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Suki Waterhouse on Bradley Cooper: We Hit it Off Almost Immediately

Suki Waterhouse on Bradley Cooper: We Hit it Off Almost Immediately

Suki Waterhouse shows off her sexy side in a backless dress in this new feature from Rollacoaster magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 22-year-old model had to share with the mag:

On meeting her boyfriend Bradley Cooper: “I met him at the Elle Style awards in London last year. We were introduced and hit it off almost immediately. We were dancing at the after-party, and he asked me if I fancied going to a club. We went to Cirque Le Soir in London – and he’s a ridiculously good dancer, yes. But I’m a serious dancer too, so I don’t know if I was fully concentrating on that. We make a pretty good duo, though.”

On rarely speaking to the press about her relationship: “Yes, I never get asked about it, because they all think I’m not going to answer them. I blame the guy that coughed in my face, frankly.”

On filming Love, Rosie with Lily Collins and Sam Claflin: When I started modeling, I was young and sort of a bit reckless – I wanted to make money and didn’t really care about anything else. Now I’m far more settled, and acting has become really important to me again. In …Rosie, I’m the one who gets in between Lily Collins and Sam – a kind of poison dart in the love story. It was an incredible experience. [Sam's] absolutely hilarious – so comfortable in himself. The bits with him were the easiest to play, for sure.”

For more from Suki, visit Click inside to check out some exclusive imagery from her shoot…

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suki waterhouse on bradley cooper we hit it off almost immediately 01
suki waterhouse on bradley cooper we hit it off almost immediately 02
suki waterhouse on bradley cooper we hit it off almost immediately 03
suki waterhouse on bradley cooper we hit it off almost immediately 04
suki waterhouse on bradley cooper we hit it off almost immediately 05
suki waterhouse on bradley cooper we hit it off almost immediately 06
suki waterhouse on bradley cooper we hit it off almost immediately 07

Credit: Rollacoaster
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  • Living in a box

    There is a song by 4 p.m title Sukiyaki, the original song actually from Japan. Maybe Bradley should serenade her with that song, but change it to Suki Yuccki. Wait, now she an actress!?

  • S!upid girl

    Disgusting to see how desperate and devaluated young women are to date someone that can be her father is gross.

  • Lara

    What is going on in that first pic? A bat is landing on her head while she looks like she’s falling asleep? Britain’s next top model.

  • seen

    She’s sooo pretty but she doesn’t have the typical model look. She looks like childish.
    On dancing with Bradley: Who wouldn’t hit it off with him immediately? He’s so stylish but she was already into him before being invited to the club. And this trend of having an “old rich famous bf” is so typical nowadays.The fact that he’s a ridiculously good dancer doesn’t surprise me much. So she seduced him by dancing? lol

  • Deb

    @seen: Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

  • lol

    She’s so basic, boring and vapid. I wonder what he sees in her… probably a good beard.

  • Mia

    She’s pretty but looks awkward in the pics. Why don’t her friends Cara and Georgia show her how to pose and show the clothes? She doesn’t seem to know how.

  • haha

    “On rarely speaking to the press about her relationship”


  • Lori

    “I wanted to make ‘money’ and didn’t really care about anything else. Now I’m far more settled, and acting has become ‘really important’ to me again.”
    Dating a man who is almost as old as her parents & also happens to have the acting connections, sort of reveals her inner motives. Who is the fool here?

  • Sarai

    Gorgeous photos.

  • L

    Suki says she does not talk about Bradley in the press, in fact she talks in every press interview she has done lately, think she tells a lot of crap and she wants is to get attention and she is so desperate she will say anything to get her name in the press and also she mentioned her father company on instagram yesterday, shameless terrible plug

  • Carrie

    Was Suki invited to walk at London Fashion Week or is she releasing these pics instead? lol

  • Tickle My Elmo

    No question, Suki is a pretty girl but she isn’t in the same league as Cara and Georgia when it comes to modeling. Cara and Georgia have worked hard to get there they are while Suki sleeps her way up. She can’t play up to the camera which IMO is why she comes across as wooden and lifeless in many of her photos. I’m beginning to think that she has BC tightly wrapped around her pinkie and when she gets what she wants out of him, she’ll drop him faster than a New York minute.

  • Chi 159

    Easy come, easy go!

  • Susan

    This girl proves anyone can be a model theses days. I remember when in order to be called a model you had to be drop dead gorgeous and extremely photogenic. Now all you have to do is wear a ton of make-up and stare at the camera with your mouth hanging open. She has no personality or charisma. She looks half asleep in every photo.

  • Suki is an ugly Whure

    Suki is the ugliest girl in the world. All she does is sleep with Lucas, Miles, Harvey and now Bradley to become famous. NOT WORKING. They still need to use Bradley’s name. Suki is a bad example for girls. If ugly Suki is drugged in all pics.

  • Ugly Suki

    Suki: Yes, you are an actress. I saw the movie where you masturbate. Is your next movie where you and your sisters are are doing it with Bradley?

  • Carmen

    Does this child ever close her mouth?

  • Cara Delevigne Wannabe

    Why can’t I be pretty and popular like Cara?

    I always talk about my father Bradley. That is the only way people pay attention to my donkey face and elephant body. I want to be Cara Delevigne but I am a dirty smelly talentless rat.

  • rachel

    i don’t get it, why is that funny?

  • rachel

    @Carrie: she’s acting in a movie i guess. better than being a model

  • Hey

    Well I guess they did hit it off immediately, she had sex with him that night…she was telling any one that would listen! She also was wearing his boxer’s to her photo shoot the next day. Didn’t she have a boyfriend at that time? These relationships never last…

  • niagirl

    Dragging her barely legal self to a state dinner won’t stop the snickering, just ask your pal Leo he ditched his barely legal during Oscar season. No award for you either of you. Oh yeah throw JP with his 19 year old in the mix.

  • ace11

    longer this goes on the more foolish HE looks

  • Englin

    I LOVE SUKI – her name is almost a joke, right ? – and, if
    this relationship is real (I think he is not into girls like J-Renner,
    but I can be wrong like other times), I hope the best for them !

  • Suedehead

    Hmm, at first I was kinda rooting for her, but now I really don’t know.
    Writing about going to her dad’s clinic to get a facial and talking about how when she was like what, 16 – she only was thinking about money?
    Uhh, not cool. Girl needs to grow up a bit. The clumsiness that she represents might be really attractive for some men, but not for too long I’m afraid…

  • Bradley

    She’s nothing but another actress wannabe, who now calls herself an actress, even though she hasn’t done anything but latch onto Cooper.

  • DJ

    @Hey: I don’t suppose you have proof of anything you’re saying, do you? And, please don’t refer me to the boxer shorts photo.


    Most people HATE Suki. It is not her age. It is what she represents. A druggie party girl having sex with celebs to get her name in the press.


    Somebody should start a petition for Suki to not be allowed in the USA. She is a danger to young girls. Justin Bieber at least works and employs people.

  • Jacqueline

    There is new photos on instagram of her drinking wine. I thought she did not drink because of him. Is this true?

  • Swiz

    These wannabe it girls (like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, except Kate Moss was really, really famous in her time) annoy me!

    Waterhouse is not a serious model. She’s not even attractive, at least not photogenic.

  • Frida

    @Bradley: Maybe this relationship with Bradley Cooper is her great acting debut? Cosmetic surgery, photoshop, & loads of makeup don’t make the model. She does look stoned in most of these pictures also.

  • whosaid

    DJ you still askin and not givin an askin proof industry gossip ……she was still with her BF and goes off with him….er huh yeah..ya need find yur own answers sometimes

  • Suki is a Cutie

    I’ll say it again —- she’s cute. No, not gorgeous, but cute. I’ve had more men tell me they like cute girls over great beauty. Cute is approachable and fun. Beauty is mysterious and sometimes cold. And you can see that she photographs well, so she’s definitely NOT ugly. I think what got Bradley is her personality. She just seems more free and fun.

  • Suki is a Cutie

    I also noticed that Suki, though not fat (of course), has a little bit of “meat on her bones.” She looks healthy and like she wouldn’t stress out over eating a cheeseburger. You know how so many actresses are paranoid and neurotic about their weight (Hello Renee!). Probably a refreshing change for Bradley Cooper. Again, she just looks like she could have fun. She has a very pretty smile.

  • Bridgid

    She does look high or stoned on something in half of these photo’s. There are plenty of beautiful women out there that know how to sell a product, not just themselves.

  • Love The Shoes

    TRIVIA ALERT!!!!!! Bradley and Suki share the same birthday! Jan 5th.

  • hello!

    so she is trying to become an “actress”, this PR couple now makes sense. Should have gone with Henry Cavill though.

  • Suki is a prastitute

    Zoe, Renee and Jennifer are gorgeous and talented. They will ban Suki from the USA then she will do what she does best and open her legs to men to get what she wants the US Customs officer who will let her in.

  • Suki is a prastitute

    She said it herself all she cares about is money. Bradley is a big dollar sign for her. Can Cara, Goergia and Jourdan show her how to model?

  • Ugly Suki

    She never talks about Bradley. Haha. Nobody knew you before you cheated on Miles with Bradley. The only people who know you are Bradley and Miles fans. Haha.

  • Marinka

    @S!upid girl:

    Bitter? Sounds like someone has a grudge against Father Time or is either perpetually single (and a single mother) or regrets the person lying next to them.

  • Miles

    Bradley spent Valentines day with the Italian American lady he loves. Is Suki Slat passing on the Slat gene to her sisters? Is she teaching them to keep their mouths wide open for famous men like Miles? Hahah

  • You are forgetting….

    @Marinka: Suki said she and Cooper “hit it off” almost immediately, so this isn’t just for money. In other words, they “clicked.” It was a love connection. It seems to me that Cooper did the pursuing. He saw what he wanted and went after it. Renee Z is NOT beautiful. She was cute when younger, but now she really overdid it with the plastic surgery. I think she is a very insecure person and that is not attractive. I’m not surprised that she has not married again after that fiasco/fake marriage with Kenny Chesney. Zoe is also not a beautiful woman, but she has cuteness too and she’s a pretty good actress. In any case, Zoe is happily married now — not thinking about Cooper. Renee has a boyfriend too.

  • OOPS!

    @Suki is a prastitute: My comment was directed at YOU, and NOT Marinka.

  • lil


    For sure. He’s credibility has seriously dropped in my opinion.

  • lil

    They obviously have a mutual agreement/contract, whereby he’s got a young thing on his arm keeping the gay rumours at bay until something better comes along & she gets maximum exposure. Just look at those pics of them in Paris, beyond fake. The video of them at the Justin Timberlake concert – he was clearly embarrassed at her climbing all over him like an 8 year old, he even restrained her!!
    It won’t last.

  • DJ

    @lil: I think a lot of people want to believe that, but the longer this goes on, the more it looks like they are in a real relationship.

  • MaryLee

    I bet Bradley Cooper is just using this young one like he has others, to bide his time between projects & events. Better to have someone on his arm than to roll solo.