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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Tarzan' Release Date Announced!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Tarzan' Release Date Announced!

Alexander Skarsgard is the man in the black while grabbing lunch at Sushi Roku on Tuesday (February 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, the 37-year-old Swedish actor kept a low profile while filling up his gas tank in L.A.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

It was recently announced that Alexander will be starring in a new live-action 3D Tarzan movie, also starring Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Mark your calendars, Tarzan is set to hit theaters on July 1, 2016. We can’t wait!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard heading out for sushi…

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alexander skarsgard signs on for tarzan 01
alexander skarsgard signs on for tarzan 02
alexander skarsgard signs on for tarzan 03
alexander skarsgard signs on for tarzan 04
alexander skarsgard signs on for tarzan 05
alexander skarsgard signs on for tarzan 06
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  • euzinha

    his eyebrow omg

  • DailyNightly

    Hmm….he’s got the Skarsbrow going in that pic! Love it!

  • Really

    Wauh, so disappointed by that movie choice.

  • ladybug

    I’m pretty sure the eyebrow is actually an independent life form. I do love the Skarsbrow.
    As for the movie? Now that it’s official, it looks like it might have potential: David Yates, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Walz. Margot Robbie’s getting good press.

  • Cafélady

    ..oh…wow…this looks so what of stunningly good…black is anyway one of his colors…but so…the ‘little black suit’ so to say…LoL
    Or the man in black…or whatever…plus, I see now again the long missed skarsbrow again… :)

    But obviously he isn’t pleased to see the pap’s again…understandable. And sushi? Must have been a telepathic thing…I also wanted to eat sushi this sunday, before I watched ‘Disconnect’ – but unfortunately the bar was closed…*sigh*

    And it seems like as if ‘Tarzan’ has finally got the green light now…

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: …well, I guess we aren’t the only ones who love the skarsbrow… :)
    So ‘our’ Christoph also…somehow nice to hear that. Chris is an good actor. I have to admit, I haven’t seen ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’ up to…but from what one can hear, Margot must have been good in it.
    And SLJ is also a good choice, I think. Good cast – add a good script, and so I guess, we can expect something good.

  • Madelene

    Well hello there Skarsbrow!

  • pretty kitty

    when and were does this start filming??? any time frame info???

  • Canuck

    Skarsgard in 3D? :)))

  • Canuck

    Also, TB started filming a month ago. He doesn’t seem to be spending much time on the set.

  • ladybug

    @pretty kitty: No mention of a start date. There had been some talk about it starting in May, but that was months and months ago. At this point, they might as well wait until he’s done with TB, which will probably be end of June, beginning of July.
    Don’t know about where either. Several locations had been mentioned when this was first floated, including Hawaii. But with them having to trim the budget, who knows where they’ll film it.

    @Canuck, howdy stranger!
    He just started back on TB a week ago, after two weeks filming DOATG. But even though they started filming in January, it takes about 3 weeks per episode, so apparently they’re still on episode 2 for everyone.

  • Chrissy

    Wow, he looks mighty fine in black, especially those thighs! I’ve sure missed that Skarsbrow as well even if he looks annoyed. Considering he hasn’t been properly papped in months, it must be a pain – probably the thing his misses the the least about L.A.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Hiya! Well that’s good news for fans that he’s actually been filming with the TB crew.

  • Jilian

    Wow, imagine him and the marvellous Margot Robbie together at premieres and such. They will make an insanely beautiful (on-screen) couple!!

  • YehYeah

    Lunch with?

  • ladybug

    It’s nice to see a break in the Skarsdrought.
    More pics, including a goofy photo from about a month ago when he was in SF filming DOATG (he really does want to be a ballerina):

  • sexy pants

    Aww its good to see bets are place and the shippers are in full stans. I hope they have tee shirts and caps and water bottle for all that stanning they will put their energies into. I would rather take up karatee but that is just mee. Or maybe she will up with Sean Penn LMFAO forever.

    I am very happy for him his first lead starring, I always think of him as a star but he wants this so I am happy for him that he got this. He has that hungry that he needs to feed for himself which is great. Hungry is good it gets the juices flowing desperation never good for no one, ever. This can go only 2 ways good or f^cking bad there is no other way, none. I am going with good of the people in this can get my money anytime. Lawerence Fishbrune I mean Samuel L Jackson geesh for a second there I though all black folk looked and sound the same side eye that dude how did he get his job it so god damn easy its not brain surgery dude, google is your best friend man use it. Waltz take my god damn money & the Swede still stanning so he can get it the money and other things.

    But in a case sensitive like this there are a few things that needs to be on point. If Swedish Tarzan boo is going to do Tarzan I guessing shirtless is written in the script if not they need to adjust said script and I will help Swedish boo with his daily gym routine and distracting him while he left weighs or me either or hither or both I cant guarantee nor do I want to that its a offer on the table or the bench press either its good.

    Will there be a wig if so they need to contact Beyonce blonde wig weave home girl her weaves are legit Beyonce has been rocks white girl blonde weaves so long I doubt she knows how with her own hair not Rihanna though her weaves are always look busted I don’t understand why Beyonce wouldn’t hook a island girl up. So I would get on that WB there is no way to look busted weave wig while Beyonce has the hook up nothing from 2013-2014 now her blonde weave are looking weak of late is India running out of good hair or this homegirl weave quit so many questions.

    Then there is the accent if he is doing one for the love of god and green grass and salsa dancing get it right. Master it! Cause there is nothing worst than watching a movie and being distracted by F- up accents but he as the hungry he will master it wouldn’t you Swedish boo! Speaking of accent aussie girl or (aged lady seriously she is 23 I say add a decade she looks early thirties) in WOWS or what I like to call it homage to Porn I don’t have to say why right! Her accent was totally Rosie Perez even her mannerism even my mom thought her accent sounds familiar I don’t know if this is a good thing and since i haven’t seen her in anything else there are question marks. I hope she is not blonde though its the small things that would kill it dead like Robocop black suit instead of the Silver that is a N+O = NO

    As for the rest I hope its a good script I hope it has action and I hope it great cause 3 f^cking D man it got to be awesome so in saying that I hope he owning this role not the gossip since he seem to have whip up a MO for certain things in his acting career (which will be like Leo award anecdotes who cares if you are a good actor if your private life dominates.) that I see come up time and time again not only by wailers but tabloids as well ((Since Hollywood reveal with stats and facts that its filled with dirty old men who are disgusting maybe he doesn’t want to feel left out) and I don’t know much about Aussie girl but before i knew who she was there was stuff she seem to have muster up her own titbits even tho I for one definitely don’t think Will is in the least still married but ok

    I just glad Leo is getting all the awards for his life’s (private) work he worked really hard for that role LOL .

  • sexy pants

    Now lets get into why I resurfaced 2 things 1st none of your biz 2nd Mr. Skarsgard is working that casual full on black ensemble. Werk it! Snap fingers and flip head to the side and says this Hawt bastard he works it I pay attention then I comment I don’t want him to feel I don’t appreciate him going out in his sexy pants cause I do those pants are glorious there some shots where he is on his phone there is side azz, hands lips and face. Its all good I am still into it.

    I see that the skarsbrow is still trying to go independent or find an agent I just want to give you that moment of swoon. Either ways Hail the Skarsbrow I feel I should follow that up with a shot next time in in person I will put lime on 1 brow and salt on the other drinking games are sexy.

    Alexander swagger on the sidewalk can sell thing or frustrate things I think that was he was going for both. When he wants to be sexy he is sexy that’s for sure but he looks like he was just told on the phone pics that Tarzan was greenlit always the last to know huh! lol.

    Speaking of knowing everyone is all up in his jelly jam I ain’t gonna lie all up in there is where I need to be but my patience is running thin or out and I hate waiting for too long. But since it is 2 days until Valentine Day my question is, is Alexander Skarsgard a romantic does his has charm or does it stop after he gets into your sexy lingerie. Since this is the month of love and hearts I want to know if he is the guy that send you roses and chocolate for your Valentine day or your birthday even if he far away from you (especially if he is really) with sweet love notes or sexy notes does he make a big deal about missing or being with you. How does he show his love for you that is what I need to know even though I think he never had to make an effort I would want him to do so though E is efforts make one cause as a woman I need all that rom and cheese and since I believe if you give you get back his reward would be sweet and sexy.

    Speaking of notes I am surprised you all don’t even know what is on the page yet shakes head in disappointment haha

    That Ballerina pics is funny and cute I know a cute ballerina he could help out with her dance Pile or pas de deux or he already as a dance partner he can be so cute and funny sometimes and I really like that.

  • Loli

    How long before Alex and Margot are doin’ it?

  • Rosiehell

    Pretty excited about Tarzan too. The cast is exceptional and with Yates on board, I think it will be good.

  • Lovelydoll

    I’ve seen there’s a few rumors/a lot of misinformation going around regarding Alexander Skarsgard in S7 of True Blood.

    For the record, and as I stated after the season ended last summer…

    Alex will only be in the season about as much as he was in Season 1.

    He may not (probably won’t) be in the first episode, but I could wind up being wrong about that. We’ll see.

    Again, and as I’ve said before, the writers intended for his ending in S6 to be a shock to gauge our reaction to him leaving the show. If no one flipped, he wasn’t going to be in S7 at all. But we did, so they worked it out.

    Yes, this comes from very reliable sources. No, I won’t tell you who.

    Right now, this is all I know.

    Basically, S7 will suck if you are an Eric fan.

    If you’re in it for Alex, maybe just catch the youtube videos after it airs.

    Reblogging just in case someone needed for this to be said out loud.

  • sexy pants


    Actually the bigger and most important question is When are you going to get/rent a life and live it!

    @21 I swear how you people obsesses about every detail of his life is (beyond comprehend of the healthy mind) and almost 99.9% turn up wrong as h$ll never stop making a fool of yourself though you have no shame I have none for you. How do you know what the hell is happening in TB How and plus being a Eric fan has suck for sometime now so nothing new here’s to hoping he gets some sort of a good end or gets a f^cking Eric Northman the early years movie spin off if HBO wants my pincode to my bank code that might do it.

    But anyways carry on on being in the know I know nothing at least this is not what I need to know about from him anyways different life goals.

  • Whycantipost

    Can’t wait for the new dating rumors, NOT.

    OMGGGGG He always dates skinny blondes (not true), he is soooo doing Margot! He is cheating on Caroline/Charlize/Keith! OMG, some random other person was spotted on the set, she was probably visiting him!

    Only good thing is that we are gonna see a lot of Skars this year and the next, with press for the movie! (and unwanted papshots xD)

  • Whycantipost

    I personally do believe there is gonna be less Skars on TB.
    Not based on shooting schedules etc, I know nothing about that.

    The ending of last season really ruined TB for me, it was plain silly (Eric maybe dead, showing peen to get more viewers, Sookie and Alcide, the new mayor). Also the fact that they backpedaled after the finale, with ppl freaking out after his ‘death’, quickly telling everyone he was not dead, screamed damage control for me. I got a feeling they did plan on letting him go (maybe Alex’s choice, not theirs) and quickly did the best they could to get him back.
    The writers/directors always had a tendency to do the complete opposite of what the fans want (Sookie and Alcide, Bill’s silly storyline, pushing him to the foreground while his story is more than over) and I think it lost them viewers. They seem to be completely blind to what the fans want. I lol’ed when I read an interview with one of the writers (not sure of the name) after the last finale. He claimed the fans got what they want, because Sooks was with Alcide and Behlll had a more prominent role. LOLLLL

    Getting rid of Eric would/would’ve signed the shows death warrant’, when they finally (!) realized that they changed their minds. Without Skars the show wouldn’t have gone past s3/4 imo.

  • Whycantipost

    Getting rid of Skars is like getting rid of Daryl on the Walking Dead.
    Behllll reminds me of Rick, he is also way too prominent on the show and imo not interesting at all. Gimme more Pam and Eric! (Michonne and Daryl, without the smexy times of Pam and Eric xD)

  • I luv u Kate Polish

    M robbie blond blue eyes crap actress model, ya now skars is goona date her and take her to Sweden and then look pissy in public cus he got caught sayin
    where just good friends , skars will Neva learn 2 concurned in dating the youngsters than saving his flushed toliet …. career.. What a joke,

    how cud he treat Kate so poorly ….all them yrs

  • Whycantipost

    Lulz, and there the trolls are!

  • Jeh

    Love the man. But, I have always hated the Tarzan character in the movies or tv.

  • Oh boy

    Askars seems like a functioning alcoholic.

  • Fat Azz Mo

    dude acts like a pu ssy no character in real life