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Leonardo DiCaprio: Ace Eddie Awards 2014 with Tom Hanks!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Ace Eddie Awards 2014 with Tom Hanks!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a picture with Tom Hanks in the green room at the 2014 Ace Eddie Awards held at Paramount Studios on Friday evening (February 7) in Hollywood.

The two Oscar nominated actors presented awards that evening. Leo handed out the Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic) prize to Chris Rouse for Captain Phillips, while Tom honored his Captain Phillips director Paul Greengrass with the Ace Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year award.

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Also pictured at the event was Leo‘s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill.

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leonardo dicaprio ace eddie awards 2014 with tom hanks 05
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  • Leo is so beautiful!!!

    OMG a masterpiece<33
    I love you so much my baby!

  • nice pics

    Thanks Just Jared!
    We can never get enough of Leo! *swoon*

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  • leo

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww. why is he so boring? leo is admired for learning the answers to his interviews. wow, amazing man! he can’t do anything by himself

  • dapper Leo

    Love these pics. More more more please!
    Dapper Leo for eva!

  • leo

    Poor leo. his whole life is a joke! everything constructed around him whn in reality he’s just another plain, boring and stupid 40 year old man

  • leo

    Leo is unhappy dating idiots. because he realizes that he is one himself.

  • a great actor

    He’s the greatest actor of his generation.
    All these people around him should be very proud of Leo

  • @leo

    you are the idiot. You keep spamming Leo’s threads with nasty comments abut a man who doesn’t even know you exist.IDIOT

  • leo

    @@leo: leo doesn’t know he exists himself.

  • leo

    leo looks depressed.

  • Lilly

    One of my two favourite actors in the same picture 😄

  • leo

    leo has nightmares. leo is scared of ghosts!

  • leo

    @Lilly: leo has bad surroundings.

  • Ok

    Looking good. Anything new on the project with Jonah?

  • leo

    leo is scared of his friends.

  • Toni

    So Leo and Toni are still on. She’s hanging with his friends. She is Bar 2.0 !!!!!!

  • Ok

    @Toni: Thee is a regular poster who uses the same name. But I think she’s getting a lot more publicity now from them being together!

  • S

    Leo sure was busy yesterday. He looks very handsome. Cool that you got to go again and ask him a question this time @Zzzz!

  • Toni (not normal one)

    @Ok: ah I didnot know. And yeah she’s turning in Bar so much though. Wow dating Leo does wonders for your career.

  • pach

    @Toni: being in the same place together is hanging??I see no pictures of her being anywhere near Bradley. If you use that logic then Leo is still with Erin,Bar Blake Gisele if his friends happen to be at the same event.

  • pach

    Though I’m sure they’re still together but not because they’re at the same event. People can be so stupid.

  • ####

    He looks good! :-)

    Are toni and Leo, there’s nothing that says she was hanging out with bradley or Kevin. No one has said they are broken up—yet. LOL

  • Fat DiCaprio

    Leo is a cheater!

  • leo

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  • lolll

    Leo is my all time favorite actor and his acting abilities are excruciatingly exceptional, but his personal life turns me off. I wish he didnt go from model to model. It was ok with Gisele because it was not so pathetically predictable and creepy, and they were closer in age. It was a little weird with Bar but, after her its gotten pathetic. Younger and younger. Grow up Leo.

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    truth hurts, doesn’t it? lol

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    Jfc the trolls around here…

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    Hes no 90s Leo anymore, hes gotten fat and old. Dating 20 yr old young blonde models like hes still Jack Dawson, hahaaaaahhaa.

  • DON

    leo can’t get it up!!!

  • ####

    Mike Hovanky (@Itchyypanda)
    2/8/14, 12:56 AM
    Fun night at the Q&A & screening of #WolfOfWallStreet with @JonahHill & Leonardo DiCaprio

  • DON

    @notjackdanymore: yeah, jack dawson is all make believe.
    in reality leo is cal hockley

  • pach


  • DON

    @####: leo and jonah are the same size…..except leo is getting bald and jonah isn’t….

  • ####

    MSN UK Entertainment (@msnents)
    2/8/14, 3:58 AM
    Aw, we love these guys!…

  • DON

    Leo has insecurities issues. he thinks he’s hot but he’s not. he thinks he looks like a model but he’s just an ugly freaky man

  • broom

    @####: isn’t jonah really young compared to leo? jonah is 10 years younger than leo. leo likes younger friends. and way younger girlfriends……

  • Famewhorre Garrn

    I love Fat DiCaprio. I want to be famous!

  • ####

    Anna M Loedel (@Annaloedel)
    2/8/14, 4:12 AM
    so cousin just met Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, insanely jealous!

  • whoa

    Toni’s fanboy is MAD

  • leo is fat and bloated. period

  • with all the drugs, partying, alcohol and stress leo has his body is starting to suffer from it. he’s losing his hair, looks older and fatter…sad

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    Саша Киноман (@KinoMan1989)
    2/8/14, 8:59 AM
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