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Inside Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY Exhibit - Watch Video Here!

Inside Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY Exhibit - Watch Video Here!

Video footage of Shia LaBeouf getting unmasked in his #IAMSORRY exhibit has surfaced and the result is a little awkward and creepy!

The folks at Screen Junkies went into the exhibit with their video camera rolling and asked the 27-year-old actor if they could take off his mask.

When Shia did not respond, they went for it and took the paper bag off the actor’s head to reveal his face. The host seemed surprised that it was really Shia under the bag and continued to ask him questions for the next few minutes, but didn’t get any response out of him.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Shia LaBeouf’s performance art piece?

Inside Shia LaBeouf’s #IAMSORRY Exhibit – Watch Video Here!
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  • Sayer


  • Kiley

    WTF? Is this a publicity stunt or is he mentally ill? I’m so worried/confused for him. He had a lot of talent, but it’s being wasted.

  • Slim

    This Screen Junkies dude, Hal is rather rude and obnoxious. This wasn’t well put together, and he wasn’t in the least bit funny. Offensive if anything. And his voice is unbearable. Just Jared, please find another source to use.


    A Big Fan

  • Mrs. Gaston

    i don’t feel sorry for this fool one bit…he has a tux on and was obviously awaiting the cameras for an “exhibit” that he put together! please don’t offend people with real problems by putting them in the same category as this weirdo.

  • Richard

    The Screen Junkies guy came off more mentally unstable than Shia.

  • Jen

    Shame on you, Screen Junkies “interviewer”. This could have been a really cool opportunity and you blew it.

  • Lemon

    @Jen: a cool opportunity for what exactly? Shia is an immature millionaire cry baby..if hes so sick of Hollywood why isnt he in school getting an education and a real job like the rest of us? Instead hes pulling publicity stunts for attention.

  • Onna

    He shouldn’t have plagiarized, that sucks… disappointing… he’s an awesome actor and seems like a cool guy. Too bad.
    Another thing I’d like to point out is if he’s “NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” then why is he doing all this? What does he want now?

  • Dee

    Gawd he is such a fvcxking twxat!! Cant stand the fact that were paying him attention like this.

  • R.T.

    @Sayer: Well said, my friend.

  • Reba.

    He headbutted a guy a couple of weeks ago and has concussion and no-one realizes he needs help.

  • Thomas.

    He has reverted to, and turned into a character he played whilst starring in The Nightmare Room. His character turns into a doll, named DylanPeirce. He really is ill, and he is reinacting this. Just watch the episode on youtube and you’ll see. The nightmare room scareful what you wish for.

  • CAKE

    That guy is so freaking annoying. who was interrogating Shia. He reminds me of my annoying roommate who just moved in recently. It was really sad to Shia sad like this.

  • George

    Its something to do with his new movie, NYMPHOMANIAC. That is why he is sorry. Watch that movie and you will understand,

  • msnthrop

    Actually a fine example of self control on display there

  • ni

    he’s not forcing people to be there!!! you’re the one wasting your own time.

  • ni

    also you’re are all stupid if you dont realize he doesn’t actually mean it when he says “im not famous anymore” it’s obviously for attention

  • reality bites

    You seem to be missing the point. He began plagiarizing things as an experiment in 2011. He has been doing it more and more. He was finally called out for it by Clowes. For every answer or apology to plagiarizing he has plagiarized the comment. He plagiarized the trawler comment at the film festival right down to the sip of water during the sentence. He plagiarized the bag on his head. He plagiarized the art project. He is making a statement about art and fame.. but our society is so dense they just think it is a publicity stunt (which is anti LaBeouf to the core) or a meltdown (no) or a drug problem (the guy has been taking his Dad to AA meetings since he was 13.. not likely). His career is fine. He is fine. He has more money then he can ever spend. He appreciated his career and the opportunities he was given. He gave up big budget to stretch as an actor with indie films. He is still being hired. This is an experiment.. an art experiment.

  • http://@paulcarganilla Paul

    I’m sorry, but the footage in the room with Shia is OBVIOUSLY dubbed. All the guy did was take a camera in and shake it around in Shia’s face while thinking of funny things he can dub in later when he got home. Even the just jared review of this sham is a sham. What a waste of time.

  • http://@paulcarganilla Paul

    My bad. It’s a Screen Junkies video. You’re cool, Just Jared. #iamsorry

  • :)

    Everyone says he is crazy, but look at all the people waiting hours in line to see him yell, at him, hug him, taunt him, cry with him etc. Are these people in a way crazier? Love you Shia!

  • :)

    Oh I forgot to add I probably would be one of those crazy people if I lived near LA. I would probably walk into the room pretend to pass out and lay there until someone did something. I wonder how long they would let me lay there? Is that a sick thought? Love you Shia.

  • Gibgirl

    This is the original award winning “The Apology Project” that he is plagiarizing.

  • Pattikins

    Shia is awesome,intelligent, and talented. I would be honored to be able to see him. The interviewer came off as a idiot and the people he interviewed were on the same level. No matter what you think of shia, he’s got you talking about him. I think the experiment worked. Love ya shia

  • jerzygirl45

    So I guess now he’s plagiarizing Marina Abramović?

  • :)

    Wait I just noticed… did the guy in the red shirt say he was going to take a sh*t in front of Shia? Does anyone know if that really happened?

  • Jason

    So he playgiarized …. His bad. Ok let’s move on now. What’s the big deal. His names been dragged through the mud already he and everyone else should move on and laugh about it over a few beers!!! Cheers to that mate

  • rachel

    In all honesty mistakes happen with everyone, but because he’s a celebrity it’s over analyzed. I mean he plagiarized some people. Atleast he didn’t go around killing people. As for Jared, you are the WORST interviewer I’ve ever seen. You are rude and blew a great opportunity. You acted really immature and you could have showed some respect. I see why I’ve never heard of JUSTJARED, and it’s because you are lousy and unprofessional.

  • Ron.

    Shia is a clown.

  • Lizzy.

    Shia’s an attention junkie.

  • sinead


  • Jen h

    OMG that’s kind of weird!!!!! But who am I to judge, I still love Shia.If I could have saw this in person I so would have lol