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Jennifer Lawrence WINS Best Supporting Actress at BAFTAs 2014!

Jennifer Lawrence WINS Best Supporting Actress at BAFTAs 2014!

Jennifer Lawrence has just won Best Supporting Actress for her role in American Hustle at the 2014 British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 16) in London, England.

The 23-year-old actress, who was unable to attend, beat out Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong’o, Oprah Winfrey, and Sally Hawkins for the coveted award. Congrats Jennifer!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

In case you didn’t know, American Hustle had 10 nominations tonight.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lawrence’s win at the 2014 British Academy Film Awards?

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    She deserved it ))

  • Jasmine


  • Kitty

    They loved the movie, I didn’t. I hope she dosen’t win the oscar.



  • Paola

    Mira superar la performance de Anne Hatahway dificil, pero entre julia roberts y lawrence deberia quedar

  • Kitty


  • Warren

    Good for Jennifer. She is one of the best.

  • Sophia

    Lupita Nyong’o should’ve won. I like Jennifer but to think her performance outshines Lupita’s is absurd and blatant favoritism for the most popular girl.

  • Susana

    Fraud She is overrated

  • Ness

    Whaaaaatttt? Lupita is everything. J. Law is a good actress, but does not deserve the accolades for her performance in AH. They got it wrong this time.

  • Elisa

    I liked American Hustle and I liked Jennifer Lawrence performance but come on 12 years a slave is so much more powerful and Lupita was outstanding in it..

  • White Snow

    Jennifer Lawrence is very overrated. Same performance as in Silver Linings.
    I think Sally Hawkins gave agreat performance in Blue Jasmine (though it was a misogynist film). Lupita Nyong’o also excellent. These two should hhave won (one of these two).

  • M.

    WooHoo!!…Go Jennifer Lawrence!!. Awesome!!.

  • Verity

    Give it BACK!!! Watch her get the OSCAR too. SMH

  • Britney

    Well Deserved, her performance was sublime. Oscar here we come!

  • ari

    @White Snow:
    Why Blue Jasmine was a misogynist film?

  • Devlin

    Well….the Oscar race has FINALLY gotten interesting!. Congratulations everyone…especially JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!.

  • Tessa

    Blah, she’s so overrated.

  • Zoo4

    @Verity: Apparently, not everyone drinks the Lupita Nyong’o koolaide.

  • Gina

    Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress in her generation. Not the best, but compared to a lot of young actresses she’s good, because the lineup is very weak. But for the love of god can we stop pretending that she’s one of the best actresses in the world, because that is a joke ! She’s mediocre compared to the top actresses.

  • Juju

    Jennifer Lawrence over LUPITA’s performance?? No way. Jennifer’s cool and all but Lupita was superb in 12 years.

  • m

    For god’s sake. Would she just go away? So, she didn’t get BATA last year and decided not to show up this year? I will never forget the reaction last year she and the director made after Riva’s win was announced. Just disappear already.

  • kary

    OMG pleaseeeeeee J-Law was playing herself in AH. Same with SLP Lupita performance was way too better… Come on, Yeah J-Law is the cool girl right now but she’s not the best actress in the world… she’s ok not the best… so overrated. I even like her more in The Hunger Games.

  • Lara

    Yay!! Let’s celebrate averageness!! Who cares about talent ? She’s just like us, soooo relatable!! That’s all that matters! :) (Except she’s not like us, that’s just the kool aid a lot a girls willingly drink, to feel better about themselves.)

  • yep

    Lupita is a onetrick pony. Anyone could have pulled off that role. There’s no way Lupita could have done Jennifer Lawrences’ role on American Hustle. Jennifer will be around as long as she wants to. Live with it

  • m

    As far as I am concerned Jennifer is one trick pony just getting award’s for being herself. She should go back to school a little bit and learn how to behave appropriately first.

  • Melissa

    Aghhh, I adore Katniss, I really do, but she did not deserve this award. I don’t want to see her win everything, it’s making people hate her.

  • Eric

    Overrated,both her film and her performance. It’s a shame.

  • nat


  • Bill

    YEAH!!!! Go Jennifer!!! Most talented and rewarded actress of her generation!

  • Bill

    I don’t get the hatred on Jennifer. It’s not her fault if the critics and her peers like her. Her performance in American Hustle was praised by many important critics.

  • peach

    lupita was robbed, lawrence performance in AH was overrated and the same as her role in SLP.

  • sandy

    sorry but anyone with half a brain that saw both of the movies knows that lupitas performance definitely outshined Jennifer’s and I like Jen and I would back her up if she did a truly amazing performance but all that Jennifer did in AH was a RHONJ accent, there was no versatility from Tiffany in SLP versus Rosalyn in AH. Lupita’s performance as Patsey was riveting and vulnerable, lupita invested everything in that role and I truly believe she deserves to sweep awards season.

  • dedel

    @Bill: Sandy The thing is that, they recompense more the person than the performance ! This time, Lupita was the best this year.

  • dedel

    * I meant Bill not Sandy lol

  • Bleeach

    If she wins the Oscar again I’m gonna puke!

  • bea

    @Bill: I don’t think it’s all ‘hate’. By the looks of it, majority consensus on here thought her performance was mediocre at best and just not worthy of the award. Personally, I’m disappointed her performance won.

  • Mel

    Most ridiculous Oscar win in recent times, she was completely unbelievable in SLP. Very limited skills as an actor. I think she is overrated in the looks department as well

  • Daniela

    @Bleeach: TOTALLY!

  • Dawny

    @yep: I wholeheartedly agree! Lupitos role wasn’t original. Its already been done. On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence not only played an older character, she spoke and changed her entire personality for her role in American Hustle.

  • Dee

    Absolutely love love LOVE Jen, haters who keep saying shes “overrated’ need to move to the left. Now with that said, Lupita did get robbed, I agree that Jen was great in AH (easily the best part of the movie imo, she hijacked all the scenes she was in, no doubt) and honestly dont get why everyone was raving about Amy Adams performance, yes she was good….but her rendition consisted of her going from an american accent to a british one, it was hardly transcendent. Dont get the fuss. But anyways….there is no ABSOLUTELY no question that Lupita deserves aaaaalllllll the awards as far as this years ‘best supporting actress’, it was easily more powerful than what Jen, its not even comparable. Completely ridiculous that Jen would even win over such an amazing and moving performance. Im in shock. I mean I still think about that ‘soap scene’ …and also… this was her first job ffs! Clearly the academy didnt bother watching ’12 yrs’ …Im hoping Lupita is a lock for the oscars though. And honestly Im really sick of people raining down so hard on Jen as if she was the one asking to win these awards. She hardly campaigned (if not at all) and hell she wasnt present to accept her award! Pretty sure she thought she wasnt even gonna win.

  • Helen

    Oh dear, I’m so sick and tired of Jennifer Lawrence. Another win for absolutely average acting. WTF?

    BTW: Lupita since the start of the award season has been looking perfect on the red carpet. This Dior gown was amazing on her. Perfection.

  • maggy

    lupita is so overrated. congratulations JLAW

  • laura

    @maggy: You kidding ? She is UNDERrated, she only won 2 awards this season, and Jen’performance wasn’t that fabulous

  • jawad

    @yep: your absolutely right the range and versatility is off the charts with her she is truly one of the best

  • D Leong

    Jennifer won because the British vote based on the actual performance. As great as the other actresses were in their respective movies, esp Lupita, NONE of them did as good a job at ACTING as did Jenn. Lupita’s performance was compelling and powerful but as far as having to actually ACT (which implies stepping out of your own character and personality and becoming another person entirely AND then selling that person to the viewing public, JLaw was the best. The Brits are not influenced by the powerful emotions of the American South and history of Slavery. Therefore, they are able to vote more dispassionately on the actual performance placed before them with less emotional investment in one winning more than the other; hence Jennifer over Lupita. This undoubtedly will anger Lupita’s fans but channeling anger and hurt with over the top physicality does not call upon her to bring the character out of nothingness into the living. Many others could have performed that type of role as well. JLaw’s performance had to be drawn from somewhere she is not … that’s acting!!

  • D Leong


    Sorry, but as great as Lupita’s performance was .. if the award is for ACTING, then her role was written in such a way as to take less actual acting and more physical reaction and emoting emotions that are easily accessed by EVERYBODY. That’s a great performance but it is NOT necessarily great ACTING! Know the difference. It’s like Sylvester Stallone’s performance in Rocky (I).. a terrific performance but not necessarily great ACTING. He didn’t have to stretch outside of himself to play the character. Lupita’s performance was powerful but anyone in that situation could emote those emotions and react physically just as realistically while JLaw had to play deeper more subtle emotions and the pantheon of skills needed to play emotions with a flicker of an eye, a twitch of a muscle, a look or an intonation of speech … that’s ACTING. In the movie, Marathon Man, Dustin Hoffman didn’t sleep for 2 days to appear tired, exhausted, and disheveled. Laurence Olivier took one look at him and said, “Dear boy, why don’t you just try acting? It is so much easier!”

  • D Leong


    Meow!! Sounds like a little jealousy! Jennifer will be the Meryl Streep of her generation. She is a genius, a prodigy, and can bring characters out of herself that she cannot possibly have inside. Top actors, including Donald Sutherland have stated that she is quite incredible and her skill is something rarely, if ever, seen. …. but what do A list actors know about acting compared to you???

  • D Leong


    Liking a movie rarely has a lot to do with whether an actor is performing their craft well or not. Don’t conflate the two.

  • D Leong


    Lupita might win and would deserve to do so but I find it amusing to see how many people seem to confuse their liking a picture, or a character, or their emotional response with the quality of acting. Lupita’s role was powerful as was her performance but it wasn’t demanding as actual acting. It isn’t hard to act scared, terrorized, or horrified as those are universal emotions that ANYONE would respond with — to horrifying situations! How hard would it be for you to act terrified in a scene in which you are being beaten or raped? Not too hard because the emotional response is similar. It’s like that old comedian’s schtick (can’t recall the comics name) when he “did his Elvis impression.” He then pretended to stick needles in his eyes and reacted with screaming and anguish. I hope that point doesn’t escape you. No one would act much differently to that situation. In TYAS, the screenplay is written in such a fashion as emotions and reactions would be universal — hence, requires less acting to bring it to the screen. Note! I didn’t say it did not take acting and her performance helped really make the movie; it’s just that the acting necessary to flesh out the role in Am H by JLaw was far greater and required more depth, subtlety, and nuance to convey thoughts and reactions that did Lupita. She didn’t have a lot of acting to evoke our emotions; the writing and staging did that even if her performance wasn’t as strong as it was.