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Lily Collins & Boyfriend Thomas Cocquerel Hold Hands at Lakers Game!

Lily Collins & Boyfriend Thomas Cocquerel Hold Hands at Lakers Game!

Lily Collins and her new boyfriend Thomas Cocquerel make a super cute couple while sitting courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls basketball game at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 9) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress and her new beau were seen holding hands throughout the game. It looked like they were having a great time!

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Last week, Lily and Thomas were seen grabbing dinner together at Craig’s restaurant just a day after the news broke about their relationship.

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74 Responses to “Lily Collins & Boyfriend Thomas Cocquerel Hold Hands at Lakers Game!”

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  1. 1
    Living in a box Says:

    Is that guy also an actor?

  2. 2
    Lauren Says:

    So we have no idea how old Thomas is?

  3. 3
    lily Says:

    she’s starting to date as many boys as taytay and she ain’t even writing songs about them – BORING.

  4. 4
    Jessica Says:

    How boring she is, always changing boyfriend…

  5. 5
    OK Says:

    He is very good looking and he is an actor from Australia.
    I’m really very happy to see them together.

  6. 6
    anna Says:

    @OK: ur very happy to see that shes not with zac anymore lol i see u @OK i see u.

  7. 7
    Angel Says:

    Wow, another bf? As my mother would say “don’t change boys like you change t-shirts”.

  8. 8
    lauren Says:

    i really dont think her and zac were ever that serious to began with despite what radar online said about her, the only time you saw them togetherish was at disneyland and that was months ago so either they were not serious or it was just a distraction to keep zac on positive news after his whole rehab thing news came out

  9. 9
    OK Says:

    @anna Guilty as charged!!!!!

  10. 10
    OK Says:

    @anna Actually it just goes to show what I have been “hinting” at is true. As @lauren just posted it was never serious.

  11. 11
    Frannie Says:

    @lauren: She was and probably wil be Zac’s booty call. She goes back to Zac every time she is between Boyfriends. This time I don’t think she liked being called Zac’s wing woman pubicly. But don’t think they weren’t together , she wanted Zac bad and they had about a six-eight week affair. It was an affair Zac tried to make it work, he took he away to Catalina, his friend baby’s birthday party,several dates and lots of in home intimacy. I’m guessing when it was time for promos and Zac admitted he was his character, who would want that for a boyfriend? This guy is just as handsome and as anyone can tell you . Looks aren’t everything. I hope this one works out for poor desperate Lily .She need to stop serial dating and stick to one man . This Thomas here is gorgeous and I hope she chooses wisely .

  12. 12
    Lauren Says:

    What exactly is a six -eight week affair? Do you mean like a month affair? Because if anything if I used to guess somthing happen after Catalina where lily was all sad or pissy with her Instagram pics and etc and I’m sure zacs comments for the tam promo tour made it worse but it seemed with the us weekly article last week they wanted to made it known that Thomas is a good guy and lily is happy witch to me I thought it was shade… Also I always thought this was just a distraction on lilys part to make zac look good again after his whole rehab news came out so lily was brought back into the picture, but that’s when radar online and Hollywood life came with there so called sources on lily again… But at the end of the day we really don’t know what happen only guessing at this point.

  13. 13
    Dotty Says:

    They both seem totally smitten with one another.

  14. 14
    kami Says:

    he is kind of cute and not famous, which could be a good thing for both of them. unless he publicly embarrasses her by degrading their relationship to her being his wing woman.

  15. 15
    Cate Says:

    They are super cute and look totally enamoured with each other. And he is seriously hot! Get it, girl!

  16. 16
    Anabelle Says:

    OMG that pic looks so staged and fake lol but they’re cute though I guess.

  17. 17
    Chelsea Says:

    Well at least he’s not famous. So if they break up, we won’t have to hear about it 5,000 times and his name won’t come up everytime her’s does.

  18. 18
    yup Says:

    it’s not a matter of how many guys she dates, as much as guys that date her for positive attention…

  19. 19
    Frannie Says:

    @Lauren: Well I’d say that efron did humiliate Lily by calling her a wing woman and always saying he was single. he certainly used her for PR on that move date and diseyland But on the other hand you don’t take a girl away for a romantic vacation to Catalina
    (wherer there are o paps) to be platonic friends. Same with him bringing her to a close family function so he must have wanted to try and make it more than a booty call. But it seems like he changed his mind or she did and just said eough is enough and I’d bet it was her because I can see she wants to live her life and not hide . She wants a date at functions and the man to be proud to have her as a date. I don’t think she would get that from Mr Playboy. So this guy just from what we can see is probably someone that will make her happy. Not to say she’s over Efron , he is pretty hot but I think after they keep treating you badly even Mr perfect Hotman is nothing compared to a good man who will cherish you. then again she keeps going back to efron between men so I guess we will see. But if you think there was no sex involved between her and efron welcome to the 21st century.

  20. 20
    Good for Lily Says:

    Glad she ran from Efron, and learned the hard way what an a$$ he is during promo. He would sell his soul for a movie. It’s disgusting. Thomas is VERY cute, and though I can’t stand Lily, she looks happy with someone finally.

  21. 21
    Good for Lily Says:

    @Frannie: Efron has issues. He’s been hiding all his drug and alcohol problems for years, and is great at humiliating women. He is all about himself. He needs to grow up before he tries another relationship. He sucks at it.

  22. 22
    alsothere Says:

    I was at that game yesterday. Jonah Hill was there and so was the Game

  23. 23
    They look cute imo Says:

    @Good for Lily:You cant stand Lily, but you came on her thread for the sole purpose of bashing Efron, who no one even knows for a fact if she was actually in a committed relationship with? He is great at humiliating women? And you know this how? Were you personally involved in a relationship with him and he hurt you somehow (I highly doubt that), or are you just being a hater based on speculation, cuz that’s what it sounds like.

  24. 24
    lauren Says:

    @they look cute imo
    i think they are going buy specualtion and now knowing zac was a drug addict and etc, hence why they bring it up again, i think some are just going on what they think and there own personal thoughts and opinions.

  25. 25
    lauren Says:

    true,but then again we really dont know what zac and lily were even doing behind closed doors at all,but if i had to guess something must have happen over that catalina trip where she got all sad and angry over somthing, despite lily’s past relationships lily always been public and even in 2012 it seemed zac was ashamed to be with her then considering then no one really seem to care as in the media reported,..but also zac is private with his relationships so even back in 2012 you can just sorta tell he was never that into it, but then again what do i know i’m only guessing

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