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Eva Mendes' Valentine's Day Plans: Deep Dish Pizza & 'The Notebook'!

Eva Mendes' Valentine's Day Plans: Deep Dish Pizza & 'The Notebook'!

Eva Mendes is all dolled up while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Wednesday (February 12)!

The 39-year-old actress sat down with host Ellen DeGeneres to chat about her Valentine’s Day plans and addressed pregnancy rumors.

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“I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person. I’ll probably just order a deep dish and watch The Notebook or something,” Eva shared on the show.

In case you didn’t know, there have been rumors swirling that Eva and boyfriend Ryan Gosling have split, but it seems like he’ll still be part of her day (he starred in The Notebook).

Eva Mendes – ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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  • the ring

    the best actress in the world, I want a film of her and ashton kutcher…..OSCAR for both

  • Mrs. Daryl Dixon

    lmao, I love her for this.

  • Heather

    Hottest actress alive.

  • Syaer

    The notebook? That’s a romantic movie with her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, and his then girlfriend, Rachel McAdams. Ha!

  • JustSayin

    Ellen’s responses are so hilarious! haha

  • Karie

    I think she pulled a movie out of the air without thinking. Especially, if she and Ryan have split.

  • Ha

    @Heather: Really? Why? I mean, what do you find so attractive about her? I’m serious! I’m quite curious. I’ve always been amazed at how so many people find her so “hot”. I never got the fuss, to be honest. I don’t see what is hot or beautiful about her. I actually think she’s NOT pretty. And no, I’m not a jealous b!tch lol. I guess beauty is relative. I really don’t see it! But you tell me what you find so amazing about her please?

  • Emma

    Girl, you only watch the Notebook on Valentines when you ain’t got no boyfriend? I can’t imagine Ryan Gosling watching the Notebook haha!!!

  • Sam

    She looks like a Cuban tranny there is nothing hot about her.

  • Delma

    @the ring: I hope that was sarcasm.

  • Tyla

    She must not be spending V-day with Gosling then. Why would he want to sit through one of his own movies?

  • snapcracklepop

    LOL, that was a pretty funny response from her.
    I think she’s saying, “Yup, we’re still together.”
    And/or, “That’s right b!tches, my everyday LIFE is the Notebook.”

  • Sandy

    @Ha: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, havent you ever heard that? If you don’t like her, why read about her and comment? That’s just plain stupid and makes jealousy very obvious. I think she’s gorgeous, funny and acts as well as the next female in Hollywood. Team Eva allllllll the way!!!

  • Elsa

    @Sam: Jealous much??? I mean really. She’s a private person I respect, because she’s also one of the few woman in Hollywood who doesn’t jump from relationship to relationship. She’s been in two relationships since she started acting and that shows how much class she has. In Hollywood where actors go from one to another to another. That speaks volumes about her character. Tranny my ass!!! A beautiful lady with class and self respect!!!

  • Cherrios

    @snapcracklepop: Reading these comments and yours was the best. That’s exactly what I got from that interview. Good for her. I love you Eva, that was awesome!!!

  • GosManFan

    Oh come on guys, no baby? Damn!!! Really??? Booooooo!!! Was hoping to see what the worlds most beautiful child would look like.

  • GosManFan

    @GosManFan: Meant “GosMen” Gosling/Mendes

  • Amy

    This sounds to me like they may have broken up. I could be wrong though. She’s always the one to address rumours, whether it’s through her rep or in photos. You never hear anything from his side. It’s been a very weird relationship.

  • Jamie

    @Ha Completely agree, I never got why people think Eva is hot either. She’s not attractive in the least and the fact she can’t act whatsoever doesn’t help.

    @Elsa Why is it anytime someone says they don’t find an actress attractive, people immediately use the ‘jealous’ excuse? No, not everyone who says they don’t find a certain actress attractive is ‘jealous.’ Believe it or not, people have different opinions. Shocker, I know.

  • Jojo

    Why is she even on Ellen? STILL promoting her fashion line? Must not be doing that well.

    That Notebook mention was probably an “FU” to the crazy Gosling/McAdams people that don’t like her. She clearly reads and is up-to-date on what people are saying about her. The “Sandy and “Elsa” comments sound like they’re Eva herself. Just a little TOO defensive.

  • Bella

    @Jojo: “Eva herself” you sound so sure of yourself. You must know her personally, huh? I hope that Notebook mention was an FU to those people. Ryan wakes up next to her every day, NOT next to Rachel. I’m defensive, am I Eva too? She does have fans, and I too get defensive when you try to rip my favorite actress. I think she’s gorgeous, funny and a great actress. You don’t like her? Why bother to read this and comment? Because you’re a joke, that’s why. Oh, and by the way, her clothing line is doing exceptionally well. Sells out on line and in stores. Every time I buy her clothes, the salesperson tells me she’s making a shit load of money for New York & Co. Gooooooo Eva. This is the best way to shut up these haters that have to be losers to take time out of their day to be nasty to someone they don’t know. Elsa and Sandy, Team Eva alllllllllthe way!!!!

  • Elle

    @Jojo: Dude, “too defensive?” Really? What planet are you from?? Fans get VERY defensive when you try and trash who they admire. Is this the only time you read an article and it’s comments??? That is just so damn ignorant, I HAD to comment.

  • Xyz

    Being a fan of somebody’s work is no problem, but I think somebody has taken the admiration too far. Like someone else mentioned, it must be Eva herself or a family member commenting.

  • Starr

    I’ve noticed whenever there is a post about Eva, there’s someone that always goes on a rampage defending Eva to the death. In a very psychologically unstable way. I don’t agree with leaving nasty comments about anybody either, but there’s no need to go nuts. You are just feeding the negativity.

  • Paris

    @Xyz: Taken admiration too far?? Tell that to Bieber fans of ALL ages. I think it’s crazy, but some fans feel a real connection. Even Gosling fans do the same thing, so why does it have to be Eva or a family member when someone seems “defensive”? I doubt they read this stuff, especially a junky site like this one. Just sayin’

  • Stevie

    I love you Eva!! Perfection at its best!! Ahhhh

  • Gene

    If you ask me, World’s most beautiful woman!!!

  • Jared

    Hot!!! Hot!!! Hot!!! Classy too!