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'Ravenswood' Cancelled By ABC Family After One Season

'Ravenswood' Cancelled By ABC Family After One Season

Ravenswood has been cancelled by ABC Family after it had failed to be renewed for a second season, according to TVLine.

The show, which was a spin-off from Pretty Little Liars, centered on “the spooky goings-on in a Pennsylvania town and starred LiarsTyler Blackburn.”

Due to the cancellation, the show’s February 4 episode, which wrapped up its 10-episode first season, was also its series finale.

Ravenswood is the first cancellation decision for ABC Family under new president Tom Ascheim, who took the reigns in December.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ravenwsood getting axed by ABC Family?

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  • Erin

    Glad I never bothered watching. It might have had a good story and I love Pretty Little Liars, but it annoys me when they have a show that just has a psycho and then they create a spinoff with supernatural things that never happen on the show it was spun off from. They’re two totally different worlds and can’t work together, which will turn off viewers ( like me ) and end in poor ratings = cancellation.

  • Misscutiepie
  • Liliane

    I watched the whole season, in my opinion was pretty boring and bad, I mean, Pll is not even a supernatural serie plus it’s also kinda confusing, still didn’t get the finale


    THANKS GOD!!!!!!!!! NOW HALEB can be CANNON again! THANK U LORD!

  • HenryMyLove

    I loved ravenswood. I loved the characters and the storyline was spooky and fun. I’ve been a fan of pll since episode 1 and I’ve watched every episode, some episodes multiple times. And in my opinion Ravenswood was more fun to watch because it was scarier. I’m pretty ticked that they cancelled ravenswood. The characters were better and less superficial. Though I love Pretty little liars, Ravenswood in my opinion was just better.

  • Jamie

    That sucks. I loved Ravenswood. Way better than PLL

  • Finally

    About time!!! It’s a stupid show! Waste of money and time in the block.

  • Felicia

    Super upset. My sister and I just watched the last episode. It was awesome. We weren’t big fans of PLL. Love Ravenswood for the mystery and scare factor. ABC messed up with this one. Mystery is in and this show had it. Boohoo!!!

  • sara

    That sucks! I really liked the show

  • Tina

    Good! It confused me how a PLL spin off end up being supernatural crap. There was little to no humor. I gave it a try and it sucked.

  • namers

    Good, now Caleb can go back to Hannah; she was short changed in the deal…he gave no good reason why he left!

  • Jen

    Kind of had that feeling that Ravenswood would get cancelled. It just didn’t appeal to me at all and I know they tried to get the PLL fans to support this show but I just didn’t really like it after watching the first ep.

  • Kristen

    Honestly this show had the potential to be good. I love Nicole and Tyler as actors, and I liked the show enough to keep watching, there was just so much that could’ve been done better. The visuals for example were AWFUL. Had me shaking my head in disappointment cause it made the show look cheesy and cheap. It had the potential, i just think they jumped the gun on the storyline so quickly that it didn’t have time to grow into a good plot. Just my opinion.

  • Jessica

    That’s sad. Just like when ABC Family decided to cancel Jane by Design!

  • Shasha7

    THANK GOD!!!!! I hope PLL get cancelled too!

  • Molly077

    I am really upset. I loved watching it! i really didnt even look at it as a spin off it. was cool. I mean they should at least do a wrap up movie or something. I hate when shows get cancelled and we are left wondering what would have happened! sucks!!
    But I hope PLL brings back Caleb. and him back to Hanna. they are an amazing couple!

  • Anastasia

    That sucks! Ravenswood was better than PLL!
    I loved PLL at first but now the serie is kind of boring and it’s always the same thing…
    Ravenswood was fun to watch and different..who cares if it was supernatural things, it was a spin-off so of course there’s nothing in common with PLL, that was the goal!
    I think it was time for PLL to stop, not ravenswood!

    I think the first reason for the cancelation of ravenswood is because of the fans of Haleb who were ALWAYS complaining because Tyler was in ravenswood and there was no more Haleb scenes… Urgh wrong decision ABC, very wrong decision!!

  • giuliabee

    So sad to hear this. Loved the show, it was exciting and scary and it was slowly getting even better than PLL (which can get a little borng sometimes). I’m blaming Haleb shippers for this. Don’t misunderstand me, I like Hanna & Caleb together but I’ve seen so many people on twitter who stopped watching ravenswood because they clamed the show was “separating” the couple, which I find very ridicolous and immature. I want to tell these people, in case they don’t know already, that if a show doesn’t get views it will be cancelled due to poor ratings. You say you support Tyler but this was his occasion. He had the chance to play a leading role (which was a great thing for his career) and you screwed it up. Applause.

    (I’m also mad cause we’ll never get to know how it ends :(..)

  • Svetlana

    This sucks! I loved Ravenswood! It was an amazing show! I was literally glued to the tv when it was on! I hate the fact that it got cancelled because I still had lots of unanswered questions that now they will never be answered! This is the second show I loved that got cancelled after just one season! I wish they’ll smarten up and bring back Ravenswood and Secret Circle! You are losing fans by cancelling shows after just one season!

  • http://@Spashley17 Erin

    I am really upset that Ravenswood is cancelled. It was a really good show. So is Pretty Little Liars. The writers have done an amazing job on both shows. Hopefully sometime in the near future Ravenswood can make another season.

  • Melanie

    We loved it, I’m a fan of PLL and started to get to the point where I couldn’t wait for it to hurry up and end to get to Ravenswood. I’m really disappointed. This ruined my day!!!!

  • Sam

    Very upset! I loved this show. They did not give it a chance!

  • fxa

    :(( finale was good i started liking the show well abc has a tendency to cancel shows that i start to like

  • Bre

    I’m pretty ticked. I loved Jane by Design and they cancelled that and I loved The Lying Game and that was cancelled too and now Ravenswood? I have a bone to pick with the people that run ABC Family, how about I cancel all your favorite shows? Boo you :(

  • Giulia

    I’m really sad about it tbh, I was enjoying it much more than Pretty Little Liars this season :(

  • QueenBrat

    I liked Ravenswood. I thought it was 1 of the better new shows out this year. I am tired of ABC family getting rid of shows Ilike.

  • Keyona Brown

    I am so happy Ravenswood has been cancelled. Never bothered to watch it but I did watch when the first time it aired out, it was so boring and pointless! I really like watching Pretty Little Liars better than Ravenswood. I am glad it has been cancelled so that Caleb can go back with Hanna!

  • http://facebook kc

    I didnt ever watch it but heard it was good ABC cancels to many shows I like The Lying Game, Jane By Design, Nine Lives Of Chloe King wish they would bring them back :(

  • Jenna

    They should bring back The Lying Game.

  • http://Facebook/egitopalli Egi topalli

    Really sad Caleb is awesome in both series and in everything I mean there are so many others serials that can’t even compete with this like Arrow , Tomorrow People Reign they sucks.I don’t understand these people who watched these shit. Ravenswood was pretty like PLL I hope Caleb can return to PLL

  • http://Instagram Summer

    I love ravenswood and because they took ravenswood off u will not be watching pll anymore and I’m this is fake btw

  • Micky

    My daughter and I loved Ravenswood. AbC family has a habit of canceling super natural shows and shows we like. I think maybe we are going to avoid shows on that channel in the future as we are left up in the air when they decide to cancel them. I thought Ravenswood was getting better though it was very slow moving and some things could have been done better. The show had a lot of potential.

  • http://justjared katie

    I loved the show and if Caleb returns to pretty little liars its going to make no sense on how they fit him back in i am extremely disappointed in ABC family and i hope this decision affects them tremendously and bites them where it hurts i watch a ton of show on there and really considering quitting watching all together

  • Heather

    I blame the cancellation on the immature Haleb shippers that wanted this to happen. They even went as far as to start a petition to get it cancelled. It’s all so stupid, selfish, and childish to want a show to be cancelled just because they’re otp broke up. Seriously grow up!

    Ravenswood was a good show and deserved to have a decent chance but because the Haleb shippers got their panties in a twist ABC Family canceled a show that had potential. It just really pisses me off and makes me assumed to admit to be a Haleb shipper myself.

  • Samarah

    Well I hope Haleb’s fan who did this (you know, Always complaining about how Ravenswood has separated caleb and hanna and so much more) will realize that at the same time they cancelled the chance of Tyler to : First, have a first role on a tv show! and Two, boost his career! Now, he gets back to the start! Congrats guys! If you really love this actor, you wouldn’t make petitions and all this others things, to cancel the show he plays on! Dub ass!
    Plus, I’m wondering now how they can get back Tyler to PLL, cause, hey, how they gonna explain Caleb left Ravenswood while a few days before he told he will never give up… No sense! Thanks again crazy Haleb “fans” !

  • Dahnae

    I loved Ravenswood. ABC Family made a huge mistake by canceling it. A lot of things were answered in the finale but not enough to end the show. There were so many possibilities with this show. I looked forward to it every Tuesday and I’m gonna miss it. A lot. They should at least wrap it up with a two hour long ending episode or another ten episode season. That would be a little satisfying.
    PS. To all the Haleb fans who refused to watch and boycotted against the show because it ‘ruined’ your precious ship just know now Caleb can never come back to PLL because nothing in Ravenswood was resolved and it would make no sense for him to come back out of the blue with no explanation.

  • Rasmus Svensson

    Ok, this is the 3rd or 4th good show I get attached to that abc-family decides to lay off… I mean come on? Are they gonna destroy everything good and just keep going with the crap they keep doing? Pll was good the first season, after that they could have cancelled that show and kept going with this one…

    Im dissapointed in Abc-network.. go to hell…

  • C

    Darn it! I really enjoyed this show. I loved its spooky elements and its characters were developing nicely. Why ABC, why?! It had so much potential! Urgh!

  • Zoie

    This sucks! Even though sometimes Ravenswood was a bit scary I loved it. I love Pll but sometimes the story lines are the same. I still love watching it but I like that Ravenswood was different. Hope they bring it back at least so we can know how it ends.

  • Pll

    I’m Tired Of Abc Family Canceling All The Good Shows Like They Lying Game, Make It Or Break It, And Now Ravenswood ;l

  • Natalie

    I’m sad I was excited about the series, perhaps it shouldn’t have been a spin off of PPL but a show all too it’s self

  • alannah

    I am not happy, at least finish out the season and about the pact and such, stupid move. Whether or not the show was great, you could at least finish it out.. Stupid.

  • Stacy
  • Lizzie

    I am so tired of people blaming other people for this show getting cancelled. If this show was truly as great as you guys said it was a few upset people wouldn’t of made that big of an impact on views. I understand people are upset but do people really have to call people babies. I tried the show and personally didn’t really like the show and it’s not because they broke up a couple! It because personally the show was corny and boring. The whole curse thing really? That’s just my opinion.

  • AmandaE

    To all of the people who are saying that the spinoff that was created between PLL and Ravenswood was stupid and didn’t make any sense I would like to ask you some questions.

    1. Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that Rosewood and Ravenswood are two very different towns? Yeah Ravenswood is supernatural and Rosewood is “reality” but they both have murder mystery. And isn’t the point of a spin off to be different from the original but still have the ability to tie back to the original?!

    2. Why compare Ravenswood to PLL right now? The show was just beginning and building it’s fan base. It was also just developing itself. I remember in the 1st season of PLL that I got bored with the story line because it was taking so long. But I stuck with it and I ended up loving it. PLL has now had about 4 years to develop itself into its current self that everyone is addicted to. So why kill Ravenswood’s chance before you even gave it a chance to reach its full potential?

    3. Why would you not want Ravenswood to be different from PLL? If they weren’t different then they’d be the same thing and you wouldn’t like that because it would be distracting PLL’s limelight. Viewers would get bored.

    4. What if you never found out who A truly is and who all is envolved? What if every single one of your questions are left hanging and guaranteed to never e answered? Wouldn’t you be a little bit upset too?

    All I’m basically saying is think before you speak also, don’t knock it til you’ve truly tried it. Ravenswood could’ve became a show that you liked even more than PLL! I know that’s what happened to me.

    The writers and creators for PLL and Ravenswood are the same people. For ten to be able to accomplish these two shows and make each of them have their own unique personality and yet still be tied together just shows how great they are at their job. Imagine the empire that could’ve been fordged if Ravenswood was given a fighting chance!

  • Sven

    Seens some episodes of this, never watched PLL but same as SyFy’s Helix: crappy plot, bad dialogs by mediocrate actor performances in it’s turn due to shady writing if you ask me.
    Show did not connect on so many levels after first few episodes.
    For a very few times we can say: good cancellation!

  • Caitlyn

    I absolutely loved Ravenswood. I didn’t hear about the cancellation until just now and let me say that I was really confused about why there wasn’t another one. Watching it was my favorite part of Tuesdays to be honest. I don’t know why it was cancelled but that’s just stupid.

  • Bri

    That really sucks! I loved watching Ravenswood. Tuesday night would be ABC family night with my daughter.

  • Francheska

    I really enjoyed Ravenswood! I hate that its not renewed I think a lot more could happen with it. I watch PLL and I heard a lot of people could not follow the storyline when they did the crossovers between Ravenswood and PLL. I hope something happens and they bring Ravenswood back, because it was a great show. And I am not just saying that because one of my friends was on it. I think people just needed to give it a little more time.

  • Ana

    I liked ravenswood, I waited for it to come put every week, it is million times better than pretty little liars, please renew the series.