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Brooke Candy Grabs Naked Butts for 'Galore' Cover! (Exclusive)

Brooke Candy Grabs Naked Butts for 'Galore' Cover! (Exclusive)

Brooke Candy keeps it red and racy while grabbing naked butts on the cover of Galore‘s Music & Friendship issue, given exclusively to!

Here’s what the 24-year-old rapper had to share:

On what is wrong with the music industry today: “I think something that could stand to change a little within the industry is the resistance to things that aren’t immediately digestible or so cookie-cutter. There’s room for all of us to express ourselves and shine. I feel no competition with anyone, so why would i conform myself to be like anyone else in this industry? All of us shining separately and fully expressing ourselves will result in greater success for all of us.”

On where she gets inspiration for music and style: “I draw inspiration from all the iconic things that struck a chord with me growing up. I have so much going on in my brain at any given moment that it’s not surprising that my style is a mash-up of so many cultures and aesthetics.”

On her biggest music influence growing up: “At this point, it’s a cliche, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sonically inspired by Lil’ Kim. She was a major influence on everything. I also really respect and enjoy Madonna.”

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Photos: Jacob Dekat
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  • Kate

    And if that was a man with two naked women, it would be criticized and called sexist among other things. Today’s “feminism” is quickly becoming just one big hypocrisy. With that said, I have no idea who she is nor do I actually care. Sorry, just had to point something out.

  • OK

    Just an amateur grab a handful . Actually this is sexist and to early in the morning for this.

  • Living in a box

    Feminism is like Love, no one knows what that actually means.

  • buy it now

    base imagery for the dumbed down

  • Kate

    @Living in a box: It means advocating women’s rights; political, social, and economic equality to men. To dumb it down: wanting women and men equal. Plain and simple. But most people tend to associate feminism with girls are allowed to do this [insert sexist remark/act against boys here] because they’re girls, which is sexist, and men aren’t allowed to do the same thing because it’s sexist. Basically, making sure women get the upper hand whilst scolding men for doing the same things us women do.

    Pretty pointless of me to write this but I have nothing better to do at the moment…… *sigh*

  • Ewww

    This looks like an 80s poster for a porn movie!

  • Yuck!


    I don’t know who she is but it is folks like her and the other so called “music artist” (yeah that’s a joke) that ruined the music industry. It’s no longer about musical talent, it’s all about who can shock the most with sex, nudity and vile lyrics that demeans all. It’s sad to see that this generation have no clue what real music is from their peers, just simulated soft core porn with a beat and they call it music. The real music artist gets shoved to the side for trash!

  • sj

    wow, thats Marvin from ANTM
    btw that chick is just disgusting

  • Something sick

    Why is Lil Kim an inspiration to young girls? Her music is shit. Same with Madonna, honestly. Why does everyone look up to her? She’s obnoxious. Her aesthetics is about domination and conquering. In real life she has no friends ’cause no-one can stand her, she’s a bully. And Lorde sings about wanting to be a ruler. It’s like we’re worshiping psychopaths but if we ever met one in real life we’d hate them.

  • ForMe

    I have no idea who this person is,but I like these photos.

  • Marta Silverstone

    Horrible cover.

  • M

    @Yuck!: totally agree.
    As for the cover, i think Christina Aguilera had a bit of similar photoshoot with naked guys years ago, though she herself was a bit more clothed but the point is – it’s been done before, nothing new. Also the clothes on cover look like they need to be adjusted better. The thing is the concept of sex sells has always existed and been exploited by different industries but these days the world seems oversaturated and aggressively bombarded with sex from every corner, and the more it’s happening the less impressible to that we’ll become and then what? What saddens me more, is that music ind. is tougher for women, imo, and it’s says here she’s rapper, i assume it’s even harder for a woman to make a name for herself in that genre and get accepted as an equal, so she, instead of proving with her music and talent and creativity that she is good and deserves to be respected and reckoned with just goes down the road of getting naked and “shocking people” with some image (like that Nicki Minaj). It’s sad. Image comes and goes just like the beauty of your body, and most importantly those things are forgettable but your music stays here forever and it’s the only thing that can truly make people remember you forever.

  • k

    sh**…not another miley wannabe…actually i thought this was miley at first…JUST NO, please not another one.

  • nemo


  • Youghoss

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  • Taylor

    You know, I must say, I’m getting really, really, REALLY tired of these “artists” trying to make extreme statements by staging ridiculous photo shoots to make themselves known. It’s atrocious and it’s just getting out of hand. I don’t need to see this. I miss when the music reflected itself and the cover wasn’t a desperate ploy for consumers to buy an album. That’s what this is, it’s desperate… No one knows who she is so she’s going to pose pervertedly to get peoples attention….

  • D

    @Taylor: I agree 100%

  • white chocolate

    @Something sick: i’ve been around her on multiple occasions and she is a pleasure to speak with and spend time close to. you are special.

  • Aeva

    Even as a feminist, and totally anti-sexist, I find this cover standing out a bit, it’s different, it’s cool and it’s fun.

    Loved the irony in the comment of Living in a box, too.

    Kick ass, grrrls.