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Leonardo DiCaprio: Ace Eddie Awards 2014 with Tom Hanks!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Ace Eddie Awards 2014 with Tom Hanks!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a picture with Tom Hanks in the green room at the 2014 Ace Eddie Awards held at Paramount Studios on Friday evening (February 7) in Hollywood.

The two Oscar nominated actors presented awards that evening. Leo handed out the Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic) prize to Chris Rouse for Captain Phillips, while Tom honored his Captain Phillips director Paul Greengrass with the Ace Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year award.

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Also pictured at the event was Leo‘s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill.

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    It’s weird, like i said in my other comment, she should be using this publicity for her modeling career. I’m wondering if she is thinking of doing some acting jobs?. I think she said something about that in an interview someone posted a couple of threads ago. I don’t remember it exactly. I find it funny to see her in the after party of American Hustle when she wasn’t even invited to the after parties of her boyfriend’s movie.
    I have to agree with what black sharpie and bz girl said (i think it was them) she looks weird, like unconfortable.
    She is doing a lot of PR. Either she is taking a break from modeling or like i said before, she wants to become an actress?.
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    @JM: I asked the same question a couple of threads ago. She did say she was wearing it even when she went to the gym or something like that. Some posters said that maybe that necklace mismatched with the outfits she was wearing. I wonder the same thing as you!.

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    @acting: i don’t know, i was surprised that lukas was in inception, the i thought maybe leo got him in it. sorry to say this, but he’s so boring, it’s like he has no expression on his face. same for another friend of his in wows. leo is th great actor. they probably know it;

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    About toni agree. She was at another movie premiere today too.

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