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Nicki Minaj: 'Lookin Ass N*gga' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj: 'Lookin Ass N*gga' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Check out the premiere of Nicki Minaj‘s music video for her brand new song “Lookin Ass N*gga”!

The song will be featured on the 31-year-old entertainer’s upcoming third studio album The Pink Print, as well as the upcoming Young Money compilation album Rise of An Empire, due out in stores on March 11.

Nicki has been teasing the video all week on her Instagram with a series of sexy photos. Check them all out below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicki Minaj’s music video for “Lookin Ass N*gga”?

Nicki Minaj: ‘Lookin Ass N*gga’ Video Premiere

WARNING: The music video features explicit language!

10+ pictures inside of Nicki Minaj in her music video…

Just Jared on Facebook
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 01
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 02
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 03
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 04
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 05
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 06
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 07
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 08
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 09
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 10
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 11
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 12
nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 13

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  • Diedre

    In what way is this song title appropriate?

  • jo

    @Diedre: Well she’s black soooo it is appropriate.

  • CL


  • JdJ

    can someone count how times she drops the n-bomb? I luv the cinematography.

  • Mel

    Shes so pathetic , somebody take her out of this planet please

  • seeaaa

    Tell the young teenagers who are going to buy the song that it’s only appropriate for her to saym paleezz….im black and this only promotes a word that we all view as being offensive. This only promotes more usage of the word…god this woman. ..

  • karine
  • kenzie

    She’s a has-been, a one trick pony. Nobodies buying her gimmick anymore. All her songs are a desperate plea for attention. Her inplants look like there going to burst right out of her skin, and she’s fat. she disappeared for awhile the least she could do is come back with a new sound and a new style, she changed her hair..big deal.

  • Meh

    I completely agree with you. Why do rappers think it’s cool to use such a derogatory word. Pure ignorance.

  • BonnieStevegma

    like Michelle explained I didn’t know that anybody can make $4427 in one month on the internet . read this ,

  • haa

    It’s been drilled into my child over the years in elementary school how inappropriate names can hurt others and there is zero tolerance for their use.
    She goes to camp this past summer. Half of the children are African American. She told me she heard these kids use the N word all day every day the entire summer and in front of adults without being corrected. She said they rarely called each other by their first names.

  • Sandra

    A lady doesn’t talk like this. Obviously, she is NOT a lady.

  • Louise

    I’m sorry but how is it ok to say that horrid word god knows how many times in a song if you can call it that?

    People have spent a long time fighting racial equality and it’s people like this that take it back a few notches. Sounds horrid and sounds dumb. Sad.

  • Butch

    Can’t wait to see some white chick blasting this song out her window here in LA. Please n*gger please…n*gger please just go the f*uck away with yo shit music.

  • grayson

    She’s so damn sexy mmmmmmm

  • Diedre

    @jo: Bullsh!t. The word is inappropriate, period. You can’t cry foul about racist rhetoric and then put a song like this out there.
    I detest this double standard.

  • Jo

    I understand the frustration of her lyrics but its up to us as parents to prevent whats rite and wrong. We cant blame her for who she is and if u really dont like her your just making her relevant by all your comments and/or watching her video. I watch it and i think she looks nice but my kids will never see it. To many kids are having the option to watch stuff like this and its not going away. I’m black, i don’t use the word but with kids going to school they will hear as Parents we have to guide them to knowing what’s right and wrong. She’s not the only person who uses it sadly.

  • Jo

    @Butch: ur an asshole she don’t say ni**ger, It’s nigga! Dumb ass

  • Joel

    Dam you people are so stupid and sterol typical ppl she’s a rapper hello!! So for you all to come say to come out with something differant why would she if she’s in that category duh it’s like telling Maria Cary to sing something totally differant come on really ?! For reall and as far as her using the n word that’s so stupid for u guys to say it’s wrong ,why here’s an example I’m gay and when I’m around my friends I sometimes use the word fagot as playing around so same thing goes for nicki people she’s black there for she’s using the word because it’s ok she’s black that’s just the way the world works here come on what planet are u guys in

  • sunny

    Damn she sucks. I like her old songs first album. Enough with the explicit words. Joel you’re ignorant in my eyes, and she sucks. She has made nice music. This just sucks. I don’t give a shit if she’s black. I have used that word with my friends and I am puerto rican, but I stopped cause no matter who uses it, it’s still sounds inappropriate. So you wake the f up and realize that she’s not gonna be in the spotlight or win anything or make money with that stupid song. Oh wait, I agree with you in one way, the black people are gonna buy it. I mean the low class. My friends are black and they don’t like that song at all. Black people get the f over it. If a person other than a black person uses it too bad. Freedom of speech. I don’t use it out of respect for my friends. You come back to this planet joel cause you’re the stupid one. Yes I have used it on a black person in a fight. If you call me a bitch I am allowed to call you the N word like it or not.
    But it’s out of my vocabulary now.

  • michelle

    I like the song (Im not really a fan of her too much) But I believe the majority of people do not understand the concept….BESIDES MEN call women bitches, hoes, tricks and call other men NIGGA and it gets praised……I swear society is stupid with double standards

  • Stephen

    Could not agree more with Joel.

  • Jalil

    She’s an artist music is a way for her to express herself. Plus she’s damn good at it if I must admit. Number don’t lie neither does bank accounts.

  • http://facebook amy jo russell

    Nicki Minaj is awesome at what she does.

  • lily


  • Cristina

    She’s using the word “nigga” to describe ignorant lazy black men. The same type of black men that call each other “nigga” all day long.

  • http://kgothatsokgonza kgothatso

    yhoo sh is very hooty