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Gerard Butler & Scott Eastwood: Front Row Fun at Boss Show!

Gerard Butler & Scott Eastwood: Front Row Fun at Boss Show!

Gerard Butler and Scott Eastwood bring the hunk factor to the front row at the Boss Women fashion show held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 at Skylight Limited on Wednesday afternoon (February 12) in New York City.

The guys were just some of the celebs in the star-studded front row to check out a beautiful collection under the creative direction of artistic director Jason Wu.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

“Chilling with Gerry butler at Hugo boss show #thisisboss #nyfw @gerardbutler,” Scott wrote on his Instagram account at the show.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Scott Eastwood at the fashion show…

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gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 01
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 02
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 03
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 04
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 05
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 06
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 07
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 08
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 09
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 10

Credit: Jimi Celeste, Craig Barritt; Photos: Getty, Patrick McMullan, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • yellow stones

    @Here We Go Again:
    Aren’t you arguing with the so called ‘grannies’?
    Pah-leese you hover over Gerry threads like the rest of us.
    Or you want to us to believe you just happened to be reading this particular thread? *rolls eyes*
    Take a seat darling, you’re not offering anything original. And your “granny” flamethrower can promptly be put away. We’ve heard it all before. Get a new line.

  • Gem for sure

    @Question: hahahahaha that is so hilarious thanks for making me day

  • Here We Go Again

    @yellow stones: The truth sometimes hurts, don’t it? HaHa

  • bystander

    Bradley is invited to the White House, Gerry attends a fashion show to get a new suit and bottle of hair, beard and eyebrow dye.
    He couldn’t get quality work if he paid for it.

  • yellow stones

    @Here We Go Again:
    What? That we have posters regurgitating the same lines from the past five years and trying to pass it off as an original insight?
    Yeah, you’re right. It hurts having to deal with it on every thread.
    But alas, it will always be. Some contribute new ideas and spread positivity, while others hide behind nasty posts because they can’t deal with the pain of knowing they’ll never have Gerry.
    It’s okay darling, at least someone will make him happy one day.
    Sorry it can’t be you : (

  • yellow stones

    Umm, Bradley Cooper does adverts for ice cream….yeah, Gerry’s really slumming it with one of the most recognisable brands in men’s fashion.
    But since you love Bradley, here’s that delicious ice cream he LOVES!

  • Here We Go Again

    @yellow stones: You’re speaking about yourself, right? HaHa

  • yellow stones

    @Here We Go Again:
    “You’re speaking about yourself, right?”.
    When I said that some here want to spread positivity, of course I was : )
    Thanks for your support!

  • Embla

    ” Butler humorously tried to organize his photo ops with Scott before retiring to his seat and catching up with a friend. “I haven’t been in New York much, and when I am, I’m not going out,” he told her. “I’m being a good boy”

    Nice, Gerry! :-)

  • Thoughts

    @You are:

    Neither old nor ugly. I find this soulmate/twin flame/your sign B.S. ridiculous. No two bit self proclaimed psychic knows nor is Gerry’s soul mate. And no he doesn’t go for anyone like Halle Berry either. Or Sharon Stone. .

    Accept it.

    And as for Hilarious, yeah she’s a gold digger but she is still who he married. Isn’t she.? She puts up with him. And she’s 29.

  • Why the hell are you here?
  • Gem

    @Thoughts: Gerry knows

  • Indigo

    if you are really the gemini the psychic promised us about, how did YOU know that you were the right one? have you always felt it? or is this recent?

  • Thoughts

    @Why the hell are you here?:

    I’m a fan of this actor not his idiot grannies who ALLLLLLL are apparently his soul mate, or the “friend” of his soul mate. How many soul mates can one unattached person have? According to these boards, 20-30…. too bad he’s “wasting” himself on coed freshman.

  • Nicole

    Hunks at Hugo. There was an SLR scrum for @ScottEastwood and Gerry Butler at @HugoBoss.
    #ScottEastwood #GerardButler #NYFW

  • Indigo

    @Thoughts: proves you haven’t read most of the posts on jj. nice of you to drop by and make an a/ss of yourself though.

  • Gem

    @Indigo: just know I know I know because I know.

  • Gem = Thoughts


  • Thoughts

    Not even close. I agree all the psychic should get a life. Gem you know nothing.

    I’m only here for the updates provided by Nicole and CGE. They post real info. Not their tarot crap.

    And I don’t sock, because it’s stupid. No one knows who I am anyway, I’m just an anonymous poster. Why pretend to be another anonymous poster? I will never meet any of you, or Gerry. So why ‘hide’ behind another anonymous word that means nothing? That’s stupid.

    BTW, I don’t care what anyone else thinks and have as much right to post on some random board as anyone else. At least I have common sense. And I have read Gery boards for over a year and they are all full of the same garbage.

  • Gem = Thoughts


  • Getty
  • GALS
  • Nicole
  • Garbage Can Right Here

    @Thoughts: Now toss yourself in where you belong. You are bitter and rotten to the core. RW

  • Tasty

    Have a look at beatricehodgkin’s comment . . . I don’t think she’s a fan.

    “I know someone he gave crabs to. Nice.”

  • Look See

    There is a shorter brunette pictured chatting with Gerry on a L.A. sidewalk. There is a shorter brunette walking into the airport behind Gerry in one of the LAX photos. Now again there is a shorter brunette near Gerry in the pictures of him on his way to the HB show. Is it the same brunette in all the pictures or a coincidence?

  • What Your Point?

    @Look See: That he is dating? That he likes standing by short brunettes? That she a new assistant? What?

  • True

    @Tasty: ” I don’t think she’s a fan.”

    No, but she is a liar.

  • Honey

    @Embla: “I’m being a good boy.”
    From those of us who care, Gerry, Thank You. Proud of you.

  • Just to point out

    @Look See: She works for Hugo Boss.

  • Go Take a Nap
  • Ummm

    @True: So, you are his doctor??

  • True

    @Ummm: You don’t need to be a doctor to know that anyone can say anything in a tweet without having to provide evidence.

  • Look See

    @What Your Point?: If I had the answers to your questions, I wouldn’t have asked my question.

  • Look See

    @Just to point out: Good possibility. That explains traveling with Gerry. So she is not the same brunette having coffee with Gerry on the sidewalk in L.A. photos?

  • Thoughts

    @Garbage Can Right Here:

    Whatever, your opinion doesn’t matter to me.

    I am tired of all these ridiculous fantasies being posted here. Now that there’s no GF to snipe at, the posters have to pick at other posters. It’s just stupid. No other word for it.

    COFFEE CUP: Wake up and smell the coffee.

    As for that tweet, there’s no reason to lie, and crabs is the least bad thing you can get. He might be good now, but we all know he wasn’t for a long time. Doesn’t make me like him any less. But he’s not a saint.

  • Ummm

    @True:Want to see a picture of the crabs as a proof ? :-))
    I’m not saying that this girl tells the truth but we all don’t know.

  • Embla
    “Gerard Butler backstage på The Hugo Boss show, he was a supernice guy, my dear friend Camilla knows him well so we spoke about lots of fun things, he is off to Sidney to film and then two more movies back to back, he is also Boss face this year.

    He was so nice to Jason Wu’s whole family.”

  • Spaghetti & Western

    The Marshall comes bursting through the saloon doors and says to the barman, ‘Quick, have you seen the paper cowboy?’
    The barman says ‘No. Who the hell is the paper cowboy?’
    The Marshall says ‘Well, he wears a paper hat, a paper shirt, paper trousers and paper boots.’
    ‘Well what’s he wanted for?’ asks the barman.
    ‘Rustlin’ ‘ says the Marshall.

  • Garbage Can Right Here

    @Thoughts: I used to enjoy some of your post, but now find them bordering on spiteful. He is a handsome, successful, celebrity who is no saint but is trying to change his life for the better. Can you really blame all those women for having GB in their fantasies? Why would you label women in their thirties and forties grandmas? Was that you who posted on another thread that you were ten yrs GB junior? If that was you, are you thinking of yourself as a grandma? Have things really changed that much in the last couple of threads? Or is this the real Thoughts?

    It is horrible that they attack one another, but as long as they are not attacking you, let them have their fantasies. It might be all they got.

    Sorry for the comment but I was so disappointed, as I really did used to enjoy some of your comments. I hope you come to support GB again.

    As for being a fan : I hope you go back to supporting GB again. As it stands right now (believing the worst post of GB) is not what a fan would do.

    If a guy gave me a std I would give him an earful with just the two of us as witnesses and be done with him, not broadcast it to the world. Why would you go public with that? Publicity, vengeance or just plain insane? You can call me naive but, I don’t believe that he allegedly gave some woman crabs.

  • Confused maybe?

    @Garbage Can Right Here: Seems to me that “Thoughts” has always be nasty and negative and never a fan. Could you be confusing her with “just a thought” ? who is always supportive and positive. ?
    If all Thoughts wanted was information, the gerard butler international facebook should be enough for her, but she likes to stir the pot with her boring comments. Something very sad about repeating the same old negative comments. Heard it was a sign of senility. he he.
    Tasty never should have made an issue of that comment. Not nice.

  • Gem

    @Getty: definitely gonna marry that man!

  • Confused maybe?

    Seems mr. Eastwoods son owes gerry a BIG debt of gratitude. Wonder whose PR was in charge of putting that photo session together. He looks nice but will never be filling his fathers boots, western or otherwise. imo

  • Embla

    That comment about crabs could just be yet another thoughtless remark from someone not liking him very much.
    Somebody not really thinking of the consequenses for the person she is talking about.
    The sad thing is that this is how rumors are created. :-(

  • Thoughts

    @Garbage Can Right Here:

    I understand I have been harsh, but some of the posts in the last couple of threads have been sort of a wake up call. I love the guy, I have a huge crush on him. But I have to face reality, though I am very attractive, I don’t know about catching a man as famous as him, nor would I try because I am not in entertainment and don’t flow around int hose circles. Most people marry or date at their station in life, it’s just like any of us.

    To forego true love and comfort of a real person, is sad. Most gals on here are like you and me. But there are a few here that are just wasting their lives “waiting” for a man that not every woman that wants him will ever have.

    There’s someone out there for everyone. Just ask God to gift you with the best person that loves you for yourself and they you will love as they are.

    I think energy and intent have power, but it’s directionless when you randomly direct it at one person.

  • Thoughts

    AND BTW, I typed phannies, and it autocorrected to grannies.

    No one in their 30-40′s SHOULD be a granny. That’s just motherly failure.

  • Bipolar or delusional

    @Confused maybe?: I think “Thoughts” is only nice and supportive when her delusions are running a muck. She probably believes Gerry will show up on her doorstep and rescue her from her dull life. Perhaps she just needs some rest. It must be very tiring to stalk a celebrity 24/7. I also think “Thoughts” is very jealous of other posters who burst her FANtasy world bubble. Nasty piece of work this one is. IMO she is one of the trolls who chases fans away with her stinky socks.

  • Truth

    @Confused maybe?: There is something going on with pushing Scott Eastwood. First the model airplane pictures in LA and now the HB fashion show with photos with him and gerry. Plus jj header.
    Is Daddy pushing the PR or his own PR.
    Don’t like it. Thought he wanted to do it on his own merit. Yeah right. Nothing like hitching a ride on an A listers coat tails. Think Scott Eastwood should keep his flailing tv show as long as he can.

  • well


    This quote from your post “….though I am very attractive…” is a giant red flag…

  • Or just crazy

    @Bipolar or delusional:
    The person posting as “Thoughts” is not well. She mentioned god at #95 which is a give away that it’s the same delusional fan posting under different socks.
    We’ve seen this before on Gerry threads. Fans that desperately want him come to a state of realisation that they are never going to have him and so begin attacking everything to do with Gerry. Including his fans.
    The irony is that she’s attacking people that have no interest in pursuing anything outside what a normal fans wants with this celebrity. I am excluding the twin flame moron who is in a different bucket of crazy all together.
    Thoughts, please deal with your hurt and pain without attacking people that just want to support his career.