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Gerard Butler & Scott Eastwood: Front Row Fun at Boss Show!

Gerard Butler & Scott Eastwood: Front Row Fun at Boss Show!

Gerard Butler and Scott Eastwood bring the hunk factor to the front row at the Boss Women fashion show held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 at Skylight Limited on Wednesday afternoon (February 12) in New York City.

The guys were just some of the celebs in the star-studded front row to check out a beautiful collection under the creative direction of artistic director Jason Wu.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

“Chilling with Gerry butler at Hugo boss show #thisisboss #nyfw @gerardbutler,” Scott wrote on his Instagram account at the show.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Scott Eastwood at the fashion show…

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gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 01
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 02
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 03
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 04
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 05
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 06
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 07
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 08
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 09
gerard butler scott eastwood front row fun at boss show 10

Credit: Jimi Celeste, Craig Barritt; Photos: Getty, Patrick McMullan, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • So What?

    It doesn’t matter what religion he has or which one he spouts or quotes. Or what he wears, or where he goes or who he’s with or what he’s doing. It doesn’t matter what he says because 95% of the time he contradicts himself.

    Nothing in his life has anything remotely to do with you or me. He doesn’t live his life for you or me or anyone reading this and lurking.

    Here’s what he is to me: someone I used to like once a long long time ago. I don’t know who he is anymore and I don’t really care. Everyone please put on your reality shades and live for yourself, not him.

  • Nicole
  • Why are you here then?
  • leila

    @Or just crazy: “Not once does he mention Catholicism does he?”

    What’s this then?

    “I was born and grew up Catholic.”

  • leila

    @Or just crazy: “Gerry may have been raised Catholic and attends church once in a while, we no longer consider ourselves completely Catholic.”

    You don’t know that he doesn’t consider himself completely Catholic.

    “And don’t even get me started on the views of the Vatican. You don’t actually think Gerry believes in that bigoted garbage do you?”

    Such as? I was raised Baptist but a few years ago became Catholic after reading the book “Rome sweet home” by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. They were two Protestants (he was a minister) who had no time for the Catholic Church and set about to discredit it’s teachings and to prove that they had no bases in Scripture. What they found was the more they tried to blow apart Catholic teaching the more they found that it was to be found in the Bible. In the end they came to the conclusion that the Catholic Church was the one true Church founded by Christ himself.
    “Progress in all faiths is inevitable.”

    Truth doesn’t change. If something was true yesterday then it is true today and will be true tomorrow. The law of God doesn’t change like the fashions of mankind. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass”

  • Thanks for reminding

    @Happy Valentine’s Day:
    Very kind, ♥ all the best on your day ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Cupids day
  • Beg to disagree

    Truth doesn’t change. If something was true yesterday then it is true today and will be true tomorrow. The law of God doesn’t change like the fashions of mankind. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass”


    We used to think to be true:
    The earth was flat
    The entire Universe revolved around our planet
    We all came from Adam and Eve, until we found fossils of our Ape ancestors…
    Bleeding would do you good for your health
    What we call flu (scientifically speaking: influenza virus) to be demonic possession
    I could go on but I think I made my point.

  • Text me

    I Surrender All………Alan Smith
    “I surrender all, Lord” – my time I
    give to You;
    I’ve Tuesdays free (TV’s dull) and
    Sunday mornings, too –
    What’s that You say? A Saturday?
    That’s where I draw the line –
    I know I said “surrender all”, but
    fair go, Lord, that’s mine!
    “I surrender all, Lord” – my money,
    too I give;
    (I’d give so much more but, Lord
    these days it costs so much to
    What’s that You say? A little less
    of going out to dine?
    I know I said “surrender all”, but
    fair go, Lord that’s mine!
    “I surrender all, Lord” – my life, of
    course, is yours;
    I’ll go just where You want me to,
    if You will open doors –
    What’s that You say? The mission
    field? My way of life resign?
    I know I said “surrender all”, but
    fair go, Lord that’s mine!

  • Touche`

    @Text me: I promise to surrender more each day. But all at once does not leave much time for adjustment. Maybe I should bargain, faster adaptability for surrender all. Lol.

    Seriously, I’m working on that. Thanks.

  • Actually

    @Beg to disagree: “We all came from Adam and Eve, until we found fossils of our Ape ancestors…”

    Scientist now believe that we are all descended from one woman in Africa called Mitochondrial Eve.

  • Text me

    Ta, these are daily challenges for a shared responsibility into sustainable development. There is not a one size fits-all approach to development challenges, each community has it’s own unique culture, politics, geography, economy and way of doing activities.

  • Originial

    @Beg to disagree: Think the poster was talking about God’s word not the scientific assumptions of man. The Bible has not be disproved.
    By the way. Catholic can also be defined by the original Christian religion before being divided by Roman and Greek.

  • Text me

    “Herein is solid comfort. Human nature cannot be relied upon; but God can! However unstable I may be, however fickle my friends may prove, God changes not. If He varied as we do, if He willed one thing today and another tomorrow, if He were controlled by caprice, who could confide in Him? But, all praise to His glorious name, He is ever the same. His purpose is fixed, His will is stable, His word is sure. Here then is a rock on which we may fix our feet, while the mighty torrent is sweeping away everything around us.”
    -author unknown.
    Collosians 3:14, And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.
    Psalm 150: 1-6, Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness! Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp! Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe! Praise him with sounding cymbals.

  • Cupids day
  • Cupids day

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Awesome Post

    Happy Valentine’s Day Gerry and all JJers. Enjoy yourself today;-)

  • Beg to disagree

    God doesn’t have any law, all you read in the Bible was man made, there is only one law for God and it is Love, anything else is a clever way for some men to control other men by setting rules. Any religion has been made by men, God does not need it.
    Treat each other with Love, that’s the only law that makes the Universe run.
    The hatred and discrimination that most religions preach are the furthest things from God’s (Or whatever you want to call them) Love.
    And that theory about Mitochondrial Eve, is only a theory, one of the many, and it was discarded a couple of years ago when yet another line of ancestral ape was found in Russia which carries another DNA, and which only a small percent of us carries too, together with other genes from the likes of Neanderthal, and mostly Homo sapiens. Also whatever they called her, it was not God idea just a human with very little fantasy. It was also discarded because deemed practically impossible that just one of them was responsible for the whole population. The thing with fossils is that only a small percentage of human remains has been found and an even smaller percentage can be used for sample. There is so much that we don’t know and probably never will. One thing although the scientist are sure Adam and Eve were made up as they used to do at a time were they had no knowledge of how our universe worked.

  • Quick Question

    If we evolved from apes, why do both apes and humans coexist?

  • Brian Cox

    @Beg to disagree: @Beg to disagree:

    Is that you? I didn’t know you were a Gerard Butler fan

  • Exactly

    @Quick Question:” If we evolved from apes, why do both apes and humans coexist?

    If we evolved out of the sea why are there still apes when everything else has evolved out of existence? And why has the “missing link” never been found?

  • Beg to disagree

    There are various species of Apes, not only one. We have all evolved from a common ancestor, but we have done so in a different way, let’s say that the famous “survival of the fittest” has had a great part in it as well as the most intelligent. They lived in an extremely harsh environment, there was nothing to assure their survival except their skills, so only the clever survived and only the best genes were passed on. While other apes didn’t evolve in our direction and stayed put where they sort of knew how to survive, our more intelligent ancestor moved and had to adapt to a new life, and they also had to develop new skills in order to survive, we have more than one species of Ape evolving and then living the environment they had adapted to, which is why we have more than one species of Homus Erectus, which are us, and Neandethal and lately there have been questions about a different DNA present in some rest which doesn’t match Homo Sapiens or Neanderthal and thought to be yet another sub species which bred with the Neanderthals at some point. It’s a long long story but there is so much to know about how we became humans, and the modern apes came probably from another branch which didn’t evolve as much as ours.

  • well


    if North Americans came from Europe, why are there still Europeans?

  • JJ please

    Close this thread.

  • Quick Question

    @Exactly: And why do scientists go to such extremes such as filing down both an ape’s and a human’s jaw bones just to force a theory to be true. How sick was the pilt down hoax?

  • Beg to disagree

    The Earth and its environment has been forever changing, some species adapted and thrived others didn’t and died out, some major natural disasters also had something to do with it. I would suggest you to research Darwinism, if you want to know more about it, but there are so many studies still going on, and different theories which are proven or disproved depending on what new findings we have and new technology to study them. The missing link is not so missing anymore actually, but it would take me eons to explain it all. If you are interested do your own research, watch tv programs about it, read books. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon we are given as humans, use your brain, and fulfil your curiosity.

  • JJ Keep This Thread Open

    For Gerard and jj posters. We will stay on the GB topics from here out.

  • iBrowse

    Fresh pork may contain Trichinosis. USDA recommends cooking ground pork to an internal temperature of 71.1 C°(160°F), followed by a 3 minute rest, and cooking whole cuts to a minimum internal temperature of 62.8 C°(145°F), also followed by a 3 minute rest.

  • iBrowse

    There are five main types of gangrene: 1. Dry gangrene. 2. Wet gangrene. 3. Gas gangrene. 4. Internal gangrene. 5. Fournier’s gangrene. Fournier gangrene was first identified in 1883, when the French venereologist Jean Alfred Fournier described a series in which 5 previously healthy young men suffered from a rapidly progressive gangrene of the penis and scrotum without apparent cause.

  • Tasty

    East coast reunion
    Amazing night so fun !

  • Question

    Adam and Eve had two sons, and Eve was the only woman then, right? Hmmm…. makes me think. How did they breed?

  • Gerard Is The Sexist Man

    I’ve seen.

  • iBrowse

    Campfire cooking requires a clean-burning, hot fire. This is only achieved with dry, seasoned wood. Stripping trees of green wood is fruitless – your fire will be smoky, will burn poorly and create unnecessary pollution. If dry wood is not available, it will need to be packed in. Many public campgrounds supply firewood – call ahead to see what’s available.

  • The Key

    @Exactly: that is why Sasquatch is kept hidden. It is the link. True knowledge is hidden. Seeds sowed the earthbound evolution. A conscious binding the planet to itself. “God” conscious introduced intelligence. The fallen star encrypted the dimensional lock. Few hold the key.

  • Tasty
  • iBrowse

    Pace yourself; you will hear the Swahili phrase “pole pole” – slowly slowly, heed it well. Drink lots of water about 4-5 liters a day is recommended. Luckily the mountain streams after the first day are good to drink and naturally cooled.

  • iBrowse

    When you shave your eyebrows, you draw attention to the bone structure around your eyes. The hair will grow back, and you can use a brushed on powder to draw eyebrows where you want them. If you only trim a bit of hair, it can grow back looking messy.

  • iBrowse

    In what is the strongest kinship avoidance rule, Aboriginal custom throughout Australia bans a person from talking directly to their mother in law or even seeing her. The relationship is one of respect, but avoidance. A mother-in-law also eats apart from her son-in-law or daughter-in-law and their spouse. If the two are present at the same ceremony, they will sit with their backs to each other but they can still communicate via the wife/husband, who remains the main conduit for communication in this relationship.

  • iBrowse

    Cananga odorata, commonly called ylang-ylang, cananga tree, ilang-ilang, kenanga in Bahasa Indonesia, fragrant cananga, Macassar-oil plant or perfume tree, is a tropical tree which originates from the Philippines and is valued for its perfume.

  • iBrowse

    Butterscotch is neither butter nor scotch. Discuss.

  • Beg to disagree

    @JJ Keep This Thread Open:
    You are right, and I apologize, I am a geek and I got clearly carried away. I came here to relax and look at how handsome Gerry is in these shots. Besides, it’s clear I was talking to a troll, so I might as well keep my geekness for myself. Again, sorry.

  • iBrowse

    In plumbing, a higher proportion of lead was used, commonly 50/50. This had the advantage of making the alloy solidify more slowly, so that it could be wiped over the joint to ensure watertightness, the pipes being physically fitted together before soldering.

  • iBrowse

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  • iBrowse

    Very often we hear from our clients that they were told that non-residents cannot buy land or a home in Aruba. We can tell you that these stories are not true. All non-residents can buy land or a house in Aruba going through the same process as the Aruban residents.

  • iBrowse

    The genus boasts several hundred species, from dwarf varieties that grow to between 2 to 3 feet (0.6 to 0.9 m) to plants that can exceed 8 feet (2.4 m) in height. There are 2 types of hibiscus common to gardeners: tropical and hardy. While hardy species of the plant can withstand temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees F (-9 to -7 degrees C), tropical varieties will die in zones where temperatures fall below 40 degrees F (4 degrees C).

  • ???
  • Girl on Bike

    @???: symbol for the ring of soul love

  • Working Out Working out next to Gerard Butler, aka the guy from 300 and PS I Love You

  • Still in NYC working out next to Gerard Butler at the gym. happy valentines day to me. NY

  • Unconditional Love

    @???: is never having to make amends when selfish actions hurt the ones we love