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Katie Holmes Teams Up with Kohl's for Breast Cancer Awareness

Katie Holmes Teams Up with Kohl's for Breast Cancer Awareness

Katie Holmes steps out for a satellite media tour for the Kohl’s Pink Elephant Campaign on Thursday (February 13) in New York City.

“teaming up with @Kohls to encourage women to start a conversation about breast cancer awareness #talkpink” the 35-year-old actress tweeted that day.

Be sure to visit a Kohl’s store, because starting on February 19, 100% of the proceeds from the Kohl’s Pink Elephant necklace will go towards the fight against breast cancer through the Kohl’s Cares organization.

Earlier in the week, Katie posted an adorable #TBT pic of herself at age 7 – check it out below. So cute!

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katie holmes teams up with kohl for breast cancer awareness 01
katie holmes teams up with kohl for breast cancer awareness 02
katie holmes teams up with kohl for breast cancer awareness 03
katie holmes teams up with kohl for breast cancer awareness 04
katie holmes teams up with kohl for breast cancer awareness 05

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  • Mary

    Her make-up looks pretty. The pants are not for me, but I think she looks good in them. Considering what she normally wears, I think this is nice.

  • .

    She looks like a giraffe here.

  • robin hood

    I dont like the jewellery she’s wearing

  • missy

    She’s wearing a pink elephant necklace to support breast cancer. That’s the point of the interview.

  • Thornton

    Katie looks great, I’m glad she is doing this to help save lives.

  • valentine

    flattering outfit and hair on her for once !

  • sweet melissa

    Please someone explain the hype and “beauty” that this girl is suppose to have.
    I don’t know much about her currently other then her old tv show but she is featured here way too much. I look and look at the pictures trying to see what might be special but I can’t see it.
    Her looks are ok. Just an average girl.
    I wouldn’t look twice at her (I am a girl but I mean in just admiring other people’s beauty) if I saw her.
    I really hate her lips. To me thin lips are very unattractive. Her nose is oddly shapped. IDK. I think its the “IDEA” of the old “joey” character (sweet girl next door) and people are trying to project that on real life Katie Holmes as an adult. I have a feeling she is nothing like Joey Potter in real life.

  • kim

    I love her makeup! Pretty!

  • Thornton

    Helping people in the fight against breast cancer is certainly a sweet thing to do, while your description of yourself, sweet melissa, certainly is a misnomer. Your words indicate there isn’t anything sweet about you. Instead of attacking others and being bitter because others like someone you dislike, do something positive with your life. Then maybe sweet melissa wouldn’t be such a joke of a description of you.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    Tried to you tube her on the Rachel ray show and found a video of her introducing some Washington show in 2002 to the President. I swear she flaunted her cleavage his way as she said,”even our current president has been known to wear a fine pair of leather boots”. But then if her parents r ok with her tramping around in an all boys school singing, “whatever Lola wants…”, what can one expect. Can’t wait to see her with Suri in her teens. Wether it’s cosmic, what comes around, goes around or biblical, u only reap what u sow. Life does do the 360. Bush appears to be thinking, “Sweety, everyone knows about catholic girls in their uniforms. I have 2 dtrs. about your age.(Both now college graduates, one from Yale). You think I’m going Monica or Marilyn on u, nice try!” Laura’s thinking, I’d kill my dtr’s. if they pulled this stunt. ….Waiting for the acting chops.

  • Felicity

    She looks pretty. She is prettier than average but people are extremely hard on her. It’s funny but the more negativity I hear the more these things stand out – hooded eyes, tree trunk legs. The reality is she’s prettier than anyone I see regularly, and she’s certainly prettier than me. Her eyes aren’t hooded and her legs aren’t tree trunks. She could dress to better flatter herself. Her stomach – it’s enviable to me and mine is also flat. Kids can muck you up and we’re supposed to support that in our fellow women. If anything I fear she is depressed. She seems sad and the awkwardness seems to come from that sadness. This is a perception based on the moves she makes. I hope it’s not the case. I think perhaps her life did not end up where she expected it to.

  • rubyz

    Ya, Holmes is a real Mensa candidate: just perfect to be educating women about breast health. I wouldn’t take her advice on eyeshadow never mind anything serious! This is what I find most hilarious about HW: these “stars” [in their own minds only] perception of their own talents.

  • @felicity

    her eyes might not be hooded but they do have a slight droop in many pictures.
    As for the legs people have been saying it for years about her legs. They are big and thick for sure. They just do not have a good shape.

  • Debbie13

    According to IMD, KATIE HOLMES WAS 2 MONTHS PREMATURE BABY. Is the brain fully developed at 7 months? hmm, just wondering.

  • Thornton

    Were you dropped on your head as a child rubyz, maybe that would explain how stupid your posts are. Katie isn’t coming up with medical information she made up, but is working with an organization to encourage people to do the steps necessary to look after their own health. I suppose in your narcissistic way you think Katie is doing nothing while your accomplishing some great thing in the world by stalking Katie continually to let us all know how much we should hate her like the great rubyz does. You are the exact opposite of what it means to be a Canadian, please leave the country and do us all a favour.

  • K-FLOP – after awareness

    “to encourage women to start a conversation about breast cancer awareness”?

    The conversation already started, 20-30yrs, Susan G. Komen and Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.

    Breast Cancer Screening became a part of annual health checks covered by insurance companies about the same time.

    Also, research into environmental and hereditary (BRCA gene) factors, again, started about 20-30 years.

    The awareness and support of breast health, IMHO, is more prevalent now than 20-30 years ago.

    There should be, again IMHO, a next phase, after awareness.. then next, what? How about, access to alternative therapies covered by insurance companies, access to more organic produce and clean water (environment factors), and encouraging and supporting outdoor activities – more bike, running, hiking trails (in urban areas), stress reduction programs, etc.

    On to phase II – changing our condition

    ***in memory of my mother – breast cancer victim – 1995***

  • Felicity

    @#13 so what? We can’t help how we age! We can’t help the legs we’re born with. We can’t help what happens to our stomach when we have a baby. She’s got her figure back – maybe her legs are a bit thick, and her eyes droop, so do the Gyllanhal’s along with others. She may not be perfect but nobody is. Look at half the beautiful HW stars, they all have imperfections, just like the rest of us. She may not be your cup of tea – Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t mine, but I can still recognize that Gwyneth is beautiful. I was driven to respond because I found the ire and hatred directed towards Katie Holmes is a depressing reflection of the human need to bully. Even when she looks lovely people feel the need to repeatedly point out every little thing. She’s not my favourite actress. I’ve never seen any of her clothes designs so I can’t comment on them. However, I’m also pretty sure she’s not the ugliest woman alive and nor is she the devil. I’m also pretty sure that her role for this charity is not to educate about breast cancer, but to publicize the need to educate oneself about breast cancer.

  • rubyz

    LOL, Thornton, here’s a newsflash for you: I don’t give a —- where you live, what you think (about Holmes or about me), or what you do. Post your own comments and refrain from commenting on others’.

  • sorella

    It often looks like her face is frozen on one side, botox gone bad maybe? It’s like she can only move one side of her face to smile. And I HATE the pigeon-stand she does. Not flattering at all. Otherwise, she’s not the most irritating celeb, I think the marriage f’ed up her brain a bit and she may never be the same poor thing.

  • Thornton

    Here’s a newsflash for you rubyz, nobody cares about your opinions of Katie Holmes or posters who like her but you keep giving them ad nauseam. Don’t give your opinion about others if you don’t like getting it back.

  • rubyz

    Huh? Do learn to write in correct English, Thornton. You first (run-on) sentence makes absolutely zero sense.

  • Torino

    Kidman has been doing breast cancer awareness for years since her mom is a breast cancer survivor. Sometimes I think katie is copying her at times to try and achieve her level of fame. That said I’m glad she is behind this cause. Although Dizzy Feet was an interesting cause, sending kids to dance school was silly. If you want kids to dance then support school programs and scholarships which affect more than one or two kids. Dizzy Feet had more overhead than scholarships i bet. And for once katie looks good.

  • Wurry

    She looks about 5 years younger than when she was with Tom.
    I agree ….she has appeared to try to do everything that Nicole does. The whole Broadway stint and stuff. She just doesn’t have the acting talent, though. Not yet, anyway. It might not be intentional though.

  • Thornton

    Katie’s mom is a breast cancer survivor, that’s why she she works to bring awareness to this disease.

    Actually it’s easy to understand rubyz, the more you write makes me wonder if you are an illegal immigrant to Canada and should be deported.

  • Missy

    Oh for the love of god, Nicole’s not the first person in world to support breast cancer. I doubt that she is “copying” Nicole. Katie’s mother is also a cancer survivor. Although, I do wonder why she mostly supports breast cancer charities rather ovarian cancer which her mother had.

    And wurry, Katie was living in NYC before she met Tom and mentioned that she wanted to theatre. Not everything is about Nicole.

  • annie

    Katie was always well liked in the industry, and I believe this is coming back.
    I also like that lately she’s going to different events, and hope she does more, she’s prettier and more natural than most actresses shown on jj everyday. And as for the comment about trying to be like NK, it’s because they were married to the same man, other wise you could say it about any actress, who has done tv, movies theatre.

  • Thornton

    I guess it was ovarian cancer katie’s mom had, thanks Missy.

  • rubyz

    Annie, Holmes needs more fans like you. You talk sense and do not feel the need to carry on about illegal aliens, deportation, and whatever other nonsense. You make a good point that she is well-liked. I don’t have any trouble believing this; she’s very good at down-to-earth-girl-next-door-little-sweetheart. I don’t buy that image of her, but I know many do.

  • To RUBYZ

    Is Thorton the old poster who use to go by the name…what was it…started with a Y I think. He was in love with Katie but left when he was outed for something. The one that met her at a play too I think.
    Think it’s the same person?

  • rubyz

    #29 That crossed my mind, too. Yassine, I think? NUTS, in any case.

  • Thornton

    I’m certainly not someone called Yassine, and I’ve never met Katie Holmes. I’ve never gone by any name here but Thornton, but nice try trying to deflect from your own insanity. It isn’t me stalking a celebrity I have a bizarre hatred for. That kind of crazy is for people like you rubyz.

  • To RUBYZ

    But didn’t that person ALSO use to always reply to you specifically by name alot?
    idk, wording does sound alike but who knows.

  • rubyz

    Yassine disliked sense and intelligence, used “bizarre hatred” a LOT. Anyone who did not adore Holmes had a “bizarre hatred” for her, “stalked” her online, and was “insane.” In any case, I find both Yassine and this impersonator very tiresome. Word. [i.e. my LAST word on NUTS].

  • Thornton

    I have a feeling you’re talking to yourself, first TO RUBYZ writes, then in a few minutes rubyz answers. Have fun with your your fascination with Katie Holmes. I guess in your head she must be the most relevant person in the world to want to follow every move she makes.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @rubyz: Nice try a.holes. Yassine was simply a naive med student who said ” too much drama, I’m out of here.” Thornton is drama driven.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @Dare To Be Honest: you tube Holmes and 2002 Washington introduction. The girle has an ego.

  • To RUBYZ

    ok I knew the wording sounded similar.
    P.S it’s called checking back to see a reply. Not the same person.

  • annie

    @dare to be honest
    Yes she was very confident, playful, had a little more weight on her, and was well thought of to do that in front of the president.
    I didn’t see ego, saw a confidence, that she will get back as time goes on, and people start remembering Katie Holmes, and who she was and is, and you will see people back in her corner, once again.
    Even tho sometimes I think her biggest mistake in life was Tom Cruise, she came out of it, with something very special …..her little girl!

  • Meg

    @sweet melissa: She is on here for the posters (us). Because we post,she is “drawing attention”.

  • Meg

    @annie: I really think a little more weight and more opportunities on broadway (off broadway) could help. Even to help direct her thinking in a more pro-active way.

  • YoungAfrique

    This is all wrong…lol

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @annie: This must be the difference between you and I. For a 16-18 y/o to say to the president of the United States, ” Even the current president has been know to wear a fine pair of leather boots”. What you see as confident, I see as classless. I keep hoping, she comes through with some acting chops so she at least has something to contribute other than seduction. I mean, anyone can open a playboy magazine.

  • annie

    @ dare to be honest
    firstly I think she was 23, not 16-18. secondly ,and most probably, the whole thing was written for her on what to say.
    there was nothing in that video that came across as seduction , playful, pretty, yes, other than that….

  • lillian

    Shame she cut her hair, it was beautiful. Just a few inches off would have been enough.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @annie: This is where you and I differ. I am a little more conservative. That’s ok. That’s what makes the world go around. At least u and I know why we rile each other’s nerves now. What you saw as playful, I saw as inappropriate.

  • Meg

    And you call Miley Cyrus as being playfully with Robin Thicke.

  • Lani

    What is with that condescending smirk of hers?

  • @Dare to be honest

    Are you on drugs? You sound like you are.

  • General Public

    so I saw her pictures from the last couple of days on a news site. At last I saw there were about 175 comments and this is a site where you have a login. The site was saying “doesn’t katie look hot” and most all the comments were “don’t ever use katie and hot in the same sentence” type things to apathy about her. This is not a group that follow jj type sites so it was interesting. Most the general public seemed to be like why is her pr trying to tell me she is hot.
    There were a handful of the “go katie” due to her divorce but she can’t ride on that forever.
    As for these shows it’s not always about being invited. Maybe she was we don’t know but PR reps are also trying to get their clients to these things to be seen. It doesn’t mean the designer called and wanted Katie Holmes of all people to sit there but likely her PR team was working it.
    She is well on her way to be famous for being famous and no real career to show for it.

  • i’mtoosexyformyshirt

    Forget about Holmes being hot or not, the important question here is………………………
    Are YOU considered hot or even pretty, or have you ever been given a nice compliment in your life. Me thinks maybe not baby maybe not.
    YOU sound bitter. GET a life and concentrate on your hotness or lack of.!!!!