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Gisele Bundchen Wants to Back Up Dance for Rihanna!

Gisele Bundchen Wants to Back Up Dance for Rihanna!

Gisele Bundchen walks through LAX Airport with her adorable baby daughter Vivian in her arms on Sunday (February 9) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old super model’s 14-month-old daughter is so cute!

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“Hey @badgalriri if you need any extra back up dancers please let us know! Lol #funweekend #dancemachines ’😂🎶” Gisele posted on her Instagram account, along with a video of her and some pals dancing along to Rihanna. Watch the video below! We’d love to see Gisele as one of RiRi‘s backup dancers. LOL!

Gisele Bundchen Dances with Pals

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gisele bundchens daughter vivian is so adorable 01
gisele bundchens daughter vivian is so adorable 02
gisele bundchens daughter vivian is so adorable 03
gisele bundchens daughter vivian is so adorable 04
gisele bundchens daughter vivian is so adorable 05

Photos: Bauer Griffin Online
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  • titi

    Shes dancing with her sister and Toms manager Ben Rawitz.

  • Clarissa

    Now that is what you call a clone.

  • Laura

    That was funny

  • Shelly

    Vivian is just so precious like her mother.

  • jolie

    Yuck! That little girl looks boyish just like her!

  • Brian

    @jolie: thats one weird comment. Get a life.

  • Weston

    Shes so pretentious and fake.. She thinks shes better looking that she is. Great body but her face is manly and unattractive.

  • gina

    @Brian: #6

    It’s a true comment..

  • utterly

    So cute! What a blessed family.

  • Lakers

    Gisele looks like a man. she got fake boobs and a completely new nose. her old nose took half of her face! the jaw is way too masculine; gisele looks like a mop! haha

  • John

    I would love to see Gisele dancing with Rihanna. Two super power and sexy women

  • Lol

    Funny I saw other models threads and they have like 5 comments. That would never happen with the fashion queen. Gisele was #49 on justjareds most clicked on,shared and commented celeb of 2013. And the only model besides kerr on the list. Yay!

  • Zake

    Shes got to be the ugliest Brazilian.

  • Fan

    Hahahaha loved the video. Vivian and Gisele are the best and most gorgeous daughter and mom in the world

  • Bonitto

    What a beautiful Mom and Daughter, this baby is just gorgeous.

  • Laura

    The more I see Gisele in her real life, the more I like her. Good girl, good heart, down to earth and also funny.

  • Veruschka

    Gisele and Vivian are so beautiful!
    I love you Gigi, but I think you are not a good dancer. That video is so strange…

  • God

    Vivian is so cute. Love this gorgeous family. Haters suck so much, just like manning in Superbowl 48. LOL

  • no

    @Lakers: Stupid comment. The jaw is not masculine. Her body is real and you know it’s real. “She got fake boobs.” When? She wasn’t flat chested when she was a teenager so why she would do that?
    She was 17 in this picture:

  • ch

    i see a nose job in that kids future
    she looks a little cross eyed

  • ch

    no only does she look like a man – have you ever heard her speak?
    wow – that voice…she sounds like a man as well

  • WOW

    People who speak bad about a TODDLER are the worst. You are soooo pathetic.

  • bekl

    The queen is in town for a fashion show! Yeah. More campaigns and $$$$$ every single year. Haters be boiling. Your hair grey yet? Is the vain protruding from your forehead? Everyone knows that is says more about a you who has to bash an innocent baby than it does anyone else. Wow even jealous of a baby too? Yes we know Vivisn is already a billionaie for just breathing and has superior genes that you and your children will ever have, but you don’t have to make it so obvious, lol.

  • Karla

    Must be very bad to be Gisele’s hater, they invent excuse clueless, but never will change she is the best model ever and richer. lol And she has a gorgeous family and a successful loving husband and etc. You go Gi, more power for you. F*ck the frustrated haters.

  • Dodot

    She’s overrated but the girl is smiley cute.
    @no: That doesn’t say much. Girls in southamerica go first time to the surgeon when they are teenagers.

  • Taylor

    @Karla: Hater? Any day passed by your head that some people talk bad things about her personality and not about her appearance? You really never read all the bullshit she said in many interviews, don’t you?

  • Naive

    @Taylor: gossips cant even spell her name right. They call her sisters and mother her “assistants”. if they can get such minute details as that wrong, why do you believe everythingbyou hear? Her interviews are changed to suit tabloids. They NEVER post her real interviews. Oh and EVERYONE on social networking says how sweet and beautiful gisele is in real life. In fact someone on instagram just did…

    So, @giseleofficial was on my flight tonight and was an absolute amazing person both inside and out”

    Every fan encounter on twitter/facebook/instagram sighting of her since 2009 raves about how nice and beautiful she is. Sorry haters.

  • Bowie

    @Naive: With all that money I would be extremely nice too. And I’m prettier than her.

  • just sayin

    She is really not Brazilian she is more like German although she was born in Brazil. Brazilians look totally different than she does.

  • edna

    gisele got too much work done on her face, got fake boobs as well. she is not natural. she is stupid. and ugly. and has no personality. her job was to get hairbrushed and pose for photos, how lame is that for a job? she needs brain cells fast!

  • Brazil

    Haters for ten years wasting their breath:I hate gisele,my models better,shes a b*tch,she sucks.

    Gisele: thats fine im still here getting more rich,happy,successful with each passing year. I live in a castle where I let down my million dollar contracted locks everynight. I go to sleep with a man who is more handsome and successful than your husband everynight. Were currently building another castle in Boston because we can. We also have our own private island with a resort like mansion in costa rica that we vacation to because we can. One of our cars is a 300,000 Rolls Royce. Ive been the highest paid model since 2004. I owned a hotel. I have sell out sandals and lingerie lines that have made every other model look pathetic. I currently have a 5 million per year contract with Pantene,my sandals line sell off shelves all over the world. The fashion world just cant get enough of me, even after 15 years. Im still a favorite to every huge photographer,editor and designer. Im currently the face of Emilio Pucci,Carolina Herrera, and Louis Vuitton just 2 months into the new year, just to name a few. I just got ANOTHER 5 million dollar H & M campaign for the summer. Dont forget my Chanel campaign coming out soon. My contract for that one is 3 million for 6 months. I donate half my proceeds and time to various causes and charities in Boston and Brazil. Ive got a new charity campaign coming out for AIDS. Im the only model on every power lists among celebrities.

    Yes I suck and your life is totally better than mine.

  • Karla

    @Bowie: Put your photo to us judges, she’s nice and gorgeous and it is the reason that you hate her loser. lol

  • Karla

    @edna: That is the reason she is the best supermodel ever, the richer, the most famous and etc. Accept or die loser. The Queen. <3

  • Veruschka

    I can’t believe these jealous people can’t admit they are jealous. They can’t even hide it. haha
    Dodot: You are ignorant. I bet you never met a Brazilian. I am Brazilian and it’s not normal. Teenagers = boob job? No, it’s not normal.
    Taylor: You just proved you are jealous. She has a nice personality and only jealous people would find something wrong about her personality. They “talk bad things about her personality and not about her appearance”? What? You are ignorant AND blind.
    just sayin: She IS Brazilian and many Brazilians look like her. So you think there are no white people in Brazil? Well, I am white and you can find many Brazilians of German and Polish descent.
    Edna: You wrote this stupid comment and you think Gisele is stupid? She has personality. YOU don’t have a personality. “gisele got too much work done on her face, got fake boobs as well.” You would never say this if you had a personality. She is “natural” and she LOOKS natural. Plastic surgery looks fake (sometimes) and she doesn’t look fake. But you are jealous and you WANT to believe it so you lie to yourself. You are a sheep with no personality. “her job was to get hairbrushed and pose for photos, how lame is that for a job?” You are really jealous. “Lame” or one of the best jobs in the world? She needs “brain cells” because she is a model? Well, she is very rich and it proves she is not stupid. But you are stupid because you are wasting your time thinking about someone that you don’t like.

    Dodot, Taylor, just sayin and Edna live in caves.

  • gracie

    I find it always interesting how folks can post such hateful comments about a person they have never met. It really says more about the person who hates than anyone else. This quote from Bob Marley was posted on Gisele’s Instagram a few days ago” Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I am not perfect…I don’t live to be…but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”
    This a woman who makes millions of dollars modeling so it seems there are many, many folks who think she is beautiful. She seems to be confident in her skin and her beliefs. She is a smart business woman and she donates millions to charity. She is building a darling family with gorgeous husband and seems to be living a happy, fulfilled, conscious life.Perhaps all the hates should take a look at their own lives and consider how to improve themselves rather than criticizing others so readily.And Vivian is adorable. That photo of her smiling is sweet.

  • Jessie

    Just say no Ri Ri lol. Cute kid.

  • joel

    that woman looks like a man. she is weird looking and slept around for her jobs. she created herself a persona. she is insecure and has no education. she is not happy. and i do agree, and everybody knows that: she got a major nose job!!!!! she had such a HUGE NOSE! and it’s still pretty big but not as bad as it was before. she is tall and skinny but her face is not beautiful. she’s not a beauty. she just has a big fat attitude. and yes, those boobs are fake! Gisele, quit the PLASTIC SURGERY GISELE !!!!!!

  • SVEN

    Gisele is a man. she had a sex change. she is a brazilian transexual. ewwwwwwwwwww

  • Lana

    Gisele has been through depression you guys. stop being so hard on her. She is not happy with her marriage and her life and herself. she is still haunted by her past and she comes from a family where her parents never really loved her. stop being so mean, she is going through a difficult time!

  • SVEN

    @joel: I agree. the other person who said she was hairbrushed as well was right. so much makeup, photoshop and lighting. she’s a fake. she’s so plain. and her face is ugly, even after plastic surgery…..

  • lottery

    gisele lies to herself. she tries to fill her soul with money. but her marriage is unhappy and she’s miserable. she tried to erase things from her memory. she is fake and she knows it. what will you do oh poor gisele in a few years? will you just cry in your money bills? what will you do with your life? something of substance maybe? or more plastic surgery? good luck oh poor gisele

  • tree

    I can’t believe leonardo dicaprio dated that idiot. leo is smart, beautiful and talented. Gisele only stands there and is really dumb. gisele was really jealous of all the other women out there. thank god leo didin’t want to marry her. she forced him to go with him to the oscars with her stupid hair extentions; she’s pretty ugly without her team who work so hard to make her face look acceptable….

  • yes

    Shes hardly “just a model”. Yes she is most known for that, because you couldn’t ask for a more successful modeling career BUT shes also a successful business owner. (Hotel,sandals,lingerie,her own c&a collection$),avid real estate tycoon. Yes shes built and bought property, fixes them up and sells them. Shes been noted for her knowing her money many times. Last but not least shes a philanthropist. More than any orher model, besides Christy Turlington. She donates million dollar checks to natural disasters,visits with sick children,donates to cancer,aids research etc. You haters seem to know nothing beyond vapid gossip mags. Explore your reading comprehension! Im Brazilian and the whole south is filled with blondes. You’re very ignorant to say we have a look! Im redhead, pale skin and blue eyes and im 100% brazilian. Im offended by such ignorance, American perception of Brazil is so off. Were a melting pot, similar to Ameruca, cant believe the ignorance. Many Brazilian women look just lije Gisele. The white population is largest in Brazil!

  • ultimately

    @yes: gisele lies to herself all the time, that’s one of the reason why money doesn’t make her feel happy. but money makes her feel important and that’s all that matters.P.S. gisele, your breath stinks.

  • My god

    Lol My god who is really unhappy? Gisele or this losers haters to post such stupids comments? Sorry but I can’t stop laugh. Hahaha You are such a depressed person, you should look for some help before you kill yourself. Why she bother so much you?Why so f*ck jealous?Bridget Moynahan, are you?lol I bet is just an idiot posting with a lot of name and agreeing will herself. Probably a crazy, very unhappy person that can’t stand Gisele’s sucess. Really sad for you, because Gisele will be sucessful the whole life, she was born to shine and it will hurt you. Look for help please, or you will always be a unhappy person.

  • jack

    @Zake: I agree. She has a mile long nose, pin thin legs, a flat ass and a tranny face.

  • Vodka

    I am sorry but the baby is not good looking. In fact, so called “gorgeous” couple Gisele and Tom had very ordinary looking kids. If she was working as a cashier at Walmart people would not be here saying this baby is cute.

  • losers

    @My god: These losers are Leo fans or maybe Leo haters. Lakers, edna, jack… Trolls. I think it’s one troll. Edna is crazy:
    “@@edna: whhhat? i don’t take any drugs at all. nothing. I’m worried about leo. he drinks and takes drugs. it’s super dangerous for his health. or else he should get the inside of his body checked.”

  • TJ

    Why are Brazilian people so mean to the poor people in their country.