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Gerard Butler & Scott Eastwood: Front Row Fun at Boss Show!

Gerard Butler & Scott Eastwood: Front Row Fun at Boss Show!

Gerard Butler and Scott Eastwood bring the hunk factor to the front row at the Boss Women fashion show held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 at Skylight Limited on Wednesday afternoon (February 12) in New York City.

The guys were just some of the celebs in the star-studded front row to check out a beautiful collection under the creative direction of artistic director Jason Wu.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

“Chilling with Gerry butler at Hugo boss show #thisisboss #nyfw @gerardbutler,” Scott wrote on his Instagram account at the show.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Scott Eastwood at the fashion show…

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gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 01
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 02
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 03
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 04
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 05
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 06
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 07
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 08
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 09
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 10

Credit: Jimi Celeste, Craig Barritt; Photos: Getty, Patrick McMullan, FameFlynet Pictures
Posted to: 2014 New York Fashion Week Winter, Gerard Butler, Scott Eastwood

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556 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Scott Eastwood: Front Row Fun at Boss Show!”

  1. 1
    fromoz Says:

    Wow, looking fine.

  2. 2
    Molly Says:

    Hello Handsome Mr Butler!! :))

  3. 3
    lolita Says:

    Thanks JJ. I see one of the pics with you and Gerry you said some kind words about him whenever you have met him. Nice to hear.

  4. 4
    kelly Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!! hottie alert !!!!!! Gerry looking good and so hot in that suit love it…….

  5. 5
    Grooming 101 Says:

    He can dye his hair, but he can’t shave his neck.
    I don’t care what his suit costs –
    He doesn’t fit in it.

  6. 6
    Cleopatra Says:

    Looking good Gerry baby!

  7. 7
    Suits him Says:

    @Grooming 101: Do you think that HB would send him to the MB without being fitted and groomed for this afternoon? Try looking harder, he was poetry.

  8. 8
    Nicole Says:

  9. 9
    Nicole Says:

  10. 10
    Nicole Says: enter Gerard Butler

  11. 11
    Nicole Says:

  12. 12
    Nicole Says:

  13. 13
    Nicole Says:

  14. 14
    Nicole Says:

  15. 15
    Nicole Says:

  16. 16
    Nicole Says:

  17. 17
    saoirse Says:

    Such a treat, 2 threads in 2 days. That suit is pairfect for him. He looks magnificent! God bless him. He seems quite happy to me. What do you all think? Doesn’t our bhoy look splendid?!?!!

  18. 18
    Nicole Says:

  19. 19
    Autumn Says:

    Evening JJers! Wow a double treat – Scott Eastwood and Gerry Butler! Great way to end a very long 3 days so this was a nice way to end a Wednesday as the DC area braces for a storm.

    He looks great in that suit – even with vest/waistcoat underneath – lovely! Scott looks like his father when he was in Rawhide as Rowdy Yates! Handsome! However, our hot Scot still rocks it. Thanks for the photos Nicole! The one picture looks a tad awkward – GB may have been thinking why the heck am I here?

    Best to all! To all the JJers on the east coast stay warm, stay safe, sane, happy and healthy!


  20. 20
    saoirse Says:

    @Suits him: Poetry!
    Perfect description!
    (swooning….and BOOM…sorry, I hit the floor cuz I slipped on my own puddle of drool)

  21. 21
    Nicole Says:

  22. 22
    The truth is ALWAYS out there Says:


    Girl please? Well, since you asked nicely and you said the “magic” word then I will oblige your request.

    Once more the truth speaks……

  23. 23
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Nicole: Oh my goodness! That front row line-up looks like the next HW version of the Witches of Eastwick. Lol! He sure seemed to keep his composure while lined up next to all those incredible women. Gerard, you are the man! Somehow you always manage to find yourself in a bevy of beautiful women. As my teenage daughter would say…SNAP!! Lol!

  24. 24
    Question Says:

    @The truth is ALWAYS out there:
    Is your friend a Gemini by any chance?

  25. 25
    Nicole Says:

  26. 26
    Awesome Post Says:

    OMG Gerard is hot, especially in that suit. It fits him well and I love the retro suave look of the vest underneath. And check out those shoes.

    Noticing the slight change of his hair color and I like that too.

    Clearly Grooming 101 must be taking hallucinogens cause GB is looking good head to toe.

    IMO GB looks handsome both dressed to kill and casually cool.

    Gerard looks smoking hot in that suit. JJers definitely has their eye candy tonight. Sweeter dreams ladies? :-)

  27. 27
    More Pics Says:–2?page=1

  28. 28
    Suits him Says:
    I love this profile picture of him. Just wish it was without the watermark.

  29. 29
    Nicole Says:

  30. 30
    Little Birdie Says:

    To warm your heart.

  31. 31
    Nicole Says:

  32. 32
    Nicole Says:

  33. 33
    Thoughts Says:


    Will all you paranormal idiots just shut up? None of you knows anything and are full of it.

    Her friend is old and ugly. It doesn’t matter what sign she is.


    Everyone knows this, so enjoy the view and that’s all you’re getting unles you’re a 20-something model/actress/whatever.

    That’s all there has ever been for him and all there ever will be just like Leo Bradley, Bruce Willis Kevin Coster, Mel Gibson Jack Nicholson etc etc etc.

    If you are even nearing 30, forget it. They want babies.

  34. 34
    I Am Gerry's Anahata Says:

    Magnificent, inside & out!

  35. 35
    Think again Says:

    @Thoughts: women can have healthy babies well into their forties. Some +40 look 20? It’s unfair to judge the man with your feeble mind.

  36. 36
    Suits him Says:

    @Little Birdie: Yes it is precious and yes I cried. Thanks for posting a lovely Valentine, Little Birdie.

  37. 37
    Thoughts Says:

    @Think again:

    It doesn’t matter what I think. GERRY ONLY likes very young girls, this is well known.

    And if you were educated, you’d know by 33 women’s fertility drops like a stone.

    But you read me wrong those guys want girls that are babies. Under 25. Those guys wives are all 25 years younger. Look at Alex Baldwin. 27 year difference.

  38. 38
    Identity Intervention Says:

    @Thoughts: feeble minds stereotype. You are not Gerry. You cannot say what he ONLY likes.

  39. 39
    Gem Says:

    @Suits him:
    I love it too!!!

  40. 40
    kimber Says:

    the man is born to wear suits although he looks nice in anything. I do like the way he is wearing his hair and those shoes are way cool. But I love those 3 piece suits.

  41. 41
    Thoughts Says:

    @Identity Intervention:

    Exactly, keep that in mind with your fantasy fan fiction website.

    I’ll just follow his track record, not the PR lies, but the tweets and other stuff.

  42. 42
    You are Says:

    @Thoughts: old and ugly to the bone.

  43. 43
    sharyllee Says:

    no no bulter is not real handsome…

  44. 44
    yellow stones Says:

    LOL! You’re bringing up Halaria? Alec’s wife. The woman who’s pimping out their kid left and right. Yeaaah, that relationship has a long shelf life.
    And you really don’t think that Gerry would fall for a Halle Berry type even if the woman was in her late thirties? You obviously don’t know much about Gerry at all do you?
    Yes, he likes attractive women, but what man doesn’t?
    A beautiful woman doesn’t stop being beautiful on the day she turns thirty or thirty five. And Madalina was close to her thirties, not the ridiculous 24/25 she claimed.

  45. 45
    Scout Says:

    I love Ger in a suit as much as the next woman/man! but I’m not loving that hair colour, I think it looks unnatural & that hair style is old fashioned, think it ages him – I sound like I’m on Fashion Police – of course I would still swoon if he crossed my path, oh to see him in the flesh!

  46. 46
    Here We Go Again Says:

    The old granny phannies at it again! Ridiculously arguing over a celebrity who could care less about their existence.

  47. 47
    yellow stones Says:

    @Here We Go Again:
    And yet you took the time to post on his thread?
    Welcome to the Blue Hair Club fellow senior!

  48. 48
    Here We Go Again Says:

    @yellow stones: Granny, aruging and posting are two totally different things.

  49. 49
    JS Says:

    Two gorgeous looking men together, what a great sight to wake up to this morning.

  50. 50
    JS Says:

    @Little Birdie: Lovely video, thanks for posting it.

  51. 51
    yellow stones Says:

    @Here We Go Again:
    Aren’t you arguing with the so called ‘grannies’?
    Pah-leese you hover over Gerry threads like the rest of us.
    Or you want to us to believe you just happened to be reading this particular thread? *rolls eyes*
    Take a seat darling, you’re not offering anything original. And your “granny” flamethrower can promptly be put away. We’ve heard it all before. Get a new line.

  52. 52
    Gem for sure Says:

    @Question: hahahahaha that is so hilarious thanks for making me day

  53. 53
    Here We Go Again Says:

    @yellow stones: The truth sometimes hurts, don’t it? HaHa

  54. 54
    bystander Says:

    Bradley is invited to the White House, Gerry attends a fashion show to get a new suit and bottle of hair, beard and eyebrow dye.
    He couldn’t get quality work if he paid for it.

  55. 55
    yellow stones Says:

    @Here We Go Again:
    What? That we have posters regurgitating the same lines from the past five years and trying to pass it off as an original insight?
    Yeah, you’re right. It hurts having to deal with it on every thread.
    But alas, it will always be. Some contribute new ideas and spread positivity, while others hide behind nasty posts because they can’t deal with the pain of knowing they’ll never have Gerry.
    It’s okay darling, at least someone will make him happy one day.
    Sorry it can’t be you : (

  56. 56
    yellow stones Says:

    Umm, Bradley Cooper does adverts for ice cream….yeah, Gerry’s really slumming it with one of the most recognisable brands in men’s fashion.
    But since you love Bradley, here’s that delicious ice cream he LOVES!

  57. 57
    Here We Go Again Says:

    @yellow stones: You’re speaking about yourself, right? HaHa

  58. 58
    yellow stones Says:

    @Here We Go Again:
    “You’re speaking about yourself, right?”.
    When I said that some here want to spread positivity, of course I was : )
    Thanks for your support!

  59. 59
    Embla Says:

    ” Butler humorously tried to organize his photo ops with Scott before retiring to his seat and catching up with a friend. “I haven’t been in New York much, and when I am, I’m not going out,” he told her. “I’m being a good boy”

    Nice, Gerry! :-)

  60. 60
    Thoughts Says:

    @You are:

    Neither old nor ugly. I find this soulmate/twin flame/your sign B.S. ridiculous. No two bit self proclaimed psychic knows nor is Gerry’s soul mate. And no he doesn’t go for anyone like Halle Berry either. Or Sharon Stone. .

    Accept it.

    And as for Hilarious, yeah she’s a gold digger but she is still who he married. Isn’t she.? She puts up with him. And she’s 29.

  61. 61
    Why the hell are you here? Says:


  62. 62
    Gem Says:

    @Thoughts: Gerry knows

  63. 63
    Indigo Says:

    if you are really the gemini the psychic promised us about, how did YOU know that you were the right one? have you always felt it? or is this recent?

  64. 64
    Thoughts Says:

    @Why the hell are you here?:

    I’m a fan of this actor not his idiot grannies who ALLLLLLL are apparently his soul mate, or the “friend” of his soul mate. How many soul mates can one unattached person have? According to these boards, 20-30…. too bad he’s “wasting” himself on coed freshman.

  65. 65
    Nicole Says:

    Hunks at Hugo. There was an SLR scrum for @ScottEastwood and Gerry Butler at @HugoBoss.
    #ScottEastwood #GerardButler #NYFW

  66. 66
    Indigo Says:

    @Thoughts: proves you haven’t read most of the posts on jj. nice of you to drop by and make an a/ss of yourself though.

  67. 67
    Gem Says:

    @Indigo: just know I know I know because I know.

  68. 68
    Gem = Thoughts Says:


  69. 69
    Thoughts Says:

    Not even close. I agree all the psychic should get a life. Gem you know nothing.

    I’m only here for the updates provided by Nicole and CGE. They post real info. Not their tarot crap.

    And I don’t sock, because it’s stupid. No one knows who I am anyway, I’m just an anonymous poster. Why pretend to be another anonymous poster? I will never meet any of you, or Gerry. So why ‘hide’ behind another anonymous word that means nothing? That’s stupid.

    BTW, I don’t care what anyone else thinks and have as much right to post on some random board as anyone else. At least I have common sense. And I have read Gery boards for over a year and they are all full of the same garbage.

  70. 70
    Gem = Thoughts Says:


  71. 71
    Getty Says:

  72. 72
    GALS Says:

  73. 73
    Nicole Says:

  74. 74
    Garbage Can Right Here Says:

    @Thoughts: Now toss yourself in where you belong. You are bitter and rotten to the core. RW

  75. 75
    Tasty Says:

    Have a look at beatricehodgkin’s comment . . . I don’t think she’s a fan.

    “I know someone he gave crabs to. Nice.”

  76. 76
    Look See Says:

    There is a shorter brunette pictured chatting with Gerry on a L.A. sidewalk. There is a shorter brunette walking into the airport behind Gerry in one of the LAX photos. Now again there is a shorter brunette near Gerry in the pictures of him on his way to the HB show. Is it the same brunette in all the pictures or a coincidence?

  77. 77
    What Your Point? Says:

    @Look See: That he is dating? That he likes standing by short brunettes? That she a new assistant? What?

  78. 78
    True Says:

    @Tasty: ” I don’t think she’s a fan.”

    No, but she is a liar.

  79. 79
    Honey Says:

    @Embla: “I’m being a good boy.”
    From those of us who care, Gerry, Thank You. Proud of you.

  80. 80
    Just to point out Says:

    @Look See: She works for Hugo Boss.

  81. 81
    Go Take a Nap Says:

    @Look See:

  82. 82
    Ummm Says:

    @True: So, you are his doctor??

  83. 83
    True Says:

    @Ummm: You don’t need to be a doctor to know that anyone can say anything in a tweet without having to provide evidence.

  84. 84
    Look See Says:

    @What Your Point?: If I had the answers to your questions, I wouldn’t have asked my question.

  85. 85
    Look See Says:

    @Just to point out: Good possibility. That explains traveling with Gerry. So she is not the same brunette having coffee with Gerry on the sidewalk in L.A. photos?

  86. 86
    Thoughts Says:

    @Garbage Can Right Here:

    Whatever, your opinion doesn’t matter to me.

    I am tired of all these ridiculous fantasies being posted here. Now that there’s no GF to snipe at, the posters have to pick at other posters. It’s just stupid. No other word for it.

    COFFEE CUP: Wake up and smell the coffee.

    As for that tweet, there’s no reason to lie, and crabs is the least bad thing you can get. He might be good now, but we all know he wasn’t for a long time. Doesn’t make me like him any less. But he’s not a saint.

  87. 87
    Ummm Says:

    @True:Want to see a picture of the crabs as a proof ? :-))
    I’m not saying that this girl tells the truth but we all don’t know.

  88. 88
    Embla Says:
    “Gerard Butler backstage på The Hugo Boss show, he was a supernice guy, my dear friend Camilla knows him well so we spoke about lots of fun things, he is off to Sidney to film and then two more movies back to back, he is also Boss face this year.

    He was so nice to Jason Wu’s whole family.”

  89. 89
    Spaghetti & Western Says:

    The Marshall comes bursting through the saloon doors and says to the barman, ‘Quick, have you seen the paper cowboy?’
    The barman says ‘No. Who the hell is the paper cowboy?’
    The Marshall says ‘Well, he wears a paper hat, a paper shirt, paper trousers and paper boots.’
    ‘Well what’s he wanted for?’ asks the barman.
    ‘Rustlin’ ‘ says the Marshall.

  90. 90
    Garbage Can Right Here Says:

    @Thoughts: I used to enjoy some of your post, but now find them bordering on spiteful. He is a handsome, successful, celebrity who is no saint but is trying to change his life for the better. Can you really blame all those women for having GB in their fantasies? Why would you label women in their thirties and forties grandmas? Was that you who posted on another thread that you were ten yrs GB junior? If that was you, are you thinking of yourself as a grandma? Have things really changed that much in the last couple of threads? Or is this the real Thoughts?

    It is horrible that they attack one another, but as long as they are not attacking you, let them have their fantasies. It might be all they got.

    Sorry for the comment but I was so disappointed, as I really did used to enjoy some of your comments. I hope you come to support GB again.

    As for being a fan : I hope you go back to supporting GB again. As it stands right now (believing the worst post of GB) is not what a fan would do.

    If a guy gave me a std I would give him an earful with just the two of us as witnesses and be done with him, not broadcast it to the world. Why would you go public with that? Publicity, vengeance or just plain insane? You can call me naive but, I don’t believe that he allegedly gave some woman crabs.

  91. 91
    Confused maybe? Says:

    @Garbage Can Right Here: Seems to me that “Thoughts” has always be nasty and negative and never a fan. Could you be confusing her with “just a thought” ? who is always supportive and positive. ?
    If all Thoughts wanted was information, the gerard butler international facebook should be enough for her, but she likes to stir the pot with her boring comments. Something very sad about repeating the same old negative comments. Heard it was a sign of senility. he he.
    Tasty never should have made an issue of that comment. Not nice.

  92. 92
    Gem Says:

    @Getty: definitely gonna marry that man!

  93. 93
    Confused maybe? Says:

    Seems mr. Eastwoods son owes gerry a BIG debt of gratitude. Wonder whose PR was in charge of putting that photo session together. He looks nice but will never be filling his fathers boots, western or otherwise. imo

  94. 94
    Embla Says:

    That comment about crabs could just be yet another thoughtless remark from someone not liking him very much.
    Somebody not really thinking of the consequenses for the person she is talking about.
    The sad thing is that this is how rumors are created. :-(

  95. 95
    Thoughts Says:

    @Garbage Can Right Here:

    I understand I have been harsh, but some of the posts in the last couple of threads have been sort of a wake up call. I love the guy, I have a huge crush on him. But I have to face reality, though I am very attractive, I don’t know about catching a man as famous as him, nor would I try because I am not in entertainment and don’t flow around int hose circles. Most people marry or date at their station in life, it’s just like any of us.

    To forego true love and comfort of a real person, is sad. Most gals on here are like you and me. But there are a few here that are just wasting their lives “waiting” for a man that not every woman that wants him will ever have.

    There’s someone out there for everyone. Just ask God to gift you with the best person that loves you for yourself and they you will love as they are.

    I think energy and intent have power, but it’s directionless when you randomly direct it at one person.

  96. 96
    Thoughts Says:

    AND BTW, I typed phannies, and it autocorrected to grannies.

    No one in their 30-40′s SHOULD be a granny. That’s just motherly failure.

  97. 97
    Bipolar or delusional Says:

    @Confused maybe?: I think “Thoughts” is only nice and supportive when her delusions are running a muck. She probably believes Gerry will show up on her doorstep and rescue her from her dull life. Perhaps she just needs some rest. It must be very tiring to stalk a celebrity 24/7. I also think “Thoughts” is very jealous of other posters who burst her FANtasy world bubble. Nasty piece of work this one is. IMO she is one of the trolls who chases fans away with her stinky socks.

  98. 98
    Truth Says:

    @Confused maybe?: There is something going on with pushing Scott Eastwood. First the model airplane pictures in LA and now the HB fashion show with photos with him and gerry. Plus jj header.
    Is Daddy pushing the PR or his own PR.
    Don’t like it. Thought he wanted to do it on his own merit. Yeah right. Nothing like hitching a ride on an A listers coat tails. Think Scott Eastwood should keep his flailing tv show as long as he can.

  99. 99
    well Says:


    This quote from your post “….though I am very attractive…” is a giant red flag…

  100. 100
    Or just crazy Says:

    @Bipolar or delusional:
    The person posting as “Thoughts” is not well. She mentioned god at #95 which is a give away that it’s the same delusional fan posting under different socks.
    We’ve seen this before on Gerry threads. Fans that desperately want him come to a state of realisation that they are never going to have him and so begin attacking everything to do with Gerry. Including his fans.
    The irony is that she’s attacking people that have no interest in pursuing anything outside what a normal fans wants with this celebrity. I am excluding the twin flame moron who is in a different bucket of crazy all together.
    Thoughts, please deal with your hurt and pain without attacking people that just want to support his career.

  101. 101
    Not for you to judge Says:

    @Thoughts: “No one in their 30-40′s SHOULD be a granny. That’s just motherly failure.”
    Plenty of good, descent, productive, educated, etc. women are a grand parent while in their 40′s. Ex: Having a child @24 & 24yr old child has a child makes 48yr old grandma. Perfectly acceptable. 21+21=42. Mistakes happen. Would your advice be abortion? I hope you set the example and abstain from procreating.
    Your moniker name does not give you the authority to pass judgement on others.

  102. 102
    SeeSawSally Says:

    @Truth: Truth, it wasn’t Scott Eastwood that Gerry was flying model planes with in LA, it was Clark Gable IV, Clark Gable’s grandson. Clark is somewhat of a rebellious type, and younger than Scott, Scott is 28, Clark is like 23. Scott has a better reputation than Clark, and has kept his nose clean, whereas Clark has not.

  103. 103
    just a thought Says:

    @embla I so agree how these rumors start. There have been so many started about this man it is unbelievable how he holds up under all of this. I think if it were me I’ld be in hiding and if I did show my face I could not great people and be as outgoing and nice as he is to others. He may or may not be a Christian but he embodies what they want to do turning the cheek and being kind to others. What he does behind close doors is not our business yes he is a public figure and he wanted that but what he’s done is between him and who ever he is with. That being said my thought don’t want to impact on others, I know this is a public thread and we are all entitled to our thoughts. Even when we do not agree.

  104. 104
    Bipolar or delusional Says:

    @Or just crazy: I agree. Too much time looking through the cyber window, over analyzing each post until you think there are hidden messages confirming your delusion is not healthy. It’s one thing to admire GB’s hotness, it’s another to obsess. A celebrity crush is a little something to make day brighter, not revolve your life around. I hope he has someone who watches that stuff.

  105. 105
    Or just crazy Says:

    @just a thought:
    I agree that we can’t all agree and would like to respectfully disagree with your post.
    The part about him embodying the christian belief by turning the other cheek may be true, although you said that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, so I don’t know how you can KNOW that….but anyway.
    And do you think sleeping with a married woman embodies the christian belief system in any way, at all? Nope, neither do i.
    He’s a flawed person like the rest of the world.
    Some rumors about him are complete garbage, while others may be totally true.
    It was Gerard himself who said, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

  106. 106
    Change happens Says:

    @Or just crazy: People grow up and change. Please, 10 years ago he was sowing oats and seems that some of you have never done but like to rub it in constantly. Give the guy a break for who he is NOW and not years ago. BTW, I suppose you know he slept with her because you were in the bedroom?

  107. 107
    Or just crazy Says:

    @Change happens:
    “I suppose you know he slept with her because you were in the bedroom?”
    LOL! No, of course I wasn’t.
    I’m just going by the documents entered into court during the divorce proceedings by the jilted husband, that by the way, Gerry or his team, never, ever denied, disputed or brought legal action against.
    Good enough in my opinion, that it was obviously true.
    But that’s on Gerry. People make mistakes and he paid dearly for that one.
    And sowing his oats ten years ago? Wasn’t he sneaking someone into a cab in London like last year?–mystery-brunette-hidden-cab.html
    I have no problems with him having fun. He’s single and doing what the majority of single people do. I actually respect him MORE because he’s not getting married and still pursuing other women. He’s honest in his lifestyle.

  108. 108
    Embla Says:

    @Or just crazy:
    Well, like they say: It takes two to tango.
    If her marriage was so great in the first place, why jeopardize it by having an affair? ;-)
    I don`t think he was the only reason why it failed.
    But in this I agree with you:

    “I have no problems with him having fun. He’s single and doing what the majority of single people do. I actually respect him MORE because he’s not getting married and still pursuing other women. He’s honest in his lifestyle.”
    Well said! :-)

  109. 109
    Or just crazy Says:

    Totally agree Embla that it takes two to tango but to carry on an affair with someone who’s married for months is rotten. I don’t think he was the reason the marriage failed either. But according the documents, Gerry was friends with both her and her husband o..O
    Wow. That’s pretty low. It takes a certain callousness to shake a man’s hand knowing that you’re sleeping with his wife.
    I think Gerry can be a spoilt child sometimes. He wants what he wants and damn anyone else that gets hurt. The affair is an example of that.
    That’s when I changed my opinions about Gerry. I still love him as an actor and I can’t wait for his new projects to come out.
    But the awesome great guy I thought he was, definitely does not exist in every facet of his life. He can be a total p/rick when it comes to some things. But that’s him and we’ve got no right to say he should be otherwise : )

  110. 110
    dreamer Says:

    @Grooming 101:

    You haven’t a clue. He fits that suit to a tee.

  111. 111
    Embla Says:

    Just loved that T-shirt!
    So fitting!! :-D

  112. 112
    Lovin' His Laugh Says:,,20786475_30102393,00.html

  113. 113
    True Says:

    @Not for you to judge: “Plenty of good, descent, productive, educated, etc. women are a grand parent while in their 40′s.”

    My neighbor was a granny at 33.

  114. 114
    Not so Says:

    @Or just crazy: ” He wants what he wants and damn anyone else that gets hurt.”

    Bull sh/t

  115. 115
    That's right Says:

    @True: I had a friend who was a grandma at 30.

  116. 116
    Let he who is without sin Says:

    @Or just crazy: “And do you think sleeping with a married woman embodies the christian belief system in any way, at all?”

    He was going through a bad time when he slept with the married woman and probably wasn’t thinking properly. I know that’s no excuse but we all do things we shouldn’t and the married woman is as much to blame. Gerry has changed a lot recently and he is a Christian, he said a couple of years ago that he goes to church when he’s back home and who knows, he may very well attend church here and we don’t know it.

  117. 117
    Not always what it seems Says:

    @Or just crazy: “Wasn’t he sneaking someone into a cab in London like last year?”

    We don’t know the circumstances. It might just have been that the lady didn’t want publicity. Remember the girl he was seen walking to a hotel somewhere in Europe. Some claimed he was taking her back to his hotel room but it turned out he wasn’t staying at that hotel and they parted in the Reception and he left to back to where he was staying.

  118. 118
    So true Says:

    @That’s right: Last year in one of the British papers there was a n article about a guy who was a grandfather at 28.

  119. 119
    Too bad Says:

    Too bad that psychotic religious zealot and her socks of the day have taken over this thread. If there’s anyone with any sanity left here, I suggest you stop engaging this disturbed person and perhaps she’ll get bored talking to herself all day and attacking every little thing anyone says about Gerry unless it’s drooling and fawning.

  120. 120
    For Goodness Sake Says:

    @Too bad: Just because people mention Christianity or church does not make them religious zealots.

  121. 121
    oh my Says:

    @So true“:Last year in one of the British papers there was a n article about a guy who was a grandfather at 28.”

    Dirty barstool!

  122. 122
    Kiss Our Says:

    @Too bad: You can stuff your lying, devil worshiping socks up your as.s.

  123. 123
    Charity! Says:

    @Kiss Our

  124. 124
    Thoughts Says:

    @So true:

    Okay, so you two morons approve of child molestation., Great. Apparently it’d be great if you could find a 16 YO grandmother.

    I just repsonded to the other poster that said why would you call a woman in her 30-40′s a grannie? Which I didn’t but whatever. I didn’t know ever post was a contest. And who cares anyway.

    I think a grandparent in their 20′s is nuts and not int he best interests of the CHILD having a grandchild.

    Why are some Gerry fans so abnormal?

  125. 125
    You Are A Says:

    @Charity!: Charity case.

  126. 126
    Cause Most Borderline Psychics Says:

    @Thoughts: Are weird compared to the rest of the population. You’re one the few exceptions. Lol:-)

  127. 127
    This Place Is A Warzone Says:

    There needs to be a ceasefire.

  128. 128
    Loretta Lynn Says:


    Was a mother at 14 and a grandmother at 28. She married very young.

  129. 129
    Thoughts Says:

    @Loretta Lynn:

    And it was wrong of a 30 YO man to hit up on a 13 YO. Her parents were poverty stricken and ignorant. They had her out because of all the other mouths to feed, they basically pumped her. Luckily he was an okay husband. He could easily have killed her or dumped her. How does anyone find this acceptable esp now?

  130. 130
    Loretta Lynn Says:


    Didn’t say I agreed with this. I think when there’s more than a 10-year difference in age between a man and a woman, then there’s a problem. 10-year is OK because the man is still too young and couldn’t have fathered her. 15-years and older is wrong.

  131. 131
    Or just crazy Says:

    @Let he who is without sin:
    “He was going through a bad time when he slept with the married woman and probably wasn’t thinking properly. I know that’s no excuse”
    You got that right!

  132. 132
    Or just crazy Says:

    @Too bad:
    “Too bad that psychotic religious zealot and her socks of the day have taken over this thread.”
    Don’t you mean every thread?
    It’s very offensive that while people of other religious and spiritual beliefs are able to control themselves, this person cannot let a single thread go by without trying to tie Gerry to god in some way.
    His spiritual beliefs are his own personal choices and fans don’t have a right to judge, or assume anything.
    Wishing other posters well is one thing, but constantly trying to nail Gerry to the proverbial cross is getting annoying.

  133. 133
    "Very Catholic Boy" Says:

    Gerard Butler-”I’m very extreme, very Catholic.”
    From “Maybe thats why I make movies For longevity”

  134. 134
    Or just crazy Says:

    @“Very Catholic Boy”:
    The link is coming up as “site not found”.
    Any other links?

  135. 135
    "Very Catholic Boy" Says:

    Or try Same article.
    War over.

  136. 136
    Or just crazy Says:

    @“Very Catholic Boy”:
    You missed the point of what his was saying. He was referring to the indoctrination of being raised Catholic. That is, dealing with the constant fear, or “Catholic Guilt” as it’s known. It’s got nothing to do with his spiritual beliefs now.
    Sorry, but the subtext of his point seemed to go over your head.

  137. 137
    Keyvani's Kathryn Says:

    @Here We Go Again: He loves me and knows what I like. I know stuff and he’s one of my regular readers.


  138. 138
    "Very Catholic Boy" Says:

    @Or just crazy: Denial! “Anxiety” has nothing to do with ” Catholic guilt “. No “subtext” issues. You are clearly prejudiced against Catholics, and Gerry is one, whether you like that fact or not. He is an infinately better man for his “very strict Catholic” upbringing. He may not follow his own conscience in matters of right and wrong, but he is very well aware of what those matters of conscience should be.

  139. 139
    Or just crazy Says:

    @“Very Catholic Boy”:
    “He is an infinately better man for his “very strict Catholic” upbringing.”
    That comment is incredibly offensive to those posters who are not Catholic. So those raised as Baptists or Buddhists aren’t aren’t up to par? Ridiculous.
    And for your information, I am actually Catholic. Yes, believe it or not. I no longer attend church regularly but still go on Christmas and other occasions with my mom and dad. I understood what he meant in that interview. Obviously you only read words and don’t think they come with meaning.
    I’m sorry if it crushes you to know that like me, Gerry may have been raised Catholic and attends church once in a while, we no longer consider ourselves completely Catholic.
    And don’t even get me started on the views of the Vatican. You don’t actually think Gerry believes in that bigoted garbage do you?

  140. 140
    Or just crazy Says:

    This is from an interview he did in 2011, during the MGP junket:
    “Were you affected or changed personally by seeing Sam preach in his church and being exposed to his mission?
    Affected yes. Changed? I don’t know if I was changed. I was born and grew up Catholic. I always tried to stay spiritual. I’ve been on many spiritual quests out to India and back. I’ve kind of formed my own spiritual path to the extent that I’m more spiritual than religious. I still have a strong draw toward religion.
    When I see this movie being made and the power religion had in his life I go, “Is it really religion or is it God?” It’s God that drives him. I love those kinds of stories because I do believe in the power of faith, belief, and purpose. That’s one of the things that gave me a greater desire to sell the story.”
    Not once does he mention Catholicism does he? He is spiritual and says that he is raised Catholic then he talks about India and spirituality.
    You need not accept that many like me who were raised Catholic no longer restrict ourselves to think that’s the only faith there is.
    It isn’t.
    A lot of Catholics think like us : )
    Progress in all faiths is inevitable.

  141. 141
    Bowery Hotel Says:

  142. 142
    MARY'S MEALS Says:

  143. 143
    just a thought Says:

    Friend of mine is a graphic artist. I admire these people I’m not sure how to turn on my computer. But re. the picture of the girl under his leg in the cab, she told me she felt it was photo shopped. I always thought there was some thing wrong with that too she would have to be paper thin to be in that small space. But even if it’s not; he’s been seen with questionable women before and maybe had them walk ahead or behind him but hid on the floor of a cab??????/ Because of MG come on she wasn’t worth a fig by that time.

  144. 144
    Shabu Shabu Says: wembacher #ShabuShabu campaign with #GerardButler shot by the infamous @noblesseobligeitaly styled by @monocx HA,HA,HA!! ( Today)

  145. 145
    your friend is an idiot Says:

    @just a thought:
    “. But re. the picture of the girl under his leg in the cab, she told me she felt it was photo shopped.”

  146. 146
    The Glasses must go Says:

    @Shabu Shabu:
    Much cuter here:

  147. 147
    Connie Hayden Says:

    @The Glasses must go: hashtag Freddy Bosche. “this user is private”

  148. 148
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him and let it drop (leave it, let it go), in order that your Father Who is in heaven may also forgive you your [own] failings and shortcomings and let them drop.” Mark 11:25

  149. 149
    @Or just crazy Says:

    It would help if you didn’t engage this sick person in conversation. Almost this whole thread is the religious nut changing socks with every post. Haven’t you noticed how this same freak resorts to foul language and vicious attacks on anyone that doesn’t agree with them? All the while spouting religion (which shows how sick they are). Apparently this idiot only spews it, but doesn’t actually practice it. Please ignore, for the sake of future threads.

  150. 150
    Happy Valentine's Day Says:

  151. 151
    So What? Says:

    It doesn’t matter what religion he has or which one he spouts or quotes. Or what he wears, or where he goes or who he’s with or what he’s doing. It doesn’t matter what he says because 95% of the time he contradicts himself.

    Nothing in his life has anything remotely to do with you or me. He doesn’t live his life for you or me or anyone reading this and lurking.

    Here’s what he is to me: someone I used to like once a long long time ago. I don’t know who he is anymore and I don’t really care. Everyone please put on your reality shades and live for yourself, not him.

  152. 152
    Nicole Says:

  153. 153
    Why are you here then? Says:

    @So What?:

  154. 154
    leila Says:

    @Or just crazy: “Not once does he mention Catholicism does he?”

    What’s this then?

    “I was born and grew up Catholic.”

  155. 155
    leila Says:

    @Or just crazy: “Gerry may have been raised Catholic and attends church once in a while, we no longer consider ourselves completely Catholic.”

    You don’t know that he doesn’t consider himself completely Catholic.

    “And don’t even get me started on the views of the Vatican. You don’t actually think Gerry believes in that bigoted garbage do you?”

    Such as? I was raised Baptist but a few years ago became Catholic after reading the book “Rome sweet home” by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. They were two Protestants (he was a minister) who had no time for the Catholic Church and set about to discredit it’s teachings and to prove that they had no bases in Scripture. What they found was the more they tried to blow apart Catholic teaching the more they found that it was to be found in the Bible. In the end they came to the conclusion that the Catholic Church was the one true Church founded by Christ himself.
    “Progress in all faiths is inevitable.”

    Truth doesn’t change. If something was true yesterday then it is true today and will be true tomorrow. The law of God doesn’t change like the fashions of mankind. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass”

  156. 156
    Thanks for reminding Says:

    @Happy Valentine’s Day:
    Very kind, ♥ all the best on your day ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  157. 157
    Cupids day Says:

  158. 158
    Beg to disagree Says:

    Truth doesn’t change. If something was true yesterday then it is true today and will be true tomorrow. The law of God doesn’t change like the fashions of mankind. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass”


    We used to think to be true:
    The earth was flat
    The entire Universe revolved around our planet
    We all came from Adam and Eve, until we found fossils of our Ape ancestors…
    Bleeding would do you good for your health
    What we call flu (scientifically speaking: influenza virus) to be demonic possession
    I could go on but I think I made my point.

  159. 159
    Text me Says:

    I Surrender All………Alan Smith
    “I surrender all, Lord” – my time I
    give to You;
    I’ve Tuesdays free (TV’s dull) and
    Sunday mornings, too –
    What’s that You say? A Saturday?
    That’s where I draw the line –
    I know I said “surrender all”, but
    fair go, Lord, that’s mine!
    “I surrender all, Lord” – my money,
    too I give;
    (I’d give so much more but, Lord
    these days it costs so much to
    What’s that You say? A little less
    of going out to dine?
    I know I said “surrender all”, but
    fair go, Lord that’s mine!
    “I surrender all, Lord” – my life, of
    course, is yours;
    I’ll go just where You want me to,
    if You will open doors –
    What’s that You say? The mission
    field? My way of life resign?
    I know I said “surrender all”, but
    fair go, Lord that’s mine!

  160. 160
    Touche` Says:

    @Text me: I promise to surrender more each day. But all at once does not leave much time for adjustment. Maybe I should bargain, faster adaptability for surrender all. Lol.

    Seriously, I’m working on that. Thanks.

  161. 161
    Actually Says:

    @Beg to disagree: “We all came from Adam and Eve, until we found fossils of our Ape ancestors…”

    Scientist now believe that we are all descended from one woman in Africa called Mitochondrial Eve.

  162. 162
    Text me Says:

    Ta, these are daily challenges for a shared responsibility into sustainable development. There is not a one size fits-all approach to development challenges, each community has it’s own unique culture, politics, geography, economy and way of doing activities.

  163. 163
    Originial Says:

    @Beg to disagree: Think the poster was talking about God’s word not the scientific assumptions of man. The Bible has not be disproved.
    By the way. Catholic can also be defined by the original Christian religion before being divided by Roman and Greek.

  164. 164
    Text me Says:

    “Herein is solid comfort. Human nature cannot be relied upon; but God can! However unstable I may be, however fickle my friends may prove, God changes not. If He varied as we do, if He willed one thing today and another tomorrow, if He were controlled by caprice, who could confide in Him? But, all praise to His glorious name, He is ever the same. His purpose is fixed, His will is stable, His word is sure. Here then is a rock on which we may fix our feet, while the mighty torrent is sweeping away everything around us.”
    -author unknown.
    Collosians 3:14, And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.
    Psalm 150: 1-6, Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness! Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp! Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe! Praise him with sounding cymbals.

  165. 165
    Cupids day Says:×1024.jpg
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  166. 166
    Cupids day Says:

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  167. 167
    Awesome Post Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Gerry and all JJers. Enjoy yourself today;-)

  168. 168
    Beg to disagree Says:

    God doesn’t have any law, all you read in the Bible was man made, there is only one law for God and it is Love, anything else is a clever way for some men to control other men by setting rules. Any religion has been made by men, God does not need it.
    Treat each other with Love, that’s the only law that makes the Universe run.
    The hatred and discrimination that most religions preach are the furthest things from God’s (Or whatever you want to call them) Love.
    And that theory about Mitochondrial Eve, is only a theory, one of the many, and it was discarded a couple of years ago when yet another line of ancestral ape was found in Russia which carries another DNA, and which only a small percent of us carries too, together with other genes from the likes of Neanderthal, and mostly Homo sapiens. Also whatever they called her, it was not God idea just a human with very little fantasy. It was also discarded because deemed practically impossible that just one of them was responsible for the whole population. The thing with fossils is that only a small percentage of human remains has been found and an even smaller percentage can be used for sample. There is so much that we don’t know and probably never will. One thing although the scientist are sure Adam and Eve were made up as they used to do at a time were they had no knowledge of how our universe worked.

  169. 169
    Quick Question Says:

    If we evolved from apes, why do both apes and humans coexist?

  170. 170
    Brian Cox Says:

    @Beg to disagree: @Beg to disagree:

    Is that you? I didn’t know you were a Gerard Butler fan

  171. 171
    Exactly Says:

    @Quick Question:” If we evolved from apes, why do both apes and humans coexist?

    If we evolved out of the sea why are there still apes when everything else has evolved out of existence? And why has the “missing link” never been found?

  172. 172
    Beg to disagree Says:

    There are various species of Apes, not only one. We have all evolved from a common ancestor, but we have done so in a different way, let’s say that the famous “survival of the fittest” has had a great part in it as well as the most intelligent. They lived in an extremely harsh environment, there was nothing to assure their survival except their skills, so only the clever survived and only the best genes were passed on. While other apes didn’t evolve in our direction and stayed put where they sort of knew how to survive, our more intelligent ancestor moved and had to adapt to a new life, and they also had to develop new skills in order to survive, we have more than one species of Ape evolving and then living the environment they had adapted to, which is why we have more than one species of Homus Erectus, which are us, and Neandethal and lately there have been questions about a different DNA present in some rest which doesn’t match Homo Sapiens or Neanderthal and thought to be yet another sub species which bred with the Neanderthals at some point. It’s a long long story but there is so much to know about how we became humans, and the modern apes came probably from another branch which didn’t evolve as much as ours.

  173. 173
    well Says:


    if North Americans came from Europe, why are there still Europeans?

  174. 174
    JJ please Says:

    Close this thread.

  175. 175
    Quick Question Says:

    @Exactly: And why do scientists go to such extremes such as filing down both an ape’s and a human’s jaw bones just to force a theory to be true. How sick was the pilt down hoax?

  176. 176
    Beg to disagree Says:

    The Earth and its environment has been forever changing, some species adapted and thrived others didn’t and died out, some major natural disasters also had something to do with it. I would suggest you to research Darwinism, if you want to know more about it, but there are so many studies still going on, and different theories which are proven or disproved depending on what new findings we have and new technology to study them. The missing link is not so missing anymore actually, but it would take me eons to explain it all. If you are interested do your own research, watch tv programs about it, read books. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon we are given as humans, use your brain, and fulfil your curiosity.

  177. 177
    JJ Keep This Thread Open Says:

    For Gerard and jj posters. We will stay on the GB topics from here out.

  178. 178
    iBrowse Says:

    Fresh pork may contain Trichinosis. USDA recommends cooking ground pork to an internal temperature of 71.1 C°(160°F), followed by a 3 minute rest, and cooking whole cuts to a minimum internal temperature of 62.8 C°(145°F), also followed by a 3 minute rest.

  179. 179
    iBrowse Says:

    There are five main types of gangrene: 1. Dry gangrene. 2. Wet gangrene. 3. Gas gangrene. 4. Internal gangrene. 5. Fournier’s gangrene. Fournier gangrene was first identified in 1883, when the French venereologist Jean Alfred Fournier described a series in which 5 previously healthy young men suffered from a rapidly progressive gangrene of the ***** and scrotum without apparent cause.

  180. 180
    Tasty Says:

    East coast reunion
    Amazing night so fun !

  181. 181
    Question Says:

    Adam and Eve had two sons, and Eve was the only woman then, right? Hmmm…. makes me think. How did they breed?

  182. 182
    Gerard Is The Sexist Man Says:

    I’ve seen.

  183. 183
    iBrowse Says:

    Campfire cooking requires a clean-burning, hot fire. This is only achieved with dry, seasoned wood. Stripping trees of green wood is fruitless – your fire will be smoky, will burn poorly and create unnecessary pollution. If dry wood is not available, it will need to be packed in. Many public campgrounds supply firewood – call ahead to see what’s available.

  184. 184
    The Key Says:

    @Exactly: that is why Sasquatch is kept hidden. It is the link. True knowledge is hidden. Seeds sowed the earthbound evolution. A conscious binding the planet to itself. “God” conscious introduced intelligence. The fallen star encrypted the dimensional lock. Few hold the key.

  185. 185
    Tasty Says:

  186. 186
    iBrowse Says:

    Pace yourself; you will hear the Swahili phrase “pole pole” – slowly slowly, heed it well. Drink lots of water about 4-5 liters a day is recommended. Luckily the mountain streams after the first day are good to drink and naturally cooled.

  187. 187
    iBrowse Says:

    When you shave your eyebrows, you draw attention to the bone structure around your eyes. The hair will grow back, and you can use a brushed on powder to draw eyebrows where you want them. If you only trim a bit of hair, it can grow back looking messy.

  188. 188
    iBrowse Says:

    In what is the strongest kinship avoidance rule, Aboriginal custom throughout Australia bans a person from talking directly to their mother in law or even seeing her. The relationship is one of respect, but avoidance. A mother-in-law also eats apart from her son-in-law or daughter-in-law and their spouse. If the two are present at the same ceremony, they will sit with their backs to each other but they can still communicate via the wife/husband, who remains the main conduit for communication in this relationship.

  189. 189
    iBrowse Says:

    Cananga odorata, commonly called ylang-ylang, cananga tree, ilang-ilang, kenanga in Bahasa Indonesia, fragrant cananga, Macassar-oil plant or perfume tree, is a tropical tree which originates from the Philippines and is valued for its perfume.

  190. 190
    iBrowse Says:

    Butterscotch is neither butter nor scotch. Discuss.

  191. 191
    Beg to disagree Says:

    @JJ Keep This Thread Open:
    You are right, and I apologize, I am a geek and I got clearly carried away. I came here to relax and look at how handsome Gerry is in these shots. Besides, it’s clear I was talking to a troll, so I might as well keep my geekness for myself. Again, sorry.

  192. 192
    iBrowse Says:

    In plumbing, a higher proportion of lead was used, commonly 50/50. This had the advantage of making the alloy solidify more slowly, so that it could be wiped over the joint to ensure watertightness, the pipes being physically fitted together before soldering.

  193. 193
    iBrowse Says:

    While the hand plane’s job has largely been replaced in wood shops by the large electric jointer, this machine is too large and expensive for the average consumer. In addition, no power tool can quite match the minute control that hand planing offers.

  194. 194
    iBrowse Says:

    Very often we hear from our clients that they were told that non-residents cannot buy land or a home in Aruba. We can tell you that these stories are not true. All non-residents can buy land or a house in Aruba going through the same process as the Aruban residents.

  195. 195
    iBrowse Says:

    The genus boasts several hundred species, from dwarf varieties that grow to between 2 to 3 feet (0.6 to 0.9 m) to plants that can exceed 8 feet (2.4 m) in height. There are 2 types of hibiscus common to gardeners: tropical and hardy. While hardy species of the plant can withstand temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees F (-9 to -7 degrees C), tropical varieties will die in zones where temperatures fall below 40 degrees F (4 degrees C).

  196. 196
    ??? Says:


  197. 197
    Girl on Bike Says:

    @???: symbol for the ring of soul love

  198. 198
    Working Out Says: Working out next to Gerard Butler, aka the guy from 300 and PS I Love You

  199. 199
    Still in NYC Says: working out next to Gerard Butler at the gym. happy valentines day to me. NY

  200. 200
    Unconditional Love Says:

    @???: is never having to make amends when selfish actions hurt the ones we love

  201. 201
    Hey ...! Says:

    Thanks for having my back!

  202. 202
    ??? Says:

    @Hey …!: It wasn’t your back I was thinking about. That happens to be my fav picture of all time.

  203. 203
    Me thinks.... Says:

    @Question: “Adam and Eve had two sons, and Eve was the only woman then, right? Hmmm…. makes me think. How did they breed?”

    Presumably God created wives for them the same way he did for their dad, by using one of their ribs.

  204. 204
    Embla Says:

    @Beg to disagree:
    ” I am a geek and I got clearly carried away”
    Always nice to meet a fellow geek! :-D
    Some more Butler picks.

  205. 205
    East Village Says:

  206. 206
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” – Jeremiah 29:11-13

  207. 207
    marry or not to marry? Says:

  208. 208
    BMorningstar Says:

    He in eastvillage with his gay men friend and Fred his mate. They like to be gay and hide there with other like them. and on Valntines day too is too much. I wish he like girls.

  209. 209
    Lies, Lies and More Lies. Says:


  210. 210
    Gem Says:

    @marry or not to marry?: I will marry.

  211. 211
    VALENTINE GIFT Says: Viernes Casual! (Casual Friday) #valentinesgiftfromheaven jaja #gerardbutler #BondSt. #ny

  212. 212
    Handsome Says:

  213. 213
    Comments Says:

    So I’m drinking in a bar, having a good time, and I go home with the guy from 300. I wake up and this banker is getting ready to go into work and asks if he can call me cab. Talk about a rude awakening.

  214. 214
    answer Says:

    @Quick Question:
    “If we evolved from apes, why do both apes and humans coexist?”
    You don’t even know the basics do you? It’s time to go back to grade school. We didn’t evolve from modern day apes. We evolved from a common ancestor.

  215. 215
    Hanging out Says: …………..
    Waiting to evolve.

  216. 216
    No Worries Says:
    Don’t worry honey, they’ll never evolve as far as we are. They make war and kill their young.

  217. 217
    Bless them Says:

    Bless the beasts and the children
    For in this world they have no voice
    They have no choice

    Bless the beasts and the children
    For the world can never be
    The world they see

    light their way

    When the darkness surrounds them

    Give them love

    Let it shine all around them

    bless the beasts and the children
    Give them shelter from a storm

    Keep them safe
    Keep them warm

  218. 218
    Finally! Says:

    @Bless them:
    Finally! A Buddhist on the scene. Thank you for that : )

  219. 219
    Finally! Says:

    You’re wasting your time if she doesn’t have at least 5th grade knowledge of science.
    You can’t tell the blind to see.
    But it is absolutely hilarious watching it go nuts.
    The posts are getting more frequent and more mental.
    Who would have thought that knowing Gerry isn’t Catholic anymore would send a fan over the edge.
    I thought his relationship with Madalina brought out the crazies. But this? Really?
    Oh Gerry! You reject that silly papal doctrine you were taught! Go BOY!

  220. 220
    Bless them Says:

    @Finally!: Wrong. You missed the point..

  221. 221
    Finally! Says:

    @Bless them:
    No I didn’t. Your post was sending out a blessing from Buddha and I thank you for it.
    Here is another one for everyone:
    ““Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds.”
    Amen to that Buddha! Our wise teacher : )

  222. 222
    Bless them Says:
    For I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels won’t, and all the powers of hell itself cannot keep God’s love away. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, 39 or where we are—high above the sky, or in the deepest ocean—nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when he died for us.
    Romans 8 38-39

  223. 223
    GB Is Beautiful Inside & Out Says:

    And you suffer from a multitude of ugliness and slime. What you doing is so desperate and pathetic. Get over it loser. Move on RW.

  224. 224
    Finally! Says:

    @Bless them:
    That’s really sweet that Jesus and Buddha have so much in common.
    But Buddha was on the scene long before Jesus.
    So does that make Jesus a copycat?
    Does that mean that Jesus stole his ideas? Wow, you find out interesting things on JJ don’t you?

  225. 225
    HI PIA! Says:


  226. 226
    Bless them Says:

    @Finally!: Sorry to disappoint you but the song was written by Perry L. Botkin and Barry De Vorson and performed by the Carpenters and a movie by the same name a very long time ago.

  227. 227
    Finally! Says:

    @Bless them:
    Thank you for that wonderful link. I love the Carpenters!
    Buddha also thought the same way and loved all animals. That’s why I’m a vegetarian now because I love all creatures of the earth.
    Thank you for sharing Buddha’s message about caring for our planet : )

  228. 228
    Melting Hearts Says:

    Walked past @GerardButler this afternoon and my heart melted immediately… Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

  229. 229
    Bless them Says:

    @BMorningstar: You’re welcome

  230. 230
    Stupid Idiots Says:

    Comfortable in darkness are you. Stick to the topic, arrogant but ignorant trolls.

  231. 231
    tricks are for kids Says:

    @Finally!: gerry might be practicing buddhism. there was a photo of him in a temple in thailand that mg posted online. i know he loves exploring all faiths but he seems to talk a lot about thailand and india. he’s very spiritual.

  232. 232
    Finally! Says:

    @tricks are for kids:
    I had no idea Gerry was so deeply involved in Buddhism. Good for him!
    Buddha teaches us so much about love and spiritual growth, that it could only be a good thing for Gerry : )

  233. 233
    In the East Village Says:

  234. 234
    saoirse Says:

    Sweet picture! Happy Valentine’s day. I am so looking forward to the spring for warmth, flowers and GB filming again. Hopefully, we will all know Aussie life and history as well as any 1st rate tourist after this adventure. Personally, I can’t wait!
    Best to all!

  235. 235
    Tasty Says:

  236. 236
    Thoughts Says:


  237. 237
    ? Says:

    @Tasty: @Thoughts: This old pics. LOL

  238. 238
    Thoughts Says:

    So? Still cute. On the other pics, he is tiny. Not short but so slender.

  239. 239
    Egypt Says:

    When does the wizard return to Oz?

  240. 240
    Egypt Says:

    I think he’s come full circle.
    Last year he was surrounded by jackals
    Now he is one! Ha!
    Just kiddin’! Ain’t nut’in but luv!! xoxox
    (He is seriously lucky he didn’t turn into a donkey) 8))

  241. 241
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Finally!: “You reject that silly papal doctrine you were taught! Go BOY!”

    I respect your position is different from others here – you’ve certainly been cramming it down everyone’s throat for the last few pages. However, enough is enough. I know you are not a moron but your comment above takes the cake. It is not only beneath you, it is also supremely insulting to some people, myself included.

    I’m all for free speech but it also comes with a responsibility to think before you shoot off at the mouth.

  242. 242
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Finally!: And another thing while I’m at it…I’ve just seen your posts on the Fassy thread (don’t ask ;)) about GB – they’re great. Now, why can’t you post that stuff here? Pretty please…(meant sincerely, not joking).

  243. 243
    Finally! Says:

    @Prancing Pony:
    You still believe in papal infallibility? Really?
    Just in case you’re confused about what century we’re in, it’s 2014.
    Not even Pope Francis buys it anymore and he’s the Pope. You don’t speak for all Catholics. I was born and raised Catholic. I have just as much right to call something like that silly as you have to believe it.
    Maybe you should tell the poster who’s trying to create a monopoly over Gerry’s spiritual beliefs to cool it.
    Or that doesn’t bother you because you support her unfounded argument?
    Absolute hypocrite is what you are.

  244. 244
    Finally! Says:

    @Prancing Pony: I do write that stuff here as well but as a fan who supports Gerry I’m not going to stand by while others try and make up fantasies about who he is. He is spiritual. That’s all we know. The religious zealot who keeps posting here needs to leave. Permanently.

  245. 245
    JS Says:

    @Finally!: “Who would have thought that knowing Gerry isn’t Catholic anymore would send a fan over the edge.”

    And just how do you know that he isn’t a Catholic anymore? Where is your proof?

  246. 246
    Finally! Says:

    Where is your proof that he is Catholic??
    Don’t worry I’ll wait.

  247. 247
    JS Says:

    @tricks are for kids: “gerry might be practicing buddhism. there was a photo of him in a temple in thailand that mg posted online.”

    Lots of tourists visit temples when they are in Thailand, tat doesn’t mean they are Buddhists. Also, Buddhists are vegetarian and Gerry is not, he likes nothing more than a nice juicy steak.

  248. 248
    Finally! Says:

    So then going to Church according to you doesn’t make him Catholic either. Make up your mind!

  249. 249
    Finally! Says:

    @Prancing Pony
    The religious zealot posted this at #163,
    “The Bible has not be disproved.”.
    Do you know how offensive that is to logical thinking people? Why don’t you discuss that?
    Like I explained. You’ve been shown to be a complete hypocrite. As long as your beliefs are upheld you don’t care a single iota about anyone else’s.
    I’m glad I don’t have to rely on you in real life. You look out for number one, don’t you?

  250. 250

    @Gem: ?????

  251. 251
    JS Says:

    @Finally!: He was born and raised a Catholic and there is no evidence that he has left that Church and joined another religion. He is also Godfather to his youngest niece and he wouldn’t be able to to that if he was not a Catholic.

  252. 252
    roof rack Says:

    @Gem: liar !

  253. 253
    JS Says:

    @Finally!: “So then going to Church according to you doesn’t make him Catholic either”

    Going to church doesn’t make you a Catholic and lots of tourists visit churches when they are on holiday, but he is a baptised Catholic therefore it’s different from visiting a temple as a tourist.

  254. 254
    Finally! Says:

    ” He is also Godfather to his youngest niece and he wouldn’t be able to to that if he was not a Catholic.”
    Completely and absolutely 100% wrong.
    I was raised Catholic and you know nothing about the faith it seems.
    Do you know what’s written in the God Parent oath??
    Obviously not.
    And because he didn’t talk to the press about his spiritual beliefs, that means he’s still with the church?
    Your power of reasoning is not bright JS. Sorry but it has to be said.

  255. 255
    Pretty Sprinkles Says:

    I hope the Boy had a nice Valentine’s day. I hope he got to have a great big angel food/strawberry shortcake with his extra creamy Starbuck’s cappucino this morning, and I hope he had those pretty little heart-shaped sprinkles put on top. One for each of those adorable, delicious little freckles on his nose and cheeks. Closing my eyes and smiling. My treat to me.

  256. 256
    Finally! Says:

    ” He is also Godfather to his youngest niece and he wouldn’t be able to to that if he was not a Catholic.”
    Well, I was baptised Catholic and no longer consider myself Catholic. I attend Church with my family on holidays. What’s your point? Because all you keep proving is that all the information you have is that he was raised catholic. That’s it.

  257. 257
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Finally!: “Absolute hypocrite is what you are.”

    Excuse me????

    My spiritual beliefs and those of anyone posting/reading here (and GB’s for that matter) are absolutely, definitely none of your business.

    You’re not into Catholicism…yes, got it…you don’t want to contemplate the thought that GB is connected to Catholicism in anyway…right, ok…your posts have made that point crystal clear. Eeek, what are you going to do about Catholicism-by-association, you know like his family? The family he adores? (that’s a tough one btw, I don’t expect you to have the answer right away)

    I think you’ve been posting so much on this topic that you’ve sort got carried away or something….

    Anyway, I owe you and apology. Sorry for calling your comment offensive – I’ve re-read and now I think it’s just silly.
    OK, I’m stopping now before I get carried away.

  258. 258
    Gem Says:

    @roof rack: Bet !!!

  259. 259
    Finally! Says:

    From a 2011 interview with Gerry:
    ” I’m more spiritual than religious”
    If he still identified himself as Catholic, why wouldn’t he say so?
    Are you suggesting that he’s ashamed of being Catholic? Gerry speaks his mind and would have no problems saying he was a practicing Catholic if it were true.

  260. 260
    JS Says:

    @Finally!: “Completely and absolutely 100% wrong.”

    It is not wrong, only a Catholic can be a Godparent to a Catholic child. As one of the promises is to ensure that the child is brought up in the faith you could hardly have someone who is not a Catholic making that promise.

  261. 261
    JS Says:

    @Finally!: “Well, I was baptised Catholic and no longer consider myself Catholic.”

    That’s up to you, but Gerry has NEVER said he is no longer considers himself a Catholic and remember the air hostess who mentioned talking to him and she said he told her “I’m a Catholic.”

  262. 262
    Finally! Says:

    @Prancing Pony:
    You just can’t stop yourself from offending people can you?
    Like I said, I was raised Catholic and attend church with my family on holidays. Are you saying that I don’t adore my family because they are Catholic and I no longer identify myself as one?
    Why would I think that about Gerry?
    What is wrong with you?
    __________________ You said:
    “My spiritual beliefs and those of anyone posting/reading here (and GB’s for that matter) are absolutely, definitely none of your business.”
    And that is why you’re a hypocrite. You jump down my throat for suggesting to other posters that there is no evidence that he is a practicing Catholic any more then there’s evidence of him dabbling in Buddhism but you don’t say one word to people creating a monopoly over his spiritual beliefs??
    Are you serious right now?
    Like I said. As long as you’re beliefs are protected you couldn’t give a s.hit about anyone else.
    From my experience. The worst kind of Christian there is!

  263. 263
    Finally! Says:

    “It is not wrong, only a Catholic can be a Godparent to a Catholic child. As one of the promises is to ensure that the child is brought up in the faith you could hardly have someone who is not a Catholic making that promise.”.
    Again wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
    My aunt’s godmother is Jewish. The promise is for the child not for the god parent. Seriously, just stop.

  264. 264
    JS Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Hi PP, hope all is well with you. I think we are wasting our time with this one. My husband says there is nobody more anti Catholic than a former Catholic.

  265. 265
    Finally! Says:

    “remember the air hostess who mentioned talking to him and she said he told her “I’m a Catholic”
    Where is your source?
    Or as you always say….WHERE IS YOUR PROOF??
    So, where is it JS?

  266. 266
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Finally!: “I attend Church with my family on holidays.”
    Oh, that’s brilliant! So you’ve been bagging the Catholic Church all day but you still go to Church?
    LOL – and you’ve called ME a hypocrite???? LOL
    Oh boy, if anyone is in need of a bit of the Holy Spirit it’s you, lady.

  267. 267
    Finally! Says:

    ” My husband says there is nobody more anti Catholic than a former Catholic.”.
    Child rape victims of the church would probably be more anti catholic.
    But that’s just a guess.

  268. 268
    Good Catholic Girl Says:

    Didn’t Gerry say that he attended one of the girls’ First Holy Communion last year? He went home to Scotland just for that event? And true enough, only a consecrated Catholic would be her Godfather and an intregal part of this Holy sacrament.
    Please stop the hating.
    If Gerry was not a Catholic, he would be as assertive about it as you all are, and say so.
    Let it be, whatever his spirituality realizes itself as. It is private to him, and really nobody’s business.

  269. 269
    Being a Godparent Says:

    Can a non-baptized person (i.e. a Jewish or Muslim person) be a godparent?
    No. they cannot be a non-Catholic because of the duties of a godparent to assist the child’s parents in passing on the Christian faith. At the celebration of the sacrament parents and godparents are asked to profess publicly their faith in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If the person wishes to convert to Christianity in the Catholic Church, then their own reception of baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist must take place prior to the child’s baptism.

  270. 270
    Finally! Says:

    @Prancing Pony:
    “so you’ve been bagging the Catholic Church all day but you still go to Church?”
    Yeah, it’s called familial love and respect. Is that a foreign notion to you?
    I just posted about church child abuse, but I wouldn’t discuss us during a sermon.
    Know your time and place, my mother always says.

  271. 271
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @JS: Hi JS – great to see you as always :))) Yes, I afraid I can’t get that saying about flogging a dead horse out of my head…;-)
    Have a great weekend! :)

  272. 272
    Being a Godparent Says:

    @Good Catholic Girl: That’s correct, she’s his Goddaughter.

  273. 273
    Finally! Says:

    @Being a Godparent:
    Well you need to contact the Vatican STAT! Because there’s plenty of godparents out there who aren’t Catholic. My aunt’s included.

  274. 274
    JS Says:

    @Finally!:”Where is your source?2

    It was when he was returning from Thailand last year. If you care to look back through past threads you’ll find it but I don’t have the time or the inclination to do it.

  275. 275
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Good Catholic Girl: Very good post.

  276. 276
    JS Says:

    @Being a Godparent: Thanks for posting that.

  277. 277
    Finally! Says:

    So you have no proof? Well then keep making up lies to support your story.

  278. 278
    JS Says:

    @Finally!:”Well then keep making up lies to support your story”

    Is there any need for such nastiness? I am not making up lies. Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean that people are making things up. I’m going now mainly because I have no more time, but also because there is no reasoning with you.

  279. 279
    The Next Pope Says:

    “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

  280. 280
    fromoz Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Hi Pony, Just wanted to say Hello Kiwi from Kangaroo whilst I saw you are posting. Can’t find any news about G.B’s anticipated arrival in Oz yet. B#mmer. Hope he makes a move this way soon. Then we should get some great photos/news/updates. I’m missing seeing CGE & Ducky posting lately, guess thery’re waiting for something decent to comment about. Cheers :-)))@JS: Hi real JS, haven’t had a chance to greet you for a long time. So, cheers to you too. :-)

  281. 281
    Finally! Says:

    @The Next Pope:
    Yeah, let’s not forget about the good work the church have done in destroying lives: At least their throwing money at the problem.

  282. 282
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Finally!: “You just can’t stop yourself from offending people can you?”
    Um, you’ve been offending people all day. The moniker change doesn’t fool anyone.

    *deep breath*
    The bottomline is, whether intended or not, you’re starting to sound really nasty.
    I’m truly sorry if you feel singled out and defensive. We can’t all agree all of the time. That’s life.
    I don’t want to argue with you. Can’t we all just get along? Have a good night/day wherever you may be.

  283. 283
    Finally! Says:

    @Prancing Pony:
    Prancing, I don’t want to argue either. I’m very sensitive about the church because I personally know two people that were abused. I come across harsh, but I know that the majority of Catholics are nothing like that. My family included.
    I’m not going to comment on this topic in the future. I’ll keep it about Gerry.
    One thing we can all agree on is the message of Jesus. He had the right idea : )
    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another”.

  284. 284
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @fromoz: Oh! G’day – what a lovely surprise! :)
    You’ve been the “invisible woman” these last few days – what’s the story? Hope you’re well :)
    Yes, I’m missing CGE and Ducky too – as I’m sure many others are as well.
    Yeah, GB will be on his way to Sydney soon. He mentioned going to Australia to someone at the HB show and someone tweeted about it. I’m looking to all the GoE stuff too. :)

  285. 285
    Lost cause Says:

    Prancing Pony and JS, you are getting yourselves upset over the back end of a burro. Hate to insult the animal but it’s a no win with this jerk.
    Being a Godparent has it right on. Not worth the fight. It only wants an arguement and please don’t invite her to post here. It wants to rule the thread and make arguement. That’s all. Sorry that it can’t be happy and is sick to her own spiritual core. Funny thing is that budda ain’t doing much for her either. ha ha . She needs carbs, a good steak and a good L _ _.

  286. 286
    Firefly Says:

    Please get off the cross.
    Nobody cares about your personal vendetta against Catholics.
    We get it. You don’t agree with the institute of the Catholic Church.
    And as far as “knowing someone who was abused by the cc” really?
    I know A LOT of people who have had a lot of really bad things happen to them, myself included, and I don’t go around spreading my hate around the world because of it.
    Perhaps your mother should have also taught you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say it.
    Hopefully the world will teach you that not many care what you think.
    You are one big piece of nasty.

  287. 287
    Good Catholic Girl Says:

    @Finally!: The horror of these victims was not caused by the Catholic church, but by extremely sick mortal beings. The Church long considered Priests to be incorruptable, that they were divinely protected from mortal sin, much as the Holy Bible is considered to be the incorruptable word of GOD. It was 2,000 years of religious inertia that allowed the worst kinds of sin to infect The Church, like a cancer. The Church is only as righteous as its people. The Church, as All religious, and political institutions needs good people to lead. For good families to stay. Nothing will disolve these stains on the altar, but love for each other, based in a love of Christ, will set the Church to rights again. True faith is the ” last, best hope of mankind”.
    The United States government, through it’s military has admitted to war crimes. Did you choose to abandon your home and family because of it? Did you stop watching certain college sports teams in events because of the same child rape issues? This is a global epidemic, and crosses all geographical, and socio-economic stratus. Other religious institutions have faced this pedophile invasion too, from the Mormon church, to the Boy Scouts, even to the secular local Police Athletic League.
    Leave the faith of your fathers if you must, but realize the hatred you feel comes from inside yourself. The Church , through its people like Mother Theresa, and millions like her over two millenia, have made this world a better place. I am proud to be a Catholic, and to raise my children in this faith.

  288. 288
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Finally!: “I don’t want to argue either.”
    You know what? FWIW, I’m glad you said that. :)))
    I am very, very sorry to hear of anyone that has suffered abuse because of any evil lurking within the Catholic Church. Some of those stories….*shakes head in dismay* make me sick to my stomach. From reading your posts I suspected there must be more than meets the eye but didn’t want to get too personal – you know what I mean?
    And believe it or not, I do get where you’re coming from about yes he is/no he isn’t (GB’s spirituality).

    Please, can we have more of your fantastic posts as seen on Fassy’s thread? Goodness knows Fassy doesn’t deserve them! :)))
    Take care and have a good night. :)

  289. 289
    fromoz Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Yes, G’day from W.A. to you. I’ve been quiet over the last couple of threads, as it goes from starting off about G.B. to totally off topic very quickly. I don’t like to get involved in all the right fighting, so I keep out of it. The pinching of monikers is very confusing too, I like to know I’m talking to the correct poster. I guess you’re wishing that G.B. would arrive in Oz via N.Z. ? With so many posters willing to keep checking on news about GoE, the man hasn’t got a hope of arriving in secret. Lol. Poor Gerry. Cheers :-)

  290. 290
    Lost cause Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Fantastic post?. She will cut anyone down who doesn’t agree with her. Half the people here have been abused in one way or another. First she puts Christ down then spouts off about budda. Thought better of you.

  291. 291
    Firefly Says:

    @Lost cause:
    Great post!!
    Truer words were never spoken.
    Thank you for having common sense and logic!!!

  292. 292
    Finally! Says:

    @Prancing Pony:
    Thank you for your kind words Prancing : )
    And I do owe you an apology for calling you a hypocrite.
    I now understand where you were coming from and I misjudged you completely. .
    I guess I’m not good at hiding some of my residual anger. It was directed at the wrong thing tonight. I must remind myself that it’s individuals that are at fault not religion itself. Thank you for understanding why I reacted, even if I was wrong to do so.
    I’ll keep learning the teachings of Buddha while celebrating the ones of Jesus that I was taught as a young girl. And no, they aren’t so different in their views : )
    Thank you again for being patient and understanding. I needed that this morning.
    You are the sort of Christian the world needs more of.
    And yes, Fassy doesn’t deserve all of my attention does he? lol!
    Namaste Prancer : )

  293. 293
    Embla Says:
    One more Gods of Egypt screentest.
    Wonder if we`ll see this guy in the final movie.
    LOL! Perhaps it`s better to stop looking for more screentests. In the end we`ll know the whole dialogue even before the movie is done. :-P

  294. 294
    Dead Thread Says:

    @Pretty Sprinkles: Oh he was sprinkled with something but it wasn’t candy sparkles. Bet he got laid hard and soaking wet last night.

  295. 295
    fromoz Says:

    @Embla: Hi Embla, well found. I hope he does make it into the movie, he sure does have the steely gaze down pat. Cheers :-)

  296. 296
    Embla Says:

    Yeah, he wasn`t bad. :-)
    I also found a guy screentesting as Anubis. Didn`t check it out though. Don`t want to ruin the whole movie by knowing the story and dialogue in advance.

  297. 297
    fromoz Says:

    @Embla: I’ll be cheering for Robert R to get a part. He’s an Aussie, & I’ve seen him in other roles. Have him on DVD in Underbelly, playing a mean b@stard to perfection. Is the other screentest you mentioned of an Aussie too?

  298. 298
    Embla Says:

    No. Don`t think so. He didn`t sound like that. But I just listened to him talking for a few seconds. :-)
    There are three different videos of him on Vimeo.

  299. 299
    roof rack Says:

    @Gem: on the kiss .ok ?

  300. 300
    roof rack Says:

    bottom kiss..

  301. 301
    fromoz Says:

    @Embla: Thanks for that Embla. I checked him on google, he’s from the U.K.
    Cheers & Goodnight :-)

  302. 302
    Embla Says:

    Sleep tight. :-)

  303. 303
    HI PIA! Says:


  304. 304
    Embla Says:

    @HI PIA!:
    Å der var skrullå på plass igjen, ja. :-P

  305. 305
    HI PIA! Says:

    @Embla: Du er en sjalu ku på en nabogård som ikke kan få kornet hun ønsker :-)

  306. 306
    Embla Says:

    @HI PIA!:
    Not bad! :-D

  307. 307
    just a thought Says:

    Hello JJ’ers! Hope you have a nice weekend. And how did you celebrate Valentines day. Spreading love? Just finished reading that last few pages – - – so what religion are you going to talk about today? Rather enjoyed all that on the Catholic church, did want to add that as long as you have one representative who is a catholic you can have as many godparents who are not catholic involved in the baptism. I know because this happened to me when I stood for my sister and her husbands child. He is catholic and our family is not. However both myself and the godfather where not Catholic’s so they had his mother be the “Godmother” of note who was a catholic, all she did was stand beside us and the priest was very nice during the whole baptism as well as after.

  308. 308
    Embla Says:
    One more videoclip from the fashion show. :-)

  309. 309
    me Says:

    Thanks, I quite like this HB collection actually, especially the evening wear. Gerard has so much going on these next few months, I hope it all goes nice and smoothly for him :)

  310. 310
    Best Dressed Says:

  311. 311
    dargabriel6669 Says:

    So Is This Person Gem Supposed To Be The Obsessed Fan? Butler Said There Would Be A Fanatical Fan, One Specific Fan Who Would Have To Be Restrained, I Believe This To Be Gem, Aka All The Other Fake Names Including Ms Phychic, I Know Things. There hasn’t Been Any Confirmation What So Ever About Ms Phychic’s Predictions, Tarot Card Reader Only, That Has Nothing At All To Do With Truly Being Phychic. Butler Will Not Marry A Gemini, Only His One And Only. dargabriel6669

  312. 312
    Evil is It's Name Says:

    The lies you tell and the spells you cast will be the one thing that will cause you to bury yourself. Flagging my post just because your sick delusional fantasies were disapproved and rejected. Stop trying to frame the innocent fans to take the suspicion off yourself. The truth will be revealed.

  313. 313
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @dargabriel6669: This Gem who has appeared is not the true Gem, and you are not Gerard’s destined.

  314. 314
    Gem Says:

    I am true
    I will marry

  315. 315
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Gem: You are not the true Gem. You have forgotten on of my earliest readings, Gem will be stunned when she meets Gerard. She surprised that she is even with him. She is a private person, Gem would never advertise herself as Gerard’s love. It is her use of discretion that will endear to him. You and dargabriel6669 fail to understand this, Gerard’s will not believe that she will marry him; she does not believe she will even date him, until they meet and he asks her out.

  316. 316
    2069 Says:

    @Gem: ?

  317. 317
    Miss Psychic Says:

    I have previously mentioned Gerard’s destined will be modest. Gem is sensitive when is come to her private life, she is careful with what she lets people know about herself. She will know how to balance her public life with her private life.

  318. 318
    Larah Says:

    @Miss Psychic:
    Miss Psychic I don’t understand why you keep posting here. You have made your point countless times on numerous threads.
    If it is true, why do you care? Do you think repeating what you’re saying is going to convince those that don’t believe you?
    There are so many psychics that have posted on JJ and all of them see the future very differently for Gerry.
    Not all of you can be right ,so please get in line and we’ll see what happens in the next few years.
    If you turn out to be right, then so be it.
    We haven’t forgotten what you’ve said and it makes me wonder what your motivations are when you keep bringing it up, especially when your predictions seem to allude to the fact that your Gemini doesn’t post or read here.
    Seems strange is all.

  319. 319
    Gem Says:

    @2069: yes

  320. 320
    Oscar Parties Says:

  321. 321
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Larah: With a false Gem posting her is seems a few have, I also am certain of those who have paid attention. As for my motivations I have none, I am simply posting my predictions. I am not profiting from my gift, I am not being malicious or trying to rile people up with hateful content. It’s also not strange that I continue to post here, on the rare occasions that I do. It might be more alarming if i posted my predictions and then simply disappeared. I am ready for people to doubt me, to confront me on my authentication, to offer alternate views of my readings, and to engage about why I am so certain about them.
    I do not wish to lead people astray, but I must speak truthfully. This person who is posting herd as “Gem” is not the real one, but while they should not give up hope; while Gerard is not their destined one they should prepare to have love knocking on the door soon. As for dargabriel6669, her energy is becoming darker. I am praying to God to protect Gerard from her. dargabriel6669 is not to late, turn yourself back to light, this path you are on is one of destruction. You where once a light bearer but the dark one led you on a path a chaos, shun him and you can be a light bearer once again.

  322. 322
    Thoughts Says:

    The arrogance of these people that they think they know better than God what’s in store for Gerry is appalling.

    Unless God himself is speaking intot he ears of these “psychics” we can’t believe it. We know God doesn’t and he won’t because what happens in the life of his children is his plan that that child. And isn’t of anyone else’s concern.

    I find “betting” on someone else’s destiny isn’t a good idea. No one here has any investment into Gerry’s future unless you work with him or are related to him. Whatever personal investment you put in here is a choice.

    No one here knows anything about his destiny. Only God, and not a denominational one, just the creator.

  323. 323
    Alternative View Says:

    @Miss Psychic: I think you are right about her being a private person, but your wrong about one thing. She’s not a Gemini, she’s a Taurus. Your confusing her twin energy because she has a a twin. He will meet her around the time of her birthday and even celebrate it with her and her sister.

  324. 324
    Larah Says:

    @Miss Psychic:
    ” It’s also not strange that I continue to post here, on the rare occasions that I do. It might be more alarming if i posted my predictions and then simply disappeared”.
    I don’t agree with this at all. Continually posting on his threads suggests that you are still trying to convince some people. You are never going to be able to do that and playing constant clean up isn’t going to do you any good either.
    You can’t monitor every post.
    From what you’ve said, your Gemini doesn’t read here (please correct me if I’m wrong), and to be honest with you, some of us Gerry fans really want his future left untold by those who know it.
    Love is a mystery and we don’t want the surprise ruined either : (
    It sounds like she’ll make him happy so let it be his business alone.
    If you know you can’t reach her through JJ then it’s understandable why other posters are going to question your motivations.

  325. 325
    She's a Scorpio....dah! Says:

    @Alternative View:

  326. 326
    I have something to say Says:

    @Thoughts: and how do you know they don’t have have god given gifts. If you really want to get into God and Psychic predictions, the bible is filled with people making predictions both good and bad. And here is a real technical the book of Revelation is just one giant psychic prediction. Nostradamus feared God and wrote books of predictions, some even about “celebrities” of his time.

  327. 327
    To miss psychic Says:

    @Miss Psychic: I like to read about the love and hope that you convey in your messages and I thank you for letting us and maybe even Gerry know. Please tell us what will happen in june and october and more about Gem.

  328. 328
    I smell socks.... Says:

    @To miss psychic:

  329. 329
    Embla Says:

    @Oscar Parties:
    Hm. Gerry is no longer listed as host at that charity event?

  330. 330
    She knows because Says:

    @I have something to say:
    “# 126 Cause Most Borderline Psychics @ 02/13/2014 at 7:55 pm
    @Thoughts: Are weird compared to the rest of the population. You’re one the few exceptions. Lol:-)
    @reply | flag this”
    This is why
    She “knows things”
    Probably sock is mp

  331. 331
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Larah: On the contrary, you should never trust some one who makes a prediction and leaves. It shows they are afraid to be confronted about their predictions. You should also never trust a psychic who is constantly contracting themselves. Something I am proud I have never done, I have examined other perspectives of my reading.
    Does it really matter is she reads her or not? It seems so important for you to keep pointing that out. As for the mystery, I assure my predictions are only scratching the surface of Gem. There is a great deal you do not know about her, there is a great deal you will never know about her. And there is even more that she will only ever share with Gerard. Gem is a mystery that can not be solved by a few predictions.

  332. 332
    Psychics please tell us!!! Says:

    @To miss psychic: please please please do tell. Who is this fake gem? The real gem? Why June and October? What will happen?

  333. 333
    Miss us Much? Says:

    She’s Baaaack!
    Good Catholic Boy/Girl, Pretty Sprinkles sound an awful lot like Sunkist! So, how’s Sarasota and the oranges?

  334. 334
    Alternative View Says:

    @She’s a Scorpio….dah!: No she’s a Taurus.

  335. 335
    Thoughts Says:

    This thread sucks.

    I’m sick all this BS.

    Thanks to the people that post pictures and news. All the rest is just self fascination and nonsense.

    And no God doesn’t have any reason to tell you anything about a person that has nothing to do with you, it wouldn’t make sense. I think all of you are just projecting what you want. Maybe he’ll never find anyone. Maybe he will and still get divorced in five years. Or 2. Why is it anyone’s business? Stop wasting energy on someone that doesn’t want you to talk about him.

  336. 336
    Comedy Hour Says:

    @I smell socks….: Are they clean? Are they gym? Or are they in a pile under the bed?

  337. 337
    Gem Says:

    @Miss Psychic: what? “This person who is posting herd as “Gem” is not the real one, but while they should not give up hope; while Gerard is not their destined one they should prepare to have love knocking on the door soon. ”
    Please tell me what you see.

  338. 338
    Biblical Says:

    @Thoughts: 1 Samuel, 9:9-10 ” Formerly in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, he said, “Come, let us go to the seer; for he who is now called a prophet was formerly called a seer. And Saul said to his servant, “Well said; come, let us go.” So they went to the city where the man of God was.”
    There is also a verse that mentions God sending forth people who where able to foresee the future. As for the psychics here there might be a better use for their talents but, there has been no sign that they are trying to sway people to turn from God.

  339. 339
    Larah Says:

    @Miss Psychic:
    “Does it really matter is she reads her or not? It seems so important for you to keep pointing that out”.
    Of course it’s important. Otherwise, like I’ve said, you’re sort of ruining the surprise for the rest of us. We already know Gerry will pick someone worthy, why is it so important for you to make sure his fans know it’s this particular Gemini?
    If you know it’s the truth, why bother defending it? It seems like you’re not confident in your predictions.
    And please don’t tell us what kind of psychics to trust. We all have instincts, wether we have a gift or not.

  340. 340
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Gem: ‘Please tell me what you see.`’

    The locked door of the asylum.

  341. 341
    Biblical Says:

    @Gem: While your fate is not tied to Gerard’s, you will find the greatest love you will ever know standing in you path in a short amount of time. But you must open your heart and be ready for it. If you close your heart to soon it will take longer.

  342. 342
    Biblical Says:

    My mom told me that once.

  343. 343
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Biblical: Good advice couldn’t of said it better my self.

  344. 344
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Gem: Sense love is on the way for you, just not Gerard. Love finds us all, it is inevitable, the person who is meant for you was chosen along time ago. Long before you even remember, like all true lovers this is not the first life you spent with this person. It will not be the last.

  345. 345
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Larah: On the contrary I am very confident about my predictions. That’s why I have never swayed in them. I am confident that his true love is a Gemini, that’s the energy and is reaffirmed in my cards. As for defending my predictions, perhaps you should as yourself why is so important that you must seethe over m posting my predictions on this board.I am not telling you which Psychics to trust, I am just advising you not to trust those who predict and disappear. You seem to like people you do not approve of to just disappear and never hear from again. Unfortunately there are also people here who seem to enjoy my presence here.

  346. 346
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Miss Psychic: Please refrain from posting as me, it helps no one. And is nothing but malefeasance, I know there is a better person inside of you. Let that person out and stop trying to spread misery.

  347. 347
    Larah Says:

    @Miss Psychic:
    “I am not telling you which Psychics to trust, I am just advising you not to trust those who predict and disappear”
    You contradicted yourself in one sentence.
    And you said:
    “You seem to like people you do not approve of to just disappear and never hear from again.”
    When did I ever ask you to stop posting? I only asked you why you felt it was necessary to make sure every Gerry fan on JJ knew he was going to be with a Gemini? You still haven’t answered that.
    Please don’t accuse me of things I haven’t said as it makes it seem like you’re not reading posts properly.
    But don’t worry, we all make mistakes : )
    Maybe I’m just a romantic like Gerry and want certain things about love to be kept a mystery.

  348. 348
    Gem Says:

    @Miss Psychic: it is me.

  349. 349
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry for help … The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears, and delivers them from all their troubles. The LORD is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:15-18

  350. 350
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Larah: No contradiction in what I have posted. I advised that you should never trust a Psychic who predicts and then leaves. I did not tell you do not ever trust a Psychic who predicts and leaves. I could advise you that you should never wear red on a Sunday, but ultimately it up to you whether you wear red on a Sunday or not. I made no demands, such as don’t you ever wear Red on a Sunday. You also took my observation as an accusation, I never accused you of anything, I read your tone. You seem to be offended and angered by my presence here. I never stated that you are offended and angered by my presence here. I am glad that you have a sense of romance, that’s very healthy. But I wish you would believe me when I say that there is a great deal that I have not shared here about my readings. Ultimately it will up to if you choose to believe me or not. In fact my last 5 readings have not been posted because I feel they maybe to sensitive.

  351. 351
    Dear Miss Psychic Says:

    Three Zodiac signs are air.
    Stop it with the Gemini angle. They are flighty, confusing, and annoying because they change their minds all the time which is not what someone like Gerry would even like or need more than they are supportive, nurturing and encouraging, which is what he does.

  352. 352
    Larah Says:

    @Miss Psychic:
    I’m sorry if I misinterpreted what you meant.
    And I’m not offended by your presence here.
    I was simply interested in why psychics feel the need to divulge information about Gerard’s love life.
    It’s always interested me that their predictions on JJ are almost always about who he’ll be with, rather than about his own path in life and personal growth, the things other real world (that is, not over the internet) psychics talk about.
    I guess some gifts aren’t as strong as others? Maybe you sense the Gemini but not much about Gerry?
    I’m not questing your gifts, I’m only pointing out that some see a lot, while other only get a glimpse.
    I don’t doubt you at all. I believe, that you believe what you’re saying is accurate. I can only wait and see for myself : )
    There is just an element of creepiness when it comes to talking about Gerard’s destiny.
    So much of his life is for public consumption. I would have thought that sensitive psychics would leave some things in his life, only for him.
    Not everything is for his fans. JMO.
    And that is why I kept asking you if she doesn’t read here, why reveal anything at all?
    Let him and the Gemini figure it out for themselves.
    You’re not like Madalina so please don’t strive for validation through his fans.
    My words are said with peace and light : )

  353. 353
    Can I just say? Says:

    @Finally!: “I’m very sensitive about the church because I personally know two people that were abused.”

    You can’t blame the entire Catholic Church for the actions of a few priests, and it is a few, less than 2%. a couple of years ago the Christian Science Church had an editorial in one of it’s papers asking why the world was picking on one Church. It pointed out that sexual abuse was found in all walks of life but pointed out that the percentage of Catholic clergy accused of abuse was smaller than in other faiths. Among Protestant ministers the percentage was 4% rising to 10% in the Pentecostal Church. Among rabbis it was 3% and Muslim clergy 6%. I personally know of a guy who was sexually abused by three married Baptist ministers but he doesn’t hold the entire Baptist Church to blame despite the fact that the Baptists tried to cover things up. One of the ministers in my own church (a Presbyterian church) was found guilty of abuse. So sexual abuse is not confined to the Catholic Church so why the world picks on that Church when other Churches have a bigger percentage of abusers is beyond me.

  354. 354
    Embla Says:

    Gerard Butler will be filming London has fallen, starting May 2014
    Wow. If this is true, he`s got a busy scedule! First 3 months in Australia, and then London. :-)

  355. 355
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Dear Miss Psychic: I am very well aware that there are more air signs, My cards and sense indicate Gemini. Unfortunately you are only looking a the broad perspective of who Gem is, a very narrow on at that. You are forgetting that she will have a moon sign in water. I sense that like Gerard Earth, Air and Water will be her basic elements. As far as being supportive, nurturing and encouraging, I sense she has often been the first person many of her friends and loved ones run to when they require that. If you have another opinion please let us know.

  356. 356
    Read this Says:

    @Finally!: “Where is your source?
    Or as you always say….WHERE IS YOUR PROOF??
    So, where is it JS?”

    Scroll down and you will see where she mentions him saying he is Catholic and then apologize to JS.

  357. 357
    Miss Psychic Says:

    @Larah: Personally I found love to have the greatest influence on a person life path. That is more then likely why Psychics focus on it so much. Love, true love is going to have a huge impact on his like. Gem will change Gerard for the better. Personally I keep returning because there is an evil that hiding on this board. One that will try to harm Gerard and Gem, although their love is strong enough to withstand it, But it will make an attempt to tear them apart. It is a lurking darkness, that hides in the shadows here.
    As for validation, that will only come when Gerard and Gem go public. I am prepared to take a lot heat as many will call me a liar or delusional. I will be a long time before they go public, and it will surprise a lot of people. I promise many people on this board are going to be blown away.

  358. 358
    Just Maybe Says:

    @Can I just say?: Now this is just my opinion about the Catholic church and abuse situations in other churches. Years ago priests held a lot of power over their flock. The church ruled. Out of fear of condemnation [more than the love of God. especially in third world countries or communities that are centered around the church. Many parents knew and kept quiet and children suffered. Tell and you are out in the cold. The priests, bishops and cardinals covered it up and refused to listen because they were quilty of doing the same thing. To much noise?, move the priest to a different parish and keep it going.
    Very. very brave souls spoke up. Children growing up and hating themselves, taking their own lives and living a hellish existence.
    In smaller churches that are not Catholic, there is more freedom to follow the Bible and not give the minister so much power. Find out you are having an affair, hugging to many young boys or girls and fear of tar and feathers comes into play. Now they find themselves selling used cars in Ohio. No church would protect them.
    Many of these churches are congregational churches and they are the ones that pull the strings, hire pastors and fire them. Catholics have covered it up for far to long and in third world countries it still is rampant as the present pope knows full well.
    The Bible hold many truths on the subject and Jesus spoke often of the hypocrites with loathing and these scribes and phararisees are the jealous few who had him put to death because of the truth he spoke. Try Matthew 23
    “But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. 9 And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. 10 Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah.
    Put your hope and faith in the son of God and you can’t go wrong. Know what you believe in according to holy scriptures not the song of men. And never put man higher than God and you will be safe in those arms.
    So many wonderful people in all Christian/Catholic religions are God loving, working so hard to bring the love of God into peoples lives with little reward but the reason they do the work is God’s love shinging through them. Magnus comes to mind.

  359. 359
    Some kind of Catholic Says:

    @Read this:
    Gerry cheats with a married woman and he says that he’s Catholic.
    Haha! I like that!
    Never let a Catholic practice what they preach hey? Maybe I’ll become a Catholic too, they seem to get away with so much ; P
    Drugs, drink, women, cheating, and he still goes to church and asks for forgiveness. HAHA!
    Why lead a good life when you can just keep f.cuking up and asking god to forgive you.
    But as Ricky Gervais says, If you don’t sin, Jesus would have died for nothing!
    Sin away Catholic because Jesus needs you.
    Too bad I’m an atheist and employ logic over mysticism. Dam.n!
    I could be so rock n’ roll if I only believed in a god to absolve me of my sins.

  360. 360
    Just Maybe Says:

    @Miss Psychic: I don’t know much about psychics but I know they exist. I find your posts interesting, fun to read and wishfully thinking that he will find his mate. Will be a happy day for so many of us. Glad you are here and posting.

  361. 361
    Larah Says:

    @Miss Psychic:
    I understand what you’re saying about love influencing a person’s whole life. It’s true for many, including myself.
    I must reveal to you that I am a triple Scorpio. I know, I know, but don’t run LOL!
    This makes my attraction to Gerard easy to understand, but it’s actually Gemini’s I’ve been drawn to the most. My last boyfriend was Leo sun but Gem moon, and had a lot of Gemini in his charts and I adored him, even though he was pompous like a lot of Leos are.
    I like the way you describe your Gem and if Gerry is anything like me, he’ll be drawn to her giving spirit. I’ve always wished for Gerry to marry someone who dedicated their lives to charity. To me, it just makes sense. An Angelina Jolie type is what he’ll admire.
    If you sense true love, then there is nothing in this world that will keep them apart. Nothing.
    You say that we’re going to be blown away by her. How so? Does she have three legs? j/k.

  362. 362
    Just Maybe Says:

    @Some kind of Catholic: You are an atheist, why do you worry about about sinning?
    When you die, you go into the ground and that’s the end of it. Right? Party hardy girl.

  363. 363
    Some kind of Catholic Says:

    @Just Maybe:
    You missed the point. I was saying that some Catholics don’t lead a good life and practice what they preach because they can ask god to forgive them. Atheists believe in morality and loving everyone equally, therefore we lead a good life on earth and don’t s.crew up all the time expecting a god to forgive us.
    But if were Catholic, it seems I could do whatever I wanted, and always shuffle off to church and expect god to clean up my moral mess. A bit selfish don’t you think?

  364. 364
    CHOLITA Says:

    ha..ha..nadie sabe quien es la misteriosa twinflame de mi gerard…es mejor asi…ella es todo un misterio….un enigma,,,,mmmm….cool…

  365. 365
    CHOLITA Says:

    y ya que estamos en predicciones ….echare….mis apuestas a que ella es acuario,,,,,,la mas loca del zodiaco….yahuuu!!!……ahhh!!!….

  366. 366
    Civil Cybil Says:

    Funny how the real “Gem” pops up and then suddenly “miss psychic” pops in to discredit her because 5 psychic predictions never posted revel it’s not her and everyone should just trust her word for being right but soon dar will come down from mt sinai with her “tablets of text” what is that anyway when will you part the red sea or can we continue to dance with the golden calf oh then the real truth will come back and show us some ears to look at and compare a nose then some dirty socks will waltz on the basket beware the stench may linger until the laundry is done meanwhile gerry is escaping to oz and a whole different storyline the world of delusion barely blips his radar can anyone animate stuff because it would be funny to make them fight like celebrity death match giggle wish for a lot of news or fandom to keep the cages closed and everyone drooling but hopefully not twitching like bacon in a pool of spit he is mighty fine i could see that happening hope to see more he will be busy shiraz spills on egypt then swap cargo may gb saves gb spring with the duke and dutchess what an extraordinary life if auntie mame and the dos equies guy you know the most interesting man in the world had a kid it would be gerry could have been switched as babies does that happen in scotland are there people that really get switched outside of a twin mixup why dont twins ever have the same name it would be a lot easier for every one oh i knew this girl who dated an identical twin and she was doing him and his brother cant figure that one out swims in my noggin good luck and safe travels to gerry while hoping for some news and pics soon

  367. 367
    Radars Says:

    @Civil Cybil:
    Are you allergic to punctuation and grammar?

  368. 368
    Seriously who cares? Says:

    @Civil Cybil:

    That was funny.

    These charlatans have to ruin every thread with their dueling “new age” crap. I promise my tator, er tarot, doesn’t lie!

    Oh, Gerry is bound to marry a gemini, cause I insist, I spent 5300 hours meditating on it, god told me, no it’s ME a scorpio, no his twin flame, no me, no I KNOW, it’s my second cousins’ brother’s roomate!!!


  369. 369
    Radars Says:

    @Seriously who cares?:
    The only correction I would make to your post, is that Astrology isn’t new age. True or not, it’s uses are older than most religions. All rely on faith.
    And I agree with Civil, it is interesting that these posters all appear at the same time.

  370. 370
    Civil Cybil Says:

    @Seriously who cares?: thanks perhaps next time I will give better detail about fight contestants and their sock trainers in respective corners this could be a field day with this pre ngf anxiety leading to full on cage brawl while gb and ngf watch the sunset shakes head and giggles happy to see in cartoons sometimes after reading here the looney toons theme song is stuck in my head speaking of wondering how long it will take for all psychics to recant and change predictions to prove they are right they come here and converse with a sock to prove themselves a valid source for psychic information yet none have ever predicted anything of validity ever really one would think some psychic might have seen him viewing a contract today or something work related that is all he has been doing lately yet no one said he was bossy by the bay or the apple of my eye in september what will fall from the fedora or will it wiggle out the sleeve time will tell

  371. 371
    Just Maybe Says:

    @Some kind of Catholic: Nobody leads the life they should. Catholic or otherwise. Everyday we do something to cause God to shake his head I would guess. Forgiveness, of course. The magic word is repentance.
    if a son does something really bad, will a loving father forgive him? Of course, because he loves his child. If the child tells the father that he is sorry, how much more love is there? No more love because the child has all the love a father could give, but the relationship becomes closer when the child says he is sorry. The reason Christ died was because he loved us so much he literally became sin in our place and took every bad thing we did and will do upon himself.
    Let’s example that a person keeps robbing the same old lady over and over and asks God to forgive him knowing that he purposed to do it again tomorrow. A person who is truly a Christian/Catholic would not want to. If you love your Father why would cause him grief on purpose?
    By the way, you don’t have to shuffle off to church to ask God’s forgiveness. God doesn’t clean up your moral mess, but he will forgive you for it, . The mess is still yours to make it right. It’s called life. And hopefully for the kid who robs the old lady, time in the nick.

  372. 372
    we have our troll Says:

    @Just Maybe:
    you still can’t help yourself can you? you post your religious stuff here so much you change monikers daily. nice work troll

  373. 373
    BMorningstar Says:

    Gerr still gay in NYork with Fred now walking in eaz Vilage with each other. No baftas for him he not in the game now. He not look lonely now so much being with Fred his mate.

  374. 374
    Thoughts Says:


    Too bad you’re so illiterate on purpose that nothing you say is coherent. Ever heard spell check? Americans are supposed to be geographical regards. Quit your fake pigeon B.S. morning sickness.

  375. 375
    one question Says:

    @BMorningstar: As you know that Freddie gay?

  376. 376
    :P Says:

    Speaking of spell check …. what’s a “geographical regard”? LOL

  377. 377
    Heromine Granger Says:

    Cybil = Dargabriel6669

  378. 378
    Thoughts Says:


    Auto correct

    I don’t have the energy to go back and respell. (Which AC thought was Russell.) I hate it.

  379. 379


    BMorningstar @ 02/15/2014 at 10:40 pm
    Gerr still gay in NYork with Fred now walking in eaz Vilage with each other. No baftas for him he not in the game now. He not look lonely now so much being with Fred his mate.


  380. 380
    dargabriel66 Says:

    @Dear Miss Psychic: Butler Only Desires His True Half, Immaculate Abode,Very Organized,Follow Through With Projects In Life, No Changing Mind Every Freaking 5 MiNs, GeminI Women Are Extremely Split Personalities, I Know My Eldest Is One, My Nemesis, She Was Angel/Devil Constantly, MoSt Difficult Sign, They Can Turn On You. Plus gerard’s Zodiace Makeup Does Not Align With Gemini. His Other Half Is Very Responsible And Wise. Very Nurturing,Caring, Angelic With Bright Light. Also Very Very Sensual And Wet, Sinner/Saint, All The Way. Very Seductive And Highly Intuned With Each Others Energies, Universal Sex Through Spirit, Intense Love. Butler And Half, Feel Others Pain, Sad For Me, But Healing Happens. Me Very,Very Happy, He,He, Now i’m In The Bay Area With Family, Sorry I Missed Ya Butler,Hehe, Oh Geminis Are Very Insecure And Very,Very Jealous, Butler Would Age Much Quicker With A Woman Like This. Air And Fire Go Together And Earth And Water Baby, Gabriel/Hope, Forever And Always. Bring It On Gabriel. Much Love And Hope. dargabriel112196669

  381. 381
    dargabriel66 Says:

    @Miss Psychic: You Are Very Wrong, Gem,Pbychic, Fake, You Are Stepping On Gabriels toes And gerard’s, You really shouldn’t Run Your Mouth, Loose Lips Sink Ships. You Are Truly Obesessed And Not Phychic. Now Why don’t You Vacate This Site Because you’re Not Allowed. dargabriel6669

  382. 382
    No atheists on a death bed Says:

    @Just Maybe: “You are an atheist, why do you worry about about sinning?
    When you die, you go into the ground and that’s the end of it. Right? Party hardy girl.”

    I have a some friends who are nurses and they tell me they have lost count of the number of so called atheists who ask to see a clergyman when the end is near.

  383. 383
    sort of agree Says:


    Brain missing more like!

  384. 384
    Civil Cybil Says:

    at that very moment a huge lightening bolt illuminated the sky the many minions froze in fear as another line was etched in stone what was this strange script some asked few knew the answer the riddle only the gifted could decipher for the power is the language the patient statues idled awaiting the kinetic duel skillfully scrambling for counter the opponent readied her tarot cards and with ninja like skill snapped them at her nemesis who artfully used the tablets as a shield against the ensuing attack the clouds grey thick and heavy darkened the sky thunder crashed the deafened statues crumbled as oceans of water poured from the sky then everyone got really wet and went home for some hot chocolate and pie

  385. 385
    Civil Cybil Says:

    say my name out loud ten times fast can anyone do it sounds weird hahaha can anyone do it come on you know you tried probably failed then tried again who got to number three and messed up or number seven and had to start over it was number eight for me

  386. 386
    Sounds like JS Says:

    @No atheists on a death bed:
    @sort of agree:

  387. 387

    Take that, Pooty Poot! HAHAHAHAHA! OSHIE is awesome. GO TEAM USA!

  388. 388
    Biddie Says:

    @No atheists on a death bed:
    “I have a some friends who are nurses and they tell me they have lost count of the number of so called atheists who ask to see a clergyman when the end is near.”
    Your “friends” who are in a position of power at work and hold confidential information about their patients in palliative care, SHOULD BE FIRED for telling you anything about a person’s last moments.
    It’s beyond sick.
    Next time they want to tell you something like that, perhaps you should employ a little humanity and tell them it’s none of your business.
    Disgusting behaviour from people in the medical profession. Even more disgusting that you’re listening to it.

  389. 389
    judge bought Says:


  390. 390
    not true Says:

    @Biddie: the religious zealot is socking and her nurses story is fake. it sounds like js. she always makes up stories. she was the one that kept insisting that madalina was hated in gerry’s hometown and that locals all talked to each other because it was a small town. the dead give away is that it’s always a friend, or locals or someone once said. all lies. don’t engage her she’s mental.

  391. 391
    Ranch Dressing Says:

    When someone asks you for two sides of ranch dressing and you turn around and it’s Gerard Butler

  392. 392
    ELSIE Says: She tries to take a picture of Gerard Butler & ends up falling out of her chair. Guess you could say he blew her away.

  393. 393

    @judge bought: ESAD ALINA/NICOLE HAHAHAHAHA! I know that’s you because you are Russian wh/ore and hate everything and everyone but money.

    Oshie rocks!

  394. 394

    It’s been a bad week for you, eh, Nicole? Russia loses to TEAM USA in hockey LMAO.

    Evgeny drops out of team figure skating LMAO.

    Olympic viewership way down except for hockey. No one cares about the rest LOL

    Oh and your Ivans are demanding antibiotics and antivirals after they fck you.

  395. 395
    Creepy Says:

    Overheard at a private party in NYC: “It’s weird when at 35 I finally meet 44 year old Gerard Butler, talk with him for all of one minute and he’s looking for women fifteen years younger than me. He’s also got a bad case of swivel head, does he have ADD?”

  396. 396

    @USA BEATS RUSSIA!: Смотри не поперхнись своим собственным ядом, сука!

  397. 397
    @Creepy Says:

    Not surprising.

  398. 398
    @ELSIE Says:

    Why’d you leave out the other half of that tweet?

  399. 399
    @Creepy Says:

    Link please?

  400. 400
    l;kj Says:

  401. 401
    Rango Nero Says:

    “The Empire on the shores of two oceans will be the strongest in the world. Rulers will rule it each for four years and the forty-fourth Ruler will be the last.”

  402. 402
    careful Says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited. These are just the preliminaries. Russia can still win the gold, so I wouldn’t count your chickens just yet. Sweden, Canada, the US, Finland and Russia are all in serious contention for the gold medal in men’s hockey right now and it’s waaaaay too early to call it.

  403. 403
    Thoughts Says:

    I still see the hyper competitive crap going on. Americans are weird that way. AMERICA and Russia and whatever doesn’t win anything. Individuals do. They are all excellent. Yes, you want your country to win, but people (that aren’t idiots) can see that they all are hard working and great. All this “in your face” attitude is so sophomoric, or ‘moronic….

  404. 404
    haiwat Says:

    @Rango Nero:
    be the last before the 45th!

  405. 405

    @@USA BEATS RUSSIA!: почему вы не мыть вонючий промежность за Путина и ваших Иванами? из мыла снова, или это слишком грязно?

  406. 406

    @Thoughts: That’s because you hate America, you’re probably an Obama voter. You can’t stand good old fashioned WINNING. America hasn’t won jack since that b a s t a r d has been in office.

  407. 407

    @USA BEATS RUSSIA!: Пиши лучше на английском , тебе не осилить такой прекрасный язык , как русский. Такому ублюдку, как ты, лучше засунуть свой поганый язык в ж*пу и молчать. Проститутка грёбаная!!!

  408. 408
    haiwat Says:

    What about the americas cup?

  409. 409
    ahaha Says:


    he was not interested in her and she spits venom..typical ugly fatso

  410. 410
    Thoughts Says:


    Yeah, Obama should be hung. The Olympics have nothing to do with the Manchurian. Of course he avoids fair play like the plague.

    Your post infantile at best. The funny thing is you use butter library tactics. Don’t. Try facts.

  411. 411
    Thoughts Says:

    Lol f/ucking autocorrect. Butthurt libtard.

  412. 412
    Thoughts Says:


    We all know he only wants 20 YO’s. I doubt she’s fat or ugly at Fashion Week. Think.

  413. 413

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH! USA didn’t even play well but Slovenian goalie sucked donkey doody.

  414. 414
    haiwat Says:

    These are genuine answers (from 16 year olds) Fact!
    Q. Name the four seasons.
    A. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar
    Q. Explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink.
    A. Flirtation makes water safe to drink because it removes large pollutants like grit, sand, dead sheep and canoeists
    Q. How is dew formed?
    A. The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire
    Q. What causes the tides in the oceans?
    A. The tides are a fight between the earth and the moon. All water tends to flow towards the moon, because there is no water on the moon, and nature abhors a vacuum. I forget where the sun joins the fight
    Q. What guarantees may a mortgage company insist on?
    A. If you are buying a house they will insist that you are well endowed.
    Q. In a democratic society, how important are elections?
    A. Very important. Sex can only happen when a male gets an election
    Q. What are steroids?
    A Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs.
    Q. What happens to your body as you age?
    A. When you get old, so do your bowels and you get intercontinental.
    Q. What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty?
    A. He says goodbye to his boyhood and looks forward to his adultery.
    Q Name a major disease associated with cigarettes.
    A. Premature death.
    Q. What is artificial insemination?
    A. When the farmer does it to the bull instead of the cow.
    Q. How can you delay milk turning sour?
    A. Keep it in the cow (Simple, but brilliant)
    Q. How are the main 20 parts of the body categorised (e.g. The abdomen)?
    A. The body is consisted into 3 parts – the brainium, the borax and the abdominal cavity. The brainium contains the brain, the borax contains the heart and lungs and the abdominal cavity contains the five bowels: A, E, I, O and U (What the *!!*???)
    Q. What is the fibula?
    A. A small lie.
    Q. What does ‘varicose’ mean?
    A. Nearby.
    Q. What is the most common form of birth control?
    A. Most people prevent contraception by wearing a condominium (That would work).
    Q. Give the meaning of the term ‘Caesarean section’.
    A. The caesarean section is a district in Rome.
    Q. What is a seizure?
    A. A Roman Emperor. (Julius Seizure, I came, I saw, I had a fit)
    Q. What is a terminal illness?
    A When you are sick at the airport. (Irrefutable)
    Q. Use the word ‘judicious’ in a sentence to show you understand its meaning.
    A. Hands that judicious can be soft as your face. (OMG).
    Q. What does the word ‘benign’ mean?
    A. Benign is what you will be after you be eight.
    Q. What is a turbine?
    A. Something an Arab or Shreik wears on his head

  415. 415
    ahaha Says:


    35 year old is certainly not a model, but a delusional scorned venom spiller

  416. 416
    Ivito Says:

    An old e-mail on communication.
    A Russian woman married a Canadian gentleman and they lived happily ever after in Toronto .. The poor lady was not very proficient in English, but did manage to communicate with her husband. The real problem arose whenever she had to shop for groceries.
    One day, she went to the butcher and wanted to buy chicken legs. She didn’t know how to put forward her request, and in desperation, clucked like a chicken and lifted up her skirt to show her thighs.
    Her butcher got the message, and gave her the chicken legs.
    Next day she needed to get chicken breasts, again she didn’t know how to say it, and so she clucked like a chicken and unbuttoned
    her blouse to show the butcher. The butcher understood again, and gave her some chicken breasts.
    On the 3rd day, the poor lady needed to buy sausages. Unable to find a way to communicate this, she brought her husband to the store…
    (Please scroll down.)
    What were you thinking?
    her husband speaks English!!!!!!
    Now get back to your emails.
    I don’t know about you
    sometimes.. !!!!!

  417. 417
    just a thought Says:

    @ Ivito now that I pulled my head from the gutter, I can not stop laughing.

  418. 418
    Thoughts Says:


    You should along with her fine. You’re pretty venomous and hateful yourself. I guess you think all women over 30 should kill themselves,huh?

    And he does have ADD, have you seen interviews with him. I attribute it to drug use. He was a rumored coke junkie, though thankfully seems healthy now.

  419. 419
    ahaha Says:


    coming from a resident troll like you?…yawn

  420. 420
    Thoughts Says:


    BTW tell that to Christy Turlington and other older models who still are better than all the ugly young mutts like pooping statehouse whose a model because of who she dates. I miss the era of real models. None of the skin’s on this year’s SO could ever get a cover competing with girls from the 80′s/90′s. Kate Moss shouldn’t still be getting contracts but they are because there’s no one to replace them and dumb actresses get all the magazine spreads and covers.

  421. 421
    Thoughts Says:


    Whatever. Good to judge an imaginary person that some says says she said without any evidence. Who overheard what?

    See you’re hating on an imaginary person for nothing.

  422. 422
    ahaha Says:


    you are doing the same for days..keep going

  423. 423
    Translation Says:

    @Creepy: A women claiming Gerard Butler is not interested in her because if her age that can not be traced to face book or twitter account and specifically overheard at a private party: your making up stuff to fit into your demented image of him, do you work for one of those sleazy tabloids they do this all the time. I wonder if this is what miss psychic was talking about when she mentioned a darkness here on this board. Well this, bmorningstar and dargarbriel6669. Now that I think of it The Morning Star is another term for Satan and 666 is the mark of the beast.

  424. 424
    Christy Turlington Says:


  425. 425
    Gem Says:

    My future husband gave me the BEST kiss I ever had
    I will swoon for the rest of our lives
    True love for me and that man of mine

  426. 426
    you liar Says:

    he @Gem: has not kissed you.

  427. 427
    Gem Says:


  428. 428
    2069 Says:


  429. 429
    Kisses Says:

    @Gem: Labs are good at that.

  430. 430
    what Says:

    @Kisses: is labs ?

  431. 431
    Kisses Says:
    Labrador retriever

  432. 432
    cat Says:

    @Kisses: FUUUUUUU

  433. 433
    JJ has coverage Says: BAFTA

  434. 434
    Hotter than young models Says:

    @Christy Turlington:

  435. 435
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55:22

  436. 436
    Fassy lost Says:

    @JJ has coverage:
    Decades of acting did Fassy no good when he loses to newcomer cabbie Abdi who most likely will never be seen again. That’s got to hurt.
    His new girlfriend, Butler’s ex, is nowhere in sight, nor have they been seen together, as word said he arrived with a parent instead.

  437. 437
    Gerry needs to Says:

    up his game. He’s never going to be nominated for anything at the rate he’s going. Doing action films like Bruce Willis and the Rock make me think he’s just a middle of the road actor who is nothing special. I do not see him in that crowd of great actors who are at the BAFTA show tonight.

  438. 438
    No need to be there. Says:

    @Gerry needs to:
    Gerard Butler has no need at all to at the BAFTAs.
    Let him do what he wants. It’s his career and life. Ever think he likes things as is?

  439. 439
    ITAWY Says:

    @Gerry needs to:

  440. 440
    Ummm Says:

    @No need to be there.: Don’t be silly. Every actor wants an award.

  441. 441
    No need to be there. Says:

    Yes, but he’s not in anything requiring him to be at the BAFAs.
    Not all actors work for awards.
    If you do, you’re not a real actor.

  442. 442
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hi JJrs. and hello GBYA. Hope you are doing well and see that you are still faithful in your positive posts.
    Loved the pictures of the MB fashion shows and of course Gerry dressed to the nines in his HB. As Autumn says, what a “hot mess”.
    Catching up with the British awards and honestly felt a bit sad that he wasn’t there with a film.
    Thinking this is going to be a fantastic year for our man, especially excited about GoE. Want to know about costumes too.
    Does anyone know when he will leave for Australia? Come on Fromoz, we need updates. Gotta get you out there beating the bush for news.
    Shout out to Prancer, Joie and whoever I missed a big hello.
    Lolita, how are you? Still digging out ? Hope you are safe and warm. Ducky

  443. 443
    Thoughts Says:

    @Hotter than young models:

    She still has a job, working all.the time.

    Puki Watermoose only has a job because of Bradley Cooper.

    MG only got jobs because of men. I guess feminism is over and women have gone back to being prostitutes.

  444. 444
    FYI Says:

    I can’t tell you where I got the info but GOE will start principle photography in March. The exact day is iffy but more soon.

  445. 445
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Hi, Ducky! You have been missed here from the little I read. I haven’t had time to read a lot here myself. Trying to stay positive. Hope you’re doing ok too.
    Hi, to Prancing Pony. Sorry I missed your message on the other thread. Thanks and God Bless you too.

  446. 446
    Thoughts Says:

    @No need to be there.:

    I agree. I think he pinches himself everyday that he’s famous, considering his late start and humble beginnings. He seems so happy just getting attention and recognition, he seems to thrive on it.

  447. 447
    Hotter than young models Says:


    So true. Her looks have nothing to do with her being one of the most successful models of her generation. Most young newcomers modeling right now will be ancient history, never remembered at all in years to come.

  448. 448
    Deja Vu Says:

    @Fassy lost: “His new girlfriend, Butler’s ex, is nowhere in sight, nor have they been seen together, as word said he arrived with a parent instead.”

    Ha ha it’s the premiere of OHF all over again. Will that b/tch ever take a hint?

  449. 449
    No atheists on a death bed Says:

    @Sounds like JS: Well you are wrong.

  450. 450
    Lies, Lies and More Lies. Says:


  451. 451
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @FYI: Okay, so chances are he will still be co hosting at the Hollywood Domino fest next week. Then pack the bags and off he goes down under.
    If he doesn’t have a film, could he still be at Oscar, maybe presenting? Remember someone saying that if you don’t have a film you don’t present. Any exceptions? Grasping at straws here lol.

  452. 452
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: Thank you GBYA . All is well here.

  453. 453
    fromoz Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky, good to finally see you here again. I thought you must have run off to join a circus. Lol. Sorry, can’t find any up-dated news for GoE. Saw a post from Embla saying LHF is to start filming in May, which if true, makes for a very tight schedule to fit in GoE. I’m unsure of filming times needed, but wouldn’t only 2 months in-between be an almost impossible timeline? Cheers little Duckster :-)

  454. 454
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky, good to see you. Still cold but we are supposed to get a warm up this week. Fell on my behind today and ended up sliding under my car. Grace personified. Thin sheet of ice under a thin powder of snow. Didn’t hurt myself just my pride. This is funny, after I fell and was safe and sound in the house a commercial came on for lifeline in case you fall and can’t get up. Wonder if I should invest in it.
    He looked so good at the HB event. You know how woman say they love a man in uniform that is kinda what it is like when he puts on a suit.
    I was wondering too when he will head down under. I wonder when he will be fitted with his mask. Getting excited about GoE too. I don’t think they announced presenters yet. Good to chat with you. CGE has been missing I action for a while. Hope she shows up soon. Embla has been keeping the news and pics coming, bless her.

  455. 455
    LOL Says:

    @lolita: Aren’t they the same person? LOL

  456. 456
    @LOL Says:

    Definitely. Amazing how they all show up at once, isn’t it?

  457. 457
    fromoz Says:

    @@LOL: Yep, just as amazing as yourself & LOL turning up at the same time. :-)

  458. 458
    NICE GUY Says:

    @GerardButler thanks for the pic you’re such a nice guy in person

  459. 459
    South Africa Says:

  460. 460
    Get your facts right Says:

    @not true: “it sounds like js. she always makes up stories. she was the one that kept insisting that madalina was hated in gerry’s hometown and that locals all talked to each other because it was a small town.”

    It was not JS who said this first although she may have repeated it. It’s not just on JJ that this has been said either, it’s been mentioned on other sites including fan sites and fb and on the British daily mail site.

  461. 461
    Liar alert Says:

    @Creepy: ~395

  462. 462
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    So good to see you and Fromoz. Sorry you fell but glad you didn’t hurt yourself. Sound like one slushy day tomorrow.
    So, you think he will wear a mask? I think he would look ominous enough without one. You know that look like Excalibur.? Hope he doesn’t. Half the people on his twitter are surprised it is him in POTO.
    Just checked for Oscar presenters and the only one listed so far is J Lawrence.
    Fromoz, I would think that the sets are built and hopefully all that legal crap is over. Didn’t the director say something about building little Egypt in Sydney. Wish they would throw us a morsel to keep us happy. He does have a schedule this year. HTTYD comes out in June so premieres for that too.

  463. 463
    fromoz Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: With all the projects lined up, he’s going to be one very busy man. I’ll keep trying to find info, but have to sign out now. Catch you another time Ducky. :-)

  464. 464
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @fromoz: Have a nice day ozzie. good comeback 457.

  465. 465
    Embla Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Lolita! :-)
    It`s so nice finally seeing some familiar “faces” around here. It has felt kind of strange here lately. Haven`t been bothering posting earlier today.
    I sure miss CGE aswell. Wish she would come back.
    Haven`t found anything interesting today, but came across one of the Graham Norton episodes starring Gerry on Vimeo. Bet you all have seen it before on you-tube, but his one is of real good quality. Very high-resolution. :-)
    Three parts.
    Part one:

  466. 466
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Embla: Thanks so much Embla.

  467. 467
    HI PIA! Says:

    @Embla: HI PIA! CGE is PIA everyone! She’s Norske. PIA PIA PIA! Why did you change your name to Embla, Norse woman.

  468. 468
    Embla Says:

    Bumping into Gerard Butler on the street-priceless:)
    No pics though. Too bad. But he`s still in New York it seems. :-)

  469. 469
    pandora Says:

    @Get your facts right:
    You mean the same phannie has repeated the same lie all over the place. An unsubstantiated rumour is still an unsubstantiated rumour, no matter how many times it’s repeated.

  470. 470
    lolita Says:

    Wasn’t there news that G. Rush was getting that cement stuff on his head so they could form his mask. I would think the other actors would have something like that too. The movie Stargate had some interesting masks in that movie and the Mummy Returns or Scorpion King. It probably will be similar to them.
    Embla, your welcome.

  471. 471
    Embla Says:

    @HI PIA!:
    OMG, You again.
    First off. I`ve never changed monickers. Second, I picked the one I use from Norse mythology, kind of fitting, isn`t it? ;-P
    And I`ve got a pretty good idea about where you`re from too, by the insult you tried to throw at me earlier.
    Kind of strange frase to use. It sounded like coming from someone living in a rather rural area. Perhaps east in Europe somewhere?….

    Gee, you must have a real problem. A very lonely soul perhaps, trying to seek attention by bothering others like this!
    But I won`t be answering your posts from no on, so don`t bother to reply!

  472. 472
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: Hello to you too! :)))) (huge smile)

  473. 473
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @FYI: Thank you for this information, FYI. Any news is greatly appreciated. :)

  474. 474
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky!!! It’s super good to see you posting. :))) Hope you are well. :)

    And a big “hello!!” to Embla, fromoz and Lolita too. :)

  475. 475
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Lost cause: Um, huh? I’m just catching up on all the posts since I was last here…not sure why you’re annoyed with me…????:(

  476. 476
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Read this: Nice find! :)

  477. 477
    NYC Says:

    Co-worker just spent her lunch sitting next to Gerard Butler down the street at a restaurant

  478. 478
    NYC Says: Serving Gerard Butler rn, nbd.

  479. 479
    odessa Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    Ducky you’ve been told this a few times already. Gerard will NOT be presenting at the Oscars. That spot is reserved for former and current nominees and winners, and people who have a film opening in and around award season.

  480. 480
    Gem Says:

    @Kisses: Awww!! I love labs!

  481. 481
    Chelsea Says:

    @GerardButler . So nice sharing a cafe with you tonight in Chelsea. Wanted to let you know I love your work; you were busy on the phone<3

  482. 482
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @odessa: And don’t I know it. A bit bull headed for sure and don’t know why I keep hoping for different results. There is a definition for that isn’t there. lol
    Promise I won’t bring it up again. Not making any promises about Burns though. That would be asking much. Have a good evening Odessa and thanks for patience with me. Ducky

  483. 483
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Hi Prancer. Hope you are doing well too. Just read the post from Chelsea from Chelsea I gather and have to say that I feel bad for the girl. So close and yet so far. An awww moment. Hope your day is going well.

  484. 484
    555 Says:


  485. 485
    Don't give up Says:

    @dargabriel66: interesting posts. Entertaining. :)

  486. 486
    Honey Says:

    I’ve had an interesting thought.
    Gerry went home last spring to participate in his God-daughter/niece’s First Holy Communion. Part of the service involves the God-parents renewing their sacred vows to not only ” raise the child in the way they should go “, but a promise to live their own lives as “good examples” for the child. Could this little she be the reason behind Gerry’s big change last year, and his choosing to play the ” good boy ” recently?
    Maybe HW management also weighed in on his shenanigans, and told him to cool it. Don’t know.
    Interesting thought about his niece though. Nice, if true. It means he’ll make a really great Dad. Priorities.

  487. 487
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky :) Yes, it was a missed opportunity for sure and I felt a bit sorry for them too as they obviously wanted to give GB a pat-on-the-back.

    BTW, I loved it when you said “Not making any promises about Burns though.” (#482). :)

    You know, I’m getting really excited about GB’s upcoming projects. I think he’s been working really hard on lots of things these past few months and I hope everything works out well for him. :)

  488. 488
    Commentator Says:

    Ah, didn’t he shove some woman into a taxi in London at the end of July or start of August after leaving a night club at 5:00am?
    Yeah, that Holy Communion service sure made an impact on him LOL!
    When it comes to women, I doubt he’ll change.
    But it’s great to see him participating more in charity work. That’s something right?

  489. 489
    @Commentator Says:

    @Commentator: We don’t know the circumstances about that so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Besides, some have claimed the picture was photo shopped.

  490. 490
    Honey Says:

    @Commentator: I don’t think Gerry has changed as much as maybe he’d like to. But at least he seems to be more discrete about his meanderings.
    And the photo had pap witnesses. It wasn’t photo-shopped. She was definately hiding on the floor boards, and he was trying to hide her. Just makes my skin crawl. Hopefully, he caught heck for it. Sex is just as much an addiction as cocaine. I really hope they deal with more than just alcohol at AA meetings, but the nature of addiction, all addictions. He seems to be making an effort, about something. What ever it is, or they are, I pray for him.

  491. 491
    Commentator Says:

    “Besides, some have claimed the picture was photo shopped.”
    You’ve got be kidding me. The images are not photoshopped.
    Have another look:–mystery-brunette-hidden-cab.html
    But I do agree that we don’t know the real reason he left a club at 5 in the morning with a woman shoved to the floor of the taxi.
    I mean he may have been trying to pat her like a dog? Or maybe give her a ride to the hospital because she was injured and couldn’t sit up?
    He was being naughty and he got caught. Who cares?
    He’s single and allowed to have fun.
    Remember that surfer that worked with Gerry on CM and said in an interview that when he went out with Gerry, Gerry announced that he wanted to leave a particular club because, “there aren’t enough women here”. The guy also said that Gerry was a “great wingman”.
    He probably doesn’t go on the prowl nearly as much as he used to, but he’s famous and gets caught easily.
    But you’re mental if you actually believe those images are photoshopped.

  492. 492
    Commentator Says:

    Agree with everything.
    “Taxi-gate” was gross.
    He’s allowed to have fun. After all, he’s single. But at his age, he’s got to expect backlash if he’s going to act like a 19 year old fool. There’s also the issue of respect. The way he hid that woman made my skin crawl too.
    Ladies, if he’s going to hide you, he’s not worth going home with!

  493. 493
    sometimes Says:

    It’s not him who wants to hide her, it’s her who wants to hide…
    I remember giggling at that photo because it reminded me of something happening to me: I liked this guy, but I was dating someone else, I wanted to go home with the one I liked, and I did exactly what the brunette did: pick me up around the corner, I’ll duck in and I hope he won’t see me going home with you.
    Is it a nice thing to do? No, but no one is perfect we all do silly things when we are thinking with our hormones and some people’s hormones have the upper hand on their brain sometimes.
    But, matter of fact, I was a girl ducking in a taxi because she didn’t want to be seen going home with someone. The guy didn’t ask me, I chose to hide.
    Truth has many sides and unless you are in it , perhaps you should not judge, as no one, besides that girl and Gerard, knows why she thought to be fit to hide under the seat

  494. 494
    Commentator Says:

    You and Gerry have a lot in common.
    Both are cheaters!
    Only kidding.
    I’m not judging Gerry at all. It’s his life. Everyone does something stupid every once in a while. Some cheat, some lie, some break hearts. We are all human.
    I think it’s funny, but a little sad because a middle aged man should be able to get his groove on without paps around. Both her and Gerry probably thought it was a good decision to hide because they didn’t realise the paps could see her. It looked gross in the end. It would have looked a lot more innocent if she just sat up. JMO

  495. 495
    @Lord Love a Duck Says:

    “good comeback 457.”

    No, actually it’s not. It’s a very immature comeback. I bet you think the “alert” poster is a genius, too. I’m not the same person, I just happen to agree with @LOL. Good job exposing your nasty phannie self once again, though. I’m not the only one that sees through your “nice” act, I’m sure.

  496. 496
    Not all is what it appears Says:

    @Honey: @Commentator: We don’t know the real story behind the taxi woman. It could be that she he was giving her a lift somewhere and she didn’t want the paps to see her. Remember the story in the papers of him leaving a club in London with three women and there were pictures of him and also pictures of three women but none of them together. They had been at the same club but they had nothing to do with him, it was just a story the paps made up. Perhaps the taxi woman was afraid they would make up stories about he.
    And then there is the girl in Italy. He was seen with this girl and he went back to a hotel with her and everyone thought they were going to spend the night together. We later found out that Gerard wasn’t staying in that hotel and he and the girl parted in the lobby and he left to back to where he was staying. The paps didn’t post the pictures of him leaving the hotel and it was only because a someone else took pictures that we know that nothing happened between him and the girl.

  497. 497
    Embla Says:

    ” Sex is just as much an addiction as cocaine”
    Well, according to Dr. David Ley who is an accomplished clinical psychologist, and researcher, sex addiction does not exist. ;-)
    Interesting read.

  498. 498
    sometimes Says:

    Haha, you got that right, I am a cheater, well was, it all changed when I found the right person, which ironically happened to be the guy I went away with, so after all, maybe it was destiny.

    I also agree with the fact that it looked gross, but then again, we don’t know exactly the ins and outs.
    I just think, sometimes even as we make our mistakes we are where we are meant to be.
    Gerry might not be a saint, but if you ask me, that episode in particular might have been a message he intended to send someone who was not getting it. Not the classy way I agree, but as they say, there isn’t a deafer person like the one who doesn’t want to hear you.
    And after that , we cannot deny he seems to lead a very healthy and balanced life. Of course we don’t know his very private business but he does seem to be in a better place.
    I wish him to stay on that balance he seems to have gained, whatever reason he has behind it, whether it is work or a purpose in life or love, who knows, maybe like me, from one of his shambles he has found something more, someone who makes him feel it is worth to bring out the best himself he possibly can.

  499. 499
    Embla Says:

    Nice post! :-)

  500. 500
    Glasgow Insider Says:

    So he’s a male s l u t. Nothing new there, SSDD. He’s not a respectable guy, he sleeps around, sleeps with married women, p o r n stars, and chases very young girls. He can’t commit because he’s a s e x a d d i c t. No wonder MG threw him out. She sure didn’t seem upset when they finally broke it off. She was probably glad to find a normal guy like Fassy who treated her right and wasn’t chasing every other girl in sight. GB has been this way since his time in secondary school.

    We also don’t know what kind of dope he’s using but I bet it’s more than one thing. I think he keeps a lot hidden.

    Think about this: why is Gerry only with sleazy types? Why is he never with a respectable woman, an accomplished woman who is decent and doesn’t have a lot of skeletons in her closet? He likes these types of women. The dirtier the better is his motto. He likes it dirty and nasty and isn’t happy unless he’s deflowering a young girl or snatching some leg at a cheap hotel with a married woman.

  501. 501
    Bitter outsider Says:

    Screaming “sour grapes” too. LOLO

  502. 502
    Lies, Lies and More Lies. Says:

    @Glasgow Insider:

  503. 503
    Naw Says:

    @Glasgow Insider: Sadly, I think you’re right on most of what you say but I don’t think he’s doing drugs now. Come on, you know he has been sober. No reports anywhere of anything like drinking or drugs. Maybe he sleeps around a lot yeah but no drugs.

  504. 504
    Bitter outsider Says:

    @Glasgow Insider
    You are no insider but a brutal judgmental offended outsider.
    Sometimes when WE don’t feel our best we can make some bad choices. Anyone immune?
    Did not think so.
    Why crucify a man for past mistakes over and over?
    All of us can repent, rebuild and be forgiven, which includes Gerard Butler just like yourself.
    Grow up.

  505. 505
    Text me Says:

    God Can ~
    When you feel unlovable, unworthy
    and unclean,
    When you think that no one can heal
    Remember, Friend,
    God Can.
    When you think that you are unfor-
    For your guilt and your shame
    Remember, Friend,
    God Can.
    When you think that all is hidden
    And no one can see within
    Remember, Friend,
    God Can.
    And when you have reached the bot-
    And you think that no one can hear
    Remember my dear Friend
    God Can.
    And when you think that no one can
    The real person deep inside of you
    Remember my dear Friend,
    God Does.
    ~ Author Unknown.
    Thessalonians 5:9-14, For God appointed us not into wrath, but unto the obtaining of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him. Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing. But we request of you, brethren, that you appreciate those who diligently labor among you, and have charge over you in the Lord and give you instruction, and that you esteem them very highly in love because of their work. Live in peace with one another. We urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone.
    Luke 10:39, women’s rights and the good samaritan.
    Galatians 3:28, all one in christ.
    Philippians 2:2-3, men and women as friends.
    Colossians 1:20, talk about it – reconcile.
    Thessalonians 5:9-13, encourage and affirm those around you.
    Acts 1:8, Luke 9:46-48, see potential in people around you.
    Exodus 35:10, Colossians 3:15-17, nurture creativity in people around you.
    Matthew 4:18-22, 10:5-15, John 14:12-17, seek discipleship rather than perfection.
    Romans 12:1-2, acceptable mercies of God.

  506. 506
    Paisley Buddy Says:

    @Glasgow Insider:

    You are talking shite.

  507. 507
    Longtime Butler fan Says:

    Nice post.
    Sometimes to get through to a certain kind of person who is obtuse and stubborn one needs to speak to them through a way they cannot ignore even if it risks bad press for oneself.
    Somehow we all know it hit its mark.
    And maybe at that time, he realized his reputation was such that it did not matter as long as he hit his mark.

  508. 508
    Aye Says:

    @Naw: “Maybe he sleeps around a lot yeah but no drugs.”

    Not even much evidence of sleeping around either.

  509. 509
    Text me Says:

    The Value of a Smile…………….. )
    A smile is nature’s best antidote for
    discouragement. It brings rest to
    the weary, sunshine to those who are
    sad, and hope to those who are
    hopeless and defeated. A smile is so
    valuable that it can’t be bought,
    borrowed or taken away against your
    will. You have to be willing to giva a
    smile away before it can do anyone
    else any good. So if someone is too
    tired or grumpy to flash you a smile,
    let him/her have one of yours anyway.
    Nobody needs a smile as much as the
    person who has none to give.

  510. 510
    I don't hink Glasgow is lying. Says:

    @Glasgow Insider:

    I heard from someone that went to college with him that he was obsessed with well, he was just as young back then, but young girls. Getting laid constantly.

    He reminds of the guy in Dazed and Confused. “That’s what I love about them high school girls, I keep getting older, they keep stayin’ the same age”.

    Even former shameless manslut Matthew McC got it together is married with 3. And he was better looking then Gerry when he was young.

  511. 511
    GB arrival Says:

  512. 512
    liar alert Says:

    @I don’t hink Glasgow is lying.:

  513. 513
    cinema 3 Says:

    I buy back rows and neighboring.

  514. 514
    I don't hink Glasgow is lying. Says:

    I do hope Gerry has gotten over it. IMO, Gerry’s skirt chasing and lewd behavior have caused him to not be taken as seriously as an actor, by bosses and coworkers. He’s very kind to his fans and patient with them. He seems a lot calmer after last year and maybe he beat his drug addiction, which makes most people loose because no inhibitions under the influence…. And to the other poster, he DID go to rehab. Remember? He admitted he was addicted to painkillers. I think if he settles down a bit then he can reach his potential.

  515. 515
    Bitter outsider Says:

    That is every college student or guy under 100. Ever met a man who did not want to get laid constantly? Please.
    “Glasgow insider” is a troll. She has been offended by something he’s done >guessing married woman but not blaming the wife of another man just Gerard< and wants to punish him by resurrecting old stories while trying to convince others he's not a good person.
    I bet if he wanted to meet her she'd recant. What do you think?

  516. 516
    Bitter outsider Says:

    Maybe channeling all his energies into a variety of work projects, possible therapy, and exercise would be beneficial? Family helps too. Good supportive positive friends around.
    I do not think he is a sex addict.
    We all have our demons AND addictions. No one is immune.
    What does not work is scolding him.
    What does not work is rubbing his nose in it.

  517. 517
    Pink Cotton Candy Says:

    Yes, St Gerard floats on a big poofy cloud of pink cotton candy, wispy and virginal clean and scrubbed. He’s never had s e x in his life, never swears, eats only his Mum’s savory wholesome Scottish home cooking, tips his mailman and mends his own socks, uses only green cleaners in his homes, goes to bed by 8 pm nightly, donates 100% of his earnings to charity and spends all his spare time helping out in soup kitchens and doing laundry in homeless shelters. He’s chaste and virginal and the only contact with the fairer sex was a nervous holding of hands seen with Ms Ghenea once.

    The man is heartstoppingly perfect in every way, never to be sullied by the likes of those pesky tweets and gossip columns.


  518. 518
    ehm Says:

    @Glasgow Insider:

    you can’t even find Glasgow on a map TROLL

  519. 519
    ehm Says:

    @Pink Cotton Candy:

    changing monikers doesn’t work TROLL

  520. 520
    Bitter outsider Says:

    @Pink Cotton Candy:
    Why don’t you go back to your bitter judgmental over-critical Glasgow Insider moniker and stop with the sarcasm. It befits you better.
    No one thinks he’s a saint, you troll. If you hate him then quit him.
    We realize he has disappoint you, but why can’t you wonder about the behavior that is often a symptom of a problem?
    Or are you awaiting sainthood? Doubt it.
    So you’ve never done one regretful thing in your life? Or many? But WAIT you do not live life in the public eye do you? What if you did? Would your >cough< snow white slate still be so clean?
    Running red lights?
    Leaving carts in the parking lot?
    Road rage?
    Stealing in high school?
    Lying at interviews?
    Bad choices in men in college?
    Ring any ding-dong bells?
    Big or small a lie's a lie; bad behavior is bad behavior.
    You too will be judged by your Creator.

  521. 521
    Nutter alert Says:

    @Pink Cotton Candy:

  522. 522
    Delusional phannie alert Says:

    @Nutter alert: @Bitter outsider:

  523. 523
    ehm Says:

    @Delusional phannie alert:

    bubba=clamsie=morningstar=glasgow insider=pink cotton s/hit=delusional bla bla=etc.etc.etc TROLL

  524. 524
    Bitter outsider says Says:

    @Delusional phannie alert:
    Is Glasgow Insider
    Is Pink Cotton Candy
    Is a name-changing troll

  525. 525
    Presidents Day Says: Just a “Presidents Day” breakfast with GB NYC today

  526. 526
    hehe Says:

    @Presidents Day:

    ahaha Emily is the IT girl… MG who? LOL

  527. 527
    His career Says:

    ………….crickets……………crickets…………dude needs a girlfriend.

  528. 528
    Needs Career >Not Girlfriend Says:

    @His career:
    Past girlfriend pretty much ended his career apparently but does he has new work lined up.
    You miss that?
    Or is this about gossip to entertain you?
    It might suit him better to get back to work or work on why he chose such a loser girlfriend in the first place.

  529. 529
    Nicole Says:

    Just a “Presidents Day” breakfast with #EmilyRatajkowski @emrata & #GerardButler @gerardbutlerofficial #NoMoreThanThreeIngredients 25min

  530. 530
    All he needs Says:

    Is to find that speciel one that will silence his demons just by being close to him. He needs to find Gem who is waiting for him ms psychic said and when he does she will know him and he will know her. He said he is being a good boy and he knows she is on her way. Blessings and hope and Mary’s Meals.

  531. 531
    Photo Says:

    Nicole and Presidents Day. Lovely picture. They look so comfortable in each others company. Must have been quite a………………….. breakfast. Go Gerry.

  532. 532
    Perhaps Says:

    @His career: “dude needs a girlfriend.”

    He has one and is keeping her hidden.

  533. 533
    hehe Says:


    blurred lines …..LOL

  534. 534
    CHOLITA Says:

    dios mio!! fin mi gerard encontro una buena muchacha tipo modelo como le gustan…..el sera feliz con ella….ahora lord margo dejeme en paz…yo estoy feliz con mi starman69….y no es gb…para su informacion…esa chica del desayuno presidencial es la nueva girlfriend de mr. butler…….no me moleste mas…

  535. 535
    Oweoweo Says:


  536. 536
    Photo Says:

    @hehe: Why blurred?

  537. 537
    hehe Says:


    didn’t you see the video.? she’s the girl

  538. 538
    Wowza Says:

    Looks like the psychic was partially right. Leave off the “G” and we have an “Em”, lol. They are very cozy there, and even holding hands. She just broke up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. Looks like GB found an even younger model. I believe this one’s only 22, lol.

  539. 539
    Hahaha Says:

    Well what do we have here? Just friends? ROFLMAO. What does he have to talk about with a girl her age? He’s outdone himself this time. Only a 22-year age difference. This one likes to work topless, too. Go, Gerry! I think we can officially proclaim him a modelizer now. Hilarious.

  540. 540
    hehe Says:


    I sense a phannie meltdown..again LOL

  541. 541
    For Goodness Sake Says:

    @Hahaha: He can’t even have his photo taken with someone but dirty minded people like you have to twist things and blow them out of all proportion.

  542. 542
    WRONG Says:

    Stop trying to start trouble on this thread. He isn’t dating her.

  543. 543
    And Says:

    @Hahaha: “This one likes to work topless, too.”

    Where did you get this piece of information?

  544. 544
    Liar alert Says:

    @Wowza: @Hahaha:

  545. 545
    ... Says:

    @And: She was naked in the video ‘blurred lines’ ( in the uncensored version )

  546. 546
    hehe Says:


    Do you all live under a rock? Anybody heard of Blurred lines ??? The most listened song of 2013??? She’s in the video and she works next with Ben Affleck.

  547. 547
    Delusional phannie alert Says:

    @hehe: They live in a Butler bubble :-)))

  548. 548
    just to say Says:

    New thread

  549. 549
    ahahaha Says:

    @hehe: Wow, not one person whining that this new gf of his is using her social media for fame! Oh wait, give it time. LOL!

    What do they talk about? It’s hard for her to talk when he keeps her mouth full.

  550. 550
    Nicole Says:

    new thread

  551. 551
    Listen liar Says:

    @ahahaha: She’s not his gf.

  552. 552
    Civil Cybil Says:

    @Needs Career >Not Girlfriend: the girlfriend was a byproduct of all the great choices a selfish cocaine sex addict makes brain on drugs anyone his choice his way his career decision was to put it up his fn nose sure life is fun fun fun and you have lots of friends but really wake up he must be completely satisfied with his life and his accomplishments striving for an oscar or any award for that matter would mean he would have to have the self control to say no and make a good decision for himself but apparently a 44 year old man is unable to accomplish such things in this modern age but that sparkley scarf gives him the power to run around like elvis friends fans holly wood life style allow a famous celebrity like himself to hide behind the label of addict insert pronoun here comforting his pain as excuses pave his path perhaps he does need the right girl in his life supportive of his sobriety a shield maiden to help slay the dragons ultimately he has to want more for himself does he have a star on the walk of fame did he ever want one does he want an award on the mantle or a picture of fn peru is he happy dumpster diving from hole to hole or does he really want love oh wait love is too scary so we must hide behind the scary monsters because its easier to be a martyr to lifes tragedy than be a responsible man of self worth owning and creating destiny in which legacies are made this isnt a nose rub either if you could see things through my eyes you would understand the truth is ugly these words are scribbled here because my opinion is not many are willing to give up their bus ticket and speak the truth but at the end of the day only he can make the choice between selfish and selfless

  553. 553
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1

  554. 554
    Needs Career >Not Girlfriend Says:

    @Civil Cybil:
    You just wrote the longest sentence ever!
    Think his so-called friends see him as a meal/fun ticket so look the other way or want him robotic and drugged so he won’t say no.
    Apparently 2014 is a new beginning for Gerard by the way some see things. I think he is moving slow and tackling one concern at a time. It is the wisest way. Get stability then proceed.
    Still in NYC and just seen doing ordinary things rather than be with Ronnie and his other frat-boy so-called friends.
    But nose rubbing only works for puppies not grown men. And he must do it for himself, not some woman. It must be for him.

  555. 555
    Little Birdie Says:

    @I don’t hink Glasgow is lying.:

    No way in hell that Matthew McConaughey EVER looked better than Gerry!

  556. 556
    dogbreeders Says:

    we must hide behind the scary monsters because its easier to be a martyr to lifes tragedy than be a responsible man of self worth owning and creating destiny in which legacies are made this isnt a nose rub either if you could see things through my eyes you would understand the truth is ugly these words are scribbled here because my opinion is not many are willing to give up

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