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Robin Wright: Ben Foster Was the First Guy to Take Me On a Date

Robin Wright: Ben Foster Was the First Guy to Take Me On a Date

Robin Wright lets out a joyous laugh on the cover of Capitol File‘s Spring Fashion issue.

Here’s what the 47-year-old House of Cards star had to share with the mag:

On her relationship with fiance Ben Foster: “Can I tell you something? That was the first date I had ever been on in my life. I had never been on a real date.”

On House of Cards season two: “Just wait. What we have in store for you guys… In [House of Cards Executive Producer] David Fincher’s words, “You will be tied and skinned.” We’re sworn to secrecy!”

On playing Claire in the hit series: “The only note that David Fincher ever gave me when we started the show was to be still. People were suggesting to base the character on Hillary Clinton or other strong women personas, and I didn’t want to do that. When we shot the first couple of scenes, David would come over to me and say, “Don’t move. Don’t move. Claire is a bust.” Now when I have the Claire clothes, the Claire hair, and say the Claire words, it just clicks. I’m completely and totally still [except with Kevin]. We’re so goofy. In between takes, we’re very goofy. We giggle a lot.”

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  • Wurry

    Her “stillness” comes off as emptiness most of the time, though.

  • Brody

    Wow. F U, Sean Penn.

  • ForMe

    @Wurry: I agree. Also, she sounds so silly. You’ve been married twice and your husbands or boyfriends never took you out on a “real date”. It sounds like she’s trying to make baby ben feel good about himself.

  • candice

    @ForMe: i actually wouldn’t be surprised to hear her say that about not going on dates, there’s many girls that feel that way about their own bfs (or exes). there’s a big difference between a couple going out somewhere casually versus the actual guy going out of his way to make the girl feel like its a proper, romantic date. i’m not surprised at all that sean didn’t formerly take her out on dates, he’s a certified temperamental d-bag and she deserves much better than him, she only stayed with him for dylan and hopper to have a proper childhood and adolescence, once they both turned 18 it was time for robin to evaluate what will really happen with her and sean and she knew it was best to split up now that their kids are grown up. it makes sense and she’s great in house of cards, and she’s still absolutely gorgeous with a down to earth personality, no need to sound bitter.

  • Erin

    @ForMe: Yeah, I mean, they probably had a lot of family outings, she’s probably gone to movies and dinner with guys, but she maybe never had the show up to your doorstep with flowers, take you to dinner or something and then take you home at the end of it. she might have got the quintessential date from ben and although that may not matter to a lot of women, there are just as many women who’d like to have that at least once in their relationship. a real start to finish date. good for robin. i mean, ben may be younger than her but if they connect and their relationship can be healthy and long-lasting then good for her. i’d rather see that then the crummy scandals and quick hook ups, breakups, random pregnancies and failed relationships than we are so often seeing in hollywood. just because a normal relationship doesn’t seem like something that can happen, it doesn’t mean it can’t.

  • ForMe

    @candice: I sound bitter? This is the second or third time she’s said something about not being on a ‘proper’ date. So clearly there’s a reason she keep reiterating this point. Either it’s a message to ben or to Sean Penn.

  • What I think?

    I think Robin means that she got into relationships without the “courting” period. I’ve been there and done that when I was young. Lots of women meet up with men somewhere — like at a party — and they may leave the social situation and go off with the guy and spend hours talking to him. Then, before you know it, the next moment they are having sex and are from then on “a couple.” It’s usually because the man pursues the sex and females give in to them before they even want it. Teenage girls do that more than anyone. Those quickie relationships are completely different from two people meeting and then s-l-o-w-l-y getting to know each other through a series of romantic dates. Slow is always better, imo.

  • Nat

    @ForMe: What’s your problem attacking always Robin Wright and defending Penn even when is not an argument? Are you a Penn freak or you work for him? I read everything and comment a little and this fact freaks me out on every post Penn related.

  • Nat

    @Wurry: Her stillness is what that character requires. Have you watched the show?

  • Nat

    @candice: Totally agree on @ForMe bitterness. The girl (boy?) has issues. Always throwing sh*t on Robin Wright…

  • ForMe

    @Nat: I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t have an opinion or express it in this forum. Since you’re keeping track of my comments, I’ll have you know I also make comments on other celebrity posts. So you’re being “freaked out” is unwarranted. I didn’t know I was “attacking” Robin Wright. I also didn’t know she was above reproach. I think she’s trying to stroke the ego of her fiancee and that’s what I said. I don’t believe the narrative that she is a saint and Penn is a boogeyman. It takes two people to screw up a relationship. In the future, since you don’t like my comments, you are free to skip over them and not read them. It’s that simple.

  • well,

    @ForMe: I like Robin Wright and never cared for Penn. His face really turns me off. Sorry. However, one thing is certain. Whenever two people stay together like this for years and years, there are things they have in common or it would never have lasted that long. So yea, she is not totally innocent.

  • Lauren

    Robin Wright KILLS it in House of Cards. Seriously, I’ve just finished binge watching and the woman non only id QUEEN, but is the epitome of the skilled actress, I’m not afraid to say that the 2015 Emmy for best leading actress belongs to her.

  • Lauren

    By the way, I think pretty much both the media and the internet have established that no other actress ROCKS the pixie like she does. Twitter is literally crazy about Robin Wright’s hair.

  • Dominic0

    God I love this lady! She’s such a great actress and she’s gorgeous.