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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Pre-BAFTAs Party Pair!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Pre-BAFTAs Party Pair!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse make an exit from the rear entrance of The Chilton Street Firehouse after attending a 2014 Pre-BAFTAs Party on Saturday evening (February 15) in London, England.

Earlier in the day, Suki, 22, hit the red carpet at multiple fashion shows held during London Fashion Week.

Bradley is in town to attend the BAFTAs where he is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work in American Hustle. He is up against Captain PhillipsBarkhad Abdi, Rush‘s Daniel Bruhl, 12 Years a Slave‘s Michael Fassbender, and Behind the Candelabra‘s Matt Damon.

FYI: Bradley is wearing Tom Ford.

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse heading to their hotel after the party…

Just Jared on Facebook
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pre baftas party pair 10

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  • Cody

    Looks like Suki left her fake bangs in the states.

  • Sarah

    omg she looks amazing

  • Susie#1

    This is the outfit she should have worn to the White House dinner for President Hollande; she looked like she had just gotten out of bed.

  • Lola

    Cooper is a hypocrite. He would make a big deal about the age difference between him and Jennifer Lawrence when people would ask if anything was going on between the two of them. Yet here he is dating a girl that is even younger than Jennifer Lawrence and seems to have no problem with it.

  • Marci

    @Cody: Suki must rely on extensions and wigs.

  • Drake

    Why his eyes glossy like he been drinking.

  • Lara

    He creeps out the back door with her at a party, but DOESN’T support her walking the fashion shows earlier in the day? Why not?

    Was he embarrassed by those pics of her naked bum in the jewelry ad? LOL He doesn’t look happy here at all. He doesn’t even walk with her.

  • daees

    Her nose job looks amazing…bravo

  • Stan

    Did they have a fight at the party or something? She looks sad and he looks pissed off.

  • Carrie

    This outfit is much nicer than that ugly thing she wore to the White House. What’s wrong with Bradley? Getting in and out of the car she walks ahead and he follows behind. Why don’t they walk together? He looks mad about something and his tie is crooked. Did they have a fight?

  • Susan

    Was this some little out of the way BAFTA party? Why didn’t he go to the nominees party with Amy Adams and the other actors?

  • Enough

    Enough already….every time I look at this site, there are more pix of her…she hasn’t done anything but leech off of Bradley Cooper in her attempt to break into Hollywood, and everyone knows it. And no, I’m not jealous…I don’t think he’s that cute, and I’ve heard serious rumors that he’s gay, anyway.

  • LOL

    The gossip site Celebitchy is always saying Cooper’s eyes make him look like a serial killer. These pics aren’t going to change that opinion. He looks creepy.

  • Karen

    He’s not much of a boyfriend to not support Suki walking her first fashion shows earlier in the day. So what if he takes her to a party later on. He can’t even walk with her or smile at her. I think she looks upset he’s ignoring her.

  • Mia

    Why are there so many stories and photos about this girl all of a sudden? Hasn’t she been seeing Cooper for a year now? Seems like media overkill in the space of a week. How did Suki suddenly get to be so special? She wasn’t before. The media ignored her.

  • Cindy

    @Karen: I agree. Suki needs a boyfriend her own age. She looks really pretty here and old enough to be her dad Bradley looks annoyed he has to be there with her. Suki can do better than this old man. Would he rather be at the party with his mom? lol.

  • Average

    She’s so unattractive. On the white house thing, I don’t think she wanted to look like she was trying too hard to get attention.
    I’m sorry, she’ll never be a supermodel for me. But I understand a lot of people find her cute.

  • Amy

    There’s a picture where she’s laughing in the car. Also Bradley has a Next Model Management gift bag in his hand.

  • Suki is a cutie

    He’s mad because Suki made him carry her bag. Poor baby! hahahahaha Suki can do better than this old fool. She’s probably sorry she bothered getting dressed up for him. She looks beautiful and he looks bored.

  • Average

    Also there’s been a torrent of SW posts on JJ. I guess she’s the new one everyone loves to hate.

  • WOW

    Suki really looks lovely here. Hair, make-up, clothes, everything! Why has she looked so bad before? Is she one of those women who doesn’t want to be bothered to get dressed up? She should take the time more often. When she tries, she looks lovely. Why does Bradley look so sulky? His girlfriend looks great and he looks bored. What a jerk.

  • Nikki

    Pics of him at Getty Images look like he’s drunk and walking unsteady. No pics of them together either. Maybe that’s why Suki looks upset. Bradley is drinking in public when he’s supposed to be sober.

  • Ashley

    The Daily Mail has the pics up, but still none of them together. The DM tries to make a happy story out of the fact Suki is leaving first and Bradley follows a short time after. Why didn’t they walk out together, they obviously knew the paps were there. Bradley tries to smile a little, but Suki looks even more unhappy in the DM pics. I wonder what happened?

  • Suki girl

    I still don’t get why he didn’t go to watch her fashion shows, that was a big deal for her. She must have been so disappointed he wasn’t there to support her. Maybe that’s why she looks so sad here. She realizes he expects her to go to his events, but he can’t be bothered to go to hers. The fact he won’t even walk with her shows you he’s a a selfish prick.

  • LOL

    The DM story claims Bradley and Suki attended the party at Anabel’s with Amy Adams and the other nominees. Jared says they attended a party at the Chilton Firehouse. Which story is right? Is the DM trying to pretend he took her to the big party at Anabel’s instead of some dinky little party somewhere else? LOL

  • Bradlifer

    @LOL: According to Getty Images it was taken at the place Just jared mentions.

    People want to know why she is upset? He didnt celebrate valentines day with her even if it was espouse to be their first as a couple witch is a big deal. He didnt go to her fashion show witch again was a big deal to her but he dragged her along to a after pre bafta party at this place and he totally ignored her… LOL..i see his love for her is deep…

  • Bev

    @Bradlifer: Suki is the one taking the opportunity to build her resume up this weekend. She is using Bradley Coopers name, BAFTAS, & his career as a stepping stone for her own. Only a handful get nominated each year from a long list of movies & celebrities by the way. Spoiled.

  • Luanna

    Did it ever occur to anyone that the designer was *using* Suki to heighten his show by using the BAFTA & fashion week duo to get attention grabbing exposure in the headlines? The girls behind is more attractive than her face & photo shop works wonders.

  • Kim

    At the White House Suki looked messy and badly dressed and Bradley was happy to walk with her and pose for pics. Here Suki looks beautiful and it’s like he doesn’t want to be seen with her. What’s wrong with him? Was he jealous Suki looked better than he does?

  • Denise

    Its apparent Suki is trying to forge a career off his name and celebrity. Hopefully this relationship is just a contract.

  • Josie

    Suki really got dressed up but look at him. His tie is crooked the vest is unbuttoned he didn’t shave and he looks drunk. She doesn’t look sad in these pics, she looks embarrassed. She spent hours getting ready to look good for him and he shows up drunk.

  • Luke

    @Josie: This is BAFTA weekend, & Suki is milking it for all its worth. Looks like a lot of other people want to use the Bradley Cooper connection too. Yeah that dress Suki wore probably would have got its money worth if she would have shown up at Annabels.

  • L

    Totally agree with the comments made by Mia and Luke

  • Bradlifer

    Another PR fail weekend. He has been absent totally. Valentines day he was not there. Her first cat walk show he was not there and when he finally shows up he is in a bad mood, what seems to be drunk and ignores her totally. HAHAHAHA We will see what happends tonight but this weekend has been a total fiasco for this PR couple.

  • Bad PR

    DM says they went to the real party at Anabel’s. Pics of everybody inside Anabel’s except Bradley and Suki. Only pics of them are in alley behind a building trying NOT to be seen together. Hahahahaha Why didn’t Bradley take her to the good party? Didn’t he want to go?

  • L

    Bet you Suki will be going tonight, to milk some more and see if she lands her self in the press the next day

  • So Sad

    These pics are almost as bad as the pics on the main page of Kaley Cuoco and her PR husband. Who do these people think they’re fooling with these dumb photo-ops? Fake Fake Fake.

  • DJ

    Why are people saying that Suki looked upset when she is laughing in the car? I can’t really see his face to see if he is laughing, but she definitely is. LOL He might have been bothered by the fact that they left through a back entrance and still had to deal with paparazzi. It is a little weird that they don’t walk together when they have already done so while holding hands.

  • Sam

    They don’t look mad. What the heck are some of you talking about? That outfit is gorgeous.

  • Suki is a slat

    Suki is a slat. Her BIG nose and BOG forehead getting bigger than ever.

  • sucki the slut

    Typical party fame whores sleeping their way up the dirty ladder. So sad.

  • Party?

    Jared says they attended a BAFTA party at the Chilton Street Firehouse. If you google Chilton Firehouse Bafta party all that comes up are these pics of Bradley and Suki, no mention of anybody else at the party. Was there even a party there or did they just walk through for a photo-op in the alley? Why is the DM lying they were at Anabel’s? Somebody’s publicist needs to get their story straight. Hahahahahahaha

  • Donna

    @DJ: Agree with you, it seems like they’re joking or something!

  • Nancy

    @Party?: Go to the photo agency websites idiot. They were at the Chiltern Firehouse in these pictures. Naomie Harris, Graham Norton, Guy Ritchie, Lilly Allen, and others were there with them. They could have gone to the other party too.

  • Funny Bunny

    Comments were nice all night, now they get mean in the morning. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Rachel

    So is it not obvious that tons of these comments are from the same person using different names? Damn child let your hate of Suki Waterhouse go. It will be healthy for you.

  • Donna

    @Rachel: You’re right, I used to write always before but every time someone disagrees begin childishness. If they are happy Let them in peace!

  • Nancy

    @Party: There was a prty there . The number one party was the official nominees party where Amy Adams went. Bradley takes the Whure Suki to after after parties. The white house is for PR for his ugly daughter.

  • Hello

    @DJ: I agree with you….Probably just bothered by the paps.
    Surely more pics of them to come within tomorrow….

  • Rachel

    I think it is the same person that makes the comments on all the websites on all the languages saying what a rat Suki Whurehouse is. That person has 50 hands and speaks all languages. LOL. Suki needs to go wash her private parts. She is infecting Bradley Cooper.