pretty and uninteresting to me.

  • LA

    Tilda Swinton is a great actress ! Toni Garrn is a lovely looking girl.

  • Suki Be Alter

    Haha The backstabbing b¡tch Toni Garrn who started dating Leonardo DiCaprio after spending time with Erin Heatherton when she was dating him, now is after Suki’s boyfriend Bradley Cooper who does invited his girlfriends to the premieres, parties and everywhere.

  • Eeww…

    Bradley Cooper is beyond CREEPY.

    The pics of him & Suki Waterhouse in the park in Paris last year shows that he’s such a pervert. Bradley reading “Lolita” to her while she’s looking like a 15 yr old in dressed in overalls with her hair in pigtails draped all over him was so sickening.

    The fact he’s nearly 40 & dating a 20 yr old that looks much younger speaks volumes about what type of guy he is yet women think he’s hot when in reality he’s so SLEAZY!!!

  • Interchangeable Escort

    Now was replaced by Nina Agdal.

  • Bar 2.0

    Every story has been out there is about Leo cheating, how bored he looks with her, playing backgammon in his cell at a party with her, no interaction or talk. And her numerous IG post prove that she is going all stage 5 clinger/stalker on him.
    She is a clingy doormat and Leo keeps her on because he can do whatever he want on the side, Leo who is a restless guy gets bored easily, has very close relationships with his parents and buddies, and has a lot of models willing to entertain him, and she turn a blind eye and laughs because she likes the career boost of being “Leo’s girlfriend”.

  • @”fangirls”

    How typical that Leo’s “fangirls” are trashing Toni yet not a word about the fact he’s a serial modelizer that only dates very young blond VS models that get younger & younger every year……Beyond creepy & sleazy, not wonder Bradley & Leo are such good friends……both perverts!

  • hahahahaha

    I can see the elastic of her granny panties

  • ewww

    Toni Garrn looks like utter sh^t in the pic
    Manly face and ghostly eyes

  • Monica

    What is she wearing??

  • ewww

    what is this shiiit she’s wearing?? OMG
    I cant believe this average- looking woman is a model.
    She’s a fraud.

  • exactly

    @Bar 2.0:
    Toni is willing to take leo’s crap in return for the perks of dating a megastar.
    She has no self esteem. Just like a Wh*re haha

  • Leo dicap

    ….wouldn’t even spit in her direction if it wasn’t for her 22 year old(allegedly) pu..ssy

  • lolz

    toni’s outfit is yucky.
    She looks like a homeless poor girl .

  • Mia

    she’s the worst dressed model i’ve ever seen.

  • @lolz

    She looks like a dumped girl.

  • @lolz / Mia / Leo dicap /ewww

    and “exactly” is the same person.

  • ditto

    Wow now thats an ugly jawline protruded forehead and crazy eyes.
    Her eyebrows suck too.
    Leo scraped the bottom of the barrel with her.

  • Someone is jealous


  • Liar

    She is not supposed wore the Jennifer Meyer necklace every day?

  • @toni garrn

    you are a slu t.An ugly one;)

  • @12…

    If you believe that then it proves what a do*che bag Leo IS towards women but instead YOU trash HER……All because you delude yourself into thinking that Leo is really “Jack” from Titanic…..So sick & twisted!

  • lol

    So predictable.
    I remember the constant abuse on Erin’s posts, then she and Leo broke up, now no one comments there. The Leo girls have now moved to Toni posts

  • @toni garrn

    Now you can tell everyone you have f-cked Leonardo DiCaprio.
    I guess you are very proud of it, aren’t ya? lol…

  • toni and her”laydays”

    LOL. She can’t even spell it right.
    German girls are not very bright tbh..

  • @”fangirls”

    How SICK is it that you Leo “fangirls” are trashing Toni just because she’s his current girlfriend.
    Calling her a doormat yet you “fangirls” are NO better than Toni as you EXCUSE the way he treats women like a piece of meat & idolize a pervert like him.

  • Can’t wait!

    When Leo’s 50 & still dating 20 yr olds no one will think he’s cool but instead just a dirty old man.

    By then he’ll no longer be a leading man in movies as time catches up to everyone & other younger hotter actors come along & take his place just like it has to other actors before him!

    As he gets older the paps will no longer follow him & care what he’s doing……lol.

  • what a joke

    So now she has her own tag in Justjared?
    wow…If it wasn’t for Leo the superstar no one would even know this little nobody exists..
    Toni should enjoy her 15 minutes

  • crazees

    @lol: lol same thing with Bar. Leos crazies used to give her ten pages of comments, now shes lucky to even get 1 page. Once he broke up with Bar and onto Blake, their hate shifted to Blake’s threads. Theyre beyond psycho.

  • Toni

    Garrn is a shi.tty model. She’s unprofessional and lazy.
    Her only occupation is being Leo’s puppy.#wuf wuf

  • Toni fans

    It’s not Leo’s fault he has such crazy fans but not all of us are like that. Stop cursing Leo! He does not deserve just like Toni does not deserves the insults she is getting. Ignore these b!tches.

  • Bradley is a creep

    Bradley is an ugly creep with a racoon nose and no talent. He lied to his fans he did not pluck younger girls. Leo did not say that to his fans.

    Tonii Garn is a beautiful model who works hard. Why are is she pictured with ugly Bradley?

  • pipi

    @38- “Tonii Garn is a beautiful model who works hard”
    She works hard HER PU*SSY. There’s a difference.

  • yuck

    i can’t believe Leo used to sleep with that Toni sluuut.
    She would have given him so many STDs.

  • Tilda

    Tilda – a beautiful and intelligent woman, inside and out! mmm her confidence is so sexy.

    Toni – 14 year old’s idea of a perfect woman. Leo still has not outgrown this.

  • BA!

    did you guys see they just updated the article 35 minutes ago? I’m pretty sure they added this part, am I right? :
    Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend Toni Garrn was also spotted baring her midriff at the party.

  • Huh?

    @BA!: No, that part was there.

  • No

    I am not Leo’s fan and I can’t stand his fans, but I think Toni is so boring…
    Toni has no self esteem. Leo is a cheater.

  • dana

    There’s something about Cooper’s mouth/cheeks/teeth area that reminds me of my grandmother when she take off her prosthesis teeth.

  • truth

    Leo might still be with Toni but, he really wants Nina. Nina’s his first choice. Nina’s not dumping Max so Leo has to wait.

  • Well

    So is Leo done with the German T-bone?

  • lalala

    @Well: Maybe not…yet. But even though it seems he has been out of the clubs scenes since the rumor with Nina, these two are now in the final stretch to soon call it quits.