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Leonardo DiCaprio: Ace Eddie Awards 2014 with Tom Hanks!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Ace Eddie Awards 2014 with Tom Hanks!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a picture with Tom Hanks in the green room at the 2014 Ace Eddie Awards held at Paramount Studios on Friday evening (February 7) in Hollywood.

The two Oscar nominated actors presented awards that evening. Leo handed out the Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic) prize to Chris Rouse for Captain Phillips, while Tom honored his Captain Phillips director Paul Greengrass with the Ace Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year award.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Also pictured at the event was Leo‘s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill.

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  • patricia

    @same here: the last thread!! ;)

  • incredible

    @Z: Zzzzzz, your story is great! Thank you so much for sharing it. You described everything so well – Leo and how you were dressed and the theatre and the people clapping – I felt I was there! Wow, what an experience. You are lucky, brave and sweet to share it here – just like Leo called you ‘sweet’. You are deffinitely brave to ask him a question, I don’t think I would do that. So glad that you mentioned his environmental work, I also admire his env and wildlife efforts so much, so I kind of feel as if you asked that on behalf of me, too. (Or does it sound weird? LOL.). And people clapped after your words and Leo thanked you, so I think you had his attention, he was impressed by you for sure. I know there were a lot of people asking him various questions, but I think he was deffinitely impressed by you – to thank you and to say it was sweet of you, he was. :))) I’m so happy for you. This is great. He was probably touched bc it’s true that so many people don;t appreciate this passion of his.
    Did he really say ‘it was f@cking hard…’? I also asked you this in the other thread, if he uses swear words.
    Thx so much for the pics and the video. From the pics it doesn’t look like you were far from him. His hair looks much lighter than on the pics jj or other media post.
    What was the thing that impressed you the most about him? Or did you notice anything that cannot be noticed if you don’t see him in person?
    If you have some other videos or pics, post them here.

  • Nadja

    Two of the worlds most talented actors :)

  • good one

    @Nadja: LOL

  • whut

    WTF is Toni wearing at the American Hustle event???? lmao she looks horrible

  • allison

    Leo looks as old as Tom. Tom is almost 60 and Leo is almost 40. Leo may need to stop chasing all these young women

  • blah

    @whut: Like she gives a s%^t!! She’s probably getting paid to wear it and to be there so whatever!!

  • whut

    @blah: so… clearly she will wear and do anything for a bit of fame and money… too bad she was completely out of place at that event and didn’t even look glamorous like she did at the wes anderson premiere. she only brought negative attention upon herself, dumb girl.

  • blah

    @whut: Well most models wear whatever for money…. that’s their job!! And she may have looked out of place, but she was invited. The only negative attention she’s gotten is from Leo’s fan girls on jj

  • Family

    Poor Leo has never experienced a real family before and never will :’(

  • Toni (not normal one)
  • Huh?
  • Family

    One day Leo will get bored of cheap sex

  • Will Smith

    @Toni (not normal one): How is Leo involved? And the Will Smith rumors are not true.

  • Amy


    It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t have a good sense of style. Surprisingly most models don’t.

  • life

    IMPOSTER REVEALED : Contact info?/Louise etc are the girl who went to leo last night. on the edgar thread she gave a descritption of herself and who she want to be and said she was leo’s SM. she is not, she strategically tried to manipulate leo. this is bad luck for him and for her. never do such a thing; she passed herself as a psychic. those people are trolls. never do that, never pretend you are someone you are not. This is just another bad thing for leo and he doesn’t need it, he already has people around him who lie and try to influence him and make up lies. he doesn’t need this anymore. he needs to be well surrounded, not lied to. liars are dangerous people, if she started to do that, imagine how that’s going to evolve. people have to take care of leo.

  • bertha

    @life: the one with the olive skin? the ballerina? who is that? what? would somebody explain that to me?

  • @166

    Do u have a link to that Louise poster please? thanx

  • OMG

    Even psychics have lost their mind.

  • 5678

    @@166: i think it’s on those edgar thread thing. maybe in the last 10 pages I think.

  • @170


  • dicapo

    wasn’t it a Q and A for WOWS? why did she try to promote her stuff? a Q and A for a movie is supposed to be a place where you ask questions about the movie, not to plug your stuff and use celebrities for your own benefit

  • OMG

    Where is psychic2?

  • So

    Now anybody can “manipulate ” Leo?

  • malibu

    Can someone elaborate? I am out of the loop on all this.

    and imo, I think the troll is that girl with the SH name, has 3 kids, has an A connection that is always here trying to make herself his sm. I think she became enraged when the psychics said she was NOT his sm even though at that time I think she was pretending to be “stars” . I might be totally off base but I think stars is the troll and I think that SH girl was stars.

  • life

    @5678: there are some good psychics on those pages. but that contact info/louise is the same person and is trying to fool people as a troll/so called psychic. that’s bad

  • life

    @malibu: no, i read some of it. and from experience I can tell you that there were some good things said by cristal ball, intuition, another one don’t remmeber her name, and stars and vava and you. those are good. I can see that, but they were others that weren’t real ones. lilly had good insights as well..

  • @176

    it seems like that Louise poster is Spanish (notice the typical acute accent in her posts)
    and in one of her posts she claims Leo’s SM(parahprasing her) ” was born and currently lives in a spanish speaking country”.
    Funny isn’t it?!

  • Zzzzzz

    @life: hi. Normally I don’t respond to this kind of comment, but you are so far off about @contact info? that I feel I have to. I was there last night. No way was the ballerina contact info? nor did she imply that she was. All contact info? did was repeat what happened when I was asking Leo a question. She did not say the girl was the SM. I have no idea where that came from, but it definitely didn’t come from her. I suggest you learn to read better and get your facts straight before you open your mouth. This will save you from looking foolish in the future.

  • life

    @@176: yes. that’s a fake, I can tell you that. leo needs to be well surrounded. he has a very positive energy inside of him that needs to be protected. that’s why he needs good things in his life right now. tha danger s if other people took some psychics’s names, just like they did with stars, I could see that, but she had good things, and lilly, and vava, and miss crystal ball etc…..there is some truth in what they say, very interesting things. psychics try to pick some things up. it’s parts and bits of it and visions……the other one who was there last night tried to appear and write about herself as if she was the sm, it’s ridicuouls. when leo will fall in love, nobody will force him to feel something. only him and his real sm will feel it so…..the psychics can only share what info they get.

  • life

    @Zzzzzz: you have no authority. you cannot tell me to think before; she lied and she strategically manipulated those things on the edgar thread. that is not a good thing to do. so i say my opinion,and no, don’t get into this. this is a serious lie that she spread. it has to be said. so don’t defend somebody you don’t know.

  • So

    @life: If that its true “when leo will fall in love, nobody will force him to feel something. only him and his real sm will feel it so…..the psychics can only share what info they get.” why you act so freak and paranoid?

    contact info NEVER said she was the soul mate or the girl from last was it, Still you attacked her like a crazy.

  • leo

    @So: i read it all and life did not attack her at all, i think she warned her not to lie and manipulate. that’s it. i read the comments here , at the other place and it makes a lot of sense.

  • No Soulmate

    Leo’s soulmate is too good for him.

  • life

    i didn not write what you just said, I just said that contact info? is also louise and is also LOST and stuff, and i said that she was a fake.

  • david

    i don’t know but if that girl went to a Q and A to promote her stuff and didn’t talk about wows, she made a fool out of herself…

  • The Future

    Once Leo gets really tired of cheap sex he’s going to go after children like Woody Allen

  • The Future

    Leo will lose his looks and status and young dumb girls won’t even look in his direction anymore. Leo will have no choice but to prey upon innocent children.

  • Sh thing

    The Sh thing comes from the J Edgar thread early on in the thread. It has nothing to do with the person who said the SM will have 3 kids or other posters saying the SM is Latino or whatever else. You shouldn’t clump all the SM info you disagree with into one attack as if it is one person, no one knows what is right or true unless you are this SM person.

  • So

    @leo: yep but some people here in JJ say nonsense or they lie, doesnt mean that we are going to believe blindly in what they say. Feel like a insult that she believe (life) that we are really dumb, like easy to manipulate. We’re not fools, neither Leo.

  • The Future

    @So: Leo is very easy to manipulate. He’s very vulnerable and desperate.

  • Don’t get it

    Hello!. Leo looks so good. And seeing him with Tom Hanks…. i love that man he is so talented.

    @Zzzzzz & @Contac Info?: Thank you for sharing your experience!. I’m so happy for you guys. Thanks for the photos and the video. He looked so good and that story is so funny. They look great together. Thank you again!. And i have to agree with Leo. Zzzzzz you are a sweet girl, your comments are the best and you seem to know a lot about him. So you deserve it!. I’m happy for both of you :)


    About Toni: I don’t know why she suddenly is everywhere, and with her I prove my theory one more time, it looks like when this girls are not working, they don’t know how to dress correctly. Horrendous outfit. Plus, why is she every where?. PR, it’s all about PR!. I’ll say she knows the end is near and she is making the best of it. Too bad she isn’t using it for her modeling career. JMO.

  • The Future

    Leo is currently experiencing a depression. He distracts himself with hanger-ons and hookers who only pay attention to him because of his money.

  • The Future

    Leo gets turned on by stupid people it makes him feel smarter

  • @……

    stars @ 01/23/2014 at 12:47 am
    well, i coundn’t tell you specifiacly what country,no. the only thing i can see (because those are precise questions) is she has something to do with a latin language. but the country is not clear to me, but there are a lot of chances that she might be a francophone. But she could be from any place where they are french speaking; belgium, morocco, quebec, france, switzeland, congo, martinique, haiti, french guyane, and so on….. i hope this helps. but i did see that of her. she is a francophone.

  • Yeah

    @life: I don’t know what is her problem. She was so nice but now she’s turned a bit rude.

  • Ok

    @Don’t get it: well said!!

  • hello!!!!!

    I’m new! let’s talk about leo, ok, what are you guys talking about? i will ask some questions.
    @Yeah: who is rude?

  • Lil

    Question. Who said about ‘sh’ ?

  • Don’t get it

    @Ok: Hey! how are you?. I don’t know what’s wrong with Toni. She never acted this way. It’s all so weird!!!