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Woody Allen Responds One Last Time to Dylan Farrow's Sexual Molestation Accusations

Woody Allen Responds One Last Time to Dylan Farrow's Sexual Molestation Accusations

Woody Allen has written an op-ed for the New York Times where he tells his entire version of what his story against the allegations that he sexually abused his daughter Dylan Farrow.

Mia [Farrow] insisted that I had abused Dylan and took her immediately to a doctor to be examined. Dylan told the doctor she had not been molested,” the 78-year-old director wrote. “Mia then took Dylan out for ice cream, and when she came back with her the child had changed her story.”

“Not that I doubt Dylan hasn’t come to believe she’s been molested, but if from the age of 7 a vulnerable child is taught by a strong mother to hate her father because he is a monster who abused her, is it so inconceivable that after many years of this indoctrination the image of me Mia wanted to establish had taken root?” Woody added.

“Of course, I did not molest Dylan. I loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father and exploited by a mother more interested in her own festering anger than her daughter’s well-being,” Woody continued.

In the letter, Woody says this will be his final word on the subject. He also discusses the very controversial topic involving Ronan Farrow‘s real biological father – him or Frank Sinatra.

Click inside to read the letter in its entirety…

TWENTY-ONE years ago, when I first heard Mia Farrow had accused me of child molestation, I found the idea so ludicrous I didn’t give it a second thought. We were involved in a terribly acrimonious breakup, with great enmity between us and a custody battle slowly gathering energy. The self-serving transparency of her malevolence seemed so obvious I didn’t even hire a lawyer to defend myself. It was my show business attorney who told me she was bringing the accusation to the police and I would need a criminal lawyer.

I naïvely thought the accusation would be dismissed out of hand because of course, I hadn’t molested Dylan and any rational person would see the ploy for what it was. Common sense would prevail. After all, I was a 56-year-old man who had never before (or after) been accused of child molestation. I had been going out with Mia for 12 years and never in that time did she ever suggest to me anything resembling misconduct. Now, suddenly, when I had driven up to her house in Connecticut one afternoon to visit the kids for a few hours, when I would be on my raging adversary’s home turf, with half a dozen people present, when I was in the blissful early stages of a happy new relationship with the woman I’d go on to marry – that I would pick this moment in time to embark on a career as a child molester should seem to the most skeptical mind highly unlikely. The sheer illogic of such a crazy scenario seemed to me dispositive.

Notwithstanding, Mia insisted that I had abused Dylan and took her immediately to a doctor to be examined. Dylan told the doctor she had not been molested. Mia then took Dylan out for ice cream, and when she came back with her the child had changed her story. The police began their investigation; a possible indictment hung in the balance. I very willingly took a lie-detector test and of course passed because I had nothing to hide. I asked Mia to take one and she wouldn’t. Last week a woman named Stacey Nelkin, whom I had dated many years ago, came forward to the press to tell them that when Mia and I first had our custody battle 21 years ago, Mia had wanted her to testify that she had been underage when I was dating her, despite the fact this was untrue. Stacey refused. I include this anecdote so we all know what kind of character we are dealing with here. One can imagine in learning this why she wouldn’t take a lie-detector test.

Meanwhile the Connecticut police turned for help to a special investigative unit they relied on in such cases, the Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of the Yale-New Haven Hospital. This group of impartial, experienced men and women whom the district attorney looked to for guidance as to whether to prosecute, spent months doing a meticulous investigation, interviewing everyone concerned, and checking every piece of evidence. Finally they wrote their conclusion which I quote here: “It is our expert opinion that Dylan was not sexually abused by Mr. Allen. Further, we believe that Dylan’s statements on videotape and her statements to us during our evaluation do not refer to actual events that occurred to her on August 4th, 1992… In developing our opinion we considered three hypotheses to explain Dylan’s statements. First, that Dylan’s statements were true and that Mr. Allen had sexually abused her; second, that Dylan’s statements were not true but were made up by an emotionally vulnerable child who was caught up in a disturbed family and who was responding to the stresses in the family; and third, that Dylan was coached or influenced by her mother, Ms. Farrow. While we can conclude that Dylan was not sexually abused, we can not be definite about whether the second formulation by itself or the third formulation by itself is true. We believe that it is more likely that a combination of these two formulations best explains Dylan’s allegations of sexual abuse.”

Could it be any clearer? Mr. Allen did not abuse Dylan; most likely a vulnerable, stressed-out 7-year-old was coached by Mia Farrow. This conclusion disappointed a number of people. The district attorney was champing at the bit to prosecute a celebrity case, and Justice Elliott Wilk, the custody judge, wrote a very irresponsible opinion saying when it came to the molestation, “we will probably never know what occurred.”

But we did know because it had been determined and there was no equivocation about the fact that no abuse had taken place. Justice Wilk was quite rough on me and never approved of my relationship with Soon-Yi, Mia’s adopted daughter, who was then in her early 20s. He thought of me as an older man exploiting a much younger woman, which outraged Mia as improper despite the fact she had dated a much older Frank Sinatra when she was 19. In fairness to Justice Wilk, the public felt the same dismay over Soon-Yi and myself, but despite what it looked like our feelings were authentic and we’ve been happily married for 16 years with two great kids, both adopted. (Incidentally, coming on the heels of the media circus and false accusations, Soon-Yi and I were extra carefully scrutinized by both the adoption agency and adoption courts, and everyone blessed our adoptions.)

Mia took custody of the children and we went our separate ways.

I was heartbroken. Moses was angry with me. Ronan I didn’t know well because Mia would never let me get close to him from the moment he was born and Dylan, whom I adored and was very close to and about whom Mia called my sister in a rage and said, “He took my daughter, now I’ll take his.” I never saw her again nor was I able to speak with her no matter how hard I tried. I still loved her deeply, and felt guilty that by falling in love with Soon-Yi I had put her in the position of being used as a pawn for revenge. Soon-Yi and I made countless attempts to see Dylan but Mia blocked them all, spitefully knowing how much we both loved her but totally indifferent to the pain and damage she was causing the little girl merely to appease her own vindictiveness.

Here I quote Moses Farrow, 14 at the time: “My mother drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister.” Moses is now 36 years old and a family therapist by profession. “Of course Woody did not molest my sister,” he said. “She loved him and looked forward to seeing him when he would visit. She never hid from him until our mother succeeded in creating the atmosphere of fear and hate towards him.” Dylan was 7, Ronan 4, and this was, according to Moses, the steady narrative year after year.

I pause here for a quick word on the Ronan situation. Is he my son or, as Mia suggests, Frank Sinatra’s? Granted, he looks a lot like Frank with the blue eyes and facial features, but if so what does this say? That all during the custody hearing Mia lied under oath and falsely represented Ronan as our son? Even if he is not Frank’s, the possibility she raises that he could be, indicates she was secretly intimate with him during our years. Not to mention all the money I paid for child support. Was I supporting Frank’s son? Again, I want to call attention to the integrity and honesty of a person who conducts her life like that.

NOW it’s 21 years later and Dylan has come forward with the accusations that the Yale experts investigated and found false. Plus a few little added creative flourishes that seem to have magically appeared during our 21-year estrangement.

Not that I doubt Dylan hasn’t come to believe she’s been molested, but if from the age of 7 a vulnerable child is taught by a strong mother to hate her father because he is a monster who abused her, is it so inconceivable that after many years of this indoctrination the image of me Mia wanted to establish had taken root? Is it any wonder the experts at Yale had picked up the maternal coaching aspect 21 years ago? Even the venue where the fabricated molestation was supposed to have taken place was poorly chosen but interesting. Mia chose the attic of her country house, a place she should have realized I’d never go to because it is a tiny, cramped, enclosed spot where one can hardly stand up and I’m a major claustrophobe. The one or two times she asked me to come in there to look at something, I did, but quickly had to run out. Undoubtedly the attic idea came to her from the Dory Previn song, “With My Daddy in the Attic.” It was on the same record as the song Dory Previn had written about Mia’s betraying their friendship by insidiously stealing her husband, André, “Beware of Young Girls.” One must ask, did Dylan even write the letter or was it at least guided by her mother? Does the letter really benefit Dylan or does it simply advance her mother’s shabby agenda? That is to hurt me with a smear. There is even a lame attempt to do professional damage by trying to involve movie stars, which smells a lot more like Mia than Dylan.

After all, if speaking out was really a necessity for Dylan, she had already spoken out months earlier in Vanity Fair. Here I quote Moses Farrow again: “Knowing that my mother often used us as pawns, I cannot trust anything that is said or written from anyone in the family.” Finally, does Mia herself really even believe I molested her daughter? Common sense must ask: Would a mother who thought her 7-year-old daughter was sexually abused by a molester (a pretty horrific crime), give consent for a film clip of her to be used to honor the molester at the Golden Globes?

Of course, I did not molest Dylan. I loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father and exploited by a mother more interested in her own festering anger than her daughter’s well-being. Being taught to hate your father and made to believe he molested you has already taken a psychological toll on this lovely young woman, and Soon-Yi and I are both hoping that one day she will understand who has really made her a victim and reconnect with us, as Moses has, in a loving, productive way. No one wants to discourage abuse victims from speaking out, but one must bear in mind that sometimes there are people who are falsely accused and that is also a terribly destructive thing. (This piece will be my final word on this entire matter and no one will be responding on my behalf to any further comments on it by any party. Enough people have been hurt.)

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  • James

    All of you just stop this! You can’t have an opinion because you don’t have informations. Woody knows the truth, Mia knows the truth, Dylan knows the truth. These three have right to have their opinion. The rest of us only comment very private problem which is entirely their problem. I say I don’t know waht to think about it. So should all of you. You judge Mia or Woody so qickly! Why? This is none of our business and every insulting comment makes things only more wrong. You spread hate on innocent man (there was do trial, do judging, no jail, nothing proven). Imagine yourself on his place. And please, do it every day with everyone. Empathy is what this world needs.

  • Sayer

    @Looselipz: This is not about Mia.

  • siennagold

    Lying Pervert. He married his step daughter. So sick.

  • Mr. Allen -

    is golden,
    can’t be touched (ironically)
    kills the rabid projecting manhaters

  • CC

    I find the who’s the baby’s daddy issue more intriguing than the molestation accusations. I’m beginning to believe that Ronan isn’t Woody’s biological son at all. He never did have biological kids with Soon-Yi, maybe he’s sterile.

  • groundcontrol

    WTF is that all about anyway? Not rocket science – a DNA test could give you results. If Ronan is so tight with the Sinatra offspring why doesn’t he get it done. I’m sure Woody would cooperate, so what’s the hold up? Maybe a DNA test would stop the publicity and attention surrounding this.

  • @56

    totally agree but I think he just wants the hint out there that it COULD be frank and deep down he knows it’s woody and a test would not be in his favor.

  • kami

    why didn’t he take the polygraph test the police wanted him to instead of one “in secret” that he paid for through his attorney? that is very telling.

  • Manny

    Woody will always be guilty in my eyes. He started a relationship and married his daughter. Doesn’t matter if she was adopted or not, she was raised as his child, he f*cked her, married her, had children with her. The man will always be a piece of shite! Quit making excuses for him. No movie he has or will ever make will ever be an excuse for what he did with Soon Yi. Dylan is credible. Woody is not. He is a proven pedophile.

  • Lou

    @remember da truth: Great words!!!

    Maybe he did it. Maybe he did not. Mia Farrow’s side is dodgy too.

    I give him the benefit of the doubt, and will keep watching his great movies.

  • miapocca

    @wtf??: I am grasping at explanations..I hard to understand Soon Yi..I dont hate her, I pity her

  • Gotta take his word

    I have changed my mind about Woody Allen over the last week. I’m not his fan, but I have enjoyed some of his movies. I’m going to say that I BELIEVE HIM now. He has spoken out about it again and I don’t believe he is lying. You have to think about human behavior for a sec. Woody Allen was not a child when this all happened. He had already been in long relationships with attractive adult women. He was well known. I think he was old enough to know what molesting a little girl would do to his life. I don’t believe he would take that risk. Would you? Only a complete idiot would take that risk OR a true “out-of-control” pedophile. They will not just do it once, but continue that behavior. No one else has come forward and claimed that Woody Allen molested her. Also, he has now been in a long marriage to Soon Yi. ……… If he was a complete sicko, we would have heard it by now. As for Dylan, I also believe she WAS molested……. BUT by someone else. Maybe she is confused because it was traumatic for her and she was just a little girl. I think it is definitely possible.

  • miapocca

    @Manny: As much I agree with that he is a piece of shite..he has not been proven a pedophile legally and that how he is able to get around to enjoy NYC

    I also thought the nudes were found in an attic under a carpet??? so did the maid hide it for him because he is claustrophobic?

    Also if he is pedophile, I doubt that claustrophobia will deter him from abusing a child . I have to go watch SVU to find out how possible this is..:) NOT funny but hey

  • groundcontrol

    why didn’t he take the polygraph test the police wanted him to instead of one “in secret” that he paid for through his attorney? that is very telling.
    Yea it’s not really “telling” at all without more info.
    Polygraph experts do not belong to any “team.” They are independent experts. Yes, they get hired by one side or the other but the same ones are often used by both sides – govt and defense. The best ones are often retired FBI polygraph examiners and I have used those in my cases. There are good ones and there are those not so proficient. The ones you should be suspect of ARE the ones who are actually employees of the government because they can be considered biased as opposed to independent contractors. Defense attorneys do not have polygraph examiners on staff.
    These independent experts are not going to lie for any client – if a defense attorney gets results that won’t help the client then he just doesn’t say anything. No one would even know the test was administered.
    It’s also a mistake to suggest that the government does not use polygraphs as an investigative tool. They do and they can be very useful. So just because the results are not admissible in court does not mean they are not used. Defense attorneys do have independent examiners conduct exams and the prosecution does dismiss cases based on those results.
    Unless we know who the examiner was the state offered to administer a second polygraph to Allen and why they wanted another one then you aren’t in a position to “tell” anything from it. Further, I can see Allen refusing to take a second test before Mia took her first polygraph. That’s a entirely reasonable position to take.
    People who seem hell bent on finding Allen to be a child molester are grasping at straws, and making unfounded assumptions and meaningless correlations to get to the verdict they want. A verdict that so far is innocent.

  • jakson

    Omg, this piece of the devils shit has adopted children w his other victim soon He should not b allowed to adopt. In 20 years hes going to marry them. Dirty maggot.

  • Pam

    I believe Woody Allen. He has the right to defend himself against bitter people who have spread slander and lies for years to destroy his name and career. Mia Farrow should be ashamed of using her children to get revenge on an ex who scorned her ego 21 years ago.

  • groundcontrol

    I also thought the nudes were found in an attic under a carpet??? so did the maid hide it for him because he is claustrophobic?
    Where do you get this from? Mia found them when she used her key to access Woody’s apartment. She and Woody were ending their relationship – I think they hadn’t had sex since Satchel/Harmon/Seamus/Ronan was born and Woody had told her he wanted to end it.
    Mia was snooping in his apartment hoping to find something maybe about another woman and found the pictures. I thought she found them in a pretty open place – IIRC – but that part I don’t remember as well – I do remember thinking if it was true that Mia found them where I read she found them then maybe Soon Yi put them there deliberately.
    There are so many falsehoods floating around about this case and naturally there are always those who want to grab at those falsehoods and leap into their own perverse fantasy world of sexual abuse and perversion. No wonder psychology and therapy is such a lucrative business.

  • Barbora

    You are all so judgementall like u all know everything and u know nothing! Only u can assume based on what media reports and statements serve you and thats it ! The thing that someone accuse you of molesting doesnt mean its true . The public letter that dylan released smells. If you would be a molested child u would solve it through court, police, investigation etc without attracting huge public attention. Is there any evidence axcepr of dylan famous statement that woody molest her ??????? Unless it is dont judge !!!!!

  • Ugonna Wosu

    he doesn’t mention what the doctor’s findings were when Dylan was examined. That would help.

  • Team Woody

    “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”
    and Mia is stickin’ with it till the end…no way out of that hole

  • well,

    @Barbora: Everybody judges. Not just on this board, but many people only say that when they or their loved ones are the target of the judgment, but they turn right around and judge other people themselves. You likely do it too. Everybody is just giving opinions. That’s what you do on blogs. Thank God the people here don’t have power to put people in jail or mental institutions, ya know? Some people believe Woody and are saying horrible things about Dylan and Mia. Others believe Dylan and are saying horrible things about Woody.

  • just asking….

    After all the huge scandal btw Mia, Woody, and Soon Yi, did Mia Farrow ever move on with another man or marry? I could look it up, but I’m too lazy this afternoon. It is very telling if she did not. No matter what, for Mia’s own well- being, she needed to come to terms with the relationship between Woody and Soon Yi. And it would have helped her greatly if she had moved on and found love with a better man for her. It hurts less to deal with affairs and what not if you eventually find love and someone who really steals your heart again. Happiness is healing and the best revenge. Personally, I don’t see how Soon Yi can feel totally content now, as Woody Allen is really old. He looks like an old man now. His years are numbered. Unfortunately there is a good chance that Soon Yi will be a younger widow or have to care for him through illness. That is just no fun at all. Seriously. I personally would never marry a much older man. Ten years is about the limit, preferably five. I don’t care who he is or how much money he has.

  • stacy

    Woody Allen is innocent until proven otherwise IN COURT.

  • @72

    nope. she is still alone and hasn’t worked much since then either. That is probably a part of her bitterness.
    Woody is 78 and will die soon enough and if you know much about his thought process he doesn’t care that much what the masses think of him now- let alone when he is dead.
    His main concern I am sure is for his two kids that live with him now. No one seems to care how this thoughtless mud slinging 20 years later with no new evidence will hurt those teenagers. I hope they are ok. And no- there is nothing to suggest that he is hurting them now. They are old enough they could talk or run or anything but people who say that are just assuming again.

  • Ann

    I don’t know who to believe. As a casual observer it sure seems as thoug Dylan Farrow is attempting to create a public lynch mob for Woody Allen by forcing people to take sides. Now besides revenge, how does this help her all these years later?

  • o-o

    Mia, shut the f-ck up already and get over yourself. You manipulative b-tch. Stop lying to your kids, to the world. It’s probably why Sinatra filed for divorce after 2 years. I don’t think Woody ever did anything wrong besides running away with your 20-year-old adopted daughter. Are you sure your brother Jack wasn’t the one in the attic with Dylan that day? Maybe your friend Polanski did it. There’s a special place in hell for woman like you. What goes around comes around.

  • just asking….

    @@72: Thank you very much!


    There is a providential reason why Mia Farrow was casting perfection in Rosemary’s Baby. Who has now grown up and become Woody’s demonic tormentor.

  • Ale

    i’m a woman that believes that anyone that has made a sexual molestation deserves to be in jail but at the same time i do believe in woody allen story, more than in dylan’s. .

  • Manny

    So when did it become alright for a father, adopted or otherwise, to have an intimate relationship with his child? Dylan aside, woody hooked up with Soon Yi when she was 17. Woody was her father for years! Starting a relationship with a teenager that you have raised is f*cked. You don’t need a conviction in court to see that is all sorts of wrong. If he would do it once, he will do it twice. Because he is famous does that give him a free pass for dating-f*cking-marrying his daughter? No way in hell.
    I believe Dylan. We’ve already seen that Woody has no boundaries about sexual relationships with his child Soon Yi. Smoke and fire folks…

  • honestly

    Reading Woody Allen’s take I sense bewilderment underlying his thorough explanation.
    From Dylan Farrow I get vindictiveness, especially from her latest childish shots at him

  • miapocca

    I will say it again:

    Why did woody adopt two girls who like like Soon Yi and Dylan

    If Mia is bitter then give me some of that because its doing an awful lot of work raising wonderful children who are not taking their clothes off in the median but helping mankind!

  • @82

    he didn’t go out of his way to adopt that way. One just happens to be asian and the other is a white girl. They don’t look just like dylan and soon yi.

    and you only know about mia’s successful kids- there is a reason not all of them are show cased. One died of aids, and a few are estranged from her….

  • @80

    soon yi was never his child…not adopted, not step child not a father figure in anyway. Even Mia wrote about that in her book. Yes, there are pics of them in the same frame- they knew each other but by soon yi’s and mia’s accounts he was not in anyway a father to soon yi.

    she was 30plus years younger and to most that is offensive– but so was frank and mia. Both have moral issues.

  • Belinda

    @Manny: He did not marry his daughter. Soon Yi was not a child who grew up around Woody. Soon Yi was the daughter of Andre Previn, Mia’s EX. She was in her late teens when Woody was around.

    Mia was paranoid about growing old and having no career. She focused a lot of her anger and her hate on Woody. She was having issues with Soon Yi and they didn’t get along. She looked at Soon Yi as competition, and as siding with the enemy. You don’t realize how crazy Mia is.

  • zid

    Mia has a long track record of “Cuckoo”, starting right from a strange childhood with all the shady characters along the way. There is much more to her story and involvements than meets the eye, but it is hard to go into it on a blog such as this.

  • kelli

    @remember da truth:

    no, I didn’t imply that it did, you didn’t read it right. staying away from awards ceremonies (imo) could be viewed as not wanting to be judged by his peers, and not wanting to actually confront he accusations/allegations that might be true. using ‘not wanting to be recognized/not liking awards’ is just his excuse for staying away. people are very observant and the less he is the company of his actual peers the less they can observe the oddball behavior(s) that might makes the allegations true. we have no idea if he did it or not, but staying away casts a bit of shadow over him. I don’t believe his reasons for staying away, basically. I think they are more socially-motivated than I-don’t-like-awards motivated. and he has shown up for awards at various times.

  • whoah

    Well. This is a guy who has been in therapy for years and years because of his angst ridden personality. Why is he so anxious? Maybe because he’s a pedophile? In an article from the 70′s he talks about his sexual perversions and that he fantasizes about sleeping with 12 year old girls. He partners with Mia so he can be close to her 15 children. He eventually marries one of his step daughters and they adopt two GIRLS. Look, he’s a writer. I’m sure he knows how to manipulate people, especially little children.

  • miapocca

    @Belinda: She was 9-10 and he dated Mia Farrow for 10-12 years. That is a child with the father figure for a decade to a brood
    of children

    The age difference is not as offensive as effing your baby mamas child under the same roof

  • miapocca

    Will it be okay if Jolies son adopted before Brad pitt, has an affair with Brad?

    Ignore the same sex thing or assume the is a female

  • miapocca

    two girls..yes you can argue that all Asians look alike(ha really) and so why the white kid even with similar hair and cut to dylans?

  • miapocca

    tell me that child does not look like dylan

    I would like to believe that he did not do anything untoward. But even then the harm to the entire family is quick serious..simply because he was selfish enough to want to turn thier sister into thier mother without much thought to the avalanche left in his wake

  • @89

    so you are going against even mia’s words? Mia has said he hardly knew soon yi and was not her father figure.
    But I suppose you some random poster knows better then the 3 of them.

    and he lived across town on the other side of central park and never in the same house as them. He dated her mother. He did not take on a father role or give them much attention at all. You must not know the lifestyle of these people. They didn’t act “typical” in anyway.

  • Angela

    Personally I’m no fan if Woody Allen’s. I liked only 1 movie he ever did in his career but I see this as a “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned” situation. That’s how I look at Mia Farrow. To use her children in such a manner and plant such a despicable idea into a child’s head against the man who betrayed her is the lowest a woman can do. She’s a disgrace and a shame to womanhood. Karma is a bitch and she’ll get hers in the end. Sad that she’s so bitter with her life and can’t get over her ex. So much poison that she’s injected in her children’s lives:(

  • miapocca

    @@89: how the heck old are you that you cant get the concept that a man cannot be involved with a woman and her children and leave just one child out in the cold…shouldnt that raise suspicion of sorts.

    I am not talking about bonding as she would with a first dad but he was a father figure /or a responsible male figure

    Is a passing boyfriend even looked at my 10 year old sideways, I would be madder than you all claim Mia Farrow is.,

    Unless you are raised by snakes who show no parental care, you must have some kind of relationship to a stepdad figure…or you mean to say Allen went and came for 12 years and never exchanged a word or helped out with anything to do with soon yi even though all children might even has attended the same schools ..

  • @95

    it wasn’t one child out in the cold …it was most of them. Are you saying Mia was lying?
    None of the 3 of them think soon yi thought of him as a father or that he tried to act like it.
    Sorry it doesn’t fit with what you want to believe but he was not in any way a father.

    yes a man can be involved with a woman and not take on the role as baby daddy to her previous children. It happens all the time.
    and no one said he never said a word to her- but acting as a parent or taking on any of that responsibility he did not do– so says MIA FARROW herself.

  • miapocca

    @@95: I wish you luck with that..maybe as mother or father you will be comfortable with your longterm companion sleeping with your teenager even if they have been around the teenager from age 9

    more power to you, I dont have the kind of moral veiw which will allow me to EXPECT such a situation or look on and let something like that happen without thinking when it started and if my other children might be on the agenda

  • @97

    then we will leave it that you are calling Mia a liar. Those were her words

    their life was not typical in any way. It was a very weird dynamic all around. Not middle America.

  • miapocca

    Even if you have friends with children you develop a relationship with those children, it does not have to be parental but you are regarded as a trusted adult and as such the parents are comfortable having you around thier kid. If for any reason I have a friend with the kind of veiw you are expressing, they will be tripled banned and kicked out of my social sphere…CHILDREN are CHILDREN period
    Any smart human will start asking questions, afterall thats why we have critical thinking to allow us to reason..or else Allens behviour will be WIDELY accepted and not even commented upon

  • Lexi

    Ok enough, Woody was NEVER A FATHER FIGURE TO SOON-YI. She had her father André Pervin. They didn’t lived together! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!