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Gerard Butler: Light Packer at LAX Airport!

Gerard Butler: Light Packer at LAX Airport!

Gerard Butler carries a small duffel bag while jetting out of LAX Airport on Monday (February 10) in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, the 44-year-old Scottish actor was a stylish stud while grabbing a warm drink from Starbucks in L.A.

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“Hope you’ll take 3 mins to watch this video from my visit to Liberia. Amazing to see how @MarysMeals transforms lives,” Gerard recently tweeted about his trip to Liberia.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler catching a flight out of LAX Airport…

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gerard butler light packer at lax airport 01
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 02
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 03
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 04
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 05
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 06
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 07
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 08
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 09
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 10
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 11
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 12
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 13
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 14
gerard butler light packer at lax airport 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Wonder if

    @Hollywood Domino:
    With Madalina being a part of APJ and now dating Oscar nom Michael Fassbender I wonder if she’s going to the Pre-Oscar event.
    How do you spell a-w-k-w-a-r-d?

  • No way

    @Wonder if: She won’t be there.

  • Wonder if

    @No way:
    You never know with her. She has a habit of popping up out of nowhere.

  • Hey

    @Wonder if: sh.ut up ……. no one cares about her ………….

  • disgusting troll alert
  • random thoughts

    @Wonder if:
    When was the last time MG was at an APJ event? I think it was Cannes 2012 when she went with Gerry. I don’t think she’s been at one of their events since. I’m not sure she’s even affiliated with them anymore.
    The only way she got to go to LA at Oscar time last year was because she booked a job with the LA Italia film festival.
    I think the visa situation is complicated for her and she has to have a job lined up to gain entry.

  • hahaha

    @Wonder if: I doubt MG is a real member of APJ, she was just slumming with Haggis hoping to get a movie role and access to A list actors.

  • well…

    @Wonder if: She does have a habit of gatecrashing events.

  • Wonder if

    Shocking that there’s no APJ event raising money for dumb Americans who let Obama crash their economy. Too bad they’re not rising up against tyranny.

  • Awesome Post

    @Wonder If : If you want to pet the monkey, buy a tickets to the zoo. I hear it sells for reasonable rates.

  • Awesome Post

    And poster #47 too.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    That Mr. Butler is such a lovely man! I agree that he is adorable plus his hotness factor is off the charts in a couple of these piccies. Gorgeous. He does look rather vexed by the paparazzi, though. Don’t let them steal your joy mate.

  • Pictures from yesterday
  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

  • New York City Holy shit Gerard butler is sitting behind me !?! only in the city … WOW… NYC

  • Embla

    IMDB has listed a new movie in Gerry`s filmography. “Struggle to the Light” 2014
    As the character “Putzi.”(rumored)

  • Embla

    I think Putzi in the move was this person in real life:

  • Prancing Pony

    @Embla: Hi Embla :)))
    Wow, thanks for letting us know about a possible new project. GB has obviously been very busy behind the scenes! I think this is wonderful. :) Did you see the cast list? Not bad at all… :)

  • Embla

    @Prancing Pony:
    Yeah, not bad. :-)
    I guess it is this movie:

  • FYI

    I’ve warned you guys about this before. You can’t trust IMDB. The content is user generated, just like Wikipedia. Anyone with an IMDB
    account can change the info on Gerard’s page – that includes fans and trolls and troublemakers.

  • Prancing Pony

    @FYI: Noted :) Hopefully at least one of the projects he’s linked to on IMDb will come to fruition. There is quite a lot on there…Kane & Lynch, London Has Fallen, Point Break, GoE, Struggle to the Light and Septembers of Shiraz….maybe he needs to be cloned?

  • Embla

    @Prancing Pony:
    Wonder how big the part is. Hope it`s more than just a few glimpses here and there if this role comes true.

  • Embla

    @Prancing Pony:
    “maybe he needs to be cloned?”
    Ohyeah, please! :-D


    So, why is this loser in America taking the plane anyway?

  • I agree

    @FYI: For such an all star cast and a release date of Sept. 2014, near impossible to even organize and edit let alone film. Plus all the other films he is planning on doing that might come to pass. Highly doubtful information imo. Plus haven’t seen a word of it elsewhere. With a studded cast, you would think it would be mentioned on line.

  • Embla

    @I agree:
    Hm, a really good point.

  • Killer the loser

    @KILLER: He’s took a plane because his cape is being cleaned.
    What rock did you crawl out from? Oh yeah, the taxes he pays in the USA is paying for your therapy.

  • Prancing Pony

    @I agree: OK, maybe it’s just a “wish list” from an overly excitable producer? * The cast list certainly reads like a “who’s who” that’s for sure.
    Who knows…like I say, I hope at least one, maybe even two, projects from the list actually happen. I’m not asking for much am I? ;-)

  • NYC Selfie
  • I agree

    No righteous producer would do such a thing and certainly not with the mentioned cast. FYI had it right. But sure sounds like a dream team. We want to see him busy not keeling over from exhaustion.

  • saoirse

    There is no way he could bring to life all of the projects listed for him in the time frames given. Maybe in 5 years. And we’re not complaining, mind. It looks like a Christmas list for GB lovers. A random thought hit me today. I wonder if GB has ever solved a Rubik’s Cube. I never have although I’ve been close a few times. I know there is a method to it, but I have never mastered it, so I just wondered. Has anyone here ever solved it?

  • I agree

    @saoirse: Honey, turn the olympics on or the dog show. LOL I wonder about a lot of things with gerry but to be honest rubik never crossed my mind when thinking of him.

  • saoirse

    @I agree:
    So what makes me any weirder than you about GB?
    A random thought. I have about 100 a day. And 99 of them are NOT about GB.

    The Olympics are ho-hum this round. Although little Yulia is going to be remembered always. Too bad the halfpipe was built so poorly. My favorite moment so far has been watching Canadian skier Alex Bilodeau lift his brother with CP out of his seat when he won the gold. Precious moment!


  • Random thought

    @saoirse: That’s a good question saoirse. I have never solved it and no one I know has either. Supposedly your very bright if you figure it out. Bet Gerry could or has.

  • Thoughts

    @I agree:

    I think the movie is animated.

    Killer, get lost. He’s lived here longer than he lived in Scotland. At least 22 years. He moved here when he was 22. Why is he loser? Cos you don’t like him? He’s a good man that does a lot of good works.

    He looks older than his age in that instagram.

  • Thoughts

    @Random thought:

    I are better at stuff like that, they think more right brained. You can trick your left brain by listening to non verbal music while doing math or puzzles.

  • Age spots?

    What’s up with the spots on his forehead in that last photo? One seems darker than the others.

  • Awesome Post

    @Thoughts: Gald you told Killer what it could do.

    Actually Gerard has traveled and lived in Us, Canada, Scotland. since 16. Canada and US 22, returned to Scotland to finish degree, 27 move England and since late twenties he’s been primarily in the US. He’s got a dual citizenship for US and Scotland.

  • Sitting with Gerard

    Only in New York can you be sitting next to Nick Kroll on one side and Gerard Butler on the other #NYC

  • Equinox

    Saw Gerald Butler at the gym today. Wow NYC

  • j

    WHY the east coast?????????????? Did Alan not see the storm that is going to be hitting there. Is it going to hit NYC? Oh well stay snug and warm

  • Keyvani’s Kathryn

    @j: Yes no one from the northeast ever saw snow in the winter in their lives. It’s going to be brutal. Feel he’s there for producing his film. It’s cold in DC too. I’m missing my man hope he stays bundled up in New York.


  • Wrong

    @Awesome Post: You might want to tell yourself what you can do, as well, because he is not a dual citizen, moron.

  • JS

    @Awesome Post: “27 move England and since late twenties he’s been primarily in the US. He’s got a dual citizenship for US and Scotland.”

    I’m sure I read somewhere that he was 31 when he moved to the US. Don’t know about American citizenship but as a Scot he is a French citizen because due to the Auld Allience the Scots and French have citizenship of each other’s countries.

  • huh?

    @JS: Umm…no…wrong. GB has a “european union UK passport” which allows him to freely wander in or out of any EU country. Also. he probably has a legal US green card that permits him to freely go in and out of the USA. If he became a U.S citizen by naturalization, it would of been reported by the media, for it is public domain to announce that information.

  • What

    @JS: You don’t automatically get French Citizenship just because you are Scottish. You end up with two passports when you apply and it can take up to two years. You are certainly not a UK citizen otherwise you would know this.





  • Manny

    Give me a break. Where is cubie duckie and angels rock? Where are the old timers?? Everyone left because Gerard buttfµck is not famous anymore. he’s an old crusted HAS-BEEN. Haha