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'Bethenny' Cancelled: Bethenny Frankel's Talk Show Not Renewed for Second Season

'Bethenny' Cancelled: Bethenny Frankel's Talk Show Not Renewed for Second Season

Bethenny Frankel‘s Fox talk show Bethenny was not renewed for a second season, Deadline reports.

“We are incredibly proud of the creativity, passion and professionalism Bethenny and her staff brought to daytime each and every day and look forward to finishing out the season with more great original episodes,” Telepictures, the producer of the show, said in a statement. “While we are disappointed not to be able to bring the series back for a second season, we remain convinced that she has a unique voice and that she will continue to be successful in the future.”

Ellen DeGeneres was the executive producer on the show.

Bethenny herself has yet to comment on the news.

ARE YOU SAD to see Bethenny cancelled???

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  • miapocca

    the public makes you and they take you down..remember that when you get too big for your breeches

  • NYC

    So true….and what a shocker, not.

  • Mary

    No surprise. She’s an offensive, bitter person. Not sure what Ellen ever saw in her.

  • Rae

    Best Valentine’s gift ever! So happy to see her go.

  • FastTurtle

    All shows pretty much discussed the same thing! BORNING over it but still love her.

  • Ally

    YAY! That show was awful. I was stuck in a dentist chair and had to watch it once. Worse than a root canal.

  • Living in a box

    Don;t worry people she will working with Vivid after this.

  • Roberta

    @Mary: Ellen saw in her a way to make money, that’s all. Thank god it backfired.

  • Lousy Show

    I’m only surprised that it took this long for it to be cancelled.

  • Robby b

    She seems like a real person,but for some reason she comes off a little prudish like her nemisis Martha Stewart.

  • Sondra

    unlike her preview run she didn’t share much of Herself, seemed she clammed up. I wanted her talking more about her marriage tbh.

  • Alex

    I was sad when I was all gung-ho for the show and enthusiastically tuned in during the six week sneak peak and then saw that it was targeted specifically towards women. That was a slap in the face since I am a guy. So, FINE, *click*, buh-bye. I could not care any less that the show is being cancelled. How stupid can you be to not know that your fan base also consisted of guys and your show could have been more successful if it were not specifically gender-targeted.

  • sorella

    She was painful to watch and not likeable as a host at all. Think it’s best it got cancelled, hosting is not her strong suit.

  • Erica

    I didn’t watch too many episodes, but the ” Are These Twins Addicted To Each Other?” episode was pretty entertaining. My sis and I did a reaction video to it..check it out
    Reaction Video

  • http://Mountain82 Louise Joles

    @Rae: @Mary:

  • http://Mountain82 Louise Joles

    Glad somebody pulled the plug and it was long overdue. Now she can take her mask like face away and continue to push her cheap, rotgut booze.

  • Pattycake

    I was waiting for this to happen! So Happy!! I use to be a fan of hers until she started to show her true ugly self. I know that Jason and his family must be laughing their asses off.

  • deb

    Did not like the show but I am sad Katie Couric is also going off. The show was real and Katie was a professional.

  • Aww!

    I knew the cancellation was coming! She’s funny in person, but she was not a show business veteran. She didn’t have experience in front of the camera as a host. I could see her inexperience when the show began — and I cringed. Also, she does not come across as warm, even if she really is. Her face looks guarded. She didn’t seem to cover any meaningful topics. She scraped the bottom of the barrel with her guests. Atlanta Housewives, etc. Lots and lots of black guests. That’s not going to fly in America for long.

  • Aww!

    Queen Latifah is next!

  • http://Notjaredleto Ryan realan

    One time I watched her show only because I thought it was that scene in batman where the joker is on tv pushing his “joker” look. I quickly realized that it was a woman and not jack Nicholson so I turned it off. But it did take a minute for me to realize it.

  • sewcrafty

    @Aww!: Your comment is offensive. Maybe having black people on her show was all that she could get. At least they showed up. Have you taken a look at America.

  • Jess

    Im sad bethenny is canceled i loved the show that she had good honest opinions. She didnt talk to much about herself and she brought up topics that were Controversial but much need to be spoken about! Ill miss you bethenny!

  • Robocop

    She had the worst personality for a talk show host.

  • http://@luv2wax Carriegeeee

    I really liked the show. I tuned every time I could. I gained more respect for Bethenny. I think she was refreshing and I loved how the show was focused towards single women. I learned from her male and females guests. I also learned some great recipes. I’m sad she was cancelled.

  • vmsmith44

    I have followed Bethenny thru all her ups & downs. I think her show has been inspired as she strove to help women in so many ways (especially in business). She is sooo candid about her dysfunctional family growing up, which isn’t easy for anyone. How many of us would do the same? I wish her ALL good things going forward. She will surely land on her feet-as ALWAYS!

  • sandy

    @Alex: –I agree w/you and I am a woman—

  • JimC

    You NEVER fail when you have the courage to try plus Bethany is came from essentially nothing and has created a financial empire in a decade. Perhaps she is guilty of one thing, trying to add a talk show on top of her financial empire. Literally everything in her life was relatively new and she was the woman in charge of each venture. When I heard that she was adding a talk show and was the SOLE HOST, I said to myself this is impossible. Why Ellen DeGeneres did not think the same gave me pause and as much as I love Ellen, she made a poor business decision. You could see the stress of too much success too soon All over Bethany’s face. My God, I wanted to reach through the television and give her a hug and tell her that this nightmare will be over soon. I sincerely commend for coming out and doing the show after the show was cancelled. In fact, itwas clear that she was a significantly better host after the show was cancelled. How many of us would have the grit to do that? We have a high profile entertainer that couldn’t. Ms. Rosie O’Donnell QUIT The View when the going got tough, broke her contract and couldn’t finish a lousy 3& 1/2 WEEKS. As the cliché goes, if you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Well Bethany, you certainly handle yourself in the hottest of kitchens and keep it tasting great and keeping it lean. Just remember when you are doing a great job and making the tough decisions not everyone will applaude. You’re life story is one that everyone can learn something to practice in their daily life. Thank you for being exactly who you are.

  • L


    Actually Queen Latifah has amazing ratings. Better than most shows. I don’t watch a lot but she has always had a faithful fan base.

  • Sam

    Clearly, some people didn’t watch the show and comment to get attention. The final shows are airing showing moments from the season and I’m seeing loads of white people. Besides, she had probably every Housewives franchise that I can recall. I won’t miss her show. Just saying, Go get a hug from someone. You sound bitter!

  • http://Lovelyrae1 Tracy

    Her show started put alright. Until it seems she kept grabbing people that was seen on Wendy show. Her voice sounded off as if she had a couple glasses of skinny girl. Lol. I really could of been better if she was more honest about a lot of things. Just more real. And she kind of made herself a little weird with the woman. Touching abs kissing to much ass. I found it to be boring and weird. Sorry Bethany this is not your thing😢👎