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Dylan Farrow Reponds to Woody Allen: Nothing Can Change the Truth

Dylan Farrow Reponds to Woody Allen: Nothing Can Change the Truth

Dylan Farrow has released a statement responding to Woody Allen‘s op ed piece from the New York Times.

In the op-ed piece, the 78-year-old director refuted any claims that he sexually assaulted his adopted daughter.

“Once again, Woody Allen is attacking me and my family in an effort to discredit and silence me – but nothing he says or writes can change the truth. For 20 years, I have never wavered in describing what he did to me. I will carry the memories of surviving these experiences for the rest of my life,” Dylan, 28, said in a statement (via People).

“His op-ed is the latest rehash of the same legalese, distortions and outright lies he has leveled at me for the past 20 years,” Dylan concluded.

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  • GGGive

    i don’t care anymore

  • Calm Down

    Can’t they just all together go and see a shrink and stop annoying and confusing everybody who reads these weird statements?

  • Mew

    Why is this any of our effing business!? Why can’t she confront him PRIVATELY AND DEAL WITH IT PRIVATELY. instead shes blaming everyone whos worked with him and people who enjoy his movies for what happened.

    We should be able to appreciate Woody’s work without condoning what he did(if its true).

  • Sophia

    I don’t really have an opinion on who’s guilty or not, but saying “once again WA is attacking me” is rather odd considering she attacked him directly in her statement as well. If he hadn’t commented, she’d probably say “once again, WA refuses to say anything on the matter”.

  • Relax

    Dylan…stfu already! Your parents are crazy and so are you. Stop wasting your time on the social network and go tell your shrink!!!

  • peach

    “Woody Allen is attacking me and my family” – no offence but that’s exactly what her and mia farrow are doing.

  • Bonnie

    She doesn’t have any PR team to write her a nice speach! It’s her right to defend herself publicly!

  • ugh

    @Mew: really? cause i can’t enjoy this guy’s movies knowing he’s gotten away with this if he did, as would any sensible person that is aware of the pain behind sexual abuse and has a moral compass period. and the only reason why she is making public statements is because she has no way of contacting him or his team, they are obviously rejecting her private statements. clearly he disconnected himself from her. and he didn’t want to accept his lifetime award cause he is still harboring guilt, it wasn’t cause he felt like being with his wife, he knows he’s being celebrated and he messed up badly. i’d feel sick to my stomach if he accepted the award so he did the right thing cause he know he effed up in his personal life that became so public. he should be grateful he still has a career in hollywood, then again there are many “elites” in this industry that have done sexual abuse to actors and actresses alike and if you don’t believe that, then you’re very ignorant and blind.

  • phaedra

    Read this before you think that Woody is innocent:

  • last word— naaa

    What makes me think that if Woody had stayed with Mia she would have turned a blind eye, to the alleged behavior, ,,,which I don’t believe by the way.

  • Jess

    Your 15 mins are over.
    back to obscurity
    seek intensive family counseling
    bury it, or marry a man and make his life hell

  • they started it

    Hey, let’s all go out in the street, air our filthiest most soiled laundry publicly, and fling poop at our enemies. civilized behavior?

  • FFS

    FFS let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whoever advised this girl is stupid. What point is there in putting her on the world stage at this point? There will never be a time when everyone will believe her when the whole world has an opinion.

    as for the actors they have every right to work with woody at this point since there was no solid proof and no conviction. Trying to shame them is silly and will backfire on her.

  • lol at #8

    you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. He rarely goes to award shows and you are saying he didn’t go due to guilt?????
    wow, just wow. the ignorance on these gossip sites is amazing.

    she also has plenty of ways of contacting him. Her broker moses for one is back in contact with him and could easily hook them up.

    I hope Blue Jasmine wins everything it is up for just to show these games won’t work. If he is guilty- throw away the key for sure– but until then stfu unless you plan to go to court or something. Bringing up a 20 year old case serves no purpose– but of course to give them all press.

  • Thank you Dylan!!

    Thank you Dylan for speaking up about his abuse and describing in vivid detail how he abused you. And all he can say is “her mother made her say those thing.” This man should be locked up immediately.
    Who knows how many other young girls he has abused. But maybe some of them are silent because he promised them money or fame just as he said to Dylan.
    What a deranged creep he has proven himself to be taking naked pornographic pictures of very young Soon Yi (she was not 19 but closer to 14 years of age when he took those pictures) and then saying “She told me to take those pictures of her.” Even then he lied and had his people adjust her age because he should have been prosecuted then and put in jail but because he had money to buy people off he got away with it and to this day says Soon Yi was 19 years old.
    And one has to wonder if Soon Yi isn’t keeping her mouth shut and Moses is lying for him because he PROMISED THEM FAME AND MONEY just as he promised Dylan.
    He is not only a liar based on what the court docs are showing but possibly a disturbed pedophile and I am so happy Dylan is not turning loose of this louse. Keep telling your story Dylan many of us believe you!!! Bravo Dylan!!

  • Jane

    I’m fed up with this story. It’s so old!!!

  • duh

    #15 they are 36 (moses) and soon yi is idk how old now but older then that. WHen is this fame coming in? lol.
    Moses was estranged from Mia long before this recent story broke and had got back in touch with his father. He didn’t speak now for money. You are just guessing since it doesn’t fit your narrative so trying to make it work when the truth is Moses does not believe Dylan was molested.

  • Gracia

    Go away!

  • silly

    Being his wife, Soon Yi has his money and she is the boss in the realationship for sure. Moses being a DR. and family therapist would jeopardize his whole career for covering for Woody.

  • Jane

    They want to kill him!!!

  • DBZ

    Dylan was 6-7 years old at the time of the alleged events. She can’t possibly remember that much. Looks like Mia told her what to say to make him look like a monster. “For as long as I could remember, my father had been doing things to me that I didn’t like” – what else did he do then? Why is she being so cryptic and vague despite saying over and over again she remembers exactly what happened? She’s acting like a brainwashed puppet who is doing her mom a favor by taking her ex lover down publicly when he’s up for an award. If justice is what she was really after she would sue him, she still can but choose not to. I’m telling you this woman is lying through her teeth and will keep doing so as long as you give her that much blind support. A good shrink is what she needs!

  • jocelyn

    i’m genuinely disgusted by some of the comments on here. how would you feel if it was you sister or daughter? would you tell them to keep quiet & not confront their abuser? it’s despicable how he is celebrated when he has has carried out the most vile acts on a child. he has never acknowledged his guilt or been sentenced for his crime but instead spreads lies about the child’s mother. in what other walk of life would someone like this be allowed to get away with this.

    seriously go & read the vanity fair article. this was a man seeing a psychologist BEFORE these abuse claims came out because of the way he behaved around dylan. & then read the description of how someone at the house that day saw his head in her lap & how she didn’t have any underwear on. i can’t even look at this man without wanting to vomit.

  • dorann

    The same Mia Farrow that randomly brags about cheating with Mrs Sinatra’s husband forever and teases that he could have fathered her son… spontaneously musing about who might be the father of her son, Allen or Sinatra. Is this another pattern of revenge-filled taunting to make someone else’s life hell.

    Mia presents herself as a saint mangled with the terrible. Good hearted, benevolent people, like Mia, can implement horrible schemes for personal reasons. I have enjoyed both Mia and Woody.

  • OMG

    Woody was right, these Farrow family are crazy as f-ck. I think the first open letter was enough, what is she after now? A book deal? A reality show? Take your made up drama indoors please.

  • wanda

    #22 you say those things as if he was PROVEN GUILTY. If that was the case people would respond differently. If he was proven guilty the celebs and fans might distance themselves from him but right now that is not the case.
    Confronting your abuser and going on a public media campaign are not the same thing.
    In terms of the VF article- that is a he said/she said thing. Maureen is a friend of Mia (even if she claims not to be now) and made up her mind already. Both sides are cherry picking the facts they want to project– she left out facts that support woody and so did he. Bottom line- no proof. No conviction. So no point in this being played in the media again now.

  • Gina

    Saying he molested her doesn’t make it gospel truth. Since the allegations against Woody Allen have not been proven in a court of law, there is a moral and legal imperative to give him “any benefit of the doubt”. Take him to court or STFU now.

  • amelie


    Wow – someone still spinning the spurned women line. What mother do you know that would convince their child that they were sexually abused just to get back at an ex- lover. I think that Mia Farrow was very stupid because she should never have gone out with a creep like Woody Allen or let him anywhere near her children especially when she realised that he hard developed sexual feelings towards her daughters.

    I think that it is interesting how people seem to think that Mia has brainwashed Dylan when you look at the dynamic of Woody’s relationship with Soon Yi whom he met when she was only an adolescent. He basically groomed her until she was of age & has managed to stop her speaking in public or to the press.

  • Lexi

    #22 You said it all with “read the vanity fair article”. That magazine has become another US Weekly. Why don’t you go and read the reports instead of reading magazine articles.

  • silly

    how would you feel if it was your father or brother wrongly and unjustlty accused and publicly humiliated? and what Psychologist would break his confidentiality and disclose a patients information?
    and what acts? bad ones? really bad ones? involving sheets, underwear/no underwear, dads with underwear,heads in laps, and kids not wearing their clothes? oh my never happens

  • Zara

    “What mother do you know that would convince their child that they were sexually abused just to get back at an ex- lover.” Can’t believe there are such naive people out there. I’m sorry to bring this news to you, but those horrible human beings do exist. Just read the news every now and then.

  • woody documentary

    anyone else watch this before?
    parts of it has Soon Yi in it.

  • inception

    Sorry, the man was found innocent – or at least not guilty, he did not go to jail. I think Dylan is screwed up because of her Hollywood mother, Mia Farrow came from show business family, did not know how to cope with being left for someone else and had her children make up lies to make it much more dramatic. Or just convinced herself it was true. This is a woman who does not know for certain the paternity of her own son, whether it’s Allen or Frank Sinatra. If she doesn’t know who fathered her own biological child, I’m not leaping to her defense in her ability to raise them properly. Every single time abuse is uttered, we’re suppose to automatically not question the accuser but damn the accused. To hell with that. I believe Woody Allen. Marrying Soon-Yi doesn’t make him a pedophile either.

  • M Goodwin

    I don’t like movies or music made by pedophiles

  • moma mia

    her birthday is tomorrow!!
    Oh mia. Wonder if it will be a good one.

  • Domino

    She urgently needs to STFU.

  • essie

    Dylan’s actual concluding statement was, “I won’t let the truth be buried and I won’t be silenced.” Damn straight, now that we are the generation of social media, it’s not going to. No money in the world can stop that.

  • dorann

    @DBZ: by the same token suppose it was you babysitting, a niece or nephew. What if it was your family member accused… by the grace of God any of us could love and support or be an accuser or an accused. Trying to look at boths side or throwing up both hands isn’t a bias.

  • Sam

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Hate to say this but women in these types of situations can be very, very, very… manipulative, scary and dishonest. She does seem to know the hardest way to hit a man – let alone a public figure – is to accuse him of child molestation.
    The entire family is in dire need of serious counseling – especially Mia Farrow. This besmirching is so pathetic. And I don’t think that rehashing past painful events – whether they are true or not – in the media will bring them any closure.

  • kelso

    All this is getting stirred up because Saint Mia The Liar got upset that The Gloden Globes gave Mr. Allen an award that he didn’t even want, yet she approved the little clip shown that night… That her daughter took so long to speak out, and that her accusations of molestation are so vague, smacks of a reconstructed memory influenced by an angry and bitter mother. It’s all Farrow family media spin designed to publicise Ronan’s talk show.

  • Neil

    He may BELIEVE what he is saying, but my memory is all over the place before the age of 7….
    ….Of course it helps to have people “remind” you…

  • Neil


    Sorry, meant to say SHE may BELIEVE…..

  • jakson

    This is now a pr. Chores for all actors who’ve worked with him defending him. They’re scared that their actors will have fans back away from them too. Keep talking. The room full of internsposting is fright because no one is ok with this. Them posting shows how wrong it was.

  • jakson


    Im sure it is about hop scotch n toys, schoolwork but RAPE? Sure u may be clear on that.

  • disappointed

    I believe her. Her baby pic say a lot. I have some other friends who have been molested in their past. same type of pics when the molestation occured. She has that dark, puffy circle under the eyes look of a child who has experienced that kind of trauma. If you look at Woody’s present adopted kid (the Caucasian one) she has it too. Soon-Yi is probably so effed up that she thinks molestation is how one parents and loves.
    Shame on this board for being Perez-esque with the comments.

  • jakson

    I saw an interview w here he admitted it twice, casually. Saying before I did this….then changed it. Hes a liar. He can’t even lie about ut correctly.

  • woody documentary

    #44 watch the documentary above. Soon Yi is not messed up. So many people are assuming so much since they have missing links they just make it up as they go along.
    The press picked the worse pics of dylan and him together. Here is one though of her putting her head on his shoulders.

  • umm

    Somebody here has some unresolved personal issues of their own. Woody is innocent.

  • jakson

    Why is he innocent? Because he has more money than u? U realize he’s not giving it to u? This is why 1 out 4 abused come forward. Even less prosecute. Because this is how they r treated. I can only assume because this is a horrendous crime that there is no sympathy from fellow perpetrators.

  • scallywag

    It’s interesting to note that Woody Allen keeps responding to Mia, as if Mia is accusing him, as if this is his word against Mia, and as if he could denigrate Mia enough these problems would go away.

    But this is about Dylan. She’s a grown adult now. This isn’t about what Mia said or did- this is about what Dylan. Attacking Mia’s sexual history allows him to completely miss the point, to defend himself without ever addressing the real issue and the real victim. In Woody Allen’s mind it is clear he is the real victim and no one else.

    In the end one doesn’t know what to necessarily think, who to believe, but that said one comes away with the knowledge some kind of irreparable damage has been done amongst a family that at one point used to care and love each other and that is the pang.

  • umm

    Sooo nobody has ever been wrongly accused and accusers should automatically be believed…no worry about defamation – libel/slander…don’t EVER work in the legal system ….emotional gut feeling sorts of people with wild hunches need to work elsewhere…like in restuarants or animal shelters