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Lea Michele's Tribute to Cory Monteith - Listen to 'You're Mine'!

Lea Michele's Tribute to Cory Monteith - Listen to 'You're Mine'!

Check out your first listen of Lea Michele‘s new song “You’re Mine,” which she says was a favorite of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

“It was ours,” the 27-year-old entertainer has said of the song. “When I think of him, I play this.”

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“You’re Mine” will be featured on Lea’s brand new album Louder, which hits stores on March 4. She shared photos on her Twitter account over the weekend from her first live performance of her album songs with her band. See them below!

Lea Michele – “You’re Mine”

Click inside to read the lyrics to Lea Michele‘s new song…

Lea Michele – “You’re Mine” Lyrics

You’re insecure but I was so sure, why I wanted you
It’s so powerful, and little girl, why I wanted you
So I told you so, wanted you to know
We’ve just one life to live

And I told you all my dreams and fear
And you looked at me and your eyes filled with tears
And you said those three words, I’ve been waiting for
You became a part of me

You’re mine, for life
And I’ll be by your side
We are entwined
You’re mine, for life
Hold me until we go, oh yes, and you will love

I’m yours, you’re mine
I’m yours, you’re mine

I’m so happy you found the place for me, where you wanted me
Somes insecurities, and two happy beings, where you wanted me
Then you told me, wanted me to know
You let the past go

And I told you all my dreams and fear
And you looked at me and your eyes filled with tears
And you said those three words, I’ve been waiting for
You became a part of me

You’re mine, for life
And I’ll be by your side
We are entwined
You’re mine, for life
Hold me until we go, oh yes, and you will love

I’m yours, you’re mine
I’m yours, you’re mine

I’m yours, you’re mine
I’m yours, you’re mine

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  • Ana

    Such a beautiful song. She really loved him. He’ll be forever in her heart even after she getting maried and having kids.

  • Izzy

    The lyrics are mostly messed up.. they are wrong JJ.

    Its “Yes, Im powerful, and a little girl, but I wanted you”.. “Hold me until we die, oh yeah” .. “Boy, you wanted me” … “Some security and two heartbeats”

  • jr

    Keep milking it Lea

  • Donnie Darko

    Her songs are just so bland. I used to like her, she has an amazing voice, and I wanted to like the album so much but she has become just another Hollywood girl with nothing to say and bland generic pop music to boot.

    Such a shame.

  • crycorycorycory

    Tribute to her bank account

  • Shame

    Good grief. Does this person have no shame?

  • Tyla

    Sounds amazing. Her voice is so strong.

  • Living in a box

    Thing a human do just to stay on spotlight.

  • Jake

    Milk it all day long. They were not engaged, just dating AND he was an addict. She is using the poor guy now.

  • no way

    using your mans death as fame? RUDE

  • Phoney

    no he wasn’t “yours”
    his girl was H
    The La’s wrote a song about her
    It’s called “There She Goes”

  • sam

    Beautiful song, for what was a beautiful relationship.

  • Karen

    At some point, it is ok to tell Ms. Michele that she can stop milking her boyfriend’s death. I never watched Glee but the girl has a nice voice from what I can hear. But the lyrics on that song, who came up with this nonsense. A 12 year old ??? They make me cringe so hard. And talking about her boyfriend every chance she gets is not a good way to start your career. How old is this girl ?The sympathy factor has a time limit and Ms. Michele just reached it. Just sayin’.
    So whoever is managing her career, it’s time to stop and ask yourself if you want this to be a failure or not. Because at this point, I am completely turned off and will not be buying this album.

  • Jamie

    Seriously. Can she stop talking about Cory everytime she is trying to sell her single or a magazine cover? Why can’t she grieve in private? And how do we know for sure that he said all the things he said? She could just be making it up to sell more albums and make herself relevant.
    Honestly, its just getting obnoxious now how she is telling the public that they were so in love and Cory was such a fan and he loved all her songs on her album.

  • Gleek101

    Lea has not once milked Cory’s death its the media and negative people like you people on her who do who post hate ful comments. This song was written and recorded before Cory died and why would Lea make up what Cory said. Lea only mentions cory when she is asked. She does not control what the media reports.
    If you don’t want to hear about them then don’t read the articles. This is hr career what is she supose to do give up anbd forget about.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves attacking someone who has done nothing wrong.

  • Victor

    Why attack Lea???
    I can truly tell from personal experience that true love like exists and it’s hard to deal with when it’s gone.
    Please just listen to the message in her lyrics and I hope to this day none of you experience the pain of losing true love like this. By the way we all have different ways of dealing with lost true love.

  • Nicky

    guys, if you are stressed of the topic of her songs or of her music style than don’t listen to it! I love her way to deal with his death and many people who know Cory from glee miss him too. I think she has an amazing voice and I think she is very beautiful and an Idol! So you can stop the bad entries.
    I don’t know whether you know to really love and it isn’t from an 12 year old because the age isn’t important to love and show emotions.
    So i hope you understand that it isn’t appropriate to attack her.

    And again: if you don’t like the songs, don’t listen to it!

  • Mandy

    Before saying that Lea doesn’t milk Cory’s death, maybe you should just check out the famous people who lost someone close to them. Let’s take…hmmm….Michelle Williams for example. She had blacklisted Heath Ledger from every interview for almost 3 years.
    So when it’s the gazillion interview about Cory and we have to hear about Cory every single time a song or a magazine cover comes out, it’s called milking!! And why ? Because the target audience for her album is Glee fans mostly.
    You can be a fan and no be blind to all that.

  • Stealing Society

    Crack pipes, needles, PCP and fast cars
    Kind of mix really well and a dead movie star

    I’m looking for a mother that will get me high
    Just a stupid motherf0cker if I die I die

  • Stealing Society

    I’m just sitting in my room
    with a needle in my hand
    waiting for the tomb
    of some old dying man
    sitting in my room
    with a needle in my hand
    waiting for the tomb
    of some old dying man

  • selling her soul

    all going to prove that this annoying fame ho would do anything to make a buck and be a star

  • Patching Gonzalez

    Why is it so hard add to accept that a true and deep love happens to some people and when it does, you really have to cherish it and try to hold on to it for life…I can feel what the poor girl feels and truthfully the memory of Cory bd then losing him in a very tragic way will stay with her for the rest of her life..that will never go away,,,why would some people be so heartless to say that she should stop mentioning her recently deceased late boyfriend’s name…she can still talk about him years from now and should not get criticized for that…this is already a very complex world and we should not further add sadness by mean spirited thoughts..,.
    May Lea continue to move on with her life with dignity and grace and may Cory’s memory continue to remind her of what true love is, with all it’s beauty and moments of joy, it is not perfect, it is flawed and in her case was very tragic in the end,..and some of the world’s most passionate and haunting love stories end in tragedy…

  • Kelly

    They pulled that from a quote that she said months ago, they asked her what song was about Cory and she said this one! So you guys all need to shut up. I am not saying I like this album but even if I didn’t I would never call someones grief pathetic or that they were using it for sympathy. Everyone has said that he loved her more than anything and I am sure she felt the same way. Just because you aren’t married doesn’t mean you can’t love someone more than anything else in your life. Grief doesn’t expire after a certain amount of time, everyone deals with it differently. She also had to loose him in one of the worst ways possible and in front of the entire world so cut her a little slack. Yes the album is not what I expected it be either but that is not reason to hate on her.

  • Rose

    @Patching Gonzalez:
    LOL! Please! The only true love Lea has is for herself. She is milking Cory’s death for every dime that it’s worth and this is a pathetic way to sell your music. The only people who are too stupid to understand this are the Glee stans who worship the woman.

  • joan

    I love Lea, I loved this song and I hate how some people is talking trash, She isn’t milking on Cory’s sad death, the media is the one who ask her almost everytime and she answer to honor his presence in life, we admire you so much Lea.


    PEOPLE don’t listen to the comments that are saying Lea is milking his death. There is a stupid 14 year old girl who made a whole tumblr dedicated to bashing Lea 24/7. This low life girl uses alt. accounts to bash Lea into making people fall into her bs and by reading most of these comments it’s no surprise she’s using fake names and posting the same message to bash Lea.This girl is really obsessed with everything Lea does and finds a way to bash her. PLEASE ignore those comments.


  • Me

    This song was recorded before Cory died and their relationship was very much real. He had a disease in which he couldn’t beat, he fought a long journey and in the end he lost. Lea and Cory’s fans have been waiting for this song to be released. If you think the fan fare over “You’re Mine” is crazy just wait for her actual tribute to Cory “If you say so” Lea and Cory loved each other very much so get over it. Monchele will forever be in our hearts which will always be broken because this was one Hollywood couple that would have been the endgame.

  • Me

    @Rose: You do realize that Lea was famous before Glee right? This is an amazing song and is a testament of their love.

  • Ka Ching $$$$$

    Desperately cashing in on the DEAD

  • Emma

    Well, i think Lea is using Cory’s death for her album. I miss Cory, i cried so hard when he died, but that doesn’t mean that i am blind. Wherever, the media and the fans are worst than Lea. Not everything Lea do is about Cory.
    And “true love” come on, guys! If you are with “the love of your life” you don’t get into drugs after have left them. But is ok, i am not gonna talk about that.
    If i were a Cory stan, i would be very angry with this shit. With the media, and with the fans. This fans didn’t support Cory, they just support a “relationship.”
    Sorry for my grammar, it is terrible, i know. But i am really angry. I wasn’t a Cory stan, but i liked him. And is a shame that their “”"fans”"”" don’t let him reast in peace (for the ones who believe in it)
    Sorry if i offended anyone but i am really, really angry.

  • Alla

    If Lea didn’t want to talk about Cory, she’d get discussion of him blacklisted from interviews or reply with “no comment”. Don’t try and blame the media for Lea’s actions or make her look like a victim.

  • Amber

    This song sucks where did the chills come from

  • Me

    @Emma: obviously you have never seen someone fight addiction! It is a disease and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a bad place. Adults can carry insecurities from childhood that they are unable to forget. I know personally about this. No I don’t use drugs to escape but some do. More people with depression turn to drugs to forget. I’m so happy that you are able to live in a glass house. I am an adult who while suffering with depression daily can still believe in true love. My husband used drugs 10 years ago to help him stay awake and we almost lost him. One thing I am sure about is that his addiction had nothing to do with his love for me or our children.

  • Elizabeth

    It’s pretty slick of her team to release this song on the same day that Mariah released her song. And with the same name to boot.

    And this attempt at getting money is hardly a tribute. You don’t make money from a tribute. It’s not about you. She’s just profiting off of his death and the publicity that surrounded it.

  • Emma

    @Me: Of course that the context is important. Someone happy doesn’t fall in drugs after left them. But that doesn’t mean that their family has the fault. I mean, i am one of them, and yes, i saw (see, actually) someone that i really love fall in drugs, thank you for suppose without knowing nothing about my life.
    And sorry for my grammar again.
    This isn’t a fairytale, guys.

  • Maureen

    Lea Michele can’t win! If she doesn’t talk about Cory then she is heartless and she has forgotten him! If she does talk about Cory then she’s milking his death! You people need to grow up, stop being so selfish and realize that everyone deals with grief differently! Maybe Lea feels closer to Cory when she’s talking about him, maybe it comforts her to remember their times together. Maybe the interviewers are putting pressure on her. You don’t know because you aren’t in her position and you need to remember that!

  • Liss26


    Thank you someone is talking sense finally. There are a lot of trolls commenting on whatever Lea is doing. Newsflash we don’t know her and what she has gone through. I guess people write mean comments to make themselves feel better in there mundane lives. Give her a break she has been very brave given the cirumstances to remain in the spotlight (not that the media gave her much choice) so dial back on the hate. Lastly Lea had 90 percent of this album done she did not need to “milk it” as you trolls put it.

  • calysta

    how bout just leave her alone she lost somebody who she is inlove with.