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Alexander Skarsgard Watches the Lakers from Court Side Seats!

Alexander Skarsgard Watches the Lakers from Court Side Seats!

Alexander Skarsgard pays close attention to the Lakers game as he sits courtside on Tuesday evening (February 11) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old Swedish actor, who was joined by a male pal, watched as the Lakers unfortunately lost out to the Utah Jazz 96-79.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander was officially confirmed as the leading role of Tarzan in the live action 3D movie. Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson will also be taking on leading roles. Look out for the film, hitting theaters on July 1, 2016.

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alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 01
alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 02
alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 03
alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 04
alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 05
alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 06
alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 07
alexander skarsgard sits courtside for the lakers game 08

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  • No date

    What no miss robbie to boost Intrest as his lover in tarzen you know you want her Alex

  • BO

    You mean poor Keith?

  • sexy pants

    @ 1 you know according to rumors reps mills that they actually hook up ON SET and since that in a couple of months from now I would suggest you get some energy bars and knitting needles to kill all that extra time but never give up though I just hope in between then Sean Penn or one of his over tan friends don’t show up to kill it for you. LMFAO forever.

    I see Alexander was having a wearing the F out of black apparel day yesterday and Yassss I dug it blacks looks good on him maybe he was celebrating black history month I could have help him out with that and Skarsbrow was still going strong too I hope it finds representation soon.

    he is working that sexy appeal and I am digging it plus his pecs is asking for my attention in that knitwear well hello to you too.

  • virgis30

    What about True Blood? Is he filming smth or his character was killed last season and I’m waiting for nothing? If someone knows smth, please do tell. I’m from Europe and I don’t have easy access to fresh news …

  • Lovelydoll

    ‘True Blood’ Showrunner: Alexander Skarsgard Returns to Season 7

    Showrunner Brian Buckner has answered the burning question about Alexander Skarsgard’s future on the show following his character’s final scene that left a big cliffhanger in the season 6 finale.
    “I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of ‘True Blood’. He will be a series regular,” he tells TVLine. Asked the more direct question by Entertainment Weekly if it means Eric survives the sunburn, he says, “I did not confirm that he’s alive. Not that I want to create more conversation, because I don’t, but to be clear, we’re not saying how we’re going to use him, we’re simply saying that we are using him.”

    While he refuses to reveal Eric’s fate, Buckner does say that Eric won’t be just fine after the near-death experience. “That would be a cheat, wouldn’t it? That would be an incredible cheat. Pam has gone off in search of Eric, and maybe she’s going to be the one to find him, y’ know?” he teases about how Eric might be saved.

    Read more:

  • Web Domain

    I personally believe Alexander Skarsgard was a great pick for the new Tarzan Movie and fits the role very well. My only concern is how well the script and storyline is put together. I don’t think 2016 can come soon enough.

  • Åsa

    He started filming TB last week (or early this week, not sure from when the first pics were exactly).
    You can find a lot of stuff about him on blogs on tumblr, like askarsswedishmeatballs and alexskarsgardnet for instance.

  • Lovelydoll

    why so much time? 2016? why not 2015?

  • virgis30

    @Lovelydoll and @Asa: Thank you !

  • Hee

    @No date
    I think Miss Robbie is in New Zeeland shooting a movie. So difficult to go to a lakers game for her. But wouldnt be surprised if they show up at some event later. Like he did with Ellen Page at that Stanley Cup game, a couple of years ago. :

  • Whycantipost

    @sexy pants:

    What is exactly the connection between Skars and Penn? Or did I miss something? Or you mean the dating rumors of Skars/Charlize and that she is now with Penn? In another thread u also brought him up, so just wondering..

  • sexy pants


    haha you already said it there is only 1 connection between Penn and Skarsgard I find it extremely funny and I laughed at every melt down with the Penn/Theron whatever the H*ell it its ( I have an idea) actually giving me life to see people so F in invested either ways. Especially since when they (AS &CT) were or weren’t doing it or hiding or making plans to adopt kids or have Stellan Skarsgard jr of their own the celebration and confetti was every where I guess because they are both blonde and hot or would have brought back Hitler Aryan desires I don’t know and now everyone seems to being melting for the opposite like he is over tanned and baked for her or some nonsense. I personal LOVE how life work things out and place things are people together it much better than what I could have come up with.

    It just goes to show how shallow and vapid people are especially females (the self loathing is real) and then the bawl at how the Media portrays women and how things are base on looks and all that blah but when it comes down to it they are just as bad or even worst than the marketing strategies that is cooked up or we are so condition to hate ourselves and celebrate people who we know have sh1t done to help enhance them on film, mags and real life but whatever.

    I will be LMFAO forever at everyone crying in their cereal and everything else they own. Sometimes who needs TV.

    Then they sh&t on him for dating young model chick but ship this because I don’t know brings them closer in their heads stans are the worst this is absolute FACT!

  • sexy pants

    To lighten things up the mood this is funny and I am guessing true his eyes though they have kept me around for this long they are that powerful at less to me.

  • Hoho

    @sexy pants: @sexy pants:
    And now he is gonna shoot a movie with Margot Robbie, who is even more aryan looking than Charlize, who is a fake blonde by the way. The tabloids probably rubbing their hands in excitement over this new celebcouple. They will be hooking up, at least in the fantasyworld of tabloids.

  • sexy pants


    the tabloids are always slow to the party I am pretty sure some stans have them sending sexy text and picking out baby names (I just hope Stellan Skarsgard jr jr makes it in there that’s a win) and buying land in Orland or somewhere in Sweden then vacationing in Auss where they will go surfing in Auss with Chris Hemsworth where they can talk about Thor and picking his and hers stuff and all that good stuff.

    But hey every body else knows what is going on, me sashay back into the darkness of I know nothing.

  • She

    He always hooks up with co-stars but I think this girl could be the one to tie him down. Yupyuppp!

  • Jilian

    Skarsgard hooking up with Robbie might very well be the most interesting thing about that whole Tarzan movie lol… I have no idea if she’s dumb or nice or whatever, but she’s incredibly beautiful. I mean, what a face! She’s sexy without even trying. Them together, that’s like Barbie and Ken haha.. And imagine the babies! lol

  • Dean

    @Jilian: What a face? Lol she’s got a pornstar face.

  • She

    She’s his type. Pornstar face or not. LOL.

  • corina

    I wonder who he sends a valentine

  • nothere

    are you blind? Askars is dating Caroline Winberg, open your eyes people, theres even a photo of them kissing on one of caroline’s friends instagram, duh

  • Canuck

    You mean like he was dating Ellen Page who just came out as gay?

  • Whycantipost


    LOLLL just came here to say the same thing huhahahahahaahaa
    (props to Ellen though, she is awesome)

  • Canuck

    @Whycantipost: yup, she’s awesome! :)))

  • reese

    I bet Alex is gay too, there was that picture where he was drunk and about to kiss a dude, they didn’t know someone was taking a pic, lol

  • gaja

    Askars is dating Caroline Winberg ? why do we never see them together does he hold her captive in the basement or something .shows us the picture!

  • @whoever

    clapping hands that meds against excessive harmful fantasy are working for “SAME” person w/different names–at least the “secretive/yet much promoted here engagement/marriage” to C. Winberg has been downgraded to dating only. Keep taking the meds, you will get closer to reality in a while. #25, keep the penny of your bet. You wish you had that man, but he may really turn gay if you plan to wink at him. Re: M. Robbie, I cannot speculate because I don’t know if they even met each-other, but this girl has what it takes to be a good match for him. She seems talented, hard-working, not scandal-seeking, I like to repeat this one. But for now this is my opinion only. I have a feeling that soon he will just walk naturally with his choice, just like he did w/K. Bosworth (he had problems w/paps chasing them not to walk w/her), and will close the chapter of hints or gossip, whether healthy or poison.

  • nothere

    well yeah they’re probably married, c winberg had an engagement ring. Pls crazy fat fans, don’t cut your veins, denial is more suitable, you are doing it well. Yes, your uggly Alex married a KBoss doppelgänger, bitch won’t learn.

  • @whoever

    Yep, SAME person w/different names. 1st the lie, 2nd insults by body size or insults against everyone, including KBoss who is now happily married and closed the relationship with Alex with much dignity. And then uggly Alex!!!!!! Side effects of meds…..Reading this person’s expressions, the language is what? when? who? where? Good news here is that anything is as simple understood as the words coming out of the mouth of an idiot. And I’m done. Agree with #17. Miss Robbie seem to have a face and a personality. But let us wait and see.

  • @#28

    @#28. Respectfully, don’t try to bring the worst in us. No need. Honestly it’s him that fairly matters to some extent, who gives a f&$k about you btw. I instantly regret falling to your level, I apologize. You are not a fan, your language screams “scorned & jealous,” whoever you are. Because you pick on anyone, & you try to convince just everyone, why? We live in reality because we have never claimed or published anything involving him or his name, or done anything to harm him in order to benefit. We don’t have a history of fantasy, others yes. If you ever find any instance of us, doing or saying something against A. Skarsgard, here or somewhere, in the name of whatever you think, I will tell you where I am and come and spit on my face. Otherwise, I’m done here. Of course you don’t believe when we wish him the best or anything because you judge things by your character. Going back, best to the guy as he deserves that!!!!

  • keith

    Nah, it’s Keith, you will remember my words some day

  • youarewrong

    it’s not keith, it’s Fares Fares, and they’re very ” in your face” about their relatioship, can’t believe you’re so blind!

  • This Fixation

    with Alex gets worst every year today I read that even Lainey was touch by that crazy person from last summer.

    Big ups to Ellen. And THANKS GOD we no longer have to listen to dumbass bullsh-t about whether or not she’s dating Alexander Skarsgard. Did I ever tell you about the crazy emails I used to get from some TwiHard last summer who was convinced they were planning a secret wedding?

    She send EMAILS O.M.G
    I really hope she is registered mental patient and not walking the street among people not sedated because I don’t feel safe knowing that she is loose especially now it’s crazy to think what she will be up to now knowing her whole world has crumpled by one one other than the one she was defending

    I was around when it was literally everywhere with that craziness at least one JJ poster called her out and she was right too.

    trolling trolls @ 09/13/2013 at 9:11 pm

    @Lionel Ritchie:

    Listen Looney tunes, I know you can’t reason with crazy not trying to you said your madness and try to spread it and no one is buying it and it burning a hole in your soul if otherwise you wouldn’t try so hard to sell it everywhere. But whatever. Listen Looney tunes remember the name trolling trolls I will be back with laughter and pointing finger and posting gifs to illustrate my amusement in reconfirming what I know that you are REACHING SO HARD but IT STILL NOT HAPPENING.

    I am also pretty sure you are on his people list to watch out for every year Alex gets a few of you Loons with your Grand delusions and everytime you get taken down. I will be here to laugh my a*s off when Alex is resting his beautiful blond hair in another woman bosom which he will openly do because he totally into her and don’t care who knows and EP will be making out with a woman at places that she ventures to… I have no idea where she goes I am guessing Canada.
    I will come back and laugh at you just remember that, and you will hear it no matter how deeply lost in your mind you are you will hear it.
    @reply | Flag This

    I know this is gossip site and I am not telling anyone to stop or at least wait until Alex gives you something of substance to go off of this goes to all the trolls who try to drop lies about Alex even on this thread. It is very obvious that No one knows anything about Alex private life and you shouldn’t believe anything you read online about him because they are WRONG.

    So the last time Alex gave an interview he said he was Single so since I have not seen him with any woman on his arms I am going to say he is still is as for the other rumors they will come but I will wait until I see some photographic evidence I believe nothing you people say.

  • No good deed goes unpunished

    @#33, this is a site that one can even write w/many names, and not get discovered, but if you believe in your own consciousness, you get to know foolishness too. I like your 2nd to last paragraph; I came to this gossip site exactly for this. REMEMBER, re: fans — it never was, or is, & it will never be any “Alex Baldwin” situation w/A. Skarsgard, where a fan can go batshit & claim to be his girlfriend/lover/fiance or wife or stalk him. If you are sure that you follow many posts here, the delusional confirmations come from people who seem to confirm for people who are close to A. Skarsgard, and not from fans. Such people also go into insults. No harm comes because someone/a fan saw a picture of him w/a single girl in his industry & hint that they do intent to date or are dating. Of course it’s normal for him to do that. It would be good if you pointed out the posts that you addressed your words, w/their #s, just like I did w/you, or in my other 8 posts belonging to three stories here, and I swear that was all I ever wrote. But I smell more than foolishness flying around here, and for that, not that I matter to anyone, but I swear I will never, ever post anymore. But just like you said, we will all be around and see where the good and the bad really comes from (not that I wish any bad to him; I wish upon myself before him). No need to place my hand in any religious book, but figuratively speaking I’m swearing to it to never write anything, I am done because as a person w/good intention (and seriously I don’t give a f&%k even if A. Skarsgard wouldn’t believe that), I can no longer blend in w/foolishness. I hope other good people here, & trust me there are plenty w/good intentions, do the same. Now whoever can feel free & say that my writing was fat or obese or I’m in denial because I won’t respond.

  • Tarzan

    Well all these rumors start from somewhere you know a bit of lie a bit of truth. It seems that Alex has a pattern whether he created consciously or not for his on set rumors has taken over his career. His first American movie was taken over by the rumors if he was dating his co stars Kate and they had that spectacle that followed which didn’t help either ones careers.
    Alex could have gotten better offers since then he was poise as the hot hunk and in Hollywood that means everything and I think romance or lack there of, of him and her burns potential projects from him. Look how Joel is thriving role after role and he is also in a series but he is not making a spectacle of his private life which Alex has done the rumors that is.

    Since then there as been string of rumors of him and his costars and it makes him look bad and unprofessional for someone who is basically just starting out in Hollywood he was before Joel and what has he been doing low budget Dairy which wouldn’t make it pass Sundance.

    Then there was last year the whole Ellen, East thing took a life of its own but this time it wasn’t only just him but the entire cast which basically killed potential for their film. They turned people off. The Spectacle which they all made of themselves hasn’t help anyone even today after Ellen came out (no surprise) People are thinking he was bearding for her and vice versa again not helping him just makes him look worst.

    Now for a movie that is months away people are talking about romance between the two already took away the real interest of the film which would be his first lead role. (Are you interested in the film or waiting for the rumors to start circulating?) If I was him rumors are not. I would be aware that people already formed an opinion of him and as killed him as an actor (People are already asking who did he hook up with this time on set) doesn’t seem anyone cares about him in the role just when is he going to hook up with the blonde whom herself was recently rumored to be hooking up with a married man those pictures were telling .

    True Blood is ending this really is for him his last fresh start from all the rumor romance drama that people have been focusing on for years if he wants to be taken seriously he should start acting like an actor and step away from the rumors that has been following him for years now.

    I do wish him the best on his first big role. Tarzan.

  • Tarzan

    Just wanted to add he wasn’t the only one making a spectacle of himself last year of course the notorious Henry Cavill and Kaley thing that didn’t last taht long but impact the way people look at Henry. Which took what would have catapult Henry Superman instant stardom which only send him into hiding and to rethinking his game plan. The thing is Alex will never out live these rumors someone will find it on the internet and post it somewhere but my point is don’t give them things to find and talk about like there would be no Ellen discussion with him in it if it wasn’t for the The East Spectacle and of course that photo which they themselves posted and that Kate thing wouldn’t have been a big deal if they didn’t turned it into one. You give people things to talk about guess what they will talk about it everywhere they can and since we live in a digital instance post world it will be around the world in minutes whether you like it or not it hard to do damage control these days with everyone on social media

    Maybe he should do like Henry is doing and find a woman and lay low and build up something maybe that would change the way people look at him. He definitely need a new spin on his image which I am sure is not applying to certain movie demographic which Hollywood need and he needs that will give him more lead roles.

  • suzan

    those rumors are good for his career he remains in the spotlight .his films do well in america but in the rest of the world hardly anyone knows who he is . normally he would be a b actor but his sexy looks and muscles gives him a role including tarzan

  • ladybug

    (checks in, shakes head)

    Thank you Inge for making sure there were goofy photos taken at the SP:

    “in the photo, which was taken on Dec. 13, 2013, Skarsgård stands in the snow in only tiny black briefs, boots and a hat (check out those abs and pecs!). On his face he wears a fake yellow beard and sunglasses.

    Meanwhile, the 37-year-old actor’s Team Noom Coach teammates sport similar stripped-down costumes with underwear, fake beards and hats. The gang all stand together for the chilly photo op.

    The whole team carried beards with them during the 200-kilometer trek to provide lighthearted entertainment when morale was low during the arduous journey.”

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the link. Funny pic! :)
    But if I imagine the outdoor temperatures who they had during this photo shoot…omg…
    …but one time again, alex shows his humor and that he is always good for a funny thing like this pic! And I also liked it, that his teammates were willing to join this fun!
    And yes (as in the text mentioned); a well-proportioned body, admittedly…